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New Titles

Desert Fox Oracle Cards & 40pp Booklet in Box

mogg morgan & soror nephthys
978-1-906958-24-4, 12/$22
The Desert Fox Oracle contains 30 cards. This number mirrors the number of days in the
ancient Egyptian lunar calendar. The desert represents different things to different
people. For example it can be the ultimate wilderness, the place of initiation and of the
unconscious. The fox is the master of the desert and all its mysteries, he leads us on a
journey through various archtypal images through which we can gain true knowledge of
hidden things.

The Magical Universe of William

- S. Burroughs, Matthew Levi Stevens
PBK 978-1-906958-11-4, Trade Paperback, 12.99/$24
In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing
happens unless someone wills it to happen. The dogma of science is that the will cannot
possibly affect external forces, and I think thats just ridiculous. Its as bad as the church.
My viewpoint is the exact contrary of the scientific viewpoint. I believe that if you run into
somebody in the street its for a reason. Among primitive people they say that if someone
was bitten by a snake he was murdered. I believe that.
William S. Burroughs
Fully revised and expanded from the limited edition chapbook that first appeared in 2012,
The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs is the first ever in-depth consideration of
the significance of Magic and the Occult in the Life & Work of the writer and countercultural icon.

Elmer Crowley a katabasic nekyia

Tom Bradley (illustrated by David Aronson & Nick Patterson)
978-1-906958-55-8, 132pp - illustrated - many in colour
$17.99/10Bless me,
curse me. For better or worse, my fallopian fall into matter. . .
After making careful preparations to ensure himself a proper reincarnation,
the dying ALEISTER CROWLEY flubs one syllable of the magickal incantation . . .
and comes back as ELMER FUDD.

Magic in Christianity: From Jesus to Gnosticism, Robert Conner

978-1-906958-61-9, 486pp, 14.99/$28
The world of Jesus and the early Christians swarmed with prophets and exorcists, holy men
and healers, who invoked angels and demons, gods and ghosts. Magic in Christianity: From
Jesus to the Gnostics explores that world through the surviving texts of the first Christians
and their pagan and Jewish contemporaries.
Ecstatic spirit possession, handing opponents over to Satan, sending demons into swine,
striking others dead on the spot by pronouncing curses, using articles of clothing and parts
of corpses to perform magical healing and exorcism, invoking ghosts and angels for
protectionthese are all ancient Christian practices described in the New Testament,
explained in detail by early Christian writers, and preserved by Christian amulets.

William Lilly: The Last Magician. Adept & Astrologer

Peter Stockinger & Sue Ward, foreword by David Conway
978-1-906958-62-6, 14.99/$28
This book provides the reader with a thorough introduction to the world of William Lilly,
the famous 17th century astrologer and magician. It brings together transcripts of his
autobiography and of some of his most important works. It also includes Peter Stockinger
and Sue Wards Monster of Ingratitude, an investigative journey offering new insights into
the notorious contention between Lilly and the astrologer John Gadbury.

A German Stargazers Book of Astrology (Astronomia Teutsch Astronomei 1545)

Peter Stockinger (translator & Editor); Sue Ward (Foreword)
242pp 12.99/$24A German Stargazers Book on Astrology is the first English translation
of Astronomia Teutsch Astronomei, published in 1545 in Frankfurt am Main. The original
work was one of the earliest astrological textbooks in the vernacular, predating William Lillys
famous English primer Christian Astrology by over a decade. With this translation, Peter
Stockinger offers the English reader an exciting insight into the working methods of a 16th
century astrologer living on the cusp of the Late Medieval and Early Modern periods. The
book contains a detailed introduction by the translator, providing valuable background
information and historical context, and is comprehensively annotated throughout.

The Dionysian Spirit, Sen Fitton, 978-1-906958-65-7, 10.99/$20

For many people Dionysos is an obscure Greek god of wine and theatre. For others he is so
much more.
The Dionysian Spirit examines, in an easy and accessible form, the essence of what Dionysos
is all about, both as a deity and as a cultural and social force. It looks at the relation of Dionysos
with his opposite number Apollo. The twin gifts of Apollos and Dionysos are ekstasis (ecstasy)
and entheos (enthusiasm) and have informed and enlivened our lives and cultures from
ancient times right to the present day and beyond.
The Dionysian Spirit like the art of a good party has always been with us and now, in many
ways, we need it more than ever.

Craft of the Untamed

-An inspired vision of Traditional Witchcraft
By Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold



The Craft of the Untamed sets out to present the main pillars of traditional
witchcraft. Its premise is that a proper tradition is defined as a timeless unity.
Outwardly the tradition bears a great diversity across different lands and spirit.
Traditional witchcraft is found in various sodalities and groups across the world.
Even so it is possible to discern several harmonious, shared themes. These themes are
the land, the crossroads, death, night and the mountain of Venus. It is witchcraft
where a human and angelic blood mingles to form a special pedigree that has shaped
the archetypical image of the witch.
Wormwood Star (revised & enlarged)
The Magickal Life of Marjorie Cameron
Spencer Kansa
ISBN 978-1-906958-60-2 (WAS 978-1-906958-08-4)
302pp / illustrated / paperback original
12.99 / $24
Wormwood Star chronicles the fascinating life of a most extraordinary artist and occult
icon. In the first ever biography written about her, Wormwood Star traces the
extraordinary life of the enigmatic artist Marjorie Cameron (1922-1995), one of the
most fascinating figures to emerge from the American Underground art world and
film scene.

P is For Prostitution : an A - Z of a harsh life survived

Charlotte Rodgers (Illustrated by Ruth Ramsden)
978-1-906958-26-8, 158pp (12 picaresque illustrations)
9.99/$18 (includes postage unless otherwise stated)
P is for Prostitution grew out of the authors exploration of death and ancestral cults. It
led her to acknowledge her own past, re-connecting and rescuing a catalogue of youthful
dead or missing loved ones. This was no surprise given the way we lived our lives at that
time, but was no less saddening. Whilst the people concerned were not blood relatives,
they were part of who I was and very much my family of choice in our shared inability or

The Arcane Veil: Witchcraft and Occult Science from the People of the Darkages to the People of Goda, of the Clan of Tubal Cain.'
By Shani Oates: Author of Tubelo's Green Fire
Special hbk: isbn 978-1-906958-35-0
Paperback: isbn 978-1-906958-36-7 12.99/$23
An investigation of magical beliefs and practises in England since 600CE to the postmodern fall-out of the 21st century, analysing in particular its influences and survival
strategies. Emphasis is placed on Christian , Heathen, and Hermetic Praxis, with
provocative , critical study of the concepts of Lucifer, Witch-Blood,Sin-Eating and
their influences on modern Traditional Craft praxes.

Phi-Neter: The Power of the Egyptian Gods

"Leopard Magick (Hekau) & spells (Akhw)
mogg morgan
Phi-Neter, means Power of the Gods. In hieroglyphs this is represented by the hind-quarters
of a leopard, a Typhonian creature, a predator who exemplifies the driving force of magick.
In this book the author extends the core working material of Egyptian magick for himself and
others to study and use. These techniques are manifest in the cult of Lord Seth known as
Typhon by the Greeks and by all the other Gods of the Egyptian pantheon.

The Peacocks Egg

Alchemy of Light and Shadow
Paperback Original
10.99 / $23
The Peacocks Egg describes a transformation of the psyche. This is based in the alchemy in
which an alchemical dream process is set into motion, acquiring highly resolute manifestation
through phases of the opus. An intensive and lengthy occult praxis is entered in which dreams
and dreaming practices are developed. Advanced levels of occult experience are attained in
which ethereal energy becomes mastered, involving a purification. These attainments adhere
to beliefs regarding this type of paranormal experience that include the authors interest in the
work of Carlos Castaneda. The intricacies of a crucial alchemical image are describeda
Vision of the Peacocks Egg, an accessible metaphysical anatomy. The spatiality of the rose
garden, the alchemical death, and attainment of the lapis are then brought into the practice.

