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Melinda Dang

21913 101st Pl SE
Kent, WA 98031 To obtain a position in the food services work force in order to further my
(206)229-2998 knowledge of the real work place and learn skills in customer communication.
Summar y of Skills

 Ability to speak fluent English and Cantonese
 Self studying how to read/write Mandarin and Mandarin speech skills
 Completed Spanish III-IV and is enrolled in Spanish V-VI
 Tutored elementary students at Ridgewood elementary
 Participated in Speech and Debate
 Interacted with patients and employees when volunteering at the University of Washington
Medical Center

 Created a career exhibit on a Dermatology and job shadowed and interviewed a
 Organized and gathered information while volunteering for Helping Link
 Preformed office duties and secretarial tasks at Helping Link

Wor k Histor y

July 5, 2007 – August 16, 2007, Volunteer, Helping Link, Seattle, WA

June 25, 2008 - Present, Volunteer Escort, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle,


2006 - Present
Kentridge Senior High School, Kent, WA
 3.8 gpa
 Taken courses in Food and Fitness and Economics
 Member of DECA
 Member of Key Club (Kiwanis Education Youth)
 Member of the National Junior Honor Society

Refer ences

MD Nguyen
Supervisor of Helping Link
Christina Wheeler
(253)373- 4218
Kelly West
(253)373- 4220