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Workshops & Networking Luncheon

Monday, November 11, 2013


Swissotel Metropole Geneva Quai du Gnral-Guisan 34

Private meetings are available upon request. REGISTRATION Sven Olsson, Director +49 7161 2906 67

Workshop Sessions: 10:30 11:30am

Workshop 1: The Geological Fundamentals Behind the Uranium Boom in the Athabasca Basin
Speaker: Jody Dahrouge, Dahrouge Geological Consulting

Networking Luncheon: 11.30am 2:30pm

Workshop 2: How Niche, Industrial, Critical Minerals Differ From Metals Markets
Speaker: Simon Moores, Industrial Minerals

Keynote: Looming Boom or More Gloom: The Future for Junior Resource Companies
Speaker: Chris Berry, House Mountain Partners

Potash in Saskatchewan

Uranium in Saskatchewan

Fluorspar in Mongolia

Rare Metals & Rare Earth Elements in Canada

COMING SOON Diamonds in the Northwest Territories Copper in Turkey Copper / Gold in Canada