Making Talismans: Creating living magical tools for change and transformation
Nick Farrell, 978-1-906958-57-2, 284pp illustrated, 12.99 / $23
Discover the secret keys and practical techniques to turn mundane objects into living entities
of power, bringing real change in your life. By pooling magical practices from shamanism,
paganism, the Order of the Golden Dawn, and Dion Fortune, Making Talismans offers
training and techniques for performing advanced magical talismanic operations.
For many years this occult classic has been out of print and now has been reworked by the
author to reveal more detailed and advanced magical work.

The Secret Gospel of Mark: Morton Smith, Clement of Alexandria and four decades
of academic burlesque, Robert Conner
978-1-906958-68-8, 160pp, 10.99/$22
While cataloging material in the library of the monastery of Mar Saba in 1958, Morton Smith
discovered a quotation from a letter of Clement of Alexandria copied in the end pages of a
17th century collection of the letters of Ignatius. After more than a decade of collaborative
analysis of the find, Smith published his conclusions in 1973, setting off a firestorm of
controversy in the New Testament studies guild.

New addition to our fiction list

Mind-Sprung, A D Harvey
Paperback Original
9.99 / $15.99
An A-Level drop-out graduates from evicting immigrants during the heyday of the inner-city
slum landlords during the 1960s to stripping redundant churches during the early 1970s,
before moving to northern Sweden equipped only with the proceeds of selling stolen property
and some hashish. He finds new sources of hashish even in Sweden but eventually the money
runs out, and he returns to London: only to discover it is even worse than when he left.
Beneath the Pleasure Zones : The Rupture
Paul Green,
978-1-906958-58-9 9.99/$16.99
When Lucas Beardsley blundered into the Qliphothic Forces of the Polyverse, Britains realityconsensus was drastically disrupted. Everyday causality was never quite the same again
Now Londoners escape into the virtual-reality thrills of Pleasure Centres plc, while Borderland
villages embrace an eclectic neo-paganism. Meanwhile Fundamentalist militias Mo-Boys and
Heavy Shepherds battle for overall control.
In the Borderlands, Lucas works desperate magicks to win back his ex-lover Carla. In London
traumatised ex-MOD computer wizard Dr Crowe seeks work with Pleasure Centres which
also employs Carla as erotica producer and Borderlands refugee Vivienne, who will be reinvented as an artiste

Shape-Shifters & their stories

The Golem; Lilith; Werewolf; The Dybbuk; Silkie; and more
Michael Berman
978-1-906958-66-4, 192pp, 24 fascinating Illustrations, 229mmx152mm
10.99 / $22
Shape-shifting is a common theme in mythology, folklore, and fairy tales. In its broadest sense,
shape-shifting occurs when a being (usually human) either (1) has the ability to change its shape
into that of another person, creature, or other entity or (2) finds its shape involuntarily changed
by someone else. If the shape change is voluntary, its cause may be an act of will, a magic word
or magic words, a potion, or a magic object. If the change is involuntary, its cause may be a curse
or spell, a wizards or magicians or fairys help, a deitys will, a temporal change such as a full
Moon or nightfall, love, or death. The transformation may or may not be purposeful.



Magical Knowledge I - Foundations

By Josephine McCarthy
ISBN 978-1-906958-44-2, Paperback, 11.99 / $22
This second book in a series of three, guides and advises, informs and introduces the
serious magician to rarely discussed areas of visionary and ritual magic. The information
presented in this book flows from the deep roots of true magic, and as such can be
applied to any particular path or magical method; the reader is introduced to the structure
and inner contacts behind the various schools of magic that exist today. Magic can only
truly blossom if the boundaries are challenged, and to do that, the magician needs to
understand the dynamics of power and the inner worlds. This book aims to guide the
magican along that path.
Magical Knowledge II - The Initiate
By Josephine McCarthy
isbn 9781906958060 12.99 344pp
Other volumes to follow this year
Breaking out of the age old restraints of secrecy & oaths, Magical Knowledge leads the
reader through the techniques, issues and beings that the Initiate can expect to encounter.
This second book in a series of three, guides and advises, informs and introduces the
serious magician to rarely discussed areas of visionary and ritual magic.
Magical Knowledge III: Contacts of the Adepts
978-1-906958-49-7 262pp, ppk 11.99/$23
Josephine McCarthy
Magical Knowledge III The contacts of the Adepts is a book that is a springboard for
those who are immersing themselves in the depths of Western Magic. Working at an
adept level means working in depth in the inner worlds and bringing that work out into
the physical world through ritual, utterance and focused thought. This book facilitates
these actions and bridges connections between the inner interface of magic and its outer
manifestations. The book looks in depth at magical methods used in various ancient
temples, the inner mysteries of the Abyss, the workings of the Metatron Cube, the magic
of Fire, the power of Utterance and the contacts of ancient deities.
Magic of the Northgate By Josephine McCarthy
978-1-906958-54-1, 11.99/$23
A focussed look at magic that involves the body, the land, the living and the dead. Written for
magicians/occultists, pagans, priests and priestesses, this book looks in depth at the
techniques, contacts, methods and ritual actions that can be undertaken when approaching
Earth Magic. Working with land spirits and faery beings, building shrines, living in a magical
home, working with the magical elements, connecting with ancient deities, working with
ancestral burials, understanding and living with resident ghosts, weaving power, plus learning
how to connect and work with storms, are just some of the magical mysteries contained within
WITCHA - A Book of Cunning By Nathaniel J. Harris
ISB n 978-1869928-773 13.99/$24.99, 310pp
WITCHA presents many secrets of English witchcraft in plain language, giving details of
widdershins and deosil circle casting,
6 spell-craft, divination, spiritism, sabbats and esbats,
sacrifice, entheogens, philosophy, history, and more. The focus is primarily upon those
aspects commonly called operative witchcraft of results and getting things done, rather
than the supposedly more spiritual aspects that have been the subject of so many books of

Fire Child - The Life and Magic

of Maxine Sanders Witch Queen By Maxine Sanders
ISBN 978-1869928-780, Paperback, 12.99/$26
In this long awaited autobiography, Maxine reflects on her life and magical career. From
her unusual and disturbing childhood, to her partnership with Alex Sanders; her joys and
sorrows, her vocation and work as a Priestess of the Goddess, teacher and spiritual
catalyst. This is a memoir of an extraordinary life, by a rare, courageous and inspiring
woman. Fire Child is pure magic. Dont miss it!
A Witchs Guide To Sexuality & Good
Relationships By Tarona Hawkins & Howard Rodway
Paperback original ISBN 978-1-906958-14-5, 11.99
Within this book you will find covered an incredible variety of sex and sex related
subjects, for example: Sex magick, sex massage, adult babies, fetishism, demonic sexual
encounters, group sex, homosexuality, anal sex, sadomasochism, transvestism,
transsexualism, sex feeders, sex for the elderly, impotence, penis enlargement, male
hygiene, menstruation, past life traumas, the human sexual aura, sexual handwriting
characteristics together with other sex related subjects.

The Bloody Sacrifice: A personal experience of comtemporary blood rites

By Charlotte Rodgers, ISBN 978-1-906958-30-5, 10.99/$20, 155pages
The Bloody Sacrifice is the story of her work with blood. It chronicles her use of road kill
and blood in art, ritualised scarification and tattoo work, and the use of venous and
menstrual blood in magick. Also included are Charlottes interviews with tattoo artists;
priests from belief systems which utilise blood sacrifice; artists who use their own HIV
positive blood as a medium; and those who use mortifications and body modification to
effect changes in consciousness and self.

Village Witch : life as a village wisewoman in the wilds of west cornwall

Cassandra Latham-Jones, 978-1-906958-23-7m Paperback Original, 10.99/$18
Village Witch describes life as a Village Wisewoman in the wilds of West Cornwall. The
first part of the book documents the tortuous and sometimes harrowing journey to
achieve this unusual occupation. It is a tale that ultimately moves through surviving and
into thriving. Cassandras past experiences directly inform her present practice and are
intrinsic to being a wisewoman she acquires wisdom from actively experiencing and
observing the vagaries of life. As part of her work she travels around the country giving
talks about her profession, and without exception is asked each time what brought her to
become a village wisewoman. Many people want to hear about that journey and this is one
of the reasons for deciding to write the book.
Tubelo's Green Fire: Mythos, Ethos, Female, Male & Priestly Mysteries of the
Clan of Tubal Cain By Shani Oates, ISBN 978-1-906958-07-7, 12.99/$23 288pp
This book explores historical and contemporary ideas of witchcraft through the perspective
of the Clan of Tubal Cain - a closed Initiatory group aligned to the Shadow Mysteries
within the Luciferian stream. As students of arte we mediate the ancestral stream, teaching
through practice with the sacred tenets of Truth, Love and Beauty. The Word is thus
manifest in deed and vision.

Star Crossed Serpent: The Clan of Tubal Cain Today: The Legacy Continues:
Shani Oates 978-1-906958-38-1 Cloth with dust jacket - 200pp $40/25
Following on from the groundwork of the first volume prepared by Evan John Jones, the
thread continues through expansion, evolution, and return to the Weaver Herself.
Experiential research bears fruit, en-fleshing the seeds planted by previous workers of the
lineage. Guided and inspired by tradition, prompted by oracular observation, intellect and
mental detective work. Concepts and core principles of our Mythos and Praxis reveal a
shift of awareness and a Perennial Philosophy. This is an ecumenical gnostic current that
has revealed a deeper understanding of our work and its obligations, both to ourselves and
to our ancestors.
The Star-Crossed Serpent : dual-authorship of the Clans legacy extended from an
unpublished ms defining50 years ofevolution
By Shani Oates, Special hbk: isbn 978-1-906958-37-4
As living Testament to the Will of Fate, the Legacy of the Clan of Tubal Cain is here
expressed from its inception under Robert Cochrane within E.J. Jones original,
unpublished ms of the Clansbeliefs and practisesto those of the Currentbearers of this
mantle, depicting the interweaving of Fate in the process of its existence, continuity and
evolution in Troth to itsTutelary Spirit.

The Flying Sorcerer - Francis Barrett

Including Barretts previously unpublished manuscript on Crystal Vision
by Francis X King, ISBN 978-1869928-209 7.99/$14, 280pp, paperback
Francis King offers a fascinating picture of Francis Barrett, a man who lived on the
frontier of technology, both in terms of the inner landscape and his pioneering
experiments in balloon flight. It discusses his teachers, peers, and the subsequent progress
of his disciples. Magus or Celestial Intelligencer is widely read and still capable of providing

The Books of The Beast By Timothy d'Arch Smith

ISBN 9781869928179, 10.99 / $22
For Aleister Crowley a book was a talisman and their every part right down to colour,
dimension, and price was symbolic. He also used magical techniques to gain literary
success--thus new editions of Crowley's writing multiply daily, tantalizing the bibliographer.
All the more indispensable is this authoritative guide to his magical first editions.
Timothy d'Arch Smith, widely acknowledged as a leading expert on Crowley and on
underground literature, offers several shorter articles on:
*Oxford's demonologist Montague Summers; R A Caton and his Fortune Press; Sexual
prophet Ralph Chubb; Florence Farr; The British Library Private Case; and Timothy
d'Arch Smith. *For this new edition, he also adds an extra chapter on Crowley.

Becoming Magick: New & Revised Magicks for the New Aeon
By David Rankine
ISBN 978-1869928-810 12.99, 200pp, illustrated
A forward-looking manual full of new material and techniques created to push the boundaries
of contemporary magick. Inspired by the great magickal traditions of past millennia, new
techniques of sigilisation and gematria, as well as a new system of energy magick based on the
lunar Kalas, and prime Qabalah, a new system of English gematria.

Jesus the Sorcerer By Robert Conner

ISBN 978-1869928-957 /12.99 / $26
The most complete summation to date of the New Testament evidence for magical practice
by Jesus and the early Christians.
The very notion of Jesus being a sorcerer runs so against the grain of the Western cultural myth
that even non-Christians are likely to find it far-fetched or even vaguely disturbing.
Nevertheless, scholars steadily accumulated evidence for magi-cal practices in the New
Testament throughout much of the 20th century . It is that ever expanding body of knowledge
that has made this book possible. This book examines the following:

Magic in the New Testament - Jesus of Nazareth, Sorcerer

Exorcist, Prophet of the Apocalypse By Robert Conner
ISBN 978906958-275 /12.99 / $26, 356pp
No figure from the ancient world is credited with more miracles than Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus'
contemporaries accused him of sorcery and in the centuries following Jesus' death, Christians
were accused of practicing magic by pagans, Jews, and other Christians. Magic in the New
Testament, an updated summary of the evidence for magical practice in the career of Jesus
and the early church, examines the foundation texts of Christianity and establishes the
thoroughly magical orientation of Jesus' wonder-working.

Angelic Magick: A Guide to Angelic Beings and How to Walk With them
Judith Page (Preface by Aaron Leitch) 978-1-906958-47-3, 220pp 12.99/$23
The visualizations here draw their imagery from classical grimoires and Qabalistic philosophy.
Plus, they have a specific and useful goal. Each visualization takes you on a journey into the
symbolic realm of an archangel, where you are introduced to the entitys sigils and symbols
and other sacred imagery before encountering the archangel himself. Each visualization builds
upon those before it, until the aspirant has been led through the seven circles of heaven and
has established a personal link to the archangel that governs each one. At the end, the aspirant
will have learned to recognize the images, seals and symbols they will encounter in the
Solomonic and other advanced systems of angel summoning.
Nightshades: A Tourist's Guide to the Nightside by Jan Fries
978-1-906958-45-9 Cased Matt Laminate A4 216pp
Nightshades is the record of one remarkable magicians exploration of the inverse regions
of the Tree of Life. Aleister Crowleys Liber 231 provides the map and Kenneth Grants
Nightside of Eden a travelogue. Liber 231, apparently started life as a text within the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, as an exercise to develop astral and trance abilities or
perhaps in other more elaborate rites. The nightside aspect requires some care and alertness
in case of accident. The correct attitude is said to be one of self or ego-less witness. Or maybe
its just one needs the use of an all-embracing rather than a limited kind of identity and selfidentification (mmm). Jan Fries Nightshades comprises 72 intense drawings prefaced by an
explanatory essay detailing the background and genesis of this ultimate magical adventure.
Cauldron of the gods: a Manual of Celtic Magick, By Jan Fries
ISBN 978-1869928-612, 24.99/$45, 552pp, Crown Octavo 172 illus./ 230,000 words
Contents: Welcome to the Nemeton; People of the Mounds ; Mysteries of La Tene;
Druidic Dreams; Evolution of the Bards; A Confusion of Faiths ; The Filid of Ireland;
Three Rays of the Awen; Taliesin Penbeirdd; Enchantment; Tales of Transformation;
The Secret Arts; The Ever Hungry Cauldron; Trees of Eternity; Coda: The Bed of

Aleister Crowley : A Modern Master - By John Moore

ISBN 978-1-906958-02-2, 10.99, 216pp
Aleister Crowleys appeal on the level of popular culture has been well catered for by a number
of biographies that have appeared in recent years, but the more intellectual side to him, which
is equally fascinating, has not received so much serious treatment. Crowley, a Modern Master
is neither an account of his life, nor a straightforward presentation of his teaching, but an
attempt to place him clearly in the context of modern ideas as well as a number of older

Thelemic Magick I (ed by Mogg Morgan)

