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Notice of lex talionis, law of retaliation:

Law of lex talionis (retaliation) shall not at any time recognize any issue regarding blood feud,
private retribution, or contract by capture. In a more definite explanation all true men born of
woman, more explicitly, “son of man,” hereinafter referred to as “man,” bears exemption from
any form of lex talionis, or retaliation against his blood, pain of body, or suffer deprivation of

An injury against a man is the highest offense and merits the stiffest penalties. Also, if a man
makes such an offense to cause such an injury, such offending man suffers the highest penalty,
the burden of noblesse oblige.

An injury against a man that is a servant, agent, actor, votary, or other bondman shall be
recompensed in money value only and not with penalty of imprisonment.

The owner of any “person” such as a name, business, or legal entity that is injured shall receive
monetary compensation compensable with the offense; said injury in the nature of “slander of
commercial character” or “slander of credit” against the “person,” shall be also made public
knowledge through media exposure to the satisfaction of the injured party.