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Conference wrap-up Friday, 10 May 2013 Speakers: Douglas Miller, Chairman, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network Simon Chadwick,

Chief Executive Officer, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network At the end of the conference, Simon encouraged non-member delegates to join the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) to join as members. He spoke about the need for more data and more transparency. We want to see what others are doing, he said. He requested attendees to inform the AVPN of deals that they are making so the same can be shared with the network. The idea is to have a database with all of this information so that people can later look back a few years and see what was working or not. He also expressed thanks to the AVPN team, comprising Kevin, Stacey, Suhaila, Elisa and Doug. Doug encouraged delegates to engage with the AVPN, saying together we can make a significant impact. He persuaded the industry practitioners to aim high and to take risks. He said people should not be afraid of failure and if that one fails, one should just get up. He spoke about three objectives AVPN had from the conference: 1. Opportunity. He hoped attendees were able to see the opportunity before us. There is a vibrant venture philanthropy community across Asia. 2. Pioneers. He said everyone is at different stages. Everyone needs to keep moving, and not be satisfied with where they are. 3. Collective action. Not necessarily direct collaboration. A rising tide lifts all ships. In the next 18 months, he said, AVPN will look to aggressively grow its membership numbers; roll out additional membership services; initiate the establishment of local chapters in major markets such as China and India; and establish a knowledge centre to facilitate best practice, sector knowledge and cross regional sharing. In closing, Doug had a few pointers: We are on a path to mutual success We need to aim high social issues demand innovation and scale Proactively share knowledge Be impatient, for the world needs impatient people Work together to maximise impact Engage with others to expand our community Role models and successful cases are essential