ISBN 978-1869928-346, 9.99/ $15, 90pp, paperback
Crowleys watch word was Thelema - meaning [free] Will. Those who choose to follow this
magical path aim to de-condition themselves, to develop independence of spirit and ultimately
to become their very own self. Thelemic magick can be either a system or an approach to the
magick of any tradition, e.g. Hermetic, Ceremonial, even Witchcraft.
Contents: Liber Al and the 50 Gates of Babalon/Ashe;Aleister Crowley - Good Idea of the
20th century/Wilson;Liber Samekh and the Holy Guardian Angel/Shantidevi;Austin Osman
Spare/Ansell;Enochian Magick/Nicholls;Sound Workshop/Fries;The Mysteries of Lam/
Staley;Cut Up and Collage/Lee; BABALON/Medusa

Images of Set: Changing Impressions of a multi-faceted God
By Joan Ann Lansberry, 978-1-906958-21-3 11.99 / US$23
The god Set (aka Seth) has been much of a puzzle to Egyptologists. If we go with the
attitude of later Egyptians, we find Set blamed for every misfortune that can befall
humanity. However, if we go with the attitude of earlier times, in particular the
Ramesside period, when Egypt was at its peak in prosperity, we find a completely
different picture. For we find a god who was very much adored. Most of the surviving
imagery is from that period, although even in Ptolemaic and Roman times we
occasionally find a piece that was a part of worship and magical rites. Set was always
seen as Great of Power, even when he was feared. Putting all his imagery together,
placing it in chronological context, sheds new light on the Dark god.
Egyptian Shaman: Experience the Primal Spiritual Path of Ancient Egypt
Nick Farrell, 978-1-906958-42-8, 250pp 11.99 / $23
This book is a practical manual for those who wish to explore that primal spirituality using
Egyptian symbolism. As Egypt was one of the village cultures, so Egyptian shamanism
was one of the first to operate in an urban environment, making its techniques suitable
for modern times.
Egyptian Shaman paints the picture of what it was like to be a village priest in Ancient
Egypt before describing the practical techniques which would have been employed during
those times. These techniques, which have never been revealed before, have been adapted
for modern minds with the intention of making this a practical spiritual path.


Tankhem: - Seth & Egyptian Magick By Mogg Morgan

ISBN 978-1869928-865 12.99/$23, 234pp
second revised edition
Contents: Prolegomena to Egyptian magick; Setanism; Tankhem; Egyptian Magick and
Tantra; Sexual Magick; Twenty Eight; North; The Crooked wand.

The Bull of Ombos: Seth & Egyptian Magick II

By Mogg Morgan
ISBN 978-1869928-872 / 12.99/$23, 356pp, 80 b&w illustrations
Contents: Gold in the desert / Sethians and Osirians compared / Cannibalism / Temple
of Seth / Seths Town / Seth as Bull of Ombos / Hathor / The names of Seth / Animals
of Seth / Seth - the red ochre god / Seth and Horus / Opening the mouth / Seven / The
Boat / Heka & Hekau / Magical activities / Cakes of Light / Magick as use and misuse
of the funeral rite / Re-emergence of the Hidden God / Five useful Appendices /
Extended bibliography /Glossary

Supernatural Assault in Ancient Egypt By Mogg Morgan

ISBN 978-1-869928-285 11.99/$22
Contents: Kiss of the Vampire / Origin of the Vampire Myth / Egyptian Psychology / Lucky
and Unlucky / Supernatural Assault

The Ritual Year in Ancient Egypt By Mogg Morgan

ISBN 978-1-906958-13-8, 12.99/$23, 200pp
This book began life as an extended appendix to "Supernatural Assault in Ancient Egypt"
where it provided additional information on the cosmic tides that ebb and flow through us
as they did the ancient Egyptians. It concerns the ritual year and offers a conventional
summary of the main principles of the ancient Egyptian calendar along with examples of
seasonal rites. Includes rites for a thirteen of the most archaic Egyptian neters - beginning with
Seth, Sokar and Hathor. Over the millennia we have lost contact with these tides, and stand
alienated from Nature. This first Eden is restorable by a return to these ancient principles.

A Contemporary Western Book Of The Dead By Charlotte Rodgers and Lydia

Maskell, ISBN 978-1-906958-04-6, 10.99/$14.99
Within this book are rituals, stories, traditions and experiences of magicians scholars
and artists who work with death.
Introduction/Charlotte Rodgers ; Loved One/Nema ; All a Do about Death
Josephine McCarthy ; Clans For The Memory/Sarah Grimstone ; Learning About
Death / Nevill Drury ; A Thoughtful Wake / Louis Martinie ; Break On Through
To The Other Side /Louise Hodgson ; Death the Final Frontier / Sue Fox ; The
Bardo Thodol Bon Voyage /John Power ; You Only Live Twice / Ode bi Tola
; On Speaking with the Dead / Michael Clarke ; Body / Mishlen Linden ; The Great
Western Hoax / Ode bi Tola ; The
11Book of Gates / Mogg Morgan /
Photographers: Sue Fox, Ruth Kenyon, Ariadne Spyridonos Xenou,

The Apophenion - A Chaos Magic Paradigm
By Peter J Carroll ISBN 978-1869928-650 / 10.99 / $22
My final Magnum Opus if its ideas remain unfalsified within my lifetime, otherwise its back
to the drawing board. Yet Ive tried to keep it as short and simple as possible, it consists of
eight fairly brief and terse chapters and five appendices. It attacks most of the great questions
of being, free will, consciousness, meaning, the nature of mind, and humanitys place in the
cosmos, from a magical perspective. Some of the conclusions seem to challenge many of the
deeply held assumptions that our culture has taught us, so brace yourself for the paradigm
crash and look for the jewels revealed in the wreckage.This book contains something to offend
everyone; enough science to upset the magicians, enough magic to upset the scientists, and
enough blasphemy to upset most trancendentalists.

Magick Works - cutting edge essays from the path of Pleasure, Freedom and
Power By Julian Vayne ISBN 978-1869928-469 / 10.99 / $22
Enter the world of the occultist: where the spirits of the dead dwell amongst us, where the
politics of ecstasy are played out, and where magick spills into every aspect of life.
It's all right here; sex, drugs, witchcraft and gardening. From academic papers, through to first
person accounts of high-octaine rituals. In Magick Works you will find cutting edge essays
from the path of Pleasure, Freedom and Power.

Now Thats What I Call Chaos Magick By Greg Humphries & Julian Vayne
ISBN 978-1869928-742 / 12.99/ 188pp
Gives the beginner and experienced practitioner alike a modern view into this powerful and
often misunderstood magical current. A workbook with rituals, techniques and exercises, a
as a rollercoaster of a good read!

Deep Magic Begins Here . . . Tales and techniques of practical occultism

Julian Vayne, 978-1-906958-52-7 10.99 / $17
One could read this as a collection of tales recounting magical experiments in practical
occultism. But it is also a record of a magical crisis of confidence, a literal dark night of the
soul. There are various milestones on this journey, from the mysteries of Witchcraft to tales
of the Elder Gods. Deep Magick is a journal written during that long dark night of the soul.

Pharmakon - Drugs and the Imagination By Julian Vayne

ISBN 978-1869928-940/ 300pp /12.99
Ranging across both published and anecdotal evidence, Pharmakon traces the story of drug
use as a means of self-exploration. By examining apparently simple questions such as what
is a drug?, Pharmakon deconstructs and reconstructs the idea of drug experience. Experiences
that the author believes are fundamental to the process of self-actualisation and learning.
Delving into areas as diverse as philosophy and neurochemistry, this is a book that in both
style and content seeks to invent a new understanding of drugs in culture.


Kaos Hieroglyphica - Alchemy for the New Aeon

By Anton Channing ISBN 978-1869928-834 / 20/$35, 200pp
Now over four hundred years later, Anton Channing has published his long awaited debut
work Kaos Hieroglyphica, within which he expounds a new symbol, the Kaos Hieroglyph.
This symbol represents the plurality and freedom of the New Aeon. This work of magical
alchemy draws on such diverse material as Thelema, the Chaos Current, the Maat Current,
Timothy Leary, Witchcraft, Paganism, the Hermetic Tradition, Taoism, Shamanism and the
author's own Pineal Gland.

