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START OF REEL JOB NO. £- fof OPERATOR 2440 ef as ca THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT gS MICR MED BY NPPSO-NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION Gyenaya Ss-3> NWT Yar. Tes, Du Wereene QiTis (sex |s TEQIGSIFED Fen ven loo Dace maet. WM ~Dexenpet ALS Censure \imanor trees Waren Mts Csrorsy History ips! Histories Section Navy Department HISTORY OF USS GUAVENA (ss 362) During her six ver patrols the submrine USS GUAVINA io - officially credited with sinking more than 32,000 tons of shipping viich the Japanese noeded desperately to supply their var effort. In addition, the ship rescued Seventeen Flyers who had boen forced dovn in encuy waters Built by the Manitovoc Shipbullding Cospany at Manitowoe, Wisconsin, the subsarine vas noned a fish found in the freshwater streaue of the W Indice and the Atiantic shores of Mexico and Central Acer The sh keel id on 3 March 1943 and her launching took place of 29 August 1943. Mise Marie Boon, a Manitouce vecident, a me USS GUAVIIA vas first placed in comission on 23 Decenber 1943. Con- sander Carl Tiedenan was the chip's first commanding officer After training exereisce and tricls on Lake Michigan, the sutmarine be- +r Journey down the Myssissivpi on 16 January 19k, From New Orleans ‘ited to Pearl Harbor via the Panama Canal, making port on 12 March Her first war patrol vegan on 6 April 194K vhen’ Commander Tiedenan conned her ‘the harbor and set her course for the Bonin Ielands. Refueling at Johnston Island, sho was in pot ‘or her Piet attack on 19 April, when she got off o snap shot at a snall trevler. Heavy seas cused the missle to run under the target and prevented any gun ac! Three days later the sutmarine came to battle surface to e: sual trawlers. One of the vessels nade good his escape, but the second xo ‘inking as GUIVINA lett the area, fon the 25th, a large nerchantnan accompanied by one sco: view, and GUAVINA began a sutmerged approach. After reach P only 580 yerds away, she fired four stern torpedoes and swung for shot fas the target changeu course, thus avoiding the first torpedo spread. Three Of the bow torpedoes found thesr mark and QUAVINA went deep to haphezard depth charging. A convoy report frou USS SAWFIGH sent the sub out to ‘© sunrise five ships appeared. A zigzag threv the sub out of position 0 she surfaced to begin running cround the convoy Diving, she waited for over an hour until the ships cae into poriti Firing three torpedoes at the center freighter, the skipper hoard three venendous explosions with the target engulfed in thick black stoke as he swung for a shot at another cargo ship. Ivo explosions were then heard, followed ty o trenendous blast which shook the sub ae sho went deep to escape depth charges. Leaving her patrol ares, GUAVINA procveded to Weke Island,where che vas to perform lifeguard duty during carrier air strikes there. The pl rked Wake over thoroughly on 24 May, as the submarine cruised leis!