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1. What is meaning of Consistancy in concrete? 2. What is slump of concrete? 3. What is the significance of shear slump? 4. What is segregation? 5. Define workability of concrete? 6. What is the significance of flow test? 7. What is the water cement ratio for workable concrete?
8. What is the difference between fully compacted and partially compacted concrete? 9. What is the significance of compacted concrete? 10.Define density of concrete & how it affects the strength of concrete?

11. Describe the factors affecting the choice of the method of test. 12. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Vee-Bee method of test over the other Methods? 13. How does strength correlate with other properties of hardened concrete? 14. What are the requirements for curing the specimens? 15. What is the rate of loading in flexure test? 16. What is the bending equation? 17. What is the bending stress for T section? 18. What is the significance of moment of inertia with respect to bending stress? 19. How does the centroid affects the bending stress for different shapes of beams? 20. What do you mean by flakiness index of an aggregate? 21. What do you infer from flakiness index?

22. How the flakiness index of the sample helps in deciding the design of a highway? 23. How is aggregate Impact expressed? 24. What do you understand by dry and wet Impact value? 25. Aggregate Impact value of material A is 15 and that of B is 35. Which one is better for surface course? 26. The abrasion value found from Los Angeles test for two aggregates A and B are 50% and 38% respectively. Which aggregate is harder? Why? For what types of constructions are these suitable? 27. Why Los Angeles abrasion test is considered superior to the other form of tests which are used to determine the hardness of aggregates? 28. Two materials have abrasion values 3 and 10 respectively. Which one is harder and why? 29. How does the Water absorption of the coarse aggregate affects the mix design of concrete? 30. Define flash and fire points. 31. What is the significance of flash and fire point test? 32. What are the parameter that affects the result of flash and fire point tests? 33. Define specific gravity. 34. What is the use of finding specific gravity? 35. What are the factors affecting specific gravity test? 36. What are the applications of penetration test? 37. What do you understand by the term 30/40 bitumen? 38. What are the precautions to be taken while conducting a penetration test? 39. What are the factors which affect the ring and ball test results? 40. What is softening point? If material A has softening point of 56 and B has 42 which binder is good and why? 41. List the factors that affect the result of a ductility test. 42. What do you understand by the term repeatability and reproducibility? 43. Explain the significance of ductility test. 44. Explain the term viscosity. 45. What are the uses of viscosity test? 46. What are the precautions to be taken during viscosity test using orifice viscometer? 47. What is the significance of flow value in Marshall Test? 48. What is filler? 49. What are the essential properties of bituminous mixes?