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World War II Podcast Off the west coast of the United States is located a small row of islands known

as the state of Hawaii. In todays time, this place is spent being carefree and living in sunshine! However, in 1941, a _______ attack was made on American soil to cause Americas entry to World War II. The _____ of the Second World War dates back to September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland, causing Britain and France to declare war on Germany. World War 1 left Germany, Italy, and Japan all hungry to gain their power back from the loss of war they previously suffered. Over the next year, Germany invaded and bombed several more countries in hopes to gain more power. Adolf ______ was leader of Germanys armed forces, known as the Nazi party, and personally power hungry as well. Throughout his reign in Germany, Hitler created and supervised the implementation of concentration camps. Concentration camps were made for Jewish people. Hitler thought those people were the reason Germany lost World War 1, and therefore hated these people. A horrific event took place during Hitlers time was known as The ___________. Concentration camps were designated for Jews of all ages. Those who were being forced to go to these places were told they were relocating to a better place, but this was not the truth. Jewish people soon realized this was false, so they began hiding in non-Jewish homes and other places where they would not be captured, even trying to escape to freedom in another country. However, those that went to concentration camps were _________ from one another once they arrived. The men and strong boys were put to work, completing manual labor. The women and children that were able to work often completed tasks such as sewing, cooking, laundry, and other household chores. The women that were unable to perform work, or had small children,

were often sent directly to the ____ __________. For those Jewish people were of NO use to the Germans. One girl, who did not make it out of her concentration camp alive, left a strong legacy and became a famous idol. ______ Frank. From her dairy, readers can read a firsthand account of what Jewish people, even a little girl, went through. Over the course of this tragedy, six million people were murdered by the Nazis. It wasnt until 1941 that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, which forced the _______ _______ to declare war on Japan. Germany hoped to take over Asia, and so did Japan. Worried about the United States Navy (that was watching all activity in the Pacific), Japan decided to execute a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor so that the US would be stunned and unable to jeopardize their power in Europe and Asia. ________ is a place of beauty, warmth, and happiness, and also largely toured throughout the year. Grass skirts, hula dancing, surfing the waves, and barbequing were all part of the way of life the day before tragedy struck on the island of Hawaii. On the morning of December 7, 1941, people were basking in the sunshine and relaxing, enjoying the Sunday- a day at which people ______. Around 8:00 in the morning, close to 180 Japanese fighter planes flew over Pearl Harbor and attacked unexpectedly. The attack lasted approximately _____ hours and took a large toll on naval ships and aircrafts. Not only were numerous ships and planes destroyed, but over _______ Americans were killed in that short span of time. Many cruisers, destroyers and grounded aircrafts were demolished in the attack. All naval ships that were docked at Pearl Harbor (aside from 3) were able to be recovered and used later on during the war. The most unforgettable result that became of the attack was the sinking of the USS ________. When that ship sank, over 1,100 military personal died. The USS Arizona was left in place in the harbor,

and a memorial was built over top of the ship. This is a national landmark where thousands of tourists visit to not only experience history, but pay their _________. The Japanese predicted that the attack on Pearl Harbor would leave the United States weak, but instead, _________ Theodore Roosevelt declared the entry of the United States to war the next day. Within his speech of the event, the famous phrase of a day which would live in infamy was made to the nation. Three days after, Japans allies (or partners- Germany and Italy) declared war on the United States. The US was now part of a war in which they were hoping to stay absent. Many other battles took place in the Middle East during the early 1940s as well. The turning point of WWII happened with the Battle of Stalingrad. During this deadly fight, Germany and the Soviet Union (Russia) fought against each other to rule Stalingrad, a desired city by two men who hated one another. After bombing much of the city, Hitler thought he would easily be able to control it. It wasnt until the Russian leader, Josef Stalin, had his men attack from all areas of the city to surpass the German military and force General Paulus to surrender. Hitler was ________ at Paulus decision because he wanted to fight to the death, NOT back down from a fight. Germany was also hit hard on D-Day, when Britains allies (including America) attacked them on the coast of France. Paratroops, bombs and ships were all used to overpower the Germans. Eventually, 500,000 soldiers pushed German military out of France so it was able to regain control. With the six major battles that took place between the years 1939 and 1945, World War II was the ________ military battle in the history of the world. This war took a toll of approximately 70 million lives. Unfortunately, 40 million of the 70 million people killed were ________.