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Brooke Jones


Campus Missionary Associate // Purdue Chi Alpha

108 Beck Lane, Lafayette, IN 47909

219.776.5032 //

Upcoming Events:
>> Nov. 8 How do we know the Bible is really Gods Word Guest speaker Pastor Dale Crall will defend the legitimacy of Scripture. We pray our believing students will be encouraged and that even nonbelievers will come and experience Truth. >> Nov. 15 Baptism Night in our student aquatic center! At least 5 students will be water baptized. >> Nov. 23Thanksgiving Dinners: Families of local churches will partner with us to host international students in American homes for a traditional meal. Pray for logistics and for relationships leading to the Gospel being shared! >> Dec 9-13 Finals Week: Pray for students to finish strong both academically and spiritually.

An Autumn to Remember
I will remember the deeds of the Lord Psalm 77:11

We took a total of 56 students who grew deeper in community and relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!
The leaves change colors, the air grows cold, my birthday comes, and Starbucks brings back the notorious pumpkin spice latte. The season is great enough on its own, but add a weekend Chi Alpha retreat with students from all across Indiana, and it cant get any better! The theme of our weekend Fall Retreat this year was The Father Heart of God, and we were all impacted by the truth of Gods goodness in spite of our common misconceptions of His character and nature. Our times of prayer allowed students to release forgiveness towards those who had most deeply hurt them. We also had a special time of ministering to students whose lives had been impacted by divorce. Several students testified to feeling a weight lift from their shoulders as they forgave others and allowed God to touch areas of pain in their hearts. Students also experienced freedom from shame over their worst sins as they received Gods amazing forgiveness towards them! Lilan, a Ph.D student from China, is just one of many students whose life has been eternally transformed from our retreat. Having experienced a major tragedy in her life and having never heard that God even exists, the idea of a loving Father was completely new to Lilan. Following one of the main sessions, one of our staff members, Fabi, felt the Holy Spirit nudging her to ask Lilan what she thought about the message. God created the perfect opportunity for Fabi to share the Gospel with Lilan in simple ways that she could understand. With a childlike faith, she said she would like to receive Gods free gift of eternal life and allow Him to make her heart as white and pure as fresh snow thats fallen. We are excited to have a new sister in the family of God. Take a look at the back to hear more testimonies from our retreat and from ministry on campus during the month of October! With many thanks for you support and faithful giving, Brooke

Prayer Requests:
>> That I would learn to rest and take care of myself as a fulltime minister. Im still learning :) >> for students to continue to catch the vision for being disciples and making disciples.

Give online at // Account #2957918 Mail Checks to Chi Alpha @ 1445 N. Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO, 65802 // memo: #2957918

More to remember from the month of October...

4 stude nts baptize d in the H oly Spirit!

e Life Shrev at group at Fall Group t Retrea

I had a great birthday! Thanks to all who made it a special day, especially my parents for coming to visit and spending some quality time with me!

Micah, a student from our life group, shares his testimony of being changed through forgiveness at Fall Retreat. Its been seven months since his high school teammate committed suicide. He had never been able to forgive their coach for being so harsh to him, and he had also never been able to forgive himself for not sticking up for his teammate. After releasing forgiveness, Micah felt a new hope and relief he hadnt experienced for seven months!

Edith shares how God opened her heart to experience Him emotionally after years of trying to connect with Him only intellectually.

Physical Healing at Fall Retreat! Hannahs back was healed from continued pain caused by a car accident about 1 year ago!

At the end of Fall Retreat, Nicky stood up to admit that Chi Alpha is different from the church shes grown up in, but she thinks its really cool the way God spoke directly to her heart through someone who didnt even know her or her life situation.