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VERSION 1.6 (11-3-2007)


This walkthrough is intended for Aveyond Build B only.

It is recommended not to use this walkthrough if you are playing

Aveyond Build A.

Instructions: Check which section you would like to read. For example, if you want
to see the walkthrough on how to save the first druid, check the tag [xxx] or [xxxx]
beside that title. You’ll see it’s [1dr]. Then press CTRL + F and type the tag
(without brackets) and you’ll get to that section immediately.

General information
Introduction [int]
Different editions of the walkthrough [edi]
Explanations of notification graphics in this walkthrough [epl]
Copyright and disclaimers [cpr]
Brief walkthrough info [ifo]
Game requirements [reqs]
Deciding which version of Aveyond you have [vers]

Game Fundamentals
Starting the game [stg]
Game controls [ctrl]
Game menus [gmnu]

The Walkthrough

The Beginning
Rhen as a normal girl in Clearwater [clw]
Rhen as a slave in Ghalarah [slv]
Eastern Isle Wilderness [wld]
Studying at Shadwood Academy [stdy]
Travelling to Aveyond [avy]
Becoming a full-fledged sword singer and sorcerer [sws]
Going to the wildwoods [wwod]

Saving the Druids

Saving the first druid [1dr]
Saving the second druid [2dr]
Saving the third druid [3dr]
Saving the fourth druid [4dr]
Saving the fifth druid [5dr]
Saving the sixth druid [6dr]

Facing the Final Boss
Final battle with Ahriman [fbat]
Final Decision (Endings) [fdec]

The complete quests guide [qg]

Treasure maps in the game [tmap]

Goodies in the game [gdy]

Problems in the game [prb]

FAQs [fqs]

A few words … [fws]

Credits [crd]

Version History [vhis]


My name - Aung Myo Min

My email - (No spam please!)

My website -

My downloads website -

Aveyond official website -


Introduction [int]
This is the first time I‘ve ever written a walkthrough. This walkthrough may or
may not satisfy your needs to play Aveyond but I‘ve tried all my best to bring out this
one. You are welcome to send me any suggestions or ideas to improve this
walkthrough. You can see contact information on the previous page. Any letter of
criticism will be replied unless it is spam. Please note that I‘m not online everyday so
it would take roughly one to two weeks for me to reply your letters.

I don‘t want to put so many details in giving directions on where to go, and
where a place is situated, and thus, there will be numerous screenshots and maps
along with the walkthrough (Ultimate and Premium Edition only). All the maps in this
walkthrough are from the official Aveyond website and credits go to Amanda
(Amaranth) who captured the maps and tiniponi* (Aveyond Admin) who added
landmarks to the maps. Note that all the maps have been reduced in resolution and
quality to make the walkthrough file small. To experience full quality maps, please
download the map zip file from the Aveyond website.

This walkthrough may not cover all the aspects and areas of Aveyond. There
might be some areas I intentionally neglected for the player to explore himself or
there may be some where I missed. If you are stuck in a particular quest or area, you
can either contact me and ask for help OR you can head straight to Aveyond forums
at Register for an account there and you can start posting
queries there. Very helpful people will usually answer your questions, within hours.
That is one of the best forums I‘ve ever encountered.

I‘ve heard there is some confusion among people on the terms ―Aveyond 1.0‖,
―Aveyond 2.0‖, ―Aveyond Build A‖ and ―Aveyond Build B‖. Actually, Aveyond 1.0
(which I think is now very rare to find on the web) is the same as ―Aveyond Build A‖.
―Aveyond Build B‖ is an update to ―Aveyond Build A‖ and Build B is also known as
version 2.0. To make things clear, Amanda has added the title ―Aveyond 1: Rhen‘s
Quest‖ to Build B. It is necessary to know that Aveyond 2 (not version 2.0) is now
under development which is a sequel to Aveyond 1 (either Build A or Build B).

Here in this walkthrough, I‘ll sometimes refer to the updated version of

Aveyond 1 as ―Build B‖ or ―Version 2.0‖. In short, these two phrases are the SAME.

*thanks for reminding me to put credits for you and Amanda

Different editions of the walkthrough [edi]
Starting from version 1.6, I have decided to produce 3 different editions of
walkthrough – Ultimate, Premium, and Basic. They are absolutely free for anybody.
Here is a brief description about the different editions.

Version Description

The most complete edition of my walkthrough with all necessary

screenshots, maps and attractive designs. Size is estimated to be
Ultimate around 2 to 2.5MB.

Intended for people who have a fast connection.

Contains the complete edition of my walkthrough with limited number

of screenshots and maps to reduce file size. This is a cut-down version
of Ultimate and the file size is expected to be around 1 to 1.5MB.
Intended for users who do not want a lot of graphics in the

Contains only the complete edition of the walkthrough without any

screenshots or maps. Just plain text walkthrough. File size is estimated
to be around 500KB.
Only intended for people who are running on a dial-up or very slow
connection. Not recommended if you do not have download problems.

Where you can purchase, oops, sorry, download them

I‘m not sure whether all the different editions of my walkthrough will be posted
on the Aveyond website – as for now (till 11-3-2007), I‘m only uploading the Ultimate
Edition to the official website. However, all 3 editions of my walkthrough will be
posted on my website – and updates to my
walkthrough will first appear there.

Explanations of notification graphics in this walkthrough [epl]

Spoiler Alert Notification

Spoilers sometimes cannot be avoided when writing a walkthrough. I tried my
best not to reveal many important plots but there are a few cases where I cannot
avoid them. In that case, I will notify first with the following Spoiler Alert system.

———————— SPOILERS AHEAD! BE WARNED! ————————


—————————— END OF SPOILERS ——————————

This is, I think, highly noticeable and can be avoided if you want to. To avoid
the spoilers, continue reading after the ―END OF SPOILERS‖ sign.

The 2.0 sign notification

I mention the differences between Aveyond Build A and Build B on saving the
druids wherever possible with the following sign inside a red rectangle. Here‘s an

A brief description on the differences between

Aveyond Build A and Build B.

Please be noted that the descriptions are NOT spoiler-free. It is only intended
for people who have migrated from Build A and want to know a bit what‘s different
from the previous build. I won‘t mention spoiler alert every time I put this description
not to waste space. You have been warned!

Copyright and disclaimers [cpr]

I don‘t care if you want to edit my walkthrough or post it somewhere else. This
walkthrough is fully developed by me and can be used, modified, and redistributed
without permission and completely free of charge. You are legally entitled and
encouraged to copy, share and redistribute this walkthrough for yourself and your

friends. I hate to put any restrictions on a walkthrough which I have intentionally
written for the welfare of other Aveyond lovers.

Please do not sue me if I break any copyright laws. I am just a student, who‘s
interested in playing the game and just trying to create my first walkthrough. If any
person, company or developer thinks the information in my walkthrough coincides
with the copyright laws, contact me and I‘ll remove the information as soon as

Microsoft and Microsoft Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Windows Vista is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are trademarks of Adobe Corporation.

My website is hosted by Freewebs Corporation.

Brief Walkthrough Info [ifo]

Version - 1.6 (Ultimate Edition)

Last updated on - 11th March 2007

Word Processor - Microsoft Word 2007

PDF Converter - Microsoft Word 2007 (Not Adobe Plug-in)

Game Requirements [reqs]

Full Game size - 47MB

Operating System - Windows 98, ME, XP or Vista (except for Windows 2000)

Processor - Pentium II or above

Memory - 256MB or more

Graphic Card - Must support Direct X 8 or later

Deciding which version of Aveyond you have [vers]

Launch Aveyond and check the main menu.

Aveyond 1.0 Main Menu Aveyond 2.0 Main Menu

If your main menu looks like the screenshot on the left, it is Aveyond Version
1.0. For this version, I strongly recommend NOT to use this walkthrough as version 2
is totally different in some quests from version 1. Download the Aveyond 1.0
Walkthrough from The main menu screen on the right is seen in
Aveyond 2.0.

If you have Aveyond 1.0 and would like to play version 2.0, you can download
the free upgrade file from the Aveyond website.

What’s the difference between Aveyond Version 1.0 and 2.0? [dif]
Well, a wider plot, new monsters and new quests. You‘ll have to explore new
places as new extended maps have been added to the game. Solving some quests
are also different from Version 1.0 too (eg. The nightingale quest)

WARNING: You cannot use your old save files (from Aveyond 1.0) in Aveyond 2.0.
You have to start the game from the beginning if you update your game from
Aveyond 1.0 to 2.0. And the goodies for Aveyond 1.0 are also NOT compatible with
Aveyond 2.0. They seem to work fine at first but you will encounter problems (eg.
Skudder disappearing after purchase) later in the game.

Starting the game [stg]
Start the game either from the desktop or from the programs folder. The game
loads pretty fast (depending on your machine spec). If your game is running in a
window and you want to run it in full screen mode, press ALT + ENTER.

The game always starts with the main menu. There is the big title ―Aveyond I:
Rhen‘s Quest‖, with a picture of Rhen with a mountain in the background.

Navigate through the menu using the up and down arrow keys (or your
favourite joystick). Select a menu item with the space bar or the Enter key. First, I‘ll
explain what each menu item does.

New Quest Starts the game from the beginning. Choose this if you are
playing Aveyond for the first time or if you want to restart the

Continue Quest Goes to the ―Saved Games Page‖. You can load your previously
saved games here. This option will be disabled if you are
running Aveyond for the first time or if you haven‘t saved
anything before.

Quit Aveyond Quits the game and returns to the Windows desktop.

Options Enter the options menu to customise various game features.

See below for more details on the items of options menu.

Enter ‗Options‘ menu and you‘ll see –

Change window mode - Switches between Full Screen and Windowed Mode

Turn music on or off - Run the game with or without background music

Change keyboard controls - Customise the keys you use to play the game

Optimize game play - Gives you options to enhance the game graphics

Tutorials (Folder) - Opens the lite-tutorials folder bundled with the game

Download music pack* - Get high quality background music (recommended)

*Initially, Aveyond comes with a low-quality music pack to reduce the download file size. I recommend you to
download the high-quality music pack from the Aveyond website as it offers very pleasant and soothing music. It
is 18MB in size and it‘s worth downloading.

Game controls [ctrl]
It is dead easy to control the characters in Aveyond. You can use your
keyboard to play the game, but joysticks are also supported.

The default controls are –

SPACE BAR - Interact with people, enemies, treasure chests, doors, etc.

ENTER - Interact with people, enemies, treasure chests, doors, etc.

→ (Right arrow) - Go right.

← (Left arrow) - Go left.

↑ (Up arrow) - Go up.

↓ (Down Arrow) - Go down.

ALT + ENTER - Switches between full screen and windowed mode

Page Up/Down - Circles through the party members

In-game Menus (gmnu)

You can bring up the in-game menu by pressing the Escape Key (Esc Key)
whenever you are playing. Unless a cutscene is being played, the in-game menu
could be summoned any time.

Now, I‘ll explain what each menu item does. Note that the pictures are taken
after I‘ve defeated the boss and so, may not match your current status yet. Just
check them as a reference.

Use the directional arrow buttons to navigate through the menus.

The screen above will show the first time you hit the Esc key. I‘ll call it as a
status screen. Here, you can see the status of the active party members (members
who will actually take part in a battle with the monsters) as well as the Reserve Party
Members who are in your party but do not fight monsters. If you‘ve saved a druid, the
picture of a druid will also be seen in the ―Friends‖ section. If you have the Cloak of
Undying Loyalty (can be obtained with the help of a climbing guide from High Lands),
you can capture monsters and if you are successful, that monster will appear in the
―Creature‖ section.

I‘ll also explain about the status of Rhen from the screen.

Beside her name, you‘ll see her current health status. You‘ll see it is
1184/1199. That means you currently have 1184 health although the full health is
1199. You can refill the remaining health with health-refilling items or using a heal

Beside the health, you‘ll see ‗Sword Singer‘. That is the highest level Rhen
can achieve. First, when she is still in Clear Water, she‘ll just be a villager, then when
she gets to the Shadwood Academy, she‘ll be an Apprentice, and then when she
finally graduates from the Academy, she‘ll become a Sword Singer.

In the next line, you can see the current level of Rhen. The higher her level,
the better she could face and attack monsters. You can level up by facing monsters
and getting experience points. At around 1-20 levels, a level up is easy as only a few

hundred experience points give you one level up. However, as you level up more
and more, it will take a very long time for the party members to level up (Not only
Rhen but all ‗active‘ party members).

Then, there is the mana power thing. Mana is used to cast spells on the
monsters. When your mana is not enough for a spell, it cannot be used. For
example, you wish to use a spell which costs 50mana but if you only have 30mana,
you can‘t use that spell. From the screen, you can see that Rhen has a total of 1754
mana but only 1020 mana remains. You can refill your mana by mana-refilling items.

Next to the mana, you‘ll see a word [Normal] in brackets. That is the current
health status for Rhen. Normal means she is healthy. Sometimes in a battle, when a
monster casts a curse on you, it will show ‗Cursed‘ instead of ‗Normal‘. In that case,
you have to use an item like ‗Witcheye Root‘ to remove the curse. Other possible
ailment is poison. When a monster infects a party member with poison, [Poison] is
displayed. That is really nasty. Even after the battle, the poison drains your health
after a particular period. In that case, you are likely to die unless you have the item
‗Marsh Tea‘ to cure the poison. If a monster cast a sleep spell on you, [Sleep] will
appear to those party members who can‘t resist sleep spells. Sleep only makes you
unable to cast spell during the battle. You are awaken again when the battle ends.
So much for health status.

You‘ll also notice the word ‗Leader‘ on the right hand side of the second line.
You can select any ‗active‘ party member as the Leader of your party. This, as far as
I know, doesn‘t affect anything. The only thing is the person who moves around on
screen changes.

On the left hand side of the main menu, you‘ll see a list of options. Firstly, I‘ll
explain each one and describe their functions.


Enter the Items menu to see a list of items you have. Only usable items can
be seen active. The dimmed items mean you have to either equip it or use it in
battle. Press the select button (default is ENTER or SPACE BAR) to use an item.


Here, you can see what skills each party member has learned. Apart from
healing spells, you can‘t use spells cast on monsters.


This opens another page where you can select weapon, shield, helmet,
armour and accessory for each party member. Select a party member to modify the
equipments he or she wears.


Specify which members will take part in actual battles, i.e. choosing active
party members. Dimmed party members will not take part in battles. You can choose
up to four active party members.

NOTE – though you may have more than four party members, you will lose the game
if all your active members die during battle.


Select a member to be the leader of the party. The person you select will walk
around on the screen.


Check the Journal regularly to see which quests are remaining to be solved.
Every time you receive a new quest or mission, a brief description of that quest is
added to the Journal.


Displays a complete profile of each party member. You can check one‘s
abilities as well as the experience points remaining to for another level up.


Saves your current position and status. There are 20 save slots and you can
save in any slot you like. You can overwrite old saved games if you like or save in
any new slots available.


Quits the game and returns to Main Menu.

Buying and Selling Items

Another in-game menu is the menu you see when you are in a shop. When
you interact with a dealer, a menu appears. You‘ll see ―Shop‖ on the top, and a blank
paper scroll below it. Down the scroll are the titles – Buy, Trade and Leave.

