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Stereotypes Project

Survey, Historical Context, and Proposal Ethnic Studies Quarter 2 2013 1. ExplanationWrite an explanation about the concept of a stereotype. Use the stereotypes that you identified as examples in order to explain the causes and effects of stereotypes. 2. Specific StereotypesIdentify 2-3 stereotypes about one ethnic group. 3. SurveyCreate a survey to gather information. Write at least six thoughtful questions that will help us understand the history, causes, and effects of the stereotypes that are specific to one ethnic group. Be sure to ask specific questions that will help us understand the thinking, opinions, and experiences and also the things people use in order to explain why they believe the stereotypes. Expectations for the Survey Sample: Target ONE specific group of people that would have general connection to the ethnic group or group that makes sense, so that the results are not random. o Examples: African American adults over 25, teenage females who immigrated to the US, Asian Americans who have an intimate relationships with someone from another race, etc. Obtain information from at least 5 people Gather the information electronically, orally/in person, etc. Example questions: Why do the stereotypes exist? What is/are the cause(s) for the stereotypes? Why do people believe and reinforce the stereotypes? What are peoples personal experiences with the ethnic group that causes them to believe the stereotypes? Have the interviewees give a person story. How were the stereotypes learned? 4. Written Explanation of the Findings from the SurveyInterpret and answer and identify similarities among the answers to the question. Explain your findings: 1. Create at least ONE chart, graph, or other visual image to represent the result of the interviews/surveys 2. Summarize the results in paragraph format 5. Historical ContextResearch and type a one page, double spaced explanation about the historical causes for the stereotypes or events in American History that may have causes the stereotypes. Be sure to write in your own words and include the sources. 6. ProposalWrite at least three paragraphs in order to propose realistic suggestions about how and why the stereotypes can be amended. Answer the following questions: 1. How can stereotypes be dispelled or rejected? 2. What can we do in order to establish more acceptance and understanding towards a specific ethnic group? (Use your targeted sample group in order to determine how to make change.)