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According to Chitty & Black (2011) developing a personal philosophy of nursing answers the following questions: What is nursing?

And Why do I practice nursing the way that I do? I believe that the core of nursing is personal interaction and healing. I choose nursing because I have a deep rooted appreciation for health and care provided by not only competent, but caring individuals. I want to succeed at helping people become healthier, and have to knowledge and skill to help them when they are not. Nursing is a hand on job that allows you not only physically interact with a patient, but to teach, educate, heal. Nursing offers the opportunity to provide compassionate support, knowledgeable interventions, and appropriate care plans to stimulate healing. Nursing is the front line of care for the patient. We use our knowledge to promote healing and recovery and advocate for the interest of the patient. Human beings are the basis of the need for nursing care. Human beings have human needs that require fulfillment in order to survive. Nursing in my opinion strives to meet all of the aspects of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs in one way or another. Providing care, nutrition, hydration and oxygenation are the most basic needs that must be met first. A safe environment for the patient to receive care and stabilizing the patient from a physiologic standpoint is the second rung. The third rung is providing a trustworthy relationship. The fourth rung is allowing the patient privacy when appropriate, providing positive feedback about their progress and development and education to allow them to be self-reliant upon discharge. And the final step is the patient getting to the best possible outcome. The environment that surrounds a patient tends to be incredibly complex. Initially it is the immediate area around the individual including family, belief structure and core values. This maintains until stability occurs and the patient is safe. As the patient reaches a level of stability the environment enlarges to entail extended family, friends, and outside influence. The broader and more diverse environment creates and more complex and difficult dynamic, especially when not all factor are working together for the good of the patient. Health consists of three branches, physical health, mental health and social well-being. The World Health Organization defined health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is determined not only by self-awareness and involvement in taking care of our bodies, but by genetics and our environment as well. According to Nordqvist (2009), most of the factors that contribute towards our good or bad health are out of our control. Culture, access to healthcare, socioeconomic status, genetics, jobs and employment, education and physical environment all play a role in an individuals health. Health is diverse and difficulty to define, health holds different meaning for people in various circumstances. Nursing is the convergence of health, environment, and human beings. Nursing takes into consideration all of the pieces of the whole and treats them accordingly. Nurses incorporate knowledge, compassion, and expertise into the care of not only the physical body of the patient, but the mind and spirit as well.

Nursing theory is used in my practice in the most basic ways utilizing multiple different philosophies. From Florence Nightingale I address the needs of the environment to keep the patient safe. Good hand hygiene, a clean room, clean linens and proper protection to keep the patient safe from the staff (i.e. masks if I have a cold, etc.). I try to allow proper sleep cycles for my patients and I am occasionally honest to a fault trying to provide clear answers without sugar coating. From Watson I try to develop a plan with my patient, not just for my patient in regards to wellness and discharge planning. I am honest and try to develop trust with each patient entrusted to my care. From Henderson I utilize my skills in caring for patients that can do most activities for themselves to caring for patients that are completely dependent upon me for everything, including breath. Chitty, K.K., & Black B. P. (2011). Professional nursing:Concepts and challenges (6th ed.) Maryland Heights, MO: Saunders Nordqvist, Christian. (2009). What is Health? What Does Good Health Mean?. Retrieved from