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October 30, 2013

To Whom It May Concern: It is truly a remarkable pleasure to have the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Zochitl Juan-Perez. In my nineteen years of teaching, I have seen countless students come and go, and it is this time and familiarity that permits me to assess young pupils such as Zochitl. I had the chance to work with her for two semesters, and during this time, Zochitl displayed an array of magnificent qualities that will highlight her wherever she goes in life. As stated before, I first worked with Zochitl Perez in the year 2011 when she was a 10th grader and she was enrolled in my Spanish Language 3AB course for native speakers. Quickly I realized that I had a special child in my hands. Zochitl came into my class and never struggled with the written requirements of the class. Spanish was and it continues to be a passion and a source of pride and identity in Zochitls life. Bright but reserved, talented but quiet, immediately, Zochitl started to distinguish herself in the class because of her tremendous written linguistic ability, but she struggled a bit with the oral requirements of the class. Quiet and reserved by nature, it takes time for people to truly see her and understand how she operates. Her tranquil and serene behavior may be misinterpreted by some people, but make no mistake about it. Underneath that quiet and calm attitude, one finds a student who hungers for a real and meaningful sense of education. She was such an efficient student that first year that as a result of that, she was enrolled in the A.P. Spanish Language course in 2012 and currently is a vital member of A.P. Spanish Literature and Culture course. Trustworthy, sensitive, serene and delightful, Zochitl is blessed with a very mature perspective. She clearly understands that her future is her own responsibility and she truly comprehends that school may lead her out of the tough streets of South Central Los Angeles. Zochitl understands that education is the way to improve her a lot in life and she is making a genuine effort to make the most of the opportunities given to her. She is genuinely interested in growing mentally, in developing emotionally and in expanding socially, but this is not the only reason why she is interested in attending college. She clearly understands that she carries the weight of her whole immigrant family with her. I have no doubts when I tell you that Zochitl will become a very productive citizen of this society. Believe when I tell you that Zochitl will shine bright and long wherever she goes in life because this young lady has displayed a tough, combatant and brave spirit. She is learning to trust herself and her abilities. With a bit more time and more experience, Zochitl will not only explore her full potential,

but she will also develop it. People around our school see it and this is one of the reasons she is greatly respected by peers and staff alike at our humble school. She is well liked and well thought of because she is respectful, thoughtful and extremely polite. She works great individually as well as collectively. I highly recommend Zochitl Juan-Perez without reservation whatsoever. A lot of educators value those students who seem to be the perfect students. I have learned to value and appreciate those students who struggle a bit and those who swim against the current and come out on the other side of the river stronger and surer of themselves. Zochitl is that type of individual. Do not miss the chance to work with such a unique and rare gift that is hers.

Jonas D. Calderon Spanish Educator James A. Foshay L.C.