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QE vrewenl i) | i Es ay ee | ‘A GATHERING OF DRAGONS. INTRODUCTION Preparing the Adventures Adventure Structure Gamemastering the Adventures General Adventure Rules ‘Campaign Background Campaign Synopsis, Running the Adventures Dealing with Dragons WLEDGE Preparing to Play A Simple Run, Minimal Complications Getting There Is Half the Fun Ie Hasta Be Shasta The Shasta Lodge Guests of Hestaby Picking up the Pieces ‘CUNNING Preparing to Play ‘Meeting In Chinatown Goin’ to the Temple Border Crossing Meet the New Boss Picking up the Pieces Cast of Shadows [2 | Survival of the Fittest ELEMENTS Preparing to Play ‘Midaight Run The Crossing, Up the River Savage Jungle Picking up the Pieces Cast of Shadows BALANCE Preparing to Play Promises of Prosperity Hong Kong Days Cold Rassian Nights ‘Sealing the Dragon's Tower Picking up the Pieces Cast of Shadows HUNTING Preparing to Play All for a Song. Into the Dragon's Lair The Hunt Is On Picking up the Pleces Cast of Shadows REST Preparing to Play ‘Bad Omens ersossareses