You‘ll see that when you first entered the menu, ‗Buy‘ is underlined. That
means you can select it with the ‗interact key‘ if you want to. Or you could move to
‗Trade‘ with the right cursor key. First, I‘ll explain about the ―Buy‖ button. With the line
under ‗Buy‘, press the ‗interact key‘ and you‘ll see what that particular dealer or shop
sells. Check the following photo. I have chosen the first shop from Veldarah and the
list of items will not be the same with different shops. However, the same concept
applies to all shops.

Buying items

After you‘ve selected ‗Buy‘, a list of items for sale will appear. And the first
available item will be selected. See that ‗Covey Balm‘ is selected as there is a line
below the name. Next to the name of an item is its price. You‘ll see that one item of
Covey Balm costs 20 gold. Read a description of what it does in the paper scroll
above. To the right of the whole items list, you‘ll see a blackboard-like area with a
―Party Inventory‘ title. In the above screenshot, ‗2‘ is written. That is the number of
covey balms I have already purchased previously. Whenever you select an item in a
shop, the number of the same item you‘ve already had in your inventory will be

Now, we‘ll try buying an item. To buy an item, simply move the line under that
item and press the ‗interact key‘ (space or enter). You‘ll enter the buying options
menu. Here you can specify how many of the items you wish to purchase. Press the
―up‖ cursor to increase the ten‘s digit. Down arrow decreases the ten‘s digit. Right
cursor increases one digit whereas the left cursor decreases one. The maximum
number of an item you can carry in your inventory is 99.

When you‘ve satisfied with the number of items you‘ve selected, just press the
interact key again and if your gold is enough, the deal is done!

Warning: You can‘t undo a purchase when it‘s done. It‘s final. Think carefully before
you purchase an item.

 The prices for a particular item are the same for all the shops in the whole
game. There is no particular shop that is cheaper than the others, so you can
safely purchase items from any shop you see.
 No matter how many items you purchase, there are NO discounts or special

Selling items

When you fought monsters, you collect items from them. They may or may
not suit your needs. When you‘ve got an excess heap of items in your inventory, you
can sell them for gold. Note that the buying price of an item is always greater than
the selling price. For example, you purchase an item for 30 gold, but when you
actually sell it, you‘ll get less than 30 gold. You can sell your excessive items to any
merchant you see.

Selling is very similar to buying. Instead of selecting ‗Buy‘ when you enter a
shop, move the line under ‗Trade‘ and select it. You‘ll see a list of items you have in
your inventory. You can sell all the items that are active except the ones that are
dimmed. Dimmed ones mean they are important ones or you can‘t complete the
game without these items.

To sell an item, select it by moving the selection line under that item and
press the interact key. Now, you can specify how many of that item you wish to sell.
You cannot however sell more than the number of the item you already have. When
you are satisfied, press the interact key again and the selling has been done! Similar
to buying items, you CANNOT change your mind after you‘ve confirmed to sell an
item. It‘s permanent.

Now that we know the basics of Aveyond, let‘s play it from the beginning!

Rhen as a normal girl in Clearwater [clw]
The game starts with a cutscene. You can either view it or skip it if you‘re
playing for the second time.


You won‘t find it very difficult to play the game because a tutorial will be
provided as soon as you play as Rhen.

You start the game as Rhen in the place called ―MEADOW‖ shown above.
You are to go to her home (marked ―HOME‖ in the map). Head east and when you
can‘t go any further, climb up the ladder, then a set of stairs and you‘ll be in a plain
with four houses. Rhen‘s house is in the northeast. You‘ll see it‘s surrounded by a
fence with a door. Go to the front of the door and press the interact key (default is
‗space bar‘ or ‗enter‘.) The door will open and you can walk inside. Open the door of
the house with the ‗interact key‘ again and you‘ll be inside the house. There is a
chest in the room but you can‘t open it yet. You will be able to see what‘s inside
when you return very, very later in the game. The only person in this room is Rhen‘s

mother. Near her, you‘ll see a dark door. Enter it and you‘ll be in another room.
Bedroom I suppose. You‘ll see the woman you met earlier was in bed (taking Rhen‘s
mother place!!! Where could she sleep now?) Anyway, talk to Rhen‘s father and he‘ll
tell you to fetch the village‘s herbalist.

Getting the herbalist: Go outside the house. Check the ‗Clear Water‘ map
again. You‘ll see the name ‗Herbalist‘ in the northwest. We are going there.

From the entrance of the house, head east, crossing the bridge. Follow the
dirt path (you can‘t miss it) and at the very end of it, you‘ll see a ladder going up to a
house on a hill. Go up the ladder and enter that house. It‘s the herbalist‘s. Talk to the
herbalist and she‘ll join you (just disappear inside your inventory.) Now with the
herbalist in your party, retrace your steps to your home. As soon as you enter the
bed room, you‘ll see the herbalist in front. Press the interact key (default is ‗space
bar‘) and she‘ll go and see the patient. Go and talk to your father and he‘ll tell you
that your mother needs you to do something for the festival.

Collecting flowers: Go outside and talk to your mother to receive another

quest. She will tell you to collect 5 marionbells and will also give you a basket. Exit
the house, go to the first place ―MEADOW‖ (the place you started the game) and
collect 4 flowers there. For the last one, enter the ―LITTLE ROCK CAVES‖ indicated
on the map and head north in the cave. Exit the cave through the black opening and
there in the opening, you‘ll see the final flower.

After you‘ve collected all the flowers, dusk approaches and you have to return
home. Give the flowers to your mother (just press ‗space‘ when you‘re in front of
her). She‘ll say they‘re lovely and then as parents always do, she‘ll tell you to go to
bed. Your bedroom is in the same room as the sick woman but smaller than her bed.
Walk inside the bed and you‘ve slept for the night. (The screen will go black for a
while and a tune will play.)

Next day: Go and talk to the priestess in your house and then head outside.
Well, the festival is taking place. Enjoy the music! When you‘re satisfied, go to the
entrance of the Little Rock Caves and you‘ll see a boy called Peter outside*. Talk to
him and he‘ll invite you to look for some lost sheep. Follow him inside the cave and
just as you enter the cave, you‘ll see a man blocking your way. Talk to him and …
oh, watch what happens! Off to another place called Eastern Isle!

*NOTE – You can‘t see Peter outside the cave if you haven‘t talked to the priestess

Rhen as a slave in Ghalarah (Eastern Isle) [slv]


You start the day as a slave in ―RONA‘S HOUSE‖. Check its location on the
northwest corner. Exit your tiny, slavery room and talk to the stern hostess and she‘ll
tell you that your chores are on the desk inside your room. Return to your room and
read your duties for your day. There are two.

Kill the spiders in the attic: Enter the door next to Rona and then enter the
next door. You‘ll see 4 spiders. Kill them all! Use ‗attack‘ only as you don‘t have any
skills or items yet. After fighting them, you‘ll lose some health so return to your
bedroom and sleep. All your health will be refilled. Go and talk to Rona or you can
talk to her later when you‘ve completed both chores.

Note – You can sleep for FREE at your slave room before you receive the token to
go to the Academy and learn there. You‘ll come across this as the game progresses.

Get Lars clothes: Go outside and walk to the place called ―DRESS SHOP‖
on the map. It‘s south from the house. After getting the clothes, return back to the
house and talk to the woman again. (If you haven‘t talked to her after you‘ve killed
the spiders, she‘ll tell you to do your chores although you‘ve completed all the
quests. In that case, talk to her again (press ‗space‘ again) and she‘ll also tell you to
do your chores. So, in total, you have to talk to Rona 3 times to get a new quest.
She‘ll tell you to fetch Lars and get him home for supper.

Lars (the boy with green hair) is at the southern clearing of the town with his 2
mates. Talk to him and after the conversation, return to the house and be prepared
to face hunger as the woman tells you to go to bed for talking back to her. What a

Next morning: Go talk to the woman again and she‘ll tell you to search for
Lars. He‘s near the dress shop (the shop you go and fetch his clothes remember?)
and bullying a little boy called Eddie. Talk to him and enjoy the conversation and see
Rhen‘s power. After that, you gain a token for admission into the Academy and
you‘re finally free! If you want to explore the city now, you can but when you‘re
finished, it‘s time to move on to Veldarah!

Eastern Isle Wilderness [wld]

When you exit Ghalarah, you will be stopped by a guard – show him the token
and he will let you pass.

At the exit of the city, you‘ll see a cart (I‘ll mention these carts as ―Mule
Express‖ in this walkthrough). Try talking to the owner and he‘ll tell you that you can
go to Veldarah for 50 gold. Even if you have enough money, he won‘t take you to
Veldarah because you have never been to that place yet. In theory, a Mule Express
will NOT take you to a place if you haven‘t been there before. Well, sometimes there
is a glitch in the game and a Mule Express may (I‘m not so sure) take you to a place
though you haven‘t been before.

Move a little east and the screen will change. You‘re now in the wilderness.

In the Wilderness

Rhen is now only a normal girl so I recommend avoiding all enemies

(especially wild chickens, but also flocks of spiders) until you are strong enough to
fight them.

Follow the dirt path (don‘t wander off) and you‘ll reach a place with a signpost
and a ladder going up a little hill. Check the photo below.

If you press the interact key near the signpost, you‘ll see the coordination of
different places. Since we are now heading for Veldarah, which is in the northeast,
climb the ladder up and follow the dirt path until it ends.

At the end of the dirt path, you‘ll see a ladder going down to a valley below.
Don‘t go down. Instead, head northwest. Check the photo below. Follow the arrow

Cross the bridge after that and head east (don‘t go west, it‘s a dead-end).
When you go a bit further northeast, you‘ll come across two paths – one heading
north and one heading east. Follow the north path and you‘ll see a short ladder going
down with two wild chickens. Go down the ladder. Check the photo below again.

After heading down the ladder, go east straight and you‘ll see another Mule
Express. Go further east and you‘re at the gate of Veldarah.

Studying at Shadwood Academy (Veldarah) [stdy]


You enter the city at the point ―EASTERN EMPIRE‖ on the map. Go past the
shops and past the fence. Turn right, pass 3 trees, and head north through a narrow
street. Go north, then left, and you‘re at your school! Head inside. See the
screenshot below.

Shadwood Academy (inside)

You‘ll see a half-person in the leftmost part of the photo. That‘s the head of
the school, called Harald. There are also two doors – one leading to the Advanced
Classes and the other leading to the Dormitory. All are marked on the map.

Show Harald your token, and he‘ll give you the key to your room. From now
on, I‘ll call him as the Head master.

Now we are to go to the dormitory. Go through the rightmost door and you‘ll
be in a large greenish field. Enter the left dormitory door. The first room on the
second row is your room. Inside, open the chest and see a uniform. Wear it (from the
items list in the menu) and have a nice sound sleep. You must sleep to continue the


During your time at the Academy, Rhen has gained Level 5 as well as the
slide thrust spell. Remember, the Shadwood Academy is now your FREE place to
regain your health – just sleep in your personal room and all your health will be re-
filled. You can now try out your skills with the spiders and wild chickens in the
Eastern Empire Forest and when you are quite confident, try out the cave mice
inside the caves. Don‘t forget to search the wilderness thoroughly where you can get
some decent cash. When you are nearly out of health, just return to your room and
replenish your health. If you have enough cash, visit the shops in Veldarah and buy
yourself some decent armour, weapon and other accessories.

Facing the teacher and becoming an apprentice: When you are really
stocked up (higher level, better equipment), face the teacher standing in the field
prior to the dormitory. Use Slide thrust (I recommend not to use ATTACK) and he‘ll
fall soon. You are now an apprentice sword singer.

You‘ll receive a Class Schedule which contains five slots meaning you can
learn 5 more advanced spells using that schedule. You cannot however learn all the
greatest skills if you are not strong enough. Get to at least Level 15 to learn all the
skills the Academy offers.

Check the Shadwood Academy screenshot again. You‘ll see a door that leads
to the Advanced Classes. It‘s on the right of the headmaster. Head inside. You‘ll see
two doors. The left door leads to the advanced classes for Sorcerers. That is for Lars
– the green haired lad remember? You‘ll have to go there later. As Rhen has a
natural ability in swords, you have to go through the right door which is for advanced
sword singer skills.

Once upstairs, you‘ll see five teachers in five rooms. There is a little notice
paper on each room. Read them all. Talk with all the teachers but DON‘T accept any
course yet. Just select ―NEVER MIND‖. When you‘ve talked with all teachers, you‘ll
find that the greatest spells require Rhen to be at least at Level 15. You have to train
up a lot to get to that level.

Some skills require not a very high level of experience but they are not as
strong as the level-15 skills. If you are in a hurry and select all the skills you can

learn at your current level, you may miss the chance to learn the higher spells when
you level up more.

Even if you are very eager to learn the skills, accept only one skill (for
example, Wind Rhapsody which attacks all enemies in one blow) until you level up
more to learn more advanced spells.

Some spells work only on one monster and some affect all monsters in a
battle. It is not described whether it is a group spell or a single-enemy spell when you
talk with the teachers. Here is a brief description of what each spell does so that you
know which spell to choose.

Name of Spell Mana usage Single or multiple?

Touch of Darkness 15 Single enemy

Dancing Swan 15 Single enemy
Wind Rhapsody 15 All enemies
Rain Dance 20 Single enemy
Woodland Dance 20 Single enemy
Boot Slapping Mara 25 All enemies
Sleep Lullaby 25 Single enemy
Siren Call 30 Single enemy
Firefly Ballad 30 All enemies
Trinity Fury 35 All enemies

Credits: This list is courtesy of Aveyond 1.0 Walkthrough by Tan She Hui, Anastasia
Levinson (special thanks to Amanda, tiniponi and MagicWielder)


When I played Aveyond, I usually trained myself just outside Veldarah. You
will remember the place after the Mule express where two wild chickens wander
around. As for me, I kill them, go inside the little treasure cave, come back out, kill
them again and so on. It is not very time consuming and I find it quite useful. That
way, I managed to go up to Level 15 and learnt the highest spells the Academy

When you have some decent cash: By the time you‘ve reached around
level 15, you should have quite a lot of cash in hand. Go to the ―JUNK DEALER‖ just
near the city entrance and if possible, buy all 3 items. If you can‘t afford them all, just
buy the ring and leave the rest for later. Just as you exit the shop with the ring, the
priestess will appear and after a talk, go to the ―PALACE‖ on the north eastern
corner of the city. Talk to the queen and receive a BIG quest. Lars will also join the

Before leaving the city: Fetch Lars from his room (the 3rd room in the first
row) in the dormitory next to yours and be sure to use his certificate to let him learn
all 5 skills from the teachers. Yes, he hasn‘t learnt any advanced spells yet. You are
to decide which skills he learns. Here is a list of the spells the academy offers for
sorcerers like Lars.

NOTE – If Rhen is at level 15 when Lars joins you, he‘ll also be around that level
(±15) when he joins you. The same concept applies to all new party members who
join you.

Name of Spell Mana Cost Single/Multiple? Description of spell

Lightning Strike 35 Single enemy Hits an enemy with lightning.

Attacks an enemy and
Cipher 20 Single enemy
removes mana.
Performs minor healing on a
Light healing 20 One member
party member (175 HP).
Performs major healing on a
Healing 50 One member
party member (500 HP).
Hits an enemy with a fire
Fireball 45 One enemy
Attacks an enemy party with
Wind whip 45 All enemies
wind power.
Attacks an enemy party with
Thunderstorm 50 All enemies
a thunderstorm.
Attacks an enemy with an
Icicle 25 Single enemy
Sends one enemy through
Gate 50 Single enemy
the demon gate.
Creates a small fire flicker
Fire Flicker 20 One enemy
and attacks an enemy.

