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What do you plan to do?

Complete Degree Title: (BA Hons / BSc Hons):

Student Name:
Roberta Scerri

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2 0 9 0 9 3 M

Institute: MCAST Institute of Art and Design Main Area of Research you are interested in: Graphic Design







Guidance questions
SECTION ONE The written Thesis / Dissertation. (guide 100 words)

A. Proposed working title (if already known) or theme of your Thesis. B. What you would like to work towards producing and what you intend to submit by the due date. (Since requirements may be Institute specific, you shall be informed accordingly).
A. B. Theme: Subtle messages reflected graphically through fashion which have the power to evoke thought and debate. I intend on producing a new fashion brand which creates graphics which can be used on clothes such as tshirts, simple dresses, and hoodies/jackets. The focus will be on creating a distinctive style which is recognized only by its traits, not by the brand name of the tag. Final products: T-shirt graphics in a unique, consistent, distinctive style A number of printed t-shirts Projection on t-shirts as an advert The creation of a new brand: brand guidelines, business cards, letterheads etc. (IF NEEDED for Exclusivity/ Wrapping up Thesis)

1. 2. 3. 4.

SECTION TWO Influences

what got you interested in this subject. (guide 100 words)

C. Early ideas, starting points, research plans, sources It is recommended that you include a short list of research sources.
I intend to go abroad and get the fashion design degree, and I am currently attending a fashion design course. My inspirations were UCB (United Colours of Benetton), OBEY clothing line, and other companies which tackle various issues such as medical, environmental and social awareness - through their influence they address causes with effect. My aim is to use the power of effective Graphic Design through the creation of eye-catching graphics which can be worn; therefore the subtle message is spread by itself. The creation of a new brand identity is listed as a maybe because the aim is to create such a distinctive style for which a label is not needed, such as Desigual, which is recognized worldwide for its colourful floral prints. Research resources include books from the library, websites, articles and blogs, the latter mostly to read opinions and feelings regarding certain causes. Available resources also include tutorial websites regarding design, brand guidelines of other companies and also brochures, fashion magazines and illustrators' blogs and websites as inspirations to create a unique style.

SECTION THREE Timetable: You may wish to include a Gantt chart on a separate sheet.

D. Draw up a preliminary timetable which gives a good idea of how you plan to develop your thesis. (Timescales should follow MCASTs calendar). If your programme requires a model or actual end product, state intended techniques, media, processes and fabrication timetable. (guide 150 words)
The actual end products will be a number of printed t-shirts which will be done at a printer specializing in this area given at least a month before submission date. For the projection I have all the programs and material necessary except for the projector, which I will ask the school for permission to use one for a time period (the projection is the showcasing of the thesis subject). As for any needed printed material, should the need to create a brand arise (it can be noted that I have created a slot in the timetable just in case) I have always contacted the same printing company during my two years in MCAST and I intend to do so again; should difficulties arise I have other possible laser printing service companies listed.

SECTION FOUR Bibliography: E. Include a relevant list of books and/or magazines found in the MCAST library which you plan to consult. For courses involving a Final product, state how you shall evaluate the designed product. (guide 150 words) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Samara, T., 2010. Graphic Designers Essential Reference: Visual elements, techniques, and layout strategies for busy designers. Massachusetts: Rockport Healey, M., 2008. What is Branding? Mies: RotoVision SA Harrington, G. R., 2009. Graphic Fashion Design, Illustration and Trends. Barcelona: Promotora de Prensa Internacional Sguera, V. and Styland Fashion Studio, 2011. TeenBoy Graphics Vol.1: From the Archives of Fashion Design Studios. Bergamo: Arkivia Books SRL Viction, ed. 2011. Fashion Unfolding : Uncover the power of graphics in fashion. Hong Kong Viction Workshop Ltd

I intend to evaluate the final product by showcasing the final printed designs HQ printing on high-grade paper in a good spot in the Institute of Art and Design and maybe G. Curmi Higher Secondary in Naxxar and ask to fill forms to collect feedback from students and teachers, which offer a rich audience of different age-groups and opinions.