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Alvin Wong 8Tec2

Common Assessment Task 3

1) Ethical- Performed in a manner that is consistent with accepted standards of conduct. To conform something with is not harmful to anything or anyone. Social- Something or someone enjoy being with other people. Having to do with living with other people in a group. Environmental-Concerns about the impacts that humans have on the environment. Connected with the natural conditions in which organisms live. Sustainability- The ability of being conscious and protective about the environment. Thereby achieve harmony with the environment. 2a) Wind electricity is a responsible design because wind turbines which generate the energy dont take up a lot of spaces. It doesnt release carbon which is good for the environment and wind is available nearly everywhere. b) Wind electricity was designed to replace coal and natural gas because when mining coal, it causes the landscape to sink and when separating stones from the coal, you need to use a huge amount of water. When burning coal or natural gas, they release carbon dioxide which can lead to global warming and greenhouse effect. Wind electricity do not release any carbon which is good for the environment. c) Wind electricity minimises impact on the user and other people by they wont be paying as much for the electricity bills and the electricity is getting higher and higher in todays society. It also minimise impact on the environment by not emitting any carbon dioxide. e) Wind turbines are very environmental friendly design. It is really good design because of its social contribution to nature. They are very ethical as long as people can afford buying them. Wind turbines sustainability is great because wind energy is a type of renewable energy.