Credits: This list is courtesy of Aveyond 1.0 Walkthrough by Tan She Hui, Anastasia
Levinson (special thanks to Amanda, tiniponi and MagicWielder)

After that, DO NOT forget to talk to the Head Master and talk to him about
―Graduation‖ (choose the topic). He‘ll tell you that you must do a good deed to
graduate from school. It‘s a new quest.

Then, go to the city‘s exit and you‘ll see Talia there. Allow her to come with
you and off we go to the World Map.

Trace back to the place where there is a ladder leading down to the valley
below (there is a screenshot of that in the Wilderness guide to Veldarah previously)
and head northwest. Walk until you reach a very long path built over mud and walk
to the west to end up on a world map.

On the world map: This is the first time you‘ve ever on a world map. A world
map is eh, the map of the world. You see a small miniature of every area on a world
map. You are to walk around and choose which place you wish to go.

When Rhen first appears on the world map, the area behind you is the
Wilderness you‘ve just exited. It‘s a small area now. You are able to walk to every
possible land on the world map.

Try walking a bit north and you‘ll see a tiny boat with a man inside. Talk to the
man, the owner of the boat, and he‘ll tell you that you can go to the Northern Isle
(you are now on the Eastern Isle) for 20 pennies. Just select ‗No‘ for now. We‘re
coming back here later.

Follow the white path south and you‘ll finally see a signpost. Read it. You‘ll
see that the boat dealer is in the east. Head east. You‘ll see a small house with a
brown dock in front. Go inside the house (walk toward it from the front. Talk to the
boat dealer and he‘ll tell you to bring him a wife and he‘ll then sell you his boat.
That‘s a new quest for you. Now head outside and return to the signpost.

Further south of the sign post is the Wild woods forest. Don‘t go there now
because you don‘t have enough experience. We‘ll return here later when you level
up more.

Now, we‘ve done our business in Eastern Isle. Go north and give the boat
dealer 20 pennies to carry you to the next isle.

When you finally set foot on the next isle, walk towards the north (just a tiny
bit) and you‘ll be in Northern Kingdom.

Travelling to Aveyond (Northern Isle) [avy]

When you first enter the area, you‘ll see some footsteps in the ice. That‘s kind
of like a path for you. Follow the footsteps until you reach a signpost.

You‘ll see that the footsteps continue up the stairs (north of the signpost).
Follow the footsteps north and continue going until you see a Mule Express. Go west
a bit and you‘ll be in Thorn Keep.

Talk to every person you see in Thorn Keep. One woman will mention
something about her husband going to the mines and not returning back yet. That‘s
a quest for you to complete. Many other villagers will mention a lot about the
Mountain King and Queen. The Mountain King lives in the northen part of Thorn
Keep. It‘s quite difficult how to go to the Mountain King in words but it‘s not difficult
when you are actually playing the game. Just try to head north of Thorn Keep, going
up ladders and you‘ll see a cave with a sign board outside. Head inside and talk to
the Mountain King to receive a quest.

After that, if your health is critical, rest at the Inn. When you are satisfied, let‘s
head outside and continue our journey to Aveyond.


You can train Rhen and Lars in the areas outside Thorn Keep. Fight the snow
monsters wandering around and when your mana or health replenishes, return to
Thorn Keep and rest at the inn there. Then go outside and fight the monsters again.
You can level up by that way.

(Suggested by Mike.)

When you are done with training, we shall continue to Aveyond.

Return to the signpost by following the footsteps. There is another way

leading south (without any footsteps). Go that way. The way is quite straightforward
except that there are some caves on the way where you can pop in and search for
treasure. I won‘t describe all the way to the end. Just follow the path and when you
are heading north again, you‘ll eventually come across a cave exit. Go through it.
You‘ll be on the world map again.

From where you exit the area, you‘ll see that there is a house (actually it‘s a
castle) on the left and another cave entrance on the right. The Snow Queen (the wife
of Mountain King) lives in the castle and you can visit her if you want to. I
recommend going there so that you know more details on why the Mountain King
and Queen are not on good terms.

When you are done, go inside the rightmost cave. You‘ll see another cave
ahead. Go inside it to enter the land of Aveyond.

In Aveyond
The annoying thing about Aveyond is that there are so many bees in the area.
They are perfect to train at the start of the level but as you level up more and more
later, they will surely become very annoying. It‘s quite difficult to escape from them
as they are quite fast and so you are sure to meet them one way or another.

Author’s Notes - Unless you have activated travelling runes, which you can use to
travel from one place to another without any troublesome walking. See the ―Goodies
in the Game‖ section to see how to enable travelling runes. The runes are good and
fun to use but you miss a chance to level up as you won‘t encounter many enemies
on the way. You have been warned! It‘s up to you whether to travel on foot or use
the runes.

From where you enter Aveyond, head straight for east until you come to a cliff
with a double waterfall. Head south until you come across a signpost. Go a little east
and you‘ll see the Mule Express. Just a stone‘s throw from the Mule Express is the
Tea Cup town. We‘ll come back to Tea Cup town after we‘ve visited the Temple.
From Tea Cup Town, head north and cross 3 bridges to reach the Temple, also
known as Sun Shrine. Talk to the oracle in the temple. When you‘ve finished
business in there, you can now visit Tea Cup town for some more quests.

In Tea Cup Town

Enter the 3rd house from the town entrance and you‘ll see two brothers, out of
which one can‘t speak. That one‘s Morsel and you‘ll receive a quest to find his voice
box back. To get that, you‘ll have to head outside and go further north to get to the
harpy (It is also shown on the Aveyond map.) Fight him and if you‘re successful,
you‘ll get Morsel‘s voice box back. Give it back to him.

You‘ll also see a big, black tea cup shaped thing as you enter further inside
the town. That‘s known as the ‗Sludge Master 2000‘ which you‘ll get later in the
game. Talk to Lamb Chop beside the thing to know a bit about it.

You can also stock up your supplies too. You can‘t however, take a rest in
Tea Cup Town as there is no inn.

Now isn‘t the time you should level up from the current level of Apprentice to a
more experienced Sword Singer (Rhen) and Sorcerer (Lars)? Well, you can‘t just go
back and threaten the Head Master to let you go up to that level. We have to do
some business in Tea Cup Town and many other places to achieve that aim.

Becoming a full-fledged sword singer and sorcerer [sws]
It is essential to become a full-fledged sword singer. It is compulsory and you
can‘t finish the game if you are still an apprentice. Rhen can equip better swords,
Lars can join secret guilds and … the possibilities are endless. So let‘s prepare
ourselves a bit!

To be recognised by the Shadwood Academy as a fully-fledged sword singer

and sorcerer, you‘ll have to show the Headmaster a proof that you‘ve done some
good deed. So to do that, you‘ll have to fight the Hind which turns people to stone in
the Wild Woods forest. If you go and fight it, you‘ll also be frozen to stone so we
need two essential things – beeswax and mirror, to prevent yourself from being

Getting the mirror

I think you might have already bought the mirror from the junk shop in
Veldarah. If not, you can get the beeswax first and get it later.

Getting the beeswax

Buy a smoke bomb from Teacup town so that you won‘t be bitten to death by
the bees when you collect the beeswax. Now we must head to the Memory Caverns
to get the bee wax.

Go just a little bit west from the Mule Express and you‘ll see a narrow way to
the south. Head down there.

After you‘ve gone south (following the narrow path above) and reached the
end, head west again until you can‘t go any further. You‘ll see a bridge. Cross it.
Walk south and follow the path which then leads east. When you are finally in a
plain with 4 lakes, all you need to do is walk north and enter the cave there. It‘s Cave
1 in the following map.

Description: ‗M‘ stands for the Mule Express and this map shows you how to get to
‗Cave 1‘.

Inside Cave 1

Follow the cave passage and you‘ll see two caves. See the pic above. The left
cave leads to treasure. After claiming the treasure, go thorough the other cave
entrance to go outside again.

Going to Cave ‘4’

From the cave entrance, walk along the path (roughly south, then northeast) –
don‘t worry about getting lost, there is only one way. When you reach a round cliff
(shown in the second picture below), go south (in the direction Rhen‘s facing in the
second photo). That part can be seen in the middle of the first photo. Go south until
you can‘t go any further and head east. You‘ll see another cave (Cave 4). Head
inside. We‘re nearly there.

From Cave ‗3‘ to Cave ‗4‘ Go south at this rounding cliff

Inside Cave 4 and getting the beeswax

You will see 3 caves at the end of the passage. To get the beeswax, enter the
right cave. You‘ll see the bee hive outside.

Since we have all the necessary items, let‘s head on to the Wildwoods!

Going to the wildwoods [wwod]
You have to return to Eastern Isle (exit Aveyond, cross the snowy path, and
pay to the boat owner to get back to the Eastern Isle). Head south near the Boat
Dealer and enter the wild woods (the wildwoods is south of the signpost).

You‘ll first reach the look-out area. Save the game at the crystal because the
monsters here are quite tough if you do not have a very high level. There‘ll be a
lonely woman in the area and when you talk to her, you‘ll see she won‘t come with
you. You can let her join your party later.

Go down the ladder to enter the wildwoods.

In the wildwoods

Before you actually enter the Wildwoods, you will have to climb all the way
down from the mountain top you are currently standing on. I won‘t give you exact
directions how to get to the ground level because it is VERY straightforward and
there is no way you could get lost until you reach the ground. Just slash your way
through the crows, getting down ladders and crossing bridges. After some time,
you‘ll be on the ground. See the photo below.

When you first see the green grass for the first time, keep in mind that you are
now actually entering the Wildwoods. Just as you enter the greenish area, do you
notice the change in background sound effects? Go west and enter the wildwood
tavern (the first little cottage you see) and activate a side quest (I recommend you to
become a member there because you get FREE accommodation by doing so. Read
the poster on the wall and talk to the owner. You can‘t complete the quest yet).

Travel further south, and you‘ll see a sign post in the middle. Check the
screen shot below.

Take the upper right route (there‘ll be 3 crows) and you‘ll see a cave entrance
blocked. Check the little notice on the left to see why it was blocked. On the right of
the cave entrance, there‘ll be a little round key hole. Something must be fitted inside.
We should find it if we can, shouldn‘t we?

Now, since we are heading for the hind, take the path heading south. Just
only after a few steps, you‘ll come across another two paths. See the screen shot
below again.

The western way leads to the hermit‘s place. Isn‘t your party a bit too
crowded? Follow the western way and at the end, you‘ll enter a small cottage. Go
inside and talk to the man there and see what happens.

Return to the intersection again and follow the other route to get to the hind.
After walking for a bit, you‘ll see frozen people all the way. Follow the path to the end
and you‘ll finally see a cave. That‘s the hind‘s cave. Before you go inside and fight
him, check your inventory for the necessary items again. You must have

1. Mirror and

2. Beeswax.

Fight it and when it dies, take the harp.

Bring the harp back to the Shadwood Academy (in Veldarah remember?) and
show it to the headmaster. He‘ll accept you as a fully fledged sword singer and

sorcerer. This ability plays a very important role in the later levels. Go to the Guild
Hall (the first house in the fenced area) and buy an orb staff for Lars, and a water orb
for attaching it to the empty staff. The soul pendant will be available for purchase
when you‘ve got the vampire woman. Don‘t be stingy to buy both of these items. You
can now bring the lady waiting near the entrance of the wildwoods in your party too.
She‘ll accompany you once you are a sword singer and sorcerer.

Now, Sword Singer and Sorcerer, it‘s time we should be facing the bosses
and saving the poor druids whose souls these bosses possess and whose bodies
were frozen in their respective temples.

Saving the first druid (The druid of music) [1dr]
Wildwoods area – Lands end region – Mt Orion Cave Systems

Only for this time, I’ll mention that ALL the following comparisons between
Aveyond Version 1 and 2 are NOT spoiler-free. Whenever you see these red
coloured boxes and the 2.0 sign, keep in mind that there are spoilers inside
these boxes and if you don’t want to spoil the pleasure of finding out what you
need to do, NEVER EVER read them. It is only for those players who want to
know a brief about the differences between Aveyond Version 1 and 2.

In Aveyond Build A, you save the druid by getting to the

Lands End Temple and head down the stairs to fight the boss.

In Aveyond Build B, it is a long way to the boss. There’s the

new enchanted garden, the Mt. Orion Cave Systems (as well as the
Ogre’s Lair) and a doggie blocking your way. In short, it’s totally different
from the first version of Aveyond. If you are playing the first build, this
section is totally useless for you.

Return to the Wildwoods. Go past the wildwoods tavern and then south to the
signpost. At the signpost, where 3 roads meet, choose the lower road to the
southeast (the upper road leads to the Halloween hills which are blocked for now)
and follow the road till the end. You‘ll end up in a world map. Continue east and
you‘ll enter the Lands end region.

Lands End Region

You enter the region from the point ―EASTERN ISLE‖ on the map. Check it on
the bottom. First, head for ―CAVE 1‖ and grab the bone from there. You can see the
way from the map so I won‘t go into details. Then cross the first bridge, go north,
then east, past the temple, and go south till you can‘t go any further. There is a chest
in which there are pomegranate seeds. Take them.

Let‘s go to the cave that leads to the Mt. Orion cave systems. You‘ll see its
location on the map. Head inside and press the space bar in front of the stone altar.
Some offering must be done to get to the Mt. Orion Gods.

Well, it‘s time we go to the ―ENCHANTED GARDEN‖. You‘ll see a dog

blocking the way (at point ‗d‘) and the bone will come into use. Plant the seeds in the
garden and the lady will tell you the plant will not grow if you‘re watching. So, you
can either exit the region or enter a cave (You have to change the screen). Anyway,
collect the plant and go to the Mt. Orion cave.

Save your game at the save crystal. Put the pomegranate plant on the Altar
and a boat will come to your shore. Ride in it and it will take you to the opposite
shore automatically. Now, in the Mt. Orion Cave Systems!

Mt. Orion Mt. Orion Cave Systems


This is for those who are familiar with maps and want to go from place to
place using the maps above.

You start off from the point ―3a‖ from the Mt. Orion map, see? Cross the
bridge and enter ―Cave 4‖. Inside, cross the bridge (the monsters are tougher now)
and exit. You are at point no ‗5‘ on the Mt. Orion map. Check it. Cross the bridge, up
a ladder, and enter ‗Cave 6‘. Now, look at the Mt. Orion Cave Systems map. You are
at the point marked ―6 MT ORION‖. You‘ll also notice that it is a large cave with
many other caves. First, we‘ll go to cave no ‗12‘ on the upper left of the cave system
you are in. When outside, descend the ladder, cross the bridge, ascend another
ladder and enter the cave (Cave ‗13‘). Once inside, cross the bridge, head south,
cross another bridge, and exit the cave (point ‗14‘ on the Mt. Orion Cave Systems
map). When you‘re outside again, ascend the first ladder, and next long ladder, past
the waterfall and enter ―OGRE‘S LAIR‖. Search the bookshelf and you‘ll get bean
seeds (It is necessary to take the seeds to complete the game).

Now retrace your steps to point ‗12‘ in the Mt. Orion Cave Systems map. Exit
the cave at the point ‗9‘ and when outside, enter ―Cave 10‖. Exit the cave through
another cave (point ‗11‘) and when outside, ascend the long ladder upwards to the
boss. Fight him and make sure Elini is with you so that when the boss dies, she can
learn a new skill. Don‘t forget to take the druid‘s soul too.


