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Criterion D: Social skills and personal engagement Name: Will Taylor Class: 9.

4 Date: 10/20/2013
Maximum of 8 points. Students are expected to communicate with each other in a manner that enhances the working environment. This includes showing respect, support and encouragement, as well as demonstrating positive attitudes and strategies to improve relationships. Communication
Improving relationships with others Asks for help when needed Lets teacher know what is needed Communicates at appropriate times

Respect yourself Respect others Respect the environment (gym and fields) Carefully using the equipment

Takes ownership of own learning Shows enthusiasm for Physical Education Shows commitment to Physical Education Shows a positive attitude towards learning

Reflects critically on own achievements Sets appropriate goals Takes action during PE classes to achieve these goals Takes action outside PE classes to achieve these goals

Stays focused on the task and keeps on working on the task even though it seems difficult Provides useful ideas when participating in groups and discussions Shows leadership Follows direction Knows what the directions are and what to do with them

Social skills and personal engagement: Criterion D Communication Respect Responsibility Reflect Attitude Being prepared (PE uniform) Total

Always 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 0.5 7.5 / 8



Almost never


1 1

My progress during this semester is: During this semester, in my personal opinion I did very well, however with some room for improvement. I believe I showed great communication during the activities, which includes organizing my team and directing people on what to do, and also off the field, as in organizing teams before games and asking for clarification when I dont understand something. I think I showed great respect to myself and others by not giving up during activities and encouraging others to perform at their highest, however this is my personal opinion and can be criticized. Some of my peers might say that I played too aggressively, however in my defense that is just my personal level of competiveness, I didnt mean any harm to anybody else. As for how well I treated the equipment, I wouldnt even think of intentionally damaging it because I know that that affects the appearance of ISD, and overall my appearance since I am linked to the school. In Physical Education I always take responsibility of my learning by working to my full capacity because how well I perform in class affects how well I perform in sports outside of school and also my grades in school. Also, outdoor sports in PE is in my opinion the most enjoyable part of school, so there is no reason not to try hard in it. However I did wait a long time to Grade 9, Physical Education. International School of Dusseldorf.

Criterion D: Social skills and personal engagement

get a weebly account so I marked myself down since it went against taking ownership of my learning. I am always very critical of myself, forcing myself to improve. In my goals for fitness testing I set a goal in the mile run to get a better time than my last time of 6:31. And I worked very hard to improve this, during the summer I went on runs a few times and attended sports practices as much as possible. During the actual test I pushed myself as hard as I could, almost to the point of being sick, and I improved my time by 50 seconds. As for my attitude, I mainly paid attention, except for one or two occasions during drill, so I marked myself down there. And for I feel like I was a good leader in games and drills, especially during the 3v3 ultimate Frisbee matches by directing my team and making sure we did everything according to the instructions.

My target (s) for the next semester are/is: As for the next semester/unit, I dont have any raised targets except for three things. An improvement in my fitness testing in all areas. A better focus on the current task, even though our next unit isnt my favorite. And that I start working on this unit earlier at home and I plan what I need to do better, seeing as how a lot of it has to be done on my own time, and I dont have a lot of that.

Grade 9, Physical Education. International School of Dusseldorf.