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ESP Theories and Practices

Fall 2008

Course Description: This course is designed to introduce a learning-centered approach to ESP, and the practical applications of the course design in the form of a syllabus, materials, methodology & assessment for particular professional needs. Students will learn to deal with language descriptions, and needs analysis in ESP course design. Several field trips will also be arranged to understand how English is used in social contexts. Course Objectives: 1. Students will understand the origins of ESP and its development. 2. Students will be equipped with theories and application examples of course design. 3. Students will go through curriculum and syllabus construction, materials writing, and evaluation by doing an ESP course design project. Course Activities: reading & discussion, field trips, final project, project presentation Requirements: attendance and participation 20%, project 40%, project presentation 40% Teaching Materials & References: 1. Hutchinson, T., & Waters, A. (1987). English for Specific Purposes: A Learning-Centered Approach. Scotland: University of Cambridge. 2. Long, M. H., (eds), (2005). Second Language Needs Analysis. UK: Cambridge University Press. 3. Posner, G. J., & Rudnitsky, A. N. (1994). Course Design: A Guide to Curriculum Development for Teachers (4th Ed). White Plains, NY: Longman. Schedule: 9/15 introduction to the course & the field; readings from p.1 to p.19 9/22 different views of the nature of language & language learning; readings from p.21 to p.39 9/29 patterns of language use in society; the political and national context; needs analysis; from p.53 to p.64; handouts 10/6 approaches to course design; the components of a curriculum; from p.65 to p.156; handouts 10/13 types of syllabuses; the scope of a communicative syllabus; handouts 10/20 language analysis or language use as course goals; focusing on language content in a communicative syllabus; handouts 10/27 materials in use with sociocultural appropriateness; handouts 11/3 Example A: Marine Time English; handouts 11/10 translating general goals into syllabus objectives

11/17 creating materials; practical applications 11/24 Example B: Hospitality English and Conversation 12/1 review 12/8 project planning 12/15 project planning 12/22 project planning 12/29 project presentation 1/5 project presentation 1/12 wrap up