If you think going with the direction of the maps is quite complex, here is
another style of direction to get to both the Ogre’s Lair and the boss.

When you first exit from the cave, you‘ll see a bridge on your right. Cross it.
Enter the cave at the other end.

Go up the ladder, cross another bridge and exit from the other cave.

When outside, cross the bridge, up another ladder, and enter another cave.
(Don‘t go up the ladder next to the cave – it‘s a dead end)

The large area you‘d entered right now leads to both the Ogre‘s Lair and the
boss. First things first, we shall head to the Ogre‘s Lair.

Ogre’s Lair Route

From the start of the area, it is simply heading northwest (just head northwest
whenever possible.) Check the small section of the area below.

You enter the area from the bottom part of the map (marked ‗6 Mt Orion‘ in
map). You have to exit from the cave at the northwest corner (marked ‗Mt Orion 12‘
in the map) to get outside again.

When you are outside again, you‘ll find yourself on a small cliff surface with a
ladder going down. Go down that ladder, cross the bridge, up another ladder and
enter another cave. You‘ll be in another cave system again.

Inside the cave, follow the path and cross the bridge. At the end of the bridge,
you‘ll see two paths, one going north and one heading down. Follow the way down.
See the screenshot below. Go in the direction Rhen is facing.

There is only one way to the exit from the cave. Follow the path, and you‘ll
finally exit the area from the cave at the end. You‘re outside again. We are nearly

When outside, go up the ladder beside you, and then climb another ladder to
the top. You‘ll see a big waterfall on your left. When you are past that waterfall, you
are finally at the front door of the Ogre. Go inside and try talking with the creature.
Search the shelf near him to find some bean seeds. You know what to do with them,
don‘t you?

Now since we‘ve got what we‘ve come for (the seeds), retrace back to the
large cave where you‘ve first chose to go to the Ogre‘s Lair – before the title ―Ogre‘s
Lair Route‖. Now we will go to the boss.

Route to the boss

From the entrance of the cave, go a few steps and you‘ll reach an area with
two ponds and a cave. See photo below. Go inside the cave.

When outside, head west to enter another cave. It‘s straight forward.

Follow the cave passage to the end to exit from that cave.

Go up the stone steps on your right, and then up a very long ladder to the top.
Wonder who‘s on the top? Yes, the boss, enjoying the scenery from the very top of
Mt. Orion. Spoil his pleasure by talking with him and then killing him. Hope you are
successful. Get the druid‘s soul and retrace your steps to the Lands End Region. I
won‘t tell you how to go back. Just check the above walkthrough.

Return to the Lands End Region and go to the Lands End Temple (marked
―SHRINE‖ on the map). Touch the frozen druid and he‘ll come back to life. He‘ll also
give you a skull which is a necessary key to the blocked cave in the wildwoods. Don‘t
forget to plant the bean seeds in the enchanted garden too. You can however plant
them later when you need them but you‘ll have to change the screen again for them
to grow.

Take the druid back to Aveyond and he‘ll offer you one item from his treasury.
Sleep flute or emeralds? It‘s up to you. When you use the sleep flute during battle
(access it from the items menu during battle), you can get the enemies to sleep with
a random chance of success. Don‘t expect it to work on every monster. I tried it on
bosses and it won‘t work every time I try. However, normal monsters are quite easy
to make them fall asleep and once they are asleep, they won‘t cast spells or attack
you any more. As for the emeralds, you can‘t use them for any other purpose, except
selling them.

Saving the second druid (The druid of darkness)
Halloween Hills – Ghedahre – Ghedahre Basement – Crypt Maze

In Aveyond Build A, you get to the boss’s lair by heading

down the secret underground passage in the church. It’s
straight business.

In Aveyond Build B, however, you won’t see the boss straight away from
the underground passage. There’s this new lamp, and vampire ash by
finding the elephant garlic (which you won’t get anything in version 1)
and a shovel to find another way underground. It is also totally different
from Version 1.

Remember the skull key the druid you‘ve saved earlier gave you. Wonder
what it will unlock? Now, where we‘ve seen a locked cave with a key hole beside?

Go back to the wildwoods forest if you are still in Aveyond, and go down all
the way to the level ground, and first, we need to buy some items from the
Wildwoods Tavern (the little cottage remember?) Buy some stakes (to kill Mt.
Dracula) and a garlic necklace (so no non-living would dare touch you!) from one of
the people there. Stock up yourself if necessary.

When you‘ve got these items, go outside again and head south until you
reach the signpost. Take the upper right route (with 3 annoying crows lurching in the
area) and now, yes, there‘s a cave with a key hole. Stand in front of the key hole and
press the interact key. You did it! You‘ve unlocked the Halloween Hills Region!

In Halloween Hills

From where you entered the area, you‘ll see a signpost on the left of you. If
you read from it, you‘ll see that New Witchwood is in the East and Ghed‘ahre is in
the North. We are going to New Witchwood first as it is only a few steps from where
you are now.

Follow the dirt path heading east. You‘ll come across the Mule Express and
then you‘ll see New Witchwood. Talk to every witch and receive various side quests.
(Check the paragraph after this one to see how to accomplish the witches‘
sidequests.) After you‘ve talked to the witches, head back outside and now go past
the signpost and explore the area beyond carefully to find various treasures and

other things. I won‘t tell you exactly where and what you could find from the area. It‘s
all up to you to search for the area thoroughly.

Brief about the quests from the witches in New Witchwood

First, let‘s get a shovel (to dig up graves). You can‘t complete the game
without it so do the following. In New Witchwood, a witch called Gretchen will tell you
to bring her a Stinkrot Root so that she could be ugly again. You can find it in one of
the chests in the Eastern part of the area outside New Witchwood. Explore the area
thoroughly and find it. When you‘ve got it, give it back to the witch and she‘ll give you
a gift to Hilda (she is wandering outside the houses.). Find her and give her the
mysterious gift. Watch what happens and then return to Gretchen, the ugly witch.
She‘ll give you her shovel as a reward.

Important: When you‘ve got the shovel, dig every grave in the Halloween
Hills region and you‘ll get Elephant Garlic which is a necessary item later in the
Ghed‘ahre level. To get the Garlic, return back to the cave entrance you entered
from the Wild Woods and head west. Head north when you see a SECOND road
leading north, then walk east. There‘ll be a grave (a long black rectangular one) and
dig it. The Elephant Garlic is there. There are many other valuable items in this area
(including a Sword for Rhen too – dig up every grave you find!).

For the witch who wants a Sludge Master 2000, you can buy it from Tea Cup
Town near Aveyond. To buy it, you must first finish the quest to return the voice box
of Morsel (You can find Morsel and his brother in the 3rd enterable house from the
city entrance.) Talk to both brothers and you‘ll receive a quest to get the voice box
from the harpy which is in the north west of Tea Cup Town (check its location on the
Aveyond map). Fight it and if you‘re successful, you‘ll get the voice box. Give it back
to Morsel and then head outside. Go further north inside the city and you‘ll come
across a large, black tea cup. That‘s the Sludge Master 2000. Since you‘ve
completed the Morsel quest, Lamb Chop will give you the Sludge Master for free.
Now take it back to New Witchwood and give it back to the witch. In return, you‘ll get
the Red Slippers which you are to give it back to a girl imprisoned in the ―PET
SHOP‖. It‘s a quest worth finishing because all the party members gain one level up
when the girl has been saved. Yay!

Another witch will tell you she wants a husband. She would join you if you‘ve
already talked to the Boat Dealer (in the eastern isle world map, near the Wild
Woods Forest entrance). You can then bring her to the boat dealer in the eastern isle
world map and you‘ll be able to buy the boat.

When you‘re done with everything, let‘s go to Ghed‘ahre. It won‘t really be

necessary to tell you the way to Ghed‘ahre from New Witchwood but I‘ll write a brief
on getting there from the signpost.

From the signpost, head north until you have to go down a few steps down
the stairs. Head north again until you see a swamp in your way. Go left (there‘ll be 2
swamps, one small and one big) and head north again until you see a Mule Express.
You‘re now at the gate of Ghed‘ahre.

In Ghed’ahre


As soon as you enter Ghed‘ahre, head north east then up a ladder. We‘re
going to the point ‗V‘ in the map. Head north again (do not go past Te‘ijal‘s house),
up another ladder, then head north and then west. Walk south, and you‘ll see two
vampire boys. Give one of them the elephant garlic (it can be obtained from one of
the chests in the Halloween Hills to Ghed‘ahre area). Watch what happens when one
eats it. Take the residue (vampire ash) and head back to the city entrance. Now,
enter the ―CHURCH‖, the building with a grave yard beside). You can either have a
chat with the vampires inside the church (they‘ll tell you a hint to play the organ) or
you can play the church organ directly without talking to anyone. A door will open on
your left, giving you access to the underground area. Head inside.

You enter the underground passage from the point marked ―CHURCH‖ in the
map. Go to the point ‗2‘. (Points ‗1‘ and ‗5‘ lead to treasure. It‘s up to you.) You‘ll end
up in another area.

You‘ll find yourself among many coffins. Coffin no ‗3‘ (marked on the map
above) leads to another area.

You‘re now on the point marked ‗3‘ above. Follow the passageway to the point
‗4‘ and then get the lamp in the next chamber. Retrace your steps outside the

See the graves beside the church? Dig them up with your shovel and one of
them will reveal a passage underground. See how the shovel is a necessary item?
Head down the grave.

Inside: The vampire ashes and the lamp will work automatically once inside
and a secret doorway will be revealed! Go inside and be prepared for a maze puzzle.

It is highly encouraged to visit all the areas and get treasure from all the
chests. However, I‘ll write an outline how to get to the boss.

From where you entered the area, you‘ll have to head east straight, yes,
straight, without going either north or south and you‘ll find a switch after you‘ve
walked a bit. Check the photo above and below.

When you hit the switch (Switch A in the photo above), it will open the door
leading to Switch B. Head inside the opened door and hit Switch B. It opens another
door in the another part of the maze. Now, return to the first passage where you first
entered the maze.

Check the photo below. Follow the passage Rhen is now currently facing to
reach a door which has been unlocked by the previous switch (Switch B). Follow it to
the end to enter a door.

Be sure to save regularly in different save slots (there are a generous 20 save
slots). There are so many obstacles in here so I recommend you save every time
when you pass one. The penalty for being hit by an obstacle is back to the starting
point and so, you‘ll have to try all over again.

The first obstacle is the moving ball. It goes back and forth from the switch to
the other end of the wall (see photo above). When the ball is at the current position
shown above, quickly run toward the end of the passage. Don‘t worry. The ball won‘t
come to the end of the other wall. When the ball is moving from you again, go and
activate the switch.

Continue on and you‘ll be presented with a similar obstacle. Do the same.

When you‘ve passed the previous obstacle, you‘ll see a locked door with a
switch inside. Remember that door. We‘re coming back to that soon.

Another one is the spike obstacle. First, activate the first switch and the spikes
will change position. Go to the other switch and activate it again. That will clear your
path. Continue on.

The next part is the tricky bit. Save your game now. You are to walk forward
without being touched by the moving balls. When the ball has nearly cleared your

path, walk fast. Whenever you‘ve gone past one ball, save your game so that even if
you got hit, you won‘t have to start all over again.

After you‘ve passed 3 balls, you‘re done for now. At the end of the passage,
you‘ll see a switch. Activate it. Notice a locked door further down the passage?
We‘re coming back to it later.

Now, go back to the previous locked door before the spiked columns. Hit the
switch inside. This will unlock the second locked door.

It‘s time to face the 3 balls again. Go all the way to the end of the passage,
through the now unlocked door and you‘ll be presented with another obstacle course
which is nothing if you know the way. There is a switch at the end. Go your way as
shown in the screenshot below. Forget all obstacles around you. Finally, activate the
switch. This opens another door at the other part of the maze.

We‘ve finished business with switches in this room and all we need to do now
is to exit it as fast as possible. The most convenient way is to make yourself get hit
with a ball. That will transport you back to the starting point of the obstacle room. Go
outside to the main maze passages.

Retrace back to the starting point (the passage you‘ve first entered this crypt
maze). You‘ll see that there are 3 passages leading down (in the southern direction).
Take the right passage down (see the photo below) and head east once you see a
passage heading in the right direction.

You‘ll see that a door has been opened. Go through the door to reach another
puzzle room. You‘ll be presented with a colour puzzle.

When you first entered the puzzle room, you‘ll see a switch with a little notice
beside. That switch will reset the puzzle if you‘ve screwed anything up. When you
think you‘ve done something wrong, hit that switch and the puzzle will be reset.

The second switch (there is no notice paper beside) must be used when
you‘ve finished the whole puzzle. That is the final switch.

You are to put the 4 blocks to the correct places in order to complete the
puzzle. There are Blue, Yellow, Red and Green colour blocks. Simply push them to
the correct place holders situated at different corners of the room.

The solutions to the puzzle are as follows.

—————————— SPOILERS AHEAD! BE WARNED! ——————————

BLUE - I hold the sun, the moon, twilight and day rise. (Meaning sky)

YELLOW – My light fills your days with warmth and joy. (Meaning Sun light)

RED – I bring love to your heart, roses to your cheeks. (Meaning Blood)

GREEN – Upon my carpet you run and play and slumber away. (Meaning Grass)

———————————— END OF SPOILERS ————————————

When all the blocks are in their correct positions, activate the final switch (the
switch without the notice paper) to finish the puzzle. If all the blocks are placed
correctly, a new stone will appear in front of the switch. Step on it to be teleported to
another place of the maze.

Look around you. You‘ll see two switches on either side of you. Activate both
switches. The left switch opens the door on your left so that you can exit the crypt
maze after you‘ve defeated the boss. The right switch opens another door on your
right which will lead to the boss. Go right and pass through the door you‘ve just
opened. Hit another switch to open another locked door. Go through the other door.
Now, for the final puzzle.

This is a riddle puzzle. There is a note on the left of each locked door with a
riddle on it. You are to guess the word the riddle means.

Type the letters in (choose each letter and then hit submit) to open each door.
The answers to the riddles are as follows.

—————————— SPOILERS AHEAD! BE WARNED! ——————————

1. Vampire

2. Werewolf

3. Ghost

4. Leyrvo

———————————— END OF SPOILERS ————————————

Each door will open if you get the answers correct. After all riddles have been
solved, you‘ll see the final door. Go through it and follow the passageway to the end.
Zarich is waiting for you. Now it‘s time to save your game in case ….!!! Fight him and
take the druid‘s soul. Retrace your steps to the outside world and enter the church
again. The druid‘s body is inside the church on the right of the entrance, through the
door you haven‘t opened before (not the underground passage).

Take the druid back to Aveyond and he‘ll offer you to choose between a
sunblock and silver coins. Forget about the coins. Take the sunblock and bring it
back to a girl called Te‘ijal in Ghed‘ahre who wants it. Check her house on the
Ghed‘ahre map. She can‘t go outside and join the party with you unless she‘s got the
sunblock. She‘s one good fighter so be sure to bring her into your party.

Saving the third druid (The druid of agriculture)
Highlands – Lowlands – Mystery Manor – Blackbone caves

In Aveyond Build A, you just head east from the signpost to

fight the boss. In Build B, however, you have to travel
Highlands and Lowlands back and forth, to finish the Mystery
Manor quest in order to get access to the boss’s cave which is now
locked, and located at a different place from version 1.

