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Fast Configured Structure Traversal

Reiner Kaiser, PhD


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Fast Configured Structure Traversal Agenda PLMXML based Traversal TCXML based Traversal

HD User Experience
Intelligently Integrated Information Future-proof Architecture

Configured Traversal in TCXML

Performance Characteristics

Synchronization/Import logic
Solution Matrix

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Fast Configured Structure Traversal PLMXML Based Traversal

Before Teamcenter 9.0, XML based Configured Structure Traversal was exclusively PLMXML : Traversal logic derived from BOM traversal and codeful interpretation of closure rules Best case performance based on closure rules / property sets: ~ 700,000/hour

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PLM XML PLM XML provides a lightweight, extensible and flexible mechanism for transporting high-content product data over the Internet, and aims to form the basis of a rich interoperability pipeline connecting Siemens PLM Software products and third party adopter applications Language definition serving as interface to Teamcenter PLM data (configured and unconfigured) widely used by customers and partners (solves n squared problem) accessible via published SDK

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More Aspects of PLM XML No Replica Concept (imported data is locally owned, exported data does not have Export Records and there is never any Ownership Transfer) No Site Referential Integrity (Imported Data can be deleted without impacting the original objects) Do not share data using PLMXML between two sites connected by Multi-Site, if the same objects are to be replicated later via CMS or GMS appRef concept to establish stable identity for update use cases, also valid for BOMLines (XML contains both instance graph and ProductView) BOMWriter is based on PLMXML export logic and is often used to identify all Configured ItemRevs in a BOM
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TCXML Based Data Transfer New flavour of XML, very close to persisted Teamcenter Data Model TCXML payload has the following characteristics: high flexibility providing open mapping between dissimilar data models, allowing customization of data model and simplifying data model upgrades (bi-directional) Teamcenter can produce/ consume TCXML with high level of data model coverage (close to 100% of Teamcenter data model in the Teamcenter 8.3 time frame) Customizable data scoping to address individual customer needs on a business process level, customization interface tightly integrated with business modeler application (Transfer Modes, Closure Rules, Property Sets and Option Sets)
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TCXML Based Data Transfer Data model equivalence between similar but different data model constructs, using powerful mapping tool ( Teamcenter Mapping Designer based on Altova Mapforce) Used for Teamcenter<->Teamcenter or Teamcenter<->Teamcenter Enterprise exchange of data Object UIDs are preserved during exchange process (Teamcenter <-> Teamcenter) Also, Site ownership of objects is maintained

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TCXML: very close to Teamcenter data model, used for federation-internal data transfer with or without data mapping, and briefcase / supplier integration

<Item item_id="NML00000026" last_mod_date="2008-05-08" object_name="test" revision_list="#id8" revision_number="0" uom_tag=""> <GSIdentity elemId="id1" label="xXPhiwm1AAgcRD"/> </Item>

PLMXML: object model independent, basis of rich interoperability pipeline connecting SIEMENS Software products and 3rd party adopters
<ProductRevision id="id12" name="asm"accessRefs="#id5"masterRef="#id20" revision="A"> <UserData id="id15"> <UserValue value="02-Dec-2003 12:37" title="last_mod_date"/> </UserData> </ProductRevision>
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New in Teamcenter 9.x Configured TCXML Based Traversal Runtime objects are represented in the TCXML (example: BOMLines) ~Order of Magnitude performance gain compared to PLMXML Full expand of BOMWindow not necessary XML contains all persisted objects required to re-generate configured structure

Scalable and Parallelizable Import: Many processes can run in parallel Well-defined rollback for given island of data Import performance same as bulk loader (up to 500,000 objs/hour)

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Performance Numbers (export) Sample Structure on 6GB Machine


TCXML BOM TCXML PLMXML thru-put size Export (s) Export (s) (obj/h) (x1k)

PLMXML thruput (obj/h) 699831 774997 480475 311120

3000000 2500000 2000000 1500000 1000000 500000 0 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 TC XML Export thru-put (obj/h) PLMXML thru-put (obj/h)

10 20 50 100 200 300

96.2 197.42 650.293

426.353 772.693 3110.805

3101613 3033303 2298450 2476792 2367178 1575008

1206.559 9605.283 2524.877 5692.18

TCXML based configured export can handle much larger structures (PLMXML running out of memory sooner..) export throughput is up to 8 times faster than equivalent PLMXML throughput Mild nonlinearity for larger structures due to scalable architecture and set based logic
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Fast Configured Synchronization

New patented technology!

Traversal-free Identification of Structure Updates

Synchronization performance is proportional to number of changes, not overall size of the structure Approach works best for small number of changes, i.e. Synchronization performed in regular intervals (hourly/daily)

Typical performance for several hundred changed lines is within the order of a few minutes for any size BOM
Configuration parameters (Revision rule, Variant rule) are assumed stable

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New Configured Structure Import Approach

Configured TCXML also contains persisted objects needed to re-generate the configured structure at the importing site
No BOMWindow is needed to perform these imports, performance is equivalent to TCXML bulk loader performance (~500k/hour) Import processes are scalable and parallelizable, with minimum memory overhead required Partial rollback supported

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PLMXML and TCXML at a Glance

Requirement Require export of configured structure Require replica concept TCXML


PLMXML(AI) yes Replica import not supported

Unmanaged processing and markup of XML

generate updates for re-import

More difficult, no SDK available, Easy due to existence of SDK GSIdentities difficult to generate
All Update Scenarios supported delta import, utilized by several customers, however some update Scenarios unsupported Hard, must generate XSLTs style sheets manually, must be created as a ImanFile object.

Require simple/complex mapping of XML to destination XML

Easy to do with sophisticated Mapping tool, GSIdentity concept allows repeated data sharing and coexistence Design supports this use case explicitly by use of GSIdentity, site referential Integrity and replica concepts

Co-existence and re-replication of product data

Not possible, all objects are owned at their respective sites

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Teamcenter 9.x Fast Configured Traversal Summary

TCXML based Traversal is faster and more scalable New Configured Structure Traversal Approach

Performs substantially faster and can handle much bigger Structures

Traversal Free Updates, Highly scalable imports

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Patents Pending SIEMENS has Two Patents Pending as result of R&D for this Project: DOCKET NO. : 2012P03414 UGSC01-05212 (Traversal Free Updates in large data Structures) DOCKET NO. 2012P03416 UGSC01-05213 (Bulk Traversal of Large Data Structures)

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