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Gallardo-Batungbakal Assignment for June 26, 2012 Instructions: Read Articles 804 to 824. Be ready for recitation on the codal provisions and the enumerated cases hereunder. Inheritance Nacar vs. Nistal, L-3306, December 8, 1982 Anderson v. Perkins, L-15388, January 31, 1961 Rights to the succession are transmitted from the moment of death Maria Vda. De Reyes, et. al. vs. CA, G.R. 92436, July 26, 1992 Danilo I. Suarez, et. al. v. CA, et. al., G.R. No, 94918, September 2, 1992 Intestate Nelia A. Constantino v. CA,, G.R. No. 116018, November 13, 1996, 76 SCAD 47 Heirs Heirs of Yaptinchay vs. Court of Appeals Valente Raymundo v. Teofisto Isagon Vda. De Suarez,, G.R. No. 149017, November 28,2008 Development Bank of the Philippines vs. Ella Garagani, Isagani, Adrian, Natahniel, Nieva, Jonathan, Dionesio, Florence and Jeremias, all surnamed Asok, G.R. No. 172248, September 17, 2008

Requisites of a formal will Paz Samaniego-Celada v. Lucia D. Abena, G.R. No. 14545, June 30, 2008 Manuel L. Lee vs. Atty. Regino B. Tambago, AC No. 5281, February 12, 2008 Danilo Aluad, Leonora Aluad, Divina Aluad, Prospero Aluad, and Connie Aluad v. Zenaido Aluad, G.R. No. October 17, 2008