I think you‘ve brought the witch in New Witchwood to the boat dealer so
you‘ve got a boat. If not, save up money and buy one now.

When you‘ve got a boat, row all the way to the western isle. (You can‘t row
your boat to the darkened areas of the ocean because they are deep waters and can
only be accessed by a skudder which you‘ll have to buy later in the game.) When
you‘re on it, head north and you‘ll be in Highlands.

First, you‘ll need to go to Velgerd‘s house. Follow the dotted line on the map
below and the other photos might also help. It‘s quite difficult to give directions in
words but plainly, it‘s going east then head down the ladder, then south west and
then north until the point which seems you can‘t go any east. Actually, you can and
head east until you see the cottage.

Route from the starting point to Velgerd‘s cottage

Description: After you‘ve headed east from the sign post, you‘ll come across this
area. Don‘t cross the bridge. Head down the ladder and follow the dirt path to end.

Description: The dirt path seems to end in the tress but check again, you can head
east and finally, you are at Velgerd‘s cottage.

Talk to him about the locked gate (You‘ll have to talk to him 2 times in order to
bring up the topic about the locked gate) and he‘ll give you a quest to fetch his glass
eye. Retrace your steps to the world map of western isle. Go south and enter the
Low lands.

Low lands

You are to go to the Sandstone Caves which are in the southeast of your
starting point in Lowlands. The Low Lands Map below has been dotted to show you
the way to the caves. From your starting point, head east, go down the step, then the
way is roughly south. See it? You‘ll finally enter a fenced area where one way leads
to the Gentle Children‘s School and the other way to the Sand Stone Caves. You
have to unlock the fence door and go down the steps to reach the caves.

Way to the Sandstone Caves (the red-boxed area is photographed below)

Description: Open the door Rhen is now facing and go down the steps to get to the
Sand Stone Caves. The dirt path on the left leads to the Gentle Children‘s School.

In the Sand Stone Caves

There are so many treasure chests scattered around the caves and you won‘t
want to miss them. It‘s up to you to search for the treasure. I‘ll just point the direction
to get to the Mystery Manor.

When you are first in the caves, go a bit northwest and then you‘ll see a
ladder going up to a stone room whose roof is black. Check the right way in the map
below. Go up that ladder.

Description: You enter from the point ―Lowlands‖. Go northwest and climb up the

The ladder transports you to a hole (in other words, you exit from a hole). Go
north and exit the cave. Check the way below.

Description: After exiting from the hole, go north and head for the cave exit.

You‘ll be in the open field again. There is another cave to the northeast. Go
inside it. Follow it to the end. The following map might also help.

When you exit from this cave, you‘re nearly there. There are 3 enemies
lurking just outside the entrance. Cross the bridge and you‘re finally at the Mystery

Let‘s enter the mystery manor now and prepare for another tedious job of
finding the right way. There are so many, many rooms inside the building and so, it is
rather difficult to find the correct way. However, although your way to the Glass Eye
might not be correct, there are dozens of treasure chests in every room so don‘t be
so upset. You will also have a chance to level up very quickly because there are so
many little boys and girls you can train yourselves with.

Due to a request to provide a direct route to the Glass Eye, I‘ve spent some
time finding the correct route and marking it on the screenshots. Here is the route.

Direct Route to the Glass Eye

Room 1

This is the first room you entered mystery manor. There‘ll be a save crystal
and you can save your game here if you wish. Go up to the door on the other side of
the room to get to room 2. See screenshot below.

Room 2

Go through the upper right door to reach Room 3. See screenshot below.

Room 3

Go through the upper left door to reach Room 4. See screenshot below.

Room 4

Go through the upper left door to reach another room. Check the photo below.

Room 5

Go to the only door in the room. You‘re nearly there. See screenshot below.

Room 6

Go through the door in the middle room (nearly middle) to get to the next
room. See screenshot below.

Room 7

This is the final room prior to the Glass eye room. Go through the upper right

Finally, after entering the last door from Room 7, you‘ll end up in another
room with only an old man. Fight him and when defeated, he will reluctantly give you
the glass eye. Don‘t be overjoyed yet! You will have to fight your way out through all
the rooms you‘ve just passed, unless you have travelling runes activated. (See
Goodies in the game section to see how to activate travelling runes.) Now that we
have the Glass Eye, we‘ll have to return it to the owner. To Velgerd‘s house in High

Give him the glass eye and he will unlock the gate for you. Go through it and
enter the Blackbone Caves.

From the entrance, go to the point ‗1‘ taking the route dotted above. This is
just a route to the boss so it‘s all up to you to explore the cave for treasures and
other valuables. The way doesn‘t look very plain in the actual game. There‘ll be so
many enemies crawling all about the place. Don‘t lose your sense of direction! Now,
to the 2nd area.

Check the map below. You are to go from the starting point ‗1‘ to the next exit
point ‗2‘. You have to fight many monsters on the way and the way is quite complex

Second screen in backbone caves

The way is quite straight forward – past many ladders, and bridges. See it
below on the map. When I actually played this, I wish I had a boat because from the
cave you just exited, the next cave you‘re going to is only separated by the stream.
Now, we can‘t do anything, except circle the whole area and get there. The dotted
line will guide you to the next exit.

When you exit from that cave, you‘ll face the boss Tawrich. Use silence spells
to stop him summoning nasty spells. Be sure to have restorative items. When he
dies, collect the soul and use either hole in the area to reach outside. No more
backtracking through the caves!

The druid is frozen solid in the Green Rock Temple. Return to the signpost
and then head north. Ascend a ladder then cross 2 bridges. Ascend another ladder
and enter the cave to the north. When you exit from the cave, circle around, cross
the bridge, go west, then head north. Go up 2 long ladders to the top and you‘ll reach
the Green Rock Temple where the druid whose soul you‘ve just rescued is frozen
solid. The druid will give you the Merchant ticket from the red chest (unlock it
yourself) which you must show to the guard in the Peninsula Trade Route (see map

Returning the druid to Aveyond will give you access to either the Climbing
Guide or Cooking Guide. The climbing guide will allow you to get the Cloak of
Undying Loyalty (to steal the souls of monsters, and add your party‘s strength)
whereas the Cooking Guide helps to find meat after killing a monster. I tried the
Cooking Guide last time I played Aveyond and found it quite annoying to see 2
messages when I collect items from a dead monster so I recommend getting the
Cloak of undying loyalty. Get the cloak from the High lands.

Now, go to the Peninsula Trade Route (just east of the starting point) and
open the door. Showing the Merchant ticket from the druid will give you access to the
route. This route leads to Sedona and other parts of the Western isle.

Going to Sedona

Now that we have access to the Peninsula trade route, let‘s go to Sedona.
Exit from the Peninsula Trade Route and you‘ll be on a world map. Walk a bit further
and you‘ll end up in Peninsula. Check the map below.

Peninsula (just a portion of it)

You will enter Peninsula from the point ―HIGHLANDS‖. Go a little west, then
north, and head west again. Walk further west, past the Mule Express and finally,
you‘re in Sedona.

You shouldn‘t miss any house or person in Sedona. Explore it carefully. If
you‘ve ever wanted to possess a house of your own, buy a ball gown first. Return to
the Halloween Hills and accept the child to take him to the Gentle Children‘s School
in Lowlands (You can‘t accept the boy if you do not have a boat). Take him there and
exit the school. Enter the school again once outside and find the boy upstairs. He‘ll
give you a scary picture. Give the picture to the Art dealer in Sedona. He‘ll give you
the pass to the Ball at Lord Gavin‘s manor. Head inside and talk to everyone. One
will offer you to buy his house. If you have enough cash, I‘d recommend buying it.
The benefits are you can rest for free when you‘re in Sedona, and have pets of your
own (dogs, tigers, cats, etc.) Most important of all, you‘ll get the Speed Crystal in a
treasure chest in the house which allows you to walk faster than ever before. When
you‘re satisfied, let‘s head to the thieves caves and start a side quest. Exit Sedona
for now.

Route to the thieves caves

Going to the thieves caves is dead easy. Just head south when you‘re at the
signpost and when you‘re near the coast, head up a ladder, a bit north then cross a
bridge. Walk a little south and you‘re at the entrance. Check it on the map above.

Inside the Thieves’ Caves

I‘m now giving you a direct way to get to the Thieves‘ directly so that you can
remember the way. However, it‘s highly recommended to explore every possible way
as there are sooooo many treasure chests scattered all over the area. Here‘s the
way to the Thieves‘ Hideout. Original photos are quite blurry so it won‘t look very
good here when magnified.

1. From Peninsula cave entrance, go a bit east, then head down the ladder.
Cross the long bridge and go up another ladder. Go east and then go down a ladder,
cross the bridge and enter another cave. Check the map below.

2. From where you exit, you‘ll have to fight two enemies as they are just outside
the cave exit. Then, head the very long ladder down below and then go left and up
another ladder to another cave. Go inside.

3. You will finally enter a large area (shown below). You‘ll exit from the middle
left cave. Go north and head west. Enter the ―Thieves‘ Hideout‖ cave. When you see
the thieves, you‘ll find that none of them will talk with you. You‘ve now activated the
assassination of the king quest. Remember the way to this cave as you‘ll be
travelling back and forth to this place later.

When you‘re done with exploring, head back to Sedona and visit the Palace.
It‘s up north. A thief will try to assassinate the king and so you‘ll be given a mission
to investigate. Galahad will also accompany you. Now, return to the thieves caves
and talk with the leader. He‘ll tell you to bring him a statuette. Remember the house
in Sedona with a statue? (You can‘t miss the statue if you explore carefully. The
statue kind of looks like the frozen druids.) Go and take it. Give it back to the thieves.
The leader will tell you Lord Gavin is the culprit.

Return the news to the king and Galahad will join your party permanently if
you desire. Accept him no matter you like him or not because you get to access the
royal treasury by letting him join. You need to have the picklock (either from the
thieves‘ hideout OR from the Pirates‘ black market in one of Veniara islands after
you‘ve purchased the skudder.) to open the blue treasure chests though. You can
buy the skudder from the ship dealer just on the southern shore of Sedona. You
have to buy it to complete further quests. If you don‘t have enough cash, well … train
yourself outside and earn money!

Saving the fourth druid (The Druid of Wisdom)
Snow Queen Castle – Snow King – Memory Caverns

Saving the Druid of Wisdom is the same for both versions of Aveyond.

Now go to the junk shop and buy a bottle. You can‘t buy it if you haven‘t
finished the Assassination quest. I think you‘ve already talked with the Mountain King
in Thorn Keep (on the way to Aveyond, in the snowy land remember?) and the Snow
Queen. If not, talk with them now. For Thorn Keep, check the Northern Isle map. The
Snow Queen lives in the Snow Queen Castle (just after you‘ve exited the Northern
Isle map at the ‗AVEYOND‘ point. Walk towards the beautifully designed castle when
you‘re on the world map instead of heading to Aveyond).

Getting a fairy

The fairies are in the Memory Caverns in the Aveyond area. Do you
remember the 3 caves in the Memory Caverns in which you entered the right one to
get the beeswax? Well, go back to that place. Refer to ―Getting the beeswax‖ section
to see a step by step instruction to getting to the 3 caves.

Now, as we are going for the fairies, enter the middle cave ‗Cave 6‘. From
where you exit, go down the long ladder and follow the passage to the end and enter
another cave.

In the next area, follow the passage heading east and you‘ll see a group of
fairies. Go near a fairy and capture it (with the bottle from Sedona of course). After
that, interact with any fairy (except the fairy who stays stationary) and the entire party
will be healed for FREE. Talk to the non-moving fairy and you‘ll receive a quest to
save Tiny. Tiny is in the Sandstone Caves in Low Lands. Go and rescue him and the

reward for saving him is a goose. You don‘t have the chance to keep it – you‘ll have
to return it to the people in Dirkon if you‘ve already stopped the plague there.

After you‘ve captured the fairy, show it to the Mountain King and he‘ll give
you a Snow Flower as well as his apologies to his wife. Carry the flower to the Snow
Queen and she‘ll go to the King (finally united!). She‘ll also leave a key on the
throne. Take it and leave the throne room. Head west and then north. Follow the
passage to the end and you‘ll finally enter a chamber with 2 doors. Save here at the
save crystal.

The left door leads to the frozen druid. Unlock the rightmost door with the key
from the snow queen (you can‘t get the key if you‘ve not united the Snow king and
snow queen).

Once you‘ve unlocked the door, you‘re in the ice caverns. Be prepared for
tough monsters and a tough boss. Explore the caverns carefully and you‘ll get a new
sword for Rhen.

The entire ice caverns

From your starting point (point ‗2‘), follow the passage until you reach the first
intersection. Head north and climb the ladder. Walk a bit further and you‘ll at the
second intersection. Head north again and follow the passage to the end. Enter the
cave and you‘ll fight the boss Indra. In the map above, go from point ‗2‘ to point ‗6‘.
Check the locations. Don‘t be lazy to explore the caves thoroughly. There are so
many valuable items. When you‘ve faced the boss, de-freeze the druid by entering
door number ‗1‘ and follow the passage to the end. Return the druid to Aveyond as

Saving the fifth druid (The druid of strength) [5dr]
Veldt – Demon Caves – Lamp Land

In Aveyond version 1.0, both the druid and the boss is

accessed from the Demon Caves. In this new version,
however, there is only a lamp at the former place of the
boss, and you have to face the boss by going through the lamp land.
The nightingale quest is also moved from the Veldarah queen to the
Thais queen.

It‘s time you have the skudder from Sedona. If not already, go and buy it. With
the skudder, visit the northern part of the Southern isle with only a cave entrance.
Enter the cave and you‘ll see a dragon. Head back outside and park the skudder on
the other dock of the Southern Isle. Now off we go to Veldt!

Way to Veldt

You start from the point ‗3‘. Veldt is at the point ‗1‘. Head north and when you
can‘t go any further, go east among trees (you won‘t miss the huge lake) then up
north again crossing a stream. Continue further north crossing yet another 2 bridges
over the same stream. Travel east and you‘ll be in Veldt (point no ‗1‘).

Talk to the queen and you‘ll also see a lamp beside her. You‘ll have to use the
lamp later.

The curator of the museum will also give you a side quest to bring her the belt
of hippolyte. Completing this quest will award Lars with a Dragon Orb which is a very
great orb.

Buy fire amulets from the shops as well as health and mana restorative items.
Buy as many as your cash goes as we‘re going to face rather tough monsters.

When you‘re ready, check the Veldt map again. In the middle of the map, see
the pond surrounded by trees? There‘s also a sign post. Go there and then travel
south towards the point ‗5‘. Head inside the cave. Exit the cave and when outside,
head north east and enter another cave. You‘re now in the Demon Caves. Equip the
fire amulets now!

Going the left way leads to the magic lamp and the middle way to the frozen
druid. Anyway, explore every pit, entrance or area carefully and you will get The Belt
of Hippolyte (give it back to the museum), Sword of Might (for Rhen), Shield of
Madness and a Fire Axe (for Galahad). Monsters are really tough now! Watch out for
your health and mana.

Finally, when you see this door, you are finally there. Go inside and take the
lamp. Return to Veldt. I wonder where we‘ve once seen a fancy lamp????

Talk to the queen again and challenge her husband. When you are
successful, you can take the fancy lamp beside the queen. Talk to the queen again
and she‘ll give you a quest to bring her a nightingale as she can‘t sleep well at night.