Chaotopia! Sorcery and Ecstasy in the 5th Aeon By Dave Lee

ISBN 978-1869928-889 / 208pp, 12.99
"Chaotopia! is neither Utopia nor its opposite. It is what Austin Osman Spare called 'the
chaos of the normal', seen through an illuminated eye, the eye of the sorcerer." Chaotopia!
includes updates and evaluations of techniques in Chaos Magick and an exploration of ecstatic
states in relation to both magick and mysticism. Also contains chapters on: Wealth Magick/
Conflict and Exorcism/Sex Magick/Body Alchemy and Healing/Magick and Physics /
Chaos Illumination/Spirits/Aeonics

Aromatic: Oils: A Guide to their use in Magick, Healing and Perfumery

By Ray Sherwin - ISBN 9781906958039, 12.99
This aromatic and magical memoir comes to you from the pen of well respected chaos mage
and expert on aromatics Ray Sherwin. The contents include: How to use Essentail Oils
Therapeutically / Using Aromatherapy Products at Home / Monographs on Favourite Oils.
data sheets / Therapeutic Index / and much, much more

The Octavo: A sorceror-scientists grimoire, (Roundworld edition)

by Peter J. Carroll, ISBN: 9781906958176, 184pp, 10.99/$20
Every universe potentially has its own Supreme Grimoire containing the spells which
define its reality and the magic which you can perform within that reality. In this Octavo
we have assembled scattered secrets for a Supreme Grimoire forRoundworld, the universe
in which youre standing. To this end we have taken some inspiration from Pratchetts
Discworld, and a lot from Theoretical Physics and Practical Chaos Magic.

The Book of Baphomet By Julian Vayne & Nikki Wyrd

978-1-906958-46-6 240pp 23/$35
This Book contains some of the secrets of Life itself; or rather, the occult deity of Life
on Earth, Baphomet. Horned, vital, beautiful, awe full, our aeons old Chaos Magick
idol finds a name from the Knights Templar, then goes incognito through the
Enlightenment (when flourished those great natural philosophers beloved of science
historians), before emerging via devil worship and witchcraft into this era of Deep
An excellent read, consisting as it does of such a wealth of information, research,
anecdote, experience and vision Peter J Carroll




Visual Magick: - A Manual of Freestyle Shamanism , By Jan Fries

ISBN 978-1869928-575 / 10.99/$20/ 196pp
A new edition of the highly acclaimed manual of freestyle shamanism, Suitable for all those
inspired by such figures as Austin Spare and Aleister Crowley, and who feel the imperative to
develop ones own unique magick way. Visual Magick aims to build vision, imagination, and
creative magick. It shows how magicians, witches, artists and therapists can improve visionary
abilities, enhance imagination, activate the inner senses, and discover new modes of Trance
awareness. The emphasis is on direct experience and the reader is asked to think, act, do, and
enjoy as s/he wills.
Seidways Shaking, Swaying & Serpent Mysteries
By Jan Fries, ISBN 978-1869928-360/ 12.99/$23/ 350pp
The definative study of magical trance and possession techniques. The author is inspired by
the Nordic tradition of Seidr, said to have been taught to the human race by Odin. The book
provides an extensive survey of the manifestation of this powerful technique through several
related magical traditions - shamanisn, mesmerism, draconian cults and the nightside of
European paganism.
Mandrake should be applauded for producing yet another fine book of modern magical
practice and thought. Buy it, you wont be disappointed! - Phil Hine
Bright From the Well By Dave Lee
ISBN 978-1869928-841 11.99/paperback
'Bright From the Well' consists of five stories plus five essays and a rune-poem. The stories
revolve around themes from Norse myth - the marriage of Frey and Gerd, the story of how
Gullveig-Heidh reveals her powers to the gods, a modern take on the social-origins myth Rig's
Tale, Loki attending a pagan pub moot and the Ragnarok seen through the eyes of an ancient
shaman. The essays include examination of the Norse creation or origins story, of the magician
in or against the world and a chaoist's magical experiences looked at from the standpoint of
Northern magic.'
Helrunar - a manual of rune magick, 3rd enlarged edition By Jan Fries
978-1869928-902 /19.99 450pp / crown octavo / 200 illus


Contents: Meaning /Urda /Origins /Futhorc /Magical inscriptions / Memorial stones /Fascism /
Titles / Cosmology / Nature / Qabala / Vision / Werdandi / Rune stance / Breathing/ Vowel
song / Problems / Tune in / Health? / Divination / Alignments / Sigil sorcery / Seir and
Seething / Energy /lda / Rune companion / Sources

...eminently practical and certainly breaks new ground. - Professor Ronald Hutton (author
Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles)
Recommended by The Cauldron
a very meaty read... PJ in Gippeswic


The Odin Brotherhood By Mark L. Mirabello

ISBN 978-1869928-711 10.99 / paperback / 128pp.
Odinism and the Mysteries of the Past; The Odin Brotherhood Today and the Heroic Ideal;
On Polytheism and the Nature of the Gods The Eddaic Verses and the Three Ages of Man;
Why Venerate the Odinist Gods? The Contacts between Men and Gods; The God Odin and
His Mysteries; The Goddess Frigg and the Rite of Marriage ; The God Thor, the Nemesis of
Titans; The Goddess Sif, the Mischief of Loki, and the Skill of the Rock Dwarf; Heimdall and
The-Sojourn-of-the-Brave; Bragi, the Holy Words, and the Seasonal Rites; Idun and Her
Enchanted Fruit; Brave Tyr, the Warrior God; The God Njord, Magic, and the Vanir Gods;
The God Frey and the Elves; Freyja, the Lovely Patroness of Birth; The God Balder and the
Adventure of Death; Nanna and the Odinist Death Rite; The Legend of The-Mountain-ofPromise; Destiny, Ragnarok, the Mysteries of the Future


Secrets of Asgard By Ongkowidjojo Vincent

Foreword by David Beth, Introduction Freya Aswynn
ISBN 978-1-906958-31-2, 12.99/$23 circa 280pp, ills.
A thesis of practical rune magic is developed which is based on the Havamal 144 stanza.
The analysis concludes that the Runes were traditionally regarded as actual spirits. The
stanza explains how to make your own set as well as other talismanic objects. The
practice of galdr-singing is discussed in more depth to complement the Havamal 144
techniques. Then, a discourse is given on the most common Ancient Germanic magical
formulae. They complement the practical work on talismanic objects.
A separate chapter is given on divinatory practices. Useful information on dreamwork is
added and numerous other exercises used to make contact with the subconscious mind
through auto-suggestion, and many other useul;ful ritual techniques and practices.




Tantra for Westerners By Francis X King

ISBN 978-1869928605, 10.99 / paperback
While Tantra has mystical, philosophical, and religious aspects it is, above all, a technique of
action -- a system of physical, mental, and spiritual discipline incorporating meditation, yoga,
and sacramental worship in the widest sense of the phrase. Tantra for Westerners is a complete
theoretical and practical guide to the Way of Action, covering concepts of pleasure and pain,
power and passivity, esoteric physiology, Tantra and Qabalism, right-hand and left-hand
Tantra, tantric rituals for westerners, and the arousal of kundalini -- the serpent power.


Siddha Quest for Immortality, By Kamil V Zvelebil

ISBN 978-1869928-438 14.99/$30 paperback
n South India there is a society where priests and lay people claim supernatural powers. Where
a sophisticated medical system underlies a quest for physical longevity and psychic immortality. And where arcane and sexual rituals take place that are far removed from the Brahmanic
tradition of the rest of India. That society is the Tamil Siddhas. The book includes many
newly- translated examples of poetry that is deeply religious but not without humour. But
physical longevity was also central to Siddha belief, and fascinating chapters on Siddha
medicine describe routines by which one can maintain health, and tell how drugs are created
from such varied ingredients as cowdung, human urine, honey, oil, and milk.
Tantra Sadhana - A practical introduction to Kaula Magick
By Mogg Morgan, ISBN 978-1869928-421, 10.99 paperback
A Sdhana is an instrument that leads to a particular goal. In Tantra, it is a technical term
denoting worship or spiritual practice. Tantra Sdhana is a collection of related
instructional papers designed to aid the aspirant through a foundation Sdhana. Effective
sadhana cannot be accomplished without an initiation from a qualified guru. This book is
designed to act as a taster and to provide a short body of work suitable for the period of
about one lunar month. In addition, the author had added several useful appendices including the previously unpublished Tantrik Knuckle Bone Oracle.

