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UVPaqlite Reseller Handbook

Welcome to Uncle Vernons Paqlite (Pack Light) family business. We are happy that you have decided to become a part of our family business. To make this exciting endeavor easy and effective this handbook will answer many questions as well as provide you with helpful information.

Congratulations on becoming a reseller for UVPaqlite. Now that you are part of the UVPaqlite family lets get started. Minimum Advertised Pricing It is important to know that we require all internet resellers to adhere to MAP (minimum advertised pricing). This is easily done by checking our website to ensure your prices are not lower than the prices listed on our website. Please sign and email the MAP agreement to or fax to the MAP agreement to (707) 452.9326 (found in the UVPaqlite Resellers Brochure). Ordering There is a $200 minimum first order requirement with no minimum reorder requirement. Ordering is completed through our website, scroll over Dealers/resellers tab and click the create purchase order tab, complete and submit the purchase order form. Ordering can also be completed by sending a purchase order directly to You will receive an invoice through which credit cards or electronic checks are accepted. You will not be charged until your order is ready to be shipped. Once your payment is received products are mailed through USPS Priority Mail unless other arrangements have been made. If UPC codes are required please note this request in the comments section on the purchase order form.

Returning Merchandise We stand by every product we make, if you receive damaged or defective merchandise contact us at or call (303) 335-8985 for replacements. Images, Photos, Videos and Brochures You can use any image from our website or Facebook page, just right click the image and click save as. If you need something specific email

Uncle Vernon's Story- The Inspiration for the Paqlite Products

Uncle Vernon
The "UV" stands for Uncle Vernon, the inspiration & motivation behind UVPaqlites products and Paqlite is a play on spelling for pack light. If you've had an Uncle Vernon in your life then you are familiar with the person who has taken it on as their personal responsibility to watch out for the entire family - and we mean the entire family to include sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, grand nieces, grand nephews, and anyone else who spent a good amount of time with us. Uncle Vernon made sure everyone was prepared and safe as they can be for the outdoors. Our beloved Uncle Vernon grew up exploring the mountains of the Western U.S. hiking the many trails in Western Oregon, so he knew how fast the weather can change and how easy it is to get lost; or as he says "temporarily disoriented." In our family we all got our "Uncle Vernon Survival Kit" once we were licensed to drive. Uncle Vernon said, "When you go traveling, camping, hiking or just exploring the outdoors you need to be prepared. You need your flashlight with back-up batteries and bulbs, you need your multi-tool or small tool set, safety reflectors, first aid kit, air pump, large knife, compass, ready to eat meals, and so on. Since you never know what can happen when you get out and about these days." Uncle Vernon was so

instrumental in our familys safety we wanted to lighten his load by coming up with lightweight, no fail light source for everyones safety. Uncle Vernon's Paqlite is the answer! It can be folded or rolled and comes in various sizes to fit your needs. If you explore the outdoors you know that the hikes can be long, you want to keep your back-pack light-weight, and you always want to be prepared. An unexpected night out in the dark can be unfamiliar and very uncomfortable, so why not take a light that is super lightweight, does not require batteries or bulbs, and has no parts to malfunction, will always provide light all night, can go in the water, and is environmentally friendly? Like a night light it is a welcome sight in any dark tent, when you wake up trying to find your flashlight for your trip into nature in the middle of the night. Make your "Uncle Vernon" happy by taking an Uncle Vernon's Paqlite TM wherever that may be on our planet. Just give it a few minutes of light each day (any kind of light will work) to have a night light all night long "Thanks Uncle Vernon for the inspiration and love."

4EverLight International LLC.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Agreement

As an approved reseller of UVPaqlite products and accessories for 4EverLight International, LLC the undersigned agrees not to advertise UVPaqlite Products below the stated minimum advertised price (MAP) as posted on a UVPaqlite website. UVPaqlite, at its sole discretion, without notice and from time to time, may add or delete products to the list of UVPaqlite Products subject to this MAP policy and may change the minimum advertised prices for such listed products. This Agreement applies to the undersigneds advertised prices in newspapers or catalog print, direct mail pieces, faxes, on radio, television or on the Internet. If the undersigned advertises UVPaqlite products at prices below the stated MAP, UVPaqlite will be entitled to all of its rights and remedies available to it, including, without limitation, the right to disqualify undersigned from receiving discounts and benefits and selling any UVPaqlite Products or other UVPaqlite products. Agreed and Accepted: Company Name: 4EverLight International, LLC

Signature:______________________________ Signature : _________________________ Printed Name: __________________________ Printed Name: ______________________ Title:__________________________________ Title:______________________________ Email:_________________________________ Mailing Address: ________________________ Date:_______________ _______________________________________ City:____________________________________ State & Zip Code:_________________________ Phone: __________________________________ Fax: ____________________________________ Date: ___________________________________
MAP Agreement 6-27-07

Please fax your signed MAP Agreement

UVPaqlite Retail Price List

Product UVPaqlites XSmall Small Medium Large UVMatlite Glow Sticks Tooblite Tooblite Mini UVGloStik Scooblite 6in Scooblite 3in Necklaces UVO Green UVO Blue Pistol Green UVNitelite 2pk GIDS *Scout Pack Combo Retail $3.50 $8.50 $16.50 $24.50 $34.95 Your Cost $1.75 $4.25 $8.25 $12.25 $17.48

$6.95 $4.95 $5.95 $15.95 $11.95

$3.48 $2.48 $2.98 $7.98 $5.98

$4.95 $4.95 $5.95 $4.95 $4.95 $20.00

$2.48 $2.48 $2.98 $2.48 $2.48 $13.00