Now, before we face the boss, give the Belt of Hippolyte to the museum and
receive the dragon orb. Attach it to the Lars staff and he‘ll be more powerful.

The genie inside the lamp you‘ve got from the Demon Caves will transfer there and
enter your inventory and select the genie lamp. You‘ll be in lamp land.

In Lamp Land

It is really a straight forward journey but a very lengthy one however. You‘ll
have to fight your way from one castle to another until you reach the final one in
which the boss resides. During the way, you‘ll come across a red chest which you
can‘t open right now. You‘ll need a magic picklock from Dreamland to open it.
Explore the castles carefully and don‘t try to run away from the monsters. You‘ll level
up faster facing these things.

Fight Saurva and when he falls, grab the druid‘s soul and retrace your steps.
(Note – even if you have travelling runes activated, you can‘t exit from Lamp land) To
restore the druid, head back to the demon caves and choose the left way and enter
the Stronghold Temple. He‘s inside.

The reward for taking the druid back to Aveyond is either the Mithril Rapier or
a spell for Elini to attack enemies with a low mana usage. It‘s up to you. I
recommend taking the Red Demon spell for Elini because it is extremely useful
compared to her mana-eating spells.

Time to take the dragon

Now, we‘ll take the dragon. No, you can‘t just go there and capture it. First,
you‘ll need to do the nightingale quest. You must have –

1. Bird Cage (From the junk shop in Veldarah)

2. Bird Seed (From the mutant squirrels‘ hideout in High Lands)

To get the bird seed, first go to Peninsula (either from Northern dock or from the
Trade Route) and look for the nightingale (from the Trade Route, go north once you
see a lane from the starting point). Lars will mention something about birdseed.

Then, go to Brumwich village in Lowlands and talk to the lady who mentions
someone stealing corn. Then go to the Mutant squirrels‘ hideout in Highlands (refer
to the map to know where the cave is – it‘s on the opposite direction of Velgerd‘s
cottage – glass eye remember?) Take the bird seed in the corner and talk to the
general. A squirrel will show you the way to the ‗Sleeping Dust‘ they‘ve hidden in the
cave nearby once you‘re outside the cave. Take it. Now return to Peninsula and
catch the nightingale. Give the bird to the queen of Veldt and she will give you a
Dragon Bridle.

Go to the Veniara islands (3 lonely islands in the ocean) and visit each one. In
one of the islands, you‘ll see a man imprisoned. Accept him (you can‘t accept him if
you haven‘t finished the nightingale quest) and he‘ll join the party. Go to the dragon
cave and capture the dragon with the help of Jack (the man you‘ve rescued). Now off
we go to Thais.

Saving the sixth druid (The druid of time) [6dr]
Thais – Mysten Far – Dreamland – Lands End Region – Mt. Orion

In Aveyond Build A, when you face the final boss, it’s just fight
and die (either he or your party!). In this version, when you
reach the boss’s lair, you get invisible blows from an invisible
enemy. That further leads to the new items such as the torch, magic
clock, and bean stalk.


Fly east and you‘ll see an island with a castle inaccessible with your skudder.
Land there and enter the area.

This is what Thais will look like. Park the dragon at the glowing white circle.

Follow the violet path to Thais. It‘s a very straightforward way so I won‘t give
any details or add any map.

Explore the city and talk with the man with a torch (like an Olympic torch). Ask
for it and he won‘t give that to you. However, he‘ll exchange it for glow berries.
Remember this house because you‘ll have to return here with the berries later.

The house with the torch

Restock yourself (health and mana are top priority) and when ready, go to the
‗DARK CAVERNS‘ on the southeast of Thais. The following pic might also help.

If you go along the arrow direction, you‘ll see a ladder going up. Follow it and
then move a bit south, and there‘ll be another ladder leading down. After descending
that ladder, go north and you‘ll see a cave with a glowing crystal outside. That‘s the
Dark Caverns.

The monsters here are tougher than any monsters you‘ve fought before. A
suggestion - Use Lars‘ lightning storm skill (only 100 mana each and can be bought
for 10000 gold pennies from the spell shop in Thais) and it does about 2000 damage
to each monster. Combine it with Rhen‘s highest spells for multiple enemy attack
and no monster will pose any problem.

I‘ll write how to get to the boss step by step with the help of the maps. In these
maps, the white coloured dotted lines mean the path to the boss whereas the yellow
ones are optional paths.

In the above map, when you enter the Caverns from the Blasted Lands
(outside area), all you have to do is follow the path until you see a bridge over a
small stream. Cross it and head north until you reach another cave entrance. Head

The next area is just straight forward. No additional caves or other routes.
Follow it to the end to head inside another cave.

See the start of the white dotted line on the map above? That‘s where you‘ll
exit from the previous cave. Go up the ladder nearby and cross the bridge. In the
photo above, you will see a yellow dotted line showing towards a cave. Be sure to go
inside. There are fairies living there. Talk to every one and one will cry and say they
are trapped there. Finally, they‘ll come with you. (You‘ll have to bring those fairies
back to the fairies in the Memory Caverns near Aveyond). What I really like about
this area is that you can train up a lot faster than you can imagine with the creatures.

My strategy on fast level up

My strategy is like this. I go inside the cave and when I went outside, the
creatures I‘ve killed are back there. I kill them again and go inside the cave. I then
head outside and kill them again. There are 3 winged snakes and 1 Lizard Man
which will give you 7500 experience points (that‘s really an impressive point score!)
when killed. I managed to level up from about level 54 to about 70 from that area! My
party includes Rhen, Lars, Elini and Tei‘jal.

I use Rhen‘s ―Mountain Yawn‖ skill (Sword of Might power, get the sword from
Demon Caves) which uses 130 mana power which will draw about 1000 – 1300 of all
enemies health.

For Lars, I let him cast my favourite ―Lightning Storm‖ spell (this spell could be
purchased from Thais spell shop for a price of 10000 gold and it‘s worth every
penny) which uses 100 mana power. This only draws 100 mana power (yes, only
100!) and causes a damage of 2000 to 2500 on all enemies – far better than Rhen‘s
more-mana-wasting spell. However, the damage will differ according to the Orb Staff
you attach. As for me, I use the Dragon Orb Staff which you can get by bringing the
belt of hippolyte (from the Demon Caves) to the Veldt Museum.

For Elini, I use the ―Red Demon‖ spell which is equally as effective as Lars‘
Lightning Storm spell. It is a gift by saving the previous druid ―The Druid of Strength‖.
It however withdraws 300 mana power (compared to her other spells which spend
much more mana than this and causes less damage than this one does) and cuts off
2500 – 2800 health power of the enemies. The Lizard Man will die instantly once she
levels up more and more by using this spell once.

I just let Tei‘jal do melee attacks on the enemies but it‘s not effective. She‘s
just an extra one who is quite useless in this battle. Combining the above three skills
create my ultimate battle strategy.

Continuing to the boss

Cross the bridge near the Fairies hideout and enter the cave, and you‘ll enter
an area which is quite difficult to move along as it is very narrow. All the paths are
upon water and there are many monsters as well as treasure chests scattered all
over the place. Anyway, check the white dotted line in the map below and get
yourself oriented. Remember, to get to the boss, you don‘t have to cross the bridge.

When you‘ve done exploring the area, go inside the boss‘s cave and be
surprised to see no one inside. Don‘t hurry outside yet. Stay a bit and surprisingly,
you‘ll receive invisible blows on your character. Well, the boss is moving in a
different time medium and finally Lars will say that they need something to slow
down time. Now, after that dialog appears, you can head outside now. Retrace your
long steps outside to the Blasted Lands and now you can return to Thais and restock
your supplies. The map for the boss lair is below.

Now, off we go to Mysten Far (the lonely island in the ocean). You can‘t get
there with you skudder. Head northeast of Thais and you‘ll see the following island.

Mysten Far

The island is a small island without so many places to wander off or get lose
so I won‘t increase the walkthrough size with the map. From where you enter Mysten
Far, head north and you‘ll see a temple. Talk with the priests inside if you desire or
just head north. On your way, you‘ll see a treasure chest on a cliff. Unless you‘ve
taken the Climbing Guide from the druid you saved previously, you cannot climb up
the rope to the cliff top. (Note – Although you might have taken the Climbing Guide,
you can‘t gain the climbing skills unless you select it in your inventory.) The chest
contains a Charmed Orb for Lars.

Head further north and talk with the 2 priestesses blocking the way to
Dreamland. They‘ll only let you through to Dreamland only if you bring the other
priest who is in Mt. Orion Cave system. Well, we need to travel to the Lands End
Region in the Eastern Empire (the place you saved the first druid) and go inside the
Mt. Orion Cave Systems. As usual, the boat will be on your side (near the altar) and
it will transport you to the other shore. Go to the Ogre‘s Lair (see the previous Mt.
Orion guide on getting to the Lair) and talk with the nutty ogre. Use the sleeping dust
(You can‘t rescue the priestess if you didn‘t have it. See below for a rough outline on
getting the sleeping dust if you haven‘t got it already) from the squirrels and rescue
the priestess.

Important: If you haven‘t got the Bean Seeds in your inventory yet, search the
bookshelf inside the Ogre‘s Lair and you‘ll get them. You are to plant them in the
Enchanted Garden. Return to Mysten Far and the priestesses will let you go to
Dreamland. Save your game now.

For those who haven’t got the Sleeping Dust

You can get the Sleeping Dust from the Mutant Squirrels‘ hideout in
Highlands. Check the highlands map to see where the hideout is located. Talk with
every squirrel and one will lead you outside and show you the cave entrance to the
sleeping dust. The cave is only northwest of the hideout and only a few steps away.
It won‘t be visible without the squirrel‘s help.

In dreamland


Observe the map above to get yourself oriented. It‘s all up to you whether to
fight the Agas (in Dream Castle) first or get the glowberries first. The routes are all
colour coded so you can see your way clearly.

Hint on facing the Agas – If you do not have a good sword for Rhen, you can
first equip her with the Sword of Dreams (115 attack power) and then return and fight
the boss. It‘s in the cave situated at the southernmost part of Dreamland. Don‘t go
there first because the sword is inside a red chest which is magically sealed and
cannot be opened by an ordinary picklock. To unlock the chest, go to the Dream
Castle first and take the magic picklock there. Don‘t worry about Agas; the battle
won‘t start unless you press the interact button in front of her. With that picklock, you

can unlock all red magic chests in the game (one in Lamp Land). When Agas has
been defeated, you‘ll get Dreamer‘s Tear.

Enemies in the area – the enemies in this area are quite tough too, but they
don‘t give as many experience points as the enemies in the Dark Water Caverns do.
However, the green birds are resistant to normal melee attacks. So, what do I do?
Read on.

My strategy – My party has Rhen, Lars, Elini, and Tei‘jal. Whenever I fight the
enemies in this area, I use –

Person Weapon Attack Spell Damage (approx.)

Rhen Sword of Might 110 Mountain Yawn 1000 – 1200
Lars Charmed Orb 70 Lightning Storm 2200 – 2700
Elini Gargoyle Whip 120 Red Demon 2400 – 2800
Tei’jal Skull Rapier 120 Normal Attack 1 – 1200

Tei‘jal is almost redundant in these battles as you may see that the enemies
will not last even with Rhen and Lars power combined. However, I wasn‘t able to
finish all enemies in one go with Rhen and Lars (Elini sometimes) so I always let
these 3 members cast their worst spells.

Now that you‘ve got the glow berries, return to Thais and exchange them with
the torch. Now get back to Lands End Region and go to the enchanted garden. If you
haven‘t planted the bean seeds yet, plant them now and go inside a cave or exit the
region so that the screen may change. Return later and the Bean Stalk will be in full
bloom now. Climb it (don‘t get hit by the birds) and melt the ice with the torch. Get
the magic clock and head back to the Dark Water Caves in the Blasted Lands near
Thais. Go all the way to the invisible boss and fight him. He‘s visible now.

The druid is frozen solid in a temple in Memory Caverns in Aveyond. Go to

the Memory Caverns and head to the place you‘ve captured a fairy (Fairy Land). Put
the dreamer‘s tear in the Rainbow bridge. A bridge will appear and you can get to the
other side and save the druid.

If you‘ve already activated the quest to save Tiny by talking to the fairies,
head to the Sandstone cave system in Lowlands (you‘ve already been there to get to
the Mystery Manor) and explore the caves carefully and you‘ll finally get to the toad.
Kill the toad and save Tiny. Return him to the fairies and you‘ll receive a goose. After
you‘ve received the goose, talk to the fairy who gave you the goose again and she‘ll
tell you a group of fairies lived in a distant land. That distant land is the Dark Water
Caverns near Thais. You can go and rescue these fairies and return them to the
Memory Caverns. Doing so will reward you with fairy dust, which is actually an
important item in the final battle. However, because of a possible glitch in the game,
you can either save the fairies or leave them in their original place. For the goose,
return it to Dirkon (near Sedona) but you have to first stop the plague there. After
stopping the plague, talk to the boy outside the house of Healer and he‘ll tell you
their village goose had died.

Getting the sword of shadows

Now that all the druids are rescued, you can get the Sword of Shadows. Go to
the Sun Shrine in Aveyond and take the sword of shadows from the new chamber.
Talk to Eithera and she will give you the key to the locked door in Stronghold

The Final Battle with Ahriman [fbat]

Before you go: Have heaps of Health and Mana Restorative Items. I
recommend carrying at least 50 each of Tinctura Hypericum (all health), Myrica
Infusion (all mana), and Cassia Leaves (revive a dead hero). Witcheye Roots, Marsh
Tea and Elixirs are also recommended items.

Go to the Demon Caves (near Veldt) and follow the middle way to the
Stronghold Temple. Unlock the previously locked door with the key Eithera gave you.
The toughest of enemies await you.

BATTLE STRATEGIES: All the enemies in this area have health about 15000 so it
will take more than one turn to kill them. Sometimes, they will even wipe the whole
party out in one blow if your luck doesn‘t favour you. So, what could you do to get to
Ahriman without so much frustration? Save regularly – not once after 5 minutes.
Save whenever you‘ve finished a battle. You need not only to save but replenish
your health and mana after each battle so that you are always ready for another one.
I‘ve tried Sleep Flute and Dizzy Doll several times on the monsters in this area and
found that neither of these work, so don‘t waste a turn with these things. Lars‘
‗Decompose spell‘ works perfect, even with Ahriman. Whether you are fighting one
or more enemies, be sure to use Rhen‘s ―Nightbird Song spell‖ which always
manages to take out 5000 health from any enemy. For Elini, I use the ‗Red Demon
spell‘ which is not as effective as it was when used on the demons in Dark Water
Caverns, though it is a lot of mana saving. I just set aside Tei‘jal for healing other
members because she doesn‘t die easily as she has the greatest health and she
can‘t do more than 1200 damage on the enemies with her pathetic blow.

To Ahriman Castle

See the photo below. The right and left ways lead to treasure. (As for me, I
just head straight on to the Castle door as I can‘t wait to fight the boss.) Take the
middle way to get to the end of the passageway and enter Ahriman‘s Castle.

Way to Ahriman‘s Castle

Unless you‘re really daring, you might want to avoid all monsters in this area
(as they take so much time to die) so I‘ve taken some time to get the correct route to
face Ahriman directly. Follow the pictures below to get to Ahriman as quickly as
possible. If you do not keep track of where you are going, you‘ll get lost in this
confusing castle. Believe me, you‘ll gradually get tired to fighting all these monsters
which is really time consuming but do not give very high experience points.

