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Group One: Relationships Dede and Lio How does Dede describe Lio?

What do you make of her memories of Lio years after the events? Why does she hesitate when Jaimito asks her marry him? How does he differ/compare to Lio? Minerva and Lio How does Minerva describe Lio? Describe their relationship How does Lio affect Minervas role in the revolution? Any other thoughts about Lio and his role in the novel or future role? Group Two: Relationships: Minerva and her father Why does Minerva say her father is the weakest one of all? (Do you agree/disagree?) What does Papa mean when he says cosas de los hombres (things a man does)? What does Minerva mean when she says things a woman does (p. 92)? What is the role of woman and man in the DR? How do you think the characters feel about those roles? How do you feel about those roles? Quotes/Moments for Thought: Review the quotes below and discuss general ideas or themes that emerge. What burden to the characters feel? What are your thoughts? Have you seen examples of these feelings thus far? Im my own person. Im tired of being the daughter of a legend. Minou Didnt she, Dede, understand that feeling of being caught in a legacy. Of course, you have a right to be yourself- Dede But it is an impossible task, impossible! After all, she is the only one left to manage the terrible, beautiful present

Group Three Setting Track the role of weather throughout chapter six - Find at least 3 moments where the weather is described and connect it to the plot or other surrounding circumstances in the story. Quotes/ Moments for Thought: What does Minerva want for her half sisters?

Discuss her statement to Carmen, You know as well as I do that without schooling we women have even fewer choices open to us. Can you relate/ make a personal connection? Group Four 1. Character Actions: The letter What was written in Lios Letter 1. Why did Dede destroy the letter? a. What did she say? What could be other motives? 2. Why did Papa destroy the letter? a. What did he say? What could be other motives? 2. Don Antonio makes an offer to Dede to exonerate her and her family of offending El Jefe. What is the offer? How does Dede respond? What do you make of her actions? 3. Relationships: Trujillo and Minerva Why does Minerva feel ashamed after speaking with Trujillo at the dance at the bottom of p. 99? Consider the events of the dance and her conversations with the regime after the event. What can you say about her character? Choose specific quotes and moments to defend your answer.