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Rocket Log Day 4, Entry 1: Today we drew our rocket plan and brought in bottles. It looks pretty sweet.

Day 5, Entry 2: Dave started teaching us how to build rockets and our rocket was the example so Dave basically built our rocket for us. Day 6, Entry 3: Our pressure chamber was glued today and we glued our top piece on. Tomorrow will be our nose cone. Day 7, Entry 4: We built our nose cone and started to make a parachute. That parachute is the most frustrating thing on earth. Day 8, Entry 5: Still working on the parachute. We need it to be ready for the test launch tomorrow. Day 9, Entry 6: The parachute should have worked but it didnt. We kept on launching anyway. Day 10, Entry 7: Our rocket got a pressure leak. We have built our second rocket for the launch tomorrow. Day 11, Entry 8: That rocket has a pressure leak too. This is frustrating. Day 12, Entry 9: Third rocket. This one will be launched. Oh well. Levi and I are tired of building rockets. Day 13, Entry 10: Our rocket blew up at ten psi. Oh well. It was really funny.