Follow these maps to take the direct route to Ahriman. If you want to explore,
somewhere in the castle, there is a blood orb for Lars but I‘d prefer the Charmed Orb
from Mysten Far. It‘s up to you whether to explore the castle or not.

The maps are numbered for easy tracking.

When you reach the end of map number 6, DO NOT forget to save the game
and restore all your HP and MP as you‘re facing the Boss just after you‘ve entered
through that door. Remember the place? It‘s the same place when all the demons
are gathered before they set out to capture all druids. After a chat, choose whether
you want to be with the sun priest or against him. Joining Ahriman will do you no
good (your ending won‘t be beautiful) so challenge him. And another discussion
continues. Finally, you will fight Ahriman.

Pray that the boss does not cast very offensive spells on you. Sometimes,
when he uses very strong spells, all the four party members will die instantly (even
Tei‘jal with 1800 health) If you are lucky, he will heal himself regularly so you won‘t
have any of your party members lose health. As before, have Lars cast Decompose
spell which draws about 5000HP every turn. I recommend you use Rhen‘s ‗Nightbird
Song‘ spell (I know it is for multiple enemies) but it‘s my favourite and I think it‘s
stronger than the other spells and still draws about 5000 every blow. Use Teaijal to
restore the party‘s health and mana. Elini can cast her Red Demon spell as many as
her mana goes. There are other ways to defeat Ahriman so try it out yourself. One
way or another, Ahriman will fall eventually.

Note: You may or may not work with my strategy above. If you can‘t defeat the boss
with my battle strategy, head to Aveyond forums and make a search on the word
‗Ahriman‘. You can read various strategies posted by many people.

The final decision [fdec]
Don‘t expect the End Credits screen just because you‘ve defeated Ahriman.
You need to settle your life. Return to Aveyond and talk to the Oracle. You might
want to save your game here so that you can try out all the different endings of the
game. When you‘re ready, talk to the Oracle and choose one way to spend your life.

—————————— SPOILERS AHEAD! BE WARNED! ——————————

Ending One

You will get ending one if you make buddies with Ahriman in the final battle
and help him destroy the world.

Result: Don‘t expect fame. You will eventually become inhuman and get lost
in the darkness.

Why fight all the way to the final boss to end up in darkness? Steer clear.

Ending Two

You get this option by talking to the Oracle.

You return to Clearwater and marry Danny.

Result: No fame either. You just lead a peaceful life with an ordinary boy.

Ending Three

You get this option by talking to the Oracle.

You spend your life as a hermit.

Result: No fame. You live alone in the Wild Woods Forest and no one will
ever hear from you again.

Ending Four

You get this option by talking to the Oracle.

You return to Thais and become a queen.

Result: Yes!!! This is the ideal ending for the game, in my opinion. Return to
Thais, enter the palace and talk with the man in front of the throne. After being
accepted as a queen, go upstairs and sleep in the royal bed. When you awake, get
dressed and exit your bedroom. Enjoy the final cutscene.

———————————— END OF SPOILERS ————————————

Well, congratulations, player! You‘ve finished Aveyond. What you can do now
is see my side quests guide if you‘ve missed any quest and try to finish them or use
a god goodie from the Aveyond website and enjoy playing the game again, now with

What you could do more …

Have you played the prequel to Aveyond? It‘s known as Ahriman‘s Prophecy.
The very best thing about the game is that it‘s FREE. Yes, free. Although the
graphics are not as stunning as those in Aveyond, it‘s definitely a worthy download.
You‘ll get to know more about Talia and Davin in that game.

There is also a nice fansite on Ahriman‘s Prophecy, run by my major helper to

this walkthrough – Mike. You can get his walkthrough on Ahriman‘s Prophecy there,
which I used to complete the game.

Sequel to Aveyond I: Rhen’s Quest

Yes!!! There‘ll be a sequel to Aveyond I: Rhen‘s Quest. I don‘t know exactly

when it would be released but it would be after mid-2007. Amanda is the currently
working on the project during the time of the release of this walkthrough. According
to what she replies me through email, it‘s got better graphics than Aveyond. I believe
it would be another addicting game to the Aveyond RPG adventure.

A bit I know about the sequel is that Tei‘jal and Galahad will be back. The time
is set after 300 years from Aveyond! So, only Tei‘jal and Galahad who are vampires
could survive that long. You can read more gossips about the sequel on the Aveyond


The Complete Quests Guide [qg]
Please read this before you start using this guide.
 This guide may contain spoilers.
 Seen any quests I‘ve missed here? Contact me please.
 The sign indicates that the quest is only seen in Aveyond Version 2.0
(Build B).
 If you know the name of the quest you wish to read, just hit Ctrl + F and enter
the name. You‘ll get there directly without having to scroll through the entire

Task Solution

Talk to Rhen‘s Father near the sick priestess in bed to get this
quest. The herbalist lives on the hill in the northwest of
1. Bring Dyonna, the Rhen‘s house. Go there and get her. She‘ll join you
village herbalist to Pa (disappear inside your inventory) and take her back to the
house. Go inside the bedroom and you‘ll see her in front of
you. Talk to her and the quest will be done.

After completing quest 1, talk to Rhen‘s mother outside the

bedroom to get this quest. Head to the area you first started
2. Bring a basket of
the game and get 4 flowers from there. You can get to the
Marionbells for Ma
other flower from the field accessible through the Little Rock

You get this quest after giving Rhen‘s mother the marionbells
(quest 2). You can find Rhen‘s bed across from the
3. Go to bed
priestess‘s. Just walk inside the bed from the side and you‘ve
slept for the day.

Talk to the priestess, then find Peter in front of the Little Rock
4. Meet Peter at the Caves entrance. Agree to accompany him and he‘ll go inside
sheep pen the cave. Go inside the cave and talk to the man blocking the

5. Get Priestess ring

You can buy the ring at the junk shop later in Veldarah when
you go to the Academy. Don‘t be so worried about this quest

yet. It‘ll be available for purchase after you‘ve become a
sword singer.

Read the chores list inside Rhen‘s slave room to get this
6. Kill spiders in the
quest. Head to the topmost room of the house and slash the

7. Get Lars’ travelling Read the chores list inside Rhen‘s slave room to get this
clothes from quest. Go to the seamstress house (just a few steps south
seamstress from your slave house) and get the clothes from there.

This quest will be available once you‘ve finished quests 6 and

7. Talk to the woman inside the slave house (you‘ll have to
talk to her 3 times if you haven‘t talked to her once you
8. Tell Lars to come finished each quest) and she‘ll tell you to fetch Lars. Get him
home for dinner from the field at the southernmost part of the town (he‘s the
green haired guy in the middle of his two mates) and after
unsuccessful dialogue, return back to the slave house and
inform that to the woman.

You get this quest after talking to the book dealer (upstairs) in
the southeast of Veldarah (Go further east from the plains
you‘ve met Lars for the first time and enter the southernmost
The book pages are scattered all over the world. I‘m not sure
what you get by completing this quest but someone on the
Aveyond forums said that it is something you can buy from a
shop (meaning ‗not valuable‘). It‘s all up to you to trigger this
quest or not.
9. Find Arcane Magic
Pages for Book
Dealer The book pages are in –
1. In a dirt (kind of grave) in the Eastern Empire Forest
2. In Sedona shop
3. In a dirt in Dirkon (From the entrance of Dirkon, go
west, and go up the first ladder to a hill with 2 houses.
Go further west and you‘ll see a fenced with a door.
Open it and head to the end of the passage. The page
is at the end of the passage in the dirt. Dig it.)
4. From a bookshelf in Ylisfar (can be accessed from Old
Woods, near Low Lands)
5. From a bookshelf in Time Master Guild in Thais
6. In Dreamland

7. In Genie‘s lamp (Lamp Land)
8. Elini‘s house in Veldt

List of book pages courtesy of Aveyond forum members –

sidekick001 and Argoyle.

After finishing quest 8 and you‘ve gone to bed (starving). Go

and talk to the cruel woman and receive a quest to fetch Lars.
He‘s just outside the house near the seamstress shop,
bullying a boy. Talk with him and after a long dialogue, you
10. Go to Shadwood will receive a token to study at Shadwood Academy and this
Academy for the quest will be unlocked.
gifted Show your token to the guard when you exit Ghalarah. Cross
the Eastern Empire forest to Veldarah. Go north to the
Academy. Refer to my walkthrough for more details on getting
to the Academy. When inside, talk with the Head Master on
the western wing of the school.

You get this quest after talking to the Head Master. He‘ll give
you a key to your room. Go to the dormitory area and enter
11. Put student outfit on the left door. Your room is the first one on the second row.
Enter your room and open the chest. Enter your inventory and
select the student outfit.

I don‘t think you‘ll win the battle as soon as the cut scene
12. Complete the trials ends after you‘ve slept in your bed after finishing the previous
and become an quest. When you think you‘re ready (greater than level 5),
apprentice fight with the master standing in the middle of the dormitory
area. If you are successful, you‘ve passed the trials.

This quest will be activated after you‘ve bought the priestess

ring from the Junk shop near the city entrance. Talia will
13. Go to the empress appear just as you exit from the shop and instruct you to go to
and talk with Talia
the palace. The palace is in the northeast of the junk shop.
Enter the palace and talk with the queen.

This quest will be in your Journal after you‘ve talked to the

Veldarah queen. Lars is waiting for you in his room in the
14. Get Lars before you dormitory next to yours. Go through the right door and his
start your quest
room is the 3rd room in the first row. Talk to him and the quest
is done.
Note – Be sure to use Lars‘ schedule and let him learn all 5

spells before you leave Veldarah.

You‘ll find Talia waiting for you at the city entrance after
15. Take the druid Talia you‘ve got Lars in your party. Accept her to come with you
to the Sun Shrine in and go to Aveyond. To get rid of her completely, visit the
Aveyond hermit hut in the western part of the Wildwoods forest, and
meet Davin.

You‘ll get this quest when you‘ve talked with the Head Master
after you‘ve finished learning all the 5 skills using the
schedule. The good deed is waiting for you in the Wildwoods
forest – the hind. You have to kill it and bring the harp back to
16. Do a good deed to the school and that‘s the proof of the good deed you‘ve done.
graduate from school
Refer to the main walkthrough for more details on how to kill
the hind. You can‘t go there without the mirror (from Veldarah
junk shop) and beeswax (beehive from the Memory Caverns
with the help of a smokebomb from Tea Cup town.

This is the last quest you have to finish because you‘d get to
fight the final boss near the ending of the game. Save all the
17. Save the world from druids and return them all to the Sun shine. Get the Sword of
Shadows and go to the Stronghold Temple in the Demon
Caves near Veldt. Fight him and the quest is finished.

You get this quest after talking to the boat dealer near the
Wild Woods Forest entrance, on world map. He won‘t sell his
row boat unless you bring him a suitable wife so this is a
compulsory quest to finish. You can find a suitable wife for
18. Find the boat dealer a him by talking to a woman in New Witchwood (in Halloween
wife Hills – blocked at first but accessible after rescuing the first
druid). She‘ll mention something about wanting a husband.
However, you must have first talked to the boat dealer or the
woman won‘t come with you. Take this woman to the boat
dealer and he‘ll sell you his boat.

You get this quest after talking to a ghost woman in Ejindro

(accessible from the cave entrance nearest to Veldarah – just
19. Uncurse the city of a stone‘s throw from the 2 wild chickens and the little treasure
cave). Although Ejindro is in Eastern Isle, the key to remove
the curse from this town is received after you‘ve solved many,
many quests. First, you‘ll have to bring the King Lionel statue

to the elves and you‘ll receive a skeleton key. Use the key to
open the locked house and destroy the pendant.

Getting the King Lionel statue: Go to the thieves caves near

Sedona and then after unsuccessful talking with the thieves,
return to the palace in Sedona. A thief will assassinate the
king and then return to the thieves caves again. Talk with the
thief with a different robe and he‘ll tell you to bring a statuette.
Get the statuette from a house in Sedona (just take it) and
return it to the thieves. After that, return to Sedona and return
the news to the king. The statue will be available for purchase
again after that. You can buy it from the Pirates Market in the
Veniara Islands. Get this statue to the elves in Rootwell and
you‘ll receive a skeleton key.

You get this quest by pressing the ‗interact‘ key in front of the
altar (the stone table) in the Mt. Orion Cave in the Lands End
20. Give offering to Gods Region. You need to offer pomegranate seeds to the Gods to
at Mt. Orion
use the boat. Get the pomegranate seeds from a chest in the
southern direction of the Temple and then talk to the woman
in the Enchanted Garden. She‘ll tell you to place the seeds on
the altar. Refer to my main walkthrough for more details.

21. Put pomegranate on You get this quest after talking to the woman from the
Mt. Orion altar Enchanted Garden. Get the pomegranate seeds from the
southern part of the Temple in a chest and place them on the

You get this quest when you go to the Enchanted Garden and
22. Find something to saw that the way was blocked by a dog in the way. Get a
distract the dog
bone from the cave (see my main walkthrough for the location
of the bone) nearby and return to the dog. Press ‗interact‘ in
front of it and the bone will be used.

You get this quest after talking to Gretchen from the New
Witchwood in Halloween Hills. She wants to be ugly again so
23. Make Gretchen ugly search the area outside New Witchwood and you‘ll see a
chest with a Stinkrot Root. Return it to Gretchen and the
quest is done.

24. Give Hilda a gift from

Gretchen When you‘ve finished the previous quest, talk to Gretchen

again and she‘ll give you a mysterious gift to be given to
Hilda. Give the ‗gift‘ to Hilda wandering outside the village and
return to Gretchen with the news. She‘ll give you a shovel.

You get this quest after you‘ve talked to a witch in New

25. Find a Sludge Master Witchwood who wants a Sludge Master 2000. The Sludge
2000 for the witches Master is the big, black tea cup in Tea Cup town. You can‘t
buy it but to get it, you have to finish the following quest.

You get this quest after talking to Morsel (from the third house
from the entrance of the town). Head outside and go
northwest to face the harpy who took the voice box. Kill it and
you‘ll get the voice box back.
26. Find Morsel’s voice NOTE: You can‘t get the Sludge Master 2000 (the big, black
tea cup) unless you‘ve talked to the witch in New Witchwood
who wants it. You need to solve this quest first and then talk
with the witch and then come here again and claim the
Sludge Master.

You get this quest after you‘ve talked to the girl who is held
captive in a pet shop outside New Witchwood in the
27. Find Dora’s Ruby Halloween Hills Region. Finish the Sludge Master quest and
Slippers you‘ll receive Dona‘s red slippers. Give it back to her and
you‘ve not only solved this quest but also gained one level up
for each active party member.

To get this quest, you must first purchase a boat which can be
done by bringing the witch who wants a husband to the boat
dealer (talk to the boat dealer first). After you‘ve purchased a
28. Take Theodore to the boat dealer, you can offer to take Theodore to the School of
School of Gentle Gentle Children. The school is located in the Low Lands.
Children NOTE: You have to finish this quest if you want to buy a
house in Sedona. After you‘ve left Theodore at the school,
exit the school and go inside again. Go upstairs and talk with
Theodore. He‘ll give you a scary picture.

