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October 28, 2013 To Whom It May Concern Re: Recommendation for Angela Hansen Angela is a student teacher under my supervision this semester. She has a very good knowledge of Family and Consumer Sciences subject matter, is well organized, highly self-motivated and very interested in working with students to help them not only learn subject matter but to develop into healthy adults. Angela demonstrates the ability to develop sound lesson plans; the process used in FCS student teaching is complicated and thorough and Angelas lessons are complete and well thought-out. She has experienced a variety of both lecture and lab classes and has incorporated a variety of teaching techniques. Angelas classes begin the learning process immediately; she has used several transition methods which work well in the classroom. She sets high standards for herself and her students; students are on-task and engaged the entire class period. Angela maintains a controlled, positive learning environment and relates to her students in a caring and straight-forward manner. Angelas education and life experiences help her to be successful within the classroom. She demonstrates compassion and empathy while holding students to a high standard. Her volunteer experiences have provided many opportunities to develop strong skills working with young people; it is obvious she applies these skills in her daily teaching. I highly recommend Angela Hansen for a FCS teaching position and would welcome her into our profession. Please contact me for additional information (402-697-0671;

Carla Robinson, M.S.Ed., C.F.C.S. Student Teaching Supervisor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln