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Select a topic that is a leadership, management, or organizational topic that you are interested in or that may be of value to you and your classmates. Use the list of sample topics below. Research the topic thoroughly using valid, reliable sources from an online periodical. (Proquest and Wilson Business are two excellent sources). You should have 8-10 articles about your topic. We will spend a few days in the library working on this project. 1. Provide an introduction to your topic which includes why this is an important topic, i.e. statistics, application to work, etc. 2. Next, define any terms. 3. The bulk of this paper will the review of literature from your articles. Organize your paper according to topics and use headings (APA format) to complete this section. 4. Conclude your paper by summarizing your findings. Format in APA. Due Tuesday April 19. Topics Emotional Intelligence Working with diverse people Stress management Decision making obstacles Communication techniques Ethical compliance Leadership or followership Motivating for performance Conflict resolution Learning to work politically Mentoring Performance feedback Job design/contemporary work Change Work/Life Balance