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Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School 3rd Year Batch 2013-2014


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A life of hopeless teenager who overcomes life struggle after being help by a woman who made him realize that life is full of miracles and gratefulness. Sometimes as an individual (teenager) we always neglect how life that we have is so good that there are those who loves us so much yet we continue to ignore their care and love, sometimes accident helps us determine the real value of life in which we forgot where to stand to as a person and as an individual. In this movie to watch:


Is a timely movie that tells us how much life greatness we have yet we fully do not understand that we as human being needs to be guided since we lack still of the right decision. In order to fully understand the movie, here are the guides questions that the student needs to answer: 1. Make a five(5) paragraph summary of the film 2. Identify the characters in the film 3. Write a paragraph defining their role in the film 4. Discuss the life experience of the adopted Youngman in the film. Why does he behave like it? Who makes him believe that he can do better in life? 5. If you have a special skill, will you pursue it? If YES explain why, if NO explain why. 6. How the two (2) lead characters do affects each others life. 7. If you are the adopted Youngman in the film: why does he behave like it, why do you not behave like it in the real world. 8. In what manner did the adopted young man use his skills and knowledge? Why do you think so? Things to be included in the film review paper Title page Table of content Conclusion or an overall view in the said film Attach the PRINTED comment of the group and HIGHLIGHT your personal reflection. Thank you very much happy viewing . . . folder is not necessary but it will be alright if use one.