Living Midnight - three movements of the Tao By Jan Fries

10.99/$19.99, ISBN 978-1869928-506, 220pp, illus
A study of the divination system known widely as the I Ching, but here presented with all its
magick intact and in a totally unique way. This leads naturally to an examination of the
techniques of Taoist meditation and finally to a look at the divine entities that lie behind the
system - the Immortals. You can find the Immortals exploring the hidden delights of
enchanted fairy grottoes, flower gardens, pine forests and pleasant autumn lakes. They walk
on clouds, they sit in shady valleys enjoying the swirling mists and rest in the heart of the living
midnight. You can meet them in the centre of yourself once you become empty enough. And
you can meet them out here, walking in the world, disguised as mortals.
Medicine of the Gods: Basic Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine
By ChrisMorgan, ISBN 978-1869928-377, 10/$15, 100pp, paperback
New edition with additional chapter Ayurvedic food
Ayurveda is a Asianmedical system hich has its beginnings in the sixth century BCE and
thrives even to the present-day. Medical ideas underpin a great deal of Eastern thought
especially Tantrism, alchemy, yoga and the science of love. The book is aimed at students and
lovers of South Asian culture, perhaps also anthropologists and others with a need for a
traightforward introduction to the core principles of another scientific tradition.
Sexual Magick: Secrets of Sexual Gnosis in Western Magick
Katon Shual, 978-1-906958-48-0 pbk 188pp 9.99/$15
Sexuality is one of the keys to magick. In this book, first published in 1988, Katon Shual
presents some of the secrets of sexual gnosis within western magick a system that is often
misunderstood. The book begins with a look at the revival of sexual magick in the early part
of the 20th century, especially within the ranks of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
and some of the post Golden Dawn magical groups such as Aleister Crowleys Thelemic cult.
The book includes an unpublished grimoire of sexual magick, as well as several other unusual
sources, including an authoritative exploration of the chakra system, a magical approach to
kundalini and an introduction to the relationship between the sacred sexuality and the external




The Return Of The Tetrad By Christopher McIntosh

isbn 978-1-906958-18-3 9.99/$15
Paul Cairns, the narrator of this story, is a young journalist with a penchant for the occult.
Prompted by a mysterious recurring nightmare, he seeks the advice of Gilbert North, scholar,
country squire and occultist, who leads him on an extraordinary series of adventures involving
a quest for the Tetrad, four primal magical objects corresponding to the elements and the suits
of the Tarot. Cairns life becomes full of weird and supernatural happenings in a great magical
battle between dark and light. But in the world of Gilbert North things are not quite what they
seem. Layers of reality and unreality are peeled away until the deeper meaning of the whole
quest is revealed.

The Cannibal Within By Mark L. Mirabello

ISBN 978-1869928-278 7.99 / $14, paperback
They raped me and ate my friend alive.
Thus starts this work of erotic horror fiction filled with sacrilege, blasphemy, and crime
written in a style that is part H. P. Lovecraft, part Marquis de Sade, and part Octave Mirbeau
The Cannibal Within is literally wet with sin, slippery with blood,

The Way of the Odin Brotherhood By Jack Wolf

978-1-906958-53-4, Paperback Original, 9.99/$16.99
It began with a simple question, sent from an unknown e-mail address, and it kindled
the fires of a quest that would take him on a journey of discovery spanning several
years; a journey that would lead him closer to the enigmatic secret society known as
the Odin Brotherhood.

Merlins Mound By Nigel Bryant

ISBN 978-1869928-766, 6.99 / paperback / young adult
The Stone Age monuments at Avebury in Wiltshire are world-famous, attracting
thousands of visitors each year. Two of the most dramatic are the enormous burial
chamber known as the West Kennet Long Barrow, and Silbury Hill, the largest man-made
mound in Europe. Less well known is Silbury's "sister" mound at Marlborough a few
miles due east, but this is nothing less than the legendary burial place of Merlin. These
extraordinary sites are the key locations of the novel Merlin's Mound, in which an
adolescent is awakened in startling fashion to their meaning and original purpose. It will
appeal to everyone from the protagonist's age upward with a taste for myth, legend and

Gateway to Hell By Margaret Bingley

ISBN 9781869928568 9.99 paperback
A riveting black magic novel by popular author Margaret Bingley. When their twins nephews
are orphaned in a car accident, Nicola and Howard offer the boys a home, unaware of the dark
powers they possess.


The Great Purple Hoo-Ha: a comedy of perception Part I

by Philip H Farber ISBN 978-1-906958-16-9, 9.99, 232pp
Joe had a drinking problem. The possible demise of his television talk show and
the end of his career had tilted a very big bottle of Old Mystery into his guts.
Now he was having trouble telling where the hallucinations ended and reality
began. Had the mysterious young man with the cat whom nobody else could see
really granted him a magical wish for fame and fortune? Were the sex-obsessed
cultists he was investigating on the show really bringing on the End of the
World? Where did the sentient cream-filled pastries come from? Who was the Most
Disgusting Rock Star Ever? And, more importantly, would Joe ever get his new
girlfriend, the goddess, into bed?
Part II ISBN 978-1-906958-251, 9.99, 232pp
Joe climbed out of the hole into the gray light of a stormy afternoon. Nothing was going as
planned. He still hadn't gotten his girlfriend, the goddess, into bed. The aliens never arrived
and Elvis hadn't returned. Up on the stage, robed magicians toting automatic weapons called
down unspeakable things from the sky. A crowd of a million people was beginning to riot. And
Joe knew that it was up to him, the most famous man in the world, to save the day and bring
forth the Great Purple Hoo-Ha - if he could only figure out what the heck it was.

Sybarite Among the Shadows By Richard McNeff

ISBN 978-1869928-827, 8.99/$18 paperback
What if the Beast returned and you were not sure if he were the best or worst thing that had
ever happened to you? McNeffs novel is so different from anything else youd normally
find on a bookshelf that it should perhaps be a compulsory purchase
- Independent on Sunday

I, Crowley - Last Confession of the Beast 666 - Almost

By Snoo Wilson ISBN 978-1869928-544 9.99/ $20 250pp paperback
Aleister Crowley, otherwise known as the Beast 666, shared membership of the Golden Dawn
with W.B. Yeats, and publishers with D.H. Lawrence. Now in a beyond-the-grave autobiography, he recounts his own vocation, his practice of sex magic, and his bruising encounters
with his contemporaries.

Pan's Road By Mogg Morgan

ISBN 978-1869928-896 8.99/$18 paperback
Their journey on Pans Road is fraught with new dangers but also new possibilities, as the
protagonists are led to the heart of an ancient mystery in the lost city of Ombos Citadel
of Seth, the Egyptian god of Chaos.




Ithell Colquhoun - pioneer surrealist artist, occultist, writer, and poet By Eric
Ratcliffe, ISBN 978-1869928-988 19.99, paperback 314pp, 90 ills (25 in colour)
The skills of Ithell Colquhoun in her main practice, that of artist and pioneer in this
country of surrealistic art, have been long recognised. Additionally, other interests alchemy. Earth-magic, active occultism, poetry, druidism, the pre-Christian pagan
calendar, the history and membership of the Golden Dawn - and writing of and
involvement in these interests by book publication and in a widely scattered field of
correspondence, have created a miscellany of truly gargantuan proportion.

The Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuburg, By Jean Overton Fuller

ISBN 978-1869928-797/ 13.99 / 334pp illus.
Really two books in one. Firstly a record of one mans extraordinary journey to magical
enlightenment. Secondly the story of Aleister Crowley, the magus who summoned Neuburg
to join him in the quest. The book opens with the authors entry into the group of young poets
including Dylan Thomas. They gather around Victor Neuburg in 1935 when he is poetry
editor of the Sunday Referee. Gradually the author becomes aware of his strange and sinister
past, in which Neuburg was associated in magic with Aleister Crowley. Neuburg had been
Crowleys partner in magical rituals in the desert and in rites even more dangerous and

S u r r e a l i s m & the Occult By Nadia Choucha

ISBN 978-1869928-162, 10.99/ $20 paperback
The book shows how many Surrealists and their predecessors were steeped in magical
ideas: Kandinsky, with his involvement with Theosophy, the sorcery of Salvador Dali; the
alchemy of Pablo Picasso and the shamanism of Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington. The
magical subculture and the central role it played in the development of a great art

Pans Daughter (Revised and greatly expanded), By Nevill Drury

The Magical World of ROSALEEN NORTON
978-1-906958-50-3 case laminate 308 pp / 48 illus, 22.99 / $35
Norton dedicated her magical practice to the Great God Pan and to a lesser extent
Hecate, Lilith and Lucifer. She was also intrigued by the visionary potential of Kundalini
yoga, out-of-the-body trance exploration and Aleister Crowleys Thelemic sex magick and
combined all of these elements in her ritual activities.
Pans Daughter is the only biography of Rosaleen Norton and provides the most detailed
and authoritative account of her magical beliefs and practices. First published in Britain by
Mandrake in 1993, it is now reissued in a revised and expanded edition.

Mystical Vampire - The Life and Works of Mabel Collins

By Kim Farnell, ISBN 978-1869928-858, 12.99 / $26 paperback
An insightful and sensitive biography of Mabel Collins, Theosophist, author of Light on
the Path, novelist, journalist, traveller, esotericist, anti-vivisection campaigner, Victorian
social reformer.


Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws- By Mark Mirabello

ISBN 9781906958008, 12.99
Handbook for Rebels and Outlaws is a book about freedom. Written for intellectual
swashbucklers men and women who are radicals in politics and infidels in religion
warriors who hammer the stake of fear into the heart of tyranny this volume belongs in select
book collections, between the black magic and the pornography texts.

Taromancy By Gerald Boak

Paperback Original isbn 978-1-906958-33-6 10.99/$20.210pp
A simple set of 84 oracles, based on the Thoth Tarot, that one does not need a card deck
or an experienced reader in order to consult! Simply think of a question, then either toss
a coin or dice in the prescribed manner. Then read your answer. Taromancy by Gerald

The Wanton Green: Edited Gordon MacLellan (Creeping Toad) & Susan Cross
978-1-906958-29-9, 10.99
an anthology exploring the relationships between modern pagans and the landscapes that
inspire them With contributions from Jan Fries, Shani Oates, Robert Wallis, Runic John
and more

Radical Desire: Kink & Magickal Sex By Mark & Ruth Ramsden
ISBN 978-1-906958-19-0, 9.99/$14.00
The wit and wisdom of Mark Ramsden's illuminating text delivers a gripping journey
through a rich seam of sexual expression. Read this book, enjoy this book, for it deserves your
utmost attention. Over 40? Fat? The style gurus say you're not sexy, not horny, this book says
Bollocks! An essential reference work... And bloody good fun too.
John Carter
Sacred Mountains: Stories of the Mystic Mountains - An Anthology
9781906958220, 240pp, 11.99/22
Michael Berman
All the stories presented in this collection contain shamanic elements, so the obvious
starting point is to explain what is meant by this. Initially employed by early
anthropologists to refer to a specific category of magical practitioners from Siberia, the
term is now widely used to denote similar practitioners from a variety of cultures around
the world. (Wilby, 2011, p.252).
Introduction, What are Mountains for you? Soul Captivation on White Bone Mountain.
The Magic Brush and the Golden Mountain. The Legend of Amirani
The Story of Jumping Mouse. The Children of Hamelin: A Shamanic Journey into Mount
Poppenberg. The Crystal Clear Waters of Mount Elbruz. The Vision Quest, Mount Sinai,
and a Dream Fulfilled. Mount Ararat. Mount Koya-san, the Hermits Cave, and Fujiyama.
Sacred Towers. The Fool on the Hill and the Book of Mysteries


The Camden Town Murder
- The Life and Death of Emily Dimmock / New and Revised Edition /
By John Barber 978-1869928-919, 10.99 / $22 paperback
The Camden Town Murder was an infamous Edwardian slaying only surpassed in notoriety
by the 1888 Jack the Ripper killings. Emily Dimmock was killed at her home in St Pauls Road,
Camden Town on 12th September 1907.

Exhumation of A Murder
- The Life and Trial of Major Armstrong By Robin Odell
ISBN-978-1869928-926, 12.99 paperback
Before the First World War, the picturesque town of Hay-on-Wye was the scene for the story
of Major Herbert Rowse Armstrong, one of the most celebrated murder cases of the twentieth
century. Behind the Majors mild, bespectacled appearance was the mind of the insidious
And the Armstrong case was unquestionably one of the best; right up there in the grand
tradition of Dr Palmer of Rugeley, Neill Cream, Mrs Maybrick, Dr Crippen, Seddon, and
George Joseph Smith. - Richard Whittington-Egan

Jack the Ripper in Fact and Fiction By Robin Odell

(New and Revised Edition)
ISBN 978-1869928-308, 12.99 / $26, 315pp
Robin Odell has produced an absorbing factual reconstruction of all the crimes and a brilliant
new theory, based on modern methods of detection, to solve the greatest mystery in British
criminology. Most readers will accept his theory as the long-sought answer to a baffing reallife whodunit: as the most likely epitaph on a terror known as Jack the Ripper in Fact and Fiction
Sickert and the Ripper Crimes , By Jean Overton Fuller
ISBN 978-1869928-681, 12.99/$20, 284pp
A new chapter for Jean Overton Fullers ground breaking study of murder. The original
investigation into the 1888 Ripper Murders and the artist Walter Richard Sickert.
'Timely and welcome . . . remains a curious and important book.'
- Paul Begg in Ripperologist, April 2002



Issue 1 13.99, ISBN 978-1869928- 674, 200pp

Contents: Beyond Attribution: The Importance of Barretts Magus/Alison Butler *
Shadow over Philistia: A review of the Cult of Dagon/John C. Day * A History of
Otherness:Tarot and Playing Cards from Early Modern Europe/Joyce Goggin * Opposites
Attract: magical identity and social uncertainty/Dave Green * Memories of a sorcerer:
notes on Gilles Deleuze-Felix Guattari, Austin Osman Spare and Anomalous Sorceries./
Matt Lee * Le Streghe Son Tornate: The Reappearance of Streghe in Italian American
Queer Writings/Ilaria Serra * Controlling Chance, Creating Chance: Magical Thinking in
Religious Pilgrimage/Deana Weibel
Issue 2 19.99, ISBN 978-1869928- 728, 420pp
Contents: Alien Selves: Modernity and the Social Diagnostics of the Demonic in Lovecraftian Magick:
Woodman/Wishful Thinking Notes towards a psychoanalytic sociology of Pagan magic: Green/A Shell with my
Name on it: The Reliance on the Supernatural During the WW1. Chambers/The Metaphysical Relationship
between Magic and Miracles: Morgan Luck/Demonic Possession, and Spiritual Healing in Nineteenth-Century
Devon: Semmens/ Human Body in Southern Slavic Folk Sorcery: Filipovic & Rader/Four Glasses Of Water:
Snell/The Land Near the Dark Cornish Sea:. Hale/Kenneth Grant and the Magickal revival: Evans/Magic
through the Linguistic Lenses of Greek mgos, Indo-European *mag(h)-, Sanskrit my and Pharaonic Egyptian
eka: Cheak/The symbolism of the pierced heart: Froome/Nicholas Roerich: McCannon/Book Review, etc.
Issue 3 19.99, ISBN 978-1869928-964, 300pp
Contents: Hannah Sanders - Buffy and Beyond: Language and Resistance in Contemporary Teenage Witchcraft
/ Amy Lee - A Language of Her Own: Witchery as a New Language of Female Identity/ Dave Green - Creative
Revolution: Bergsonisms and Modern Magic / Mary Hayes - Discovering the Witchs Teat: Magical Practices,
Medical Superstitions in The Witch of Edmonton / Penny Lowery - The Re-enchantment of the Medical: An
examination of magical elements in healing. / Jonathan Marshall - Apparitions, Ghosts, Fairies, Demons and Wild
Events: Virtuality in Early Modern Britain / Kate Laity - Living the Mystery: Sacred Drama Today / Research
Articles: David Geall - A half-choked meep of cosmic fear Is there esoteric symbolism in H.P.Lovecrafts The
Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath? / Susan Gorman - Becoming a Sorcerer: Jean-Pierre Bekolos Quartier
Mozart and the Magic of Deleuzian and Guattarian Becoming / Book Reviews
Issue 4 19.99 /$40, ISBN 978-1869928-391, 400pp
The Practitioner, The Priest, and The Professor: Perspectives on Self-Initiation in the American Neopagan
Community/Laubach, Martinie and Clemons/ The Trinity of the Hebrew Goddess: A Guided Presentation Of
Goddess Narratives and Submerged Beliefs : DeMente / The Topography of Magic in the Modern Western and
Ancient Egyptian Minds : Stannish / The science of magic: A parapsychological model of psychic ability in the
context of magical will : Luke/ Is Magic Possible Within A Quantum Mechanical Framework? : Ash / Angels with
Nanotech Wings: Magic, Medicine and Technology in The Neuromancer and Brain Plague : Lord / Rowlings
Devil: Ancient Archetype or Modern Manifestation? : Lauren Berman / Delivered From Enchantment: Cotton
Mather, W. B. O. Peabody, and the Struggle against Magic : Sederholm / In a Mirror, Darkly : A comparison
between the Lovecraftian Mythos and African-Atlantic mystery religions : Geall / The Journey of The Lion King
and the Collective Unconscious : Marsh
Issue 5, ISBN 9781906958015 19.99/$40, 320pp
Flavius Josephus Terminology of Magic: accommodating Jewish Magic to a Roman Audience: Philip Jewell / The
Role of Grimoires in the Conjure Tradition; Dan Harms /Hermetic/Cabalistic Ritual in Christopher Marlowes
Doctor Faustus ; Dana Winters / Italian Cunning Craft: Some Preliminary Observations ; Sabina Magliocco /
Walking The Tightrope: A Study Of Secret Astrologers In Mainstream Professions ; J.A. Silver Frost B.A., M.A.,
Solicitor. / Martyrs, Magic, and Christian Conversion ; Patrick Maille /Worshiping the Devil in the Name of
GodAnti-Semitism, Theosophy and Christianity in the Occult Doctrines of Pekka Siitoin ; Kennet Granholm /
The Witching Hour: Sex Magic in 1950s Australia ; Marguerite Johnson / Reviews / Obituaries


Shadow Matter & Psychic Phenomena
by Gerhard Wassermann
ISBN, 978-1869928-322, 7.99 / $16, paperback
A scientist casts new light on psi-phenomena, such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and 'out of
the body experiences' in this book. He presents an exciting new theory which explains
such phenomena, linking the recently discovered 'Shadow Matter' world of physics with
parapsychology. The author builds on theories until now discussed only in academic journals,
but the book is accessible to non-scientists. Shadow Matter & Psychic Phenomena also offers
over 60 fascinating case histories of psychic experience. Essential reading for scientists,
Consciousness & Near Death Experience
By Gerhard Wassermann
ISBN 978-1869928-629, 9.99 / $20, paperback
Perhaps a valuable guide to the possible machinery of death and dying might be
obtained by attempts to elucidate the conceivable mechanisms of Near Death
Experiences (NDEs). Various people have studied these for many years. My own
theorising begins with a critical reappraisal of some of these ideas on NDEs. In the
course of the argument I hope to persuade the reader of the advantages of a theory
based in the new physics of Shadow Matter.

The Psychic Biker meets The Extreme Ghost Hunter

Paul Green & Stephen Lambert
978-1-906958-20-6 9.99/$16.99
In Psychic Biker Meets Extreme Ghost Hunter, Paul Green and Stephen Lambert have
undertaken the unenviable task of spending many days and nights searching for something,
which, for the most of us, is not part of everyday life experience.
In this book they take a candid look at the world of ghost hunting and the paranormal industry.
They also reveal their thoughts on ghosts and hauntings, as they seek to encounter the things
most people would wish to run from.


Pan's Daughter (Drury)


Pan's Road (Morgan)

Pharmakon (Vayne)

Aleister Crowley a modern master (Moore)

Angelic Magick (Page)
Arcane Veil (Oates)
Apophenion (Carroll)
Aromatic Oils & magic
Becoming Magick (Rankine)
Book of Baphomet
Books of the Beast (Smith)
Bloody Sacrifice (Rodgers)
Bright From the Well (Lee)
Bull of Ombos (Morgan)
Cannibal Within (Mirabello)
Camden Town Murder (Barber)
Cauldron of the Gods (Fries)
Chaotopia! (Lee)
Craft of the Untamed (Frisvold)
Consciousness & NDE (Wassermann)
Contemporary Western Book of the Dead
Deep Magic Begins Here
Egyptian Shaman (Farrell)
Exhumation of A Murder (Odell)
Extreme Ghost Hunters
Firechild (Sanders)
Flying Sorcerer: Francis Barrett (King)
Grammer of Witchcraft (Parry)
Great Purple Hooha (Farber)
Gateway to Hell (Bingley)
Handbook for Rebels & Outlaws (Mirabello)
Helrunar (Fries)
I, Crowley (Wilson)
Images of Set
Ithell Colquhoun (Ratcliffe)
Jesus the Sorcerer (Conner)
Jack the Ripper in Fact & Fiction (Odell)
Journal for Academic Study of Magic
Kaos Hieroglyphica (Channing)
Living Midnight (Fries)
Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuburg (Fuller)
Magical Knowledge (McCarthy)
Magic of the Northgate (McCarthy)
Magic in New Testament (Conner)
Magick Works (Vayne)
Medicine of the Gods (Morgan)
Merlins Mound (Bryant)
Mystical Vampire: Mabel Collins (Farnell)
Nightshades (Fries)
Now Thats What I Call Chaos Magick (Vayne)
Octavo (Carroll)
Odin Brotherhood (Mirabello)

3, 6


P is for Prostitution
Radical Desire (Ransden)
Return of the Tetrad
Sacred Mountains
Seidways (Fries)
Secrets of Asgard (Ongkowidjojo)
Sexual Magick (Shual)
Shadow Matter & Psi Phenomena (Wasserman)
Sickert and the Ripper Crimes (Fuller)
Siddha Quest for Immortality (Zvelebil)
Star Crossed Serpent (Oates)
2, 6
Surrealism & the Occult (Choucha)
Supernatural Assault in Ancient Egypt (Morgan) 10
Sybarite Among the Shadows (Mcneff)
Tankhem: Seth & Egyptian Magick (Morgan)
Tantra Sadhana (Morgan)
Tantra for Westerners (King)
Taromancy (Boak)
Thelemic Magick (Morgan)
Tubelo's Green Fire (Oates)
Village Witch
Visual Magick (Fries)
Way of Odin Brotherhood (Wolf)
Wanton Green (Mclellan & Cross)
Wheel of the Year in Ancient Egypt (Morgan)
Witcha: a Book of Cunning (Harris)
Witch's Guide to Sex (Hawkins/Rodway)
Wormwood Star (Kansa)