You get this quest after you‘ve talked with the two vampire
29. Bring Hippie Vampire children from the northwestern part of Ghed‘ahre. To get the
the Elephant Garlic Elephant Garlic, first return to the cave entrance you entered
Halloween Hills and then head east. Dig the only grave there
and you‘ll get the Elephant Garlic. Give it back to the

vampires and you‘ll get Vampire Ash. It is necessary to light
the Leyrvo Lamp which is an important item to save the druid
frozen in this area.

You get this quest after talking to a vampire woman in

30. Find a ghost to haunt Ghed‘ahre who wants a ghost for her house. You can‘t just go
the house of a out and catch a ghost. First, uncurse the city of Ejindro (see
vampress quest number 18) and talk to the ghost boy left alone. Bring
him to the vampress.

You get this quest after you‘ve talked to the woman in Thorn
Keep (on the way to Aveyond in the snowy land). You can
however save her husband even without talking to her. Just
go to the mines and save him. The mines can be accessed by
entering one of the caves on the way to Aveyond.
31. Save Dwarven NOTE: There is a blue treasure chest inside the mines but
woman’s husband you need a picklock (either from the Thieves Caves near
from the mines Sedona or from the Pirates Junk Market in one of Veniara
Islands). The item inside is nothing great but if you want it,
you have to leave the man trapped for a little longer until you
return with a picklock. Once you‘ve saved the man, you can‘t
return to the mines because the entrance would be blocked
and the treasure lost.

You get this quest after talking to the Mountain King (His lair
is on the northern part of Thorn Keep). To capture a fairy, you
need a bottle. The bottle won‘t be available for purchase
before you‘ve finished the quest to Assassinate the King.
32. Prove to the Mountain After finishing that quest, go to the junk shop in Sedona (the
King that fairies exist
shop where a cracked orb for Lars is sold) and buy a bottle
there. Then, head to the Memory Caverns south of Aveyond
and capture a fairy there. Refer to my main walkthrough for
more details.

This quest will be activated if you have talked to the Mountain

King but go to the Fairy Land in the Memory Caverns without
33. Find a bottle to a bottle. You can purchase the bottle from the junk shop in
capture the fairy in
Sedona (see previous quest as well as the main walkthrough
for more details.)

34. Find a dreamer’s tear

to make a rainbow
You get this quest after you‘ve interacted with the missing

bridge to the Temple in Fairy Land and talked with the
stationary fairy there. The Dreamer‘s Tear could be obtained
by fighting Agas in Dreamland. You need a dragon to go to
Mysten Far, from which you‘ll have to go to Dreamland. See
my main walkthrough for more details.

You get this quest after you‘ve talked to a man in the

Wildwood Tavern in the Wildwood Forests. You can kill the
35. Stop the hind from hind without activating this quest but it will automatically be
turning people into activated if you talk with everyone in the Wildwood Tavern.
stone Get yourself an earwax (from the beehive near Memory
Caverns) and a mirror (from Veldarah junk shop) and kill the
hind. Refer to my main walkthrough for more information.

First, you need to kill the hind in the Wildwoods Forest and
36. Become a full-fledged take its harp. Show the harp to the headmaster in Shadwood
sword singer
Academy and you‘ll become a full-fledged sword singer.

37. Bring the hind’s harp It‘s very clear. Take the harp back to the Academy and
to Shadwood
become a full-fledged sword singer and sorcerer.

You get this quest after you‘ve talked with the elves in the Old
38. Find King Lionel for Woods (accessible from Low Lands). You can get the King
the elves Lionel statue from the pirates market in one of the Veniara
islands but you need to complete the following quests first.

This quest won‘t be activated unless you‘ve visited the

Thieves‘ caves at least one time before you visit the palace in
39. Find out who tried to Sedona. When the assassination attempt had failed, go to the
assassinate the king thieves caves and talk to the leader (the one with a different
robe). He‘ll tell you to bring a statuette for them. See the next
quest for details on getting a statuette.

You get this quest after you‘ve finished the previous quest.
40. Get a statuette for the Go to the house with a statue in Sedona (the statue looks a
thieves bit similar to the frozen druids) and get it. Give it back to the

41. Bring Mad Marge a

cast of ale You get this quest after talking to a woman from one of

Veniara islands. Get the ale from another Veniara island and
give it back to Mad Marge. You can also offer her to join your
party for a fee but I won‘t recommend that.

You get this quest after you‘ve talked with the elves in
42. Cure the poisoned Blackroot System and seen a Banshee drop something in the
rootwell water water. Then, go and fight the banshee queen and get the root
nectar. With that, you can pure the water again.

You get this quest when you talked to the Art Dealer in
43. Find a painting for the Sedona about the ticket to attend Lord Gavin‘s ball. Give the
art dealer
painting (picture) Theodore gave you (Refer to quest 27 how
to get a picture from Theodore).

44. Find a ticket to attend If you complete the previous quest, you will receive the ticket.
Lord Gavin’s ball

45. Find a ball gown for Buy a costume from the seamstress in Sedona.
Lord Gavin’s ball

You get this quest after you‘ve finished all the Lord Gavin
related quests above and entered his manor, and talked to his
46. Bring Lord Gavin’s chef. You can find a truffle from one of the caves south of
chef a truffle
Sedona. The reward is 500 experience points for each active
party member.

You get this quest after you‘ve shown the Mountain King a
bottled fairy from the Memory Caverns (see either main
walkthrough or quest 31 to see how to get a fairy). The King
47. Give snow queen a will give you a Snow Flower to be carried to the Snow Queen.
flower from the
Take the flower to the Snow queen in Snow Queen Castle
mountain king
(the castle just before you entered Aveyond from the world
map). She‘ll leave a key on the throne after you‘ve given the

If you have already been to Sedona, buy at least two elixirs

there first. Then, visit Dirkon and talk to the Healer. Kill the
48. Stop the plague in rats and then talk to the Healer. Exit the Healer‘s house (it‘s
Dirkon necessary to exit the house – if you just used the elixirs
without exiting the house, the sick people won‘t be cured) and
use the Elixir on the sick people. Talk to the Healer again and
all the party members will gain one level.

You get this quest after talking to the stationary fairy in
49. Bring Tiny back to the Memory Caverns. Tiny is being held captive in the Sandstone
fairies caves in Lowlands. Save him and bring him back to the

You get this quest after you‘ve finished the quest to stop the
plague in Dirkon (quest 47). Talk to the boy outside and he‘ll
50. Find a goose for tell you that the village goose had died. To get a goose, finish
Dirkon quest 48 first. After Tiny had been handed back to the fairies,
you‘ll receive a goose. Give it back to the Dirkon people and
you‘ll receive a golden egg which you can sell later.

You get this quest after talking to a woman in Brumwich

village who claims that someone is stealing corn. Go to the
51. Find out who stole squirrels‘ hideout in Highlands and you‘ll see that they‘re the
corn from Brumwich
culprits. Return to Brumwich and talk to the same woman
about the news.

You get this quest after you‘ve explored the Demon Caves
52. Find genie a new and got to the place with a lamp. Get a new bottle (lamp) for
the genie by fighting the Veldt queen‘s husband and then
talking with the queen. Refer to main walkthrough for more

You get this quest after you‘ve finished the previous quest
and talked with the queen again. The nightingale is in
Peninsula just a few steps from the Peninsula Trade Route
53. Find Veldt Queen a and the northern dock. To capture it, you need Birdseed and
a cage. Get the birdseed from the squirrels‘ hideout in Low
Lands and a cage from the junk dealer in Veldarah. When
you‘ve got these items, go near the nightingale and the items
would be used automatically. Return the nightingale to the
Veldt queen and you‘ll receive a dragon bridle.

You get this quest if you talked with the alchemist who sold
54. Find the alchemist a health and mana restorative items in Veldt. You can get the
new kettle kettle from the treasure chest outside Thais, in blasted lands.
Return the kettle to the alchemist and you‘ll get a Love
portion, which you can use to marry your party members.

You get this quest after you‘ve talked to the curator of the
55. Get the belt of Veldt museum. You can find the belt in one of the treasure
Hippolyte for the
chests in the Demon Caves. Return it back to the curator and
Veldt museum
she‘ll give you a nice Dragon Orb for Lars.

Finish the nightingale quest and you‘ll get the dragon bridle.
56. Capture the Theyor Accept Pirate Jack from Venira islands and go to the dragon
cave in the southern isle.

You get this quest when you‘ve got the dragon bridle from the
57. Find a dragon rider Veldt queen and went to the Dragon Cave in the Southern
Isle (park your skudder at the western dock)

You get this quest after you‘ve reached the boss lair in the
Dark Water Caverns but can‘t see him. You need to have the
magic clock to slow down time and see Aesma. First, go to
Mysten Far and talk with the two fairies blocking the way to
Dreamland. When you‘ve received the quest to save priestess
at Mt. Orion, go to the Mutant Squirrels‘ Hideout in Highlands
and get the sleeping dust (finish the ―Who stole corn‖ quest
first). Then go to the Lands End Region and enter the Mt.
58. Find a way to slow Orion Cave systems again. Go to Ogre‘s Lair and talk with the
down Aesma/Help
Ogre. You need to use the sleeping dust to save the
Priestess at Mt.
Orion/ Get sleeping priestess. Get the bean seeds from the bookshelf if you
dust for priestess at haven‘t take it yet. (if you haven‘t got sleeping dust already,
Mt. Orion/ Bring you‘ll have to go to Highlands again and get the sleeping dust
Hector a glow berry
from the squirrels). After you‘ve saved the priestess, go to
Mysten Far and you‘ll gain entrance into Dreamland. Get the
glow berries and dreamer‘s tear from there. Go and talk to the
man who has a torch in Thais and exchange the glow berries
with the torch. Go to Lands End Region and plant the bean
seeds you‘ve taken from the Ogre‘s Lair. When you return
next time, the bean stalk is growing and climb it up. Avoid the
birds and when you‘re finally on top, defreeze the ice with the
torch and you‘ll get the magic clock. With that clock, you can
return to the boss in Dark Water Caverns and fight him.

59. Find out what Go to the nearest cave near Veldarah and talk to the boar.
happened to Levus Don‘t kill it. Believe it and accept to bring the antidote.

Talk to Tiberius in the house across from the lake in Veldarah
60. Bring Tiberius a boar and you‘ll receive the quest. Follow the above quest‘s

61. Bring Levus the boar Go to the Guild Hall in Veldarah and get the antidote there.
antidote Give the antidote to the boar and see what happens.

You get this quest if you return to Clearwater and talk to

Danny‘s mother. Danny is in the house next to the church in
62. Find Danny Ghed‘ahre. Save him and he‘ll give you a letter which you
must carry back to his mother. (Note: Danny will then be in
Sedona near the boat dealer)

63. Give note to Danny’s Return to Clearwater and give the letter back to Danny‘s
mother mother.

Save the fairies from the Dark Water Caverns and get them
64. Take the fairies back back to the Memory Caverns. (Finish the ―Save Tiny‖ quest –
to Aveyond
quest 48 first!)

65. Go to Stronghold Well, it‘s clear. Go to the Stronghold Temple in the Demon
Temple and defeat
Caves near Veldt and head inside to fight the last boss.

End of Aveyond Side-quests Guide

Treasure Maps in the Game [tmap]
You can find three treasure maps in the game.

Lamb Chop Treasure Map

Getting the treasure map

You can get the map from Lamb Chop in Tea Cup Town near the Sun Shrine
in Aveyond. To get the map, your party must meet the following requirements.

- Rhen and Lars must graduate from Shadwood Academy so that Lars is a
sorcerer and he can attach orbs to his orb staff.
- You must have talked with Morsel (also in Tea Cup Town) and promise to
retrieve his voice box. Then go northwest of Tea Cup Town and fight the
harpy (on the edge). Give the voice box back to Morsel.
- In New Witchwood in Halloween Hills, you must talk with a witch who told you
to find a Sludge Master 2000. You can get the Sludge Master from Tea Cup
town. Go further inside the town and you‘ll see a large, black thing shaped like
a teacup. If you have completed the previous quest about Morsel‘s Voice Box,
you can talk to Lamb Chop who is wandering beside that thing. He‘ll give you
the Sludge Master 2000.

If you have completed these things, Lamb Chop will bring up the topic about a
magical orb he can‘t use when you talk to him next time. He‘ll say that he‘s hidden it
somewhere and you can get the treasure map for 2500 gold (it‘s the only treasure
map which costs money). If you want the orb, buy it. It‘s not a very strong orb
however but better than the Water Orb from the Veldarah shop (+10 Attack).

Getting the treasure

The treasure is hidden outside Tea Cup town and it‘s quite a long way.

From the entrance of the Tea Cup town, head a tiny bit west. You‘ll see a
Mule Express and a signpost. Between these two landmarks, you‘ll see a tiny path
heading south. Follow it. Walk until you come to a cave entrance. Head inside.

Follow the cave passage until you see two exits. Go through the right exit
cave. You‘ll be outside again.

Follow the path until you reach a rounding cliff in the middle with two ways
(one way leading north and one way leading south). Take the south leading path.
See screenshot below.

Continue heading south until you can‘t go any further and there‘ll be a short
bridge heading east (if you can‘t see the short bridge, try heading south again). You
have now reached the point shown in the treasure map. Follow the instructions on
the treasure map.

The reward is a star orb which, when attached to Lars‘ orb staff, boosts the
attack power from 45 (Water Orb) to 55.

Pirate’s One Eye Treasure Map

Getting the treasure map

You can get the treasure map from Veldt. From the Veldt city entrance, head
east until you come to a cave entrance. That‘s the Veldt museum. Go inside. Enter
through the first door you see. You‘ll be upstairs with a blue treasure chest. Unlock it
with the picklock to get the map. You can get the picklock (opens all blue chests)
from the Pirates‘ Black Market in one of Veniara islands OR from a treasure chest in
the Thieves‘ Caves.

Getting the treasure

Remember the place where you‘ve captured the dragon? If you haven‘t captured
the dragon yet, go to the western dock of the Southern Isle. You‘ll see two caves
there. Enter the lower cave (the other cave is connected with a series of mountains
[or rocks???])

Once inside, you‘ll see a ladder going down and another path going east.
Follow the east-leading path. Finally, you‘ll come up to a large pond with two paths
leading north and south. There‘s also a treasure chest. Follow the path heading
north and exit the cave. Go just a bit north and you‘re there. Dig as shown on the
treasure map.

The reward is 10,000 gold.

Wild Annie’s Treasure Map

Getting the treasure map

You can get the treasure map from Thais. From the city entrance, head
straight and enter the house without any signboards outside (the rest houses are all
shops). Get the map from the blue chest opened with the picklock.

Getting the treasure

The treasure is outside Thais. It will be clearer if I start my directions from the
point you entered the blasted lands outside Thais (not from Thais point but from the
entrance to blasted lands after you‘ve entered from World map with the dragon).

From the entrance of the Blasted Lands, you have to follow the violet path. At
first, you‘ll see that it is just heading north. Follow it. After a few steps north, you‘ll
see it starts to head west and then north again. Don‘t follow the north leading violet
path again. Instead, head west at that intersection (there‘s a path without the violet
trail) and then it‘s just straightforward. Follow the path until you see one ladder – go
up it. Then up another ladder, cross two bridges and you are at the point in the
treasure map. Dig according to the instructions on the map.

The reward is one dark armour and one dark helmet. It‘s not very worth going
for however.

Credits – This section is added due to suggestions from Mr Abby Mason who
contacted me via