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THIS AGREEMENT made on this ________ day of ________, Two Thousand

___________at_______________________between Shri/Smt. _____________________________S/o;
D/o_____________________________, aged about ____ years, residing at _________________________
___________________________________________ called Landlords which expression shall include
his/her heirs, executors, administrators, representatives, and assigns of the one part, and Shri/Smt.
__________________________________S/o; D/o __________________________________, aged about
____ years, permanent address ___________________________________________________, hereinafter
called the Tenant which expression shall include his/her successors and assigns of the OTHER PART.

WHEREAS the Landlord has represented that he/she is the owners of House/Flat No.
___________ at ___________ Floor situated in ______________________________________________).

AND WHEREAS the Tenant relying upon such representation has approached the
Landlords to take the said flat on tenancy with effect from ________ day of _____________ Two Thousand
______________, for a period of ELEVEN MONTHS, as monthly Tenant, based on English Calendar.

AND WHEREAS the Landlord has agreed to the same.


The Landlords agree to demise unto the Tenant ALL THAT the house/flat consisting of ______ bedrooms,
______ drawing-cum dining room, ____ kitchen room, _____ washing room, ______ kitchen-store-room,
________ toilets-cum-bathrooms and all the fittings and fixtures fixed and fitted in the house/flat, and all
easements and appurtenances thereto. To hold the same unto the Tenant for a term of eleven months
commencing from _______ day of _______ Two Thousand ________ and terminating with the expiry of
______________ day of _____________ Two Thousand______________, YIELDING AND PAYING
UNTO the Landlords during the said term of Eleven months a total amount of Rupees
_______________________________________________ only by the Tenant to the Landlord, on or before
___________ day of every month of which the rent amount pertains to, by way of cash, or Bank
Cheque/Demand Draft (subject to realization) payable at ________________________ at par.

The Tenant do hereby covenant with the Landlord as follows:

a. That the Tenant shall use the demised premises personally for the purpose of residence only.

b. That the Tenant shall pay to the Landlords the said sum of Rs._______/- (Rupees
___________________________________________________ Only) only per month, with the breakup as

Rent of the house/flat Rs._______/- (Rupees __________________________________only) per month,

Fixtures and Fittings charges Rs._____/- (Rupees _____________________________only) per month, and
Maintenance charges of the house/flat as per decided by the Society on or before __________day of every
month of which the said charges pertain to.

c. That the Tenant shall not do any thing what-so-ever that may in any way injure or damage or depreciate
the value of the said demised premises or cause disturbance or annoyance to the others in the same building,
and/or to the neighbourhood.

d. That the Tenant shall not, during the said term, assign, sublet, or part with the possession of the said
demised premises or any portion thereof to any one else without the written consent of the Landlord.

e. That the Tenant shall allow the duly authorized agent of the Landlord, or the Landlord himself, to inspect
the said premises from time to time and at all times during reasonable hours in the day on 24 hours notice in

f. That the Tenant will keep and maintain at his own cost and expense the said flat in good state of repairs
and habitable condition, normal wear and tear accepted. The sanitary and electrical installations, fixtures &
fitting in the flat will also be kept and maintained by the Tenant at his own costs and expenses. Major

repairs and replacements, if any, shall be done by the Landlord. However, the expenses on wall painting, if
needed, shall be borne by both Landlords and the Tenant sharing 50% each.

g. That the Tenant shall not make any additions or alterations to the demised premises or any portion thereof
without the written consent of the Landlord previously obtained.

h. That the Tenant shall, at the expiration of the said term of eleven months, peaceably and quietly deliver
up to the Landlord the said demised premises and every part thereof in a vacant condition and in the same
condition in which they were at the commencement of the said term.

i. That the Tenant shall pay the electricity charges as per the bill every month to the appropriate authority
supplying in the said electricity. That the Tenant shall clear all electricity dues before or at the time of
vacating the demised premises.

j. That during the term of eleven months of tenancy, the tenancy may be terminated by one English
Calendar months' notice in writing by the Tenant or by the Landlord.

k. That, the tenant has paid a total sum of Rs.___________/- (Rupees __________________________only)
as Security Deposit (no interest payable by the Landlord) to the Landlord, the Cheque Nos. being
___________ dated ____________ drawn on __________________________________. This security
deposit shall be refunded by the Landlord to the Tenant after the Tenant vacates the premises. The refund
shall, however, be made by the Landlord after adjustments of damages, repairs, dues, govt. dues etc., if any.

And the Landlord do hereby covenant with the Tenant as follows:

That the Tenant paying the rent and service charges payable by him in manner herein
before mentioned and observing and performing all the covenants terms and conditions on their part to be
observed and performed as herein before contained shall and may peaceably and quietly possess and
occupy and enjoy the said demised premises and every part thereof during the said term without any
interruption or disturbance by the Landlord or any persons claiming from or under or in trust for them, and
the Landlord doth hereby further covenant with the Tenant that they will pay and discharge all rates, taxes,
assessments including all municipal taxes etc., that are now or may hereafter become payable and increase
thereof in respect of the said premises.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Landlords and the Tenant, both, submitting to

__________________________ Jurisdiction, have subscribed their respective hands on the day, month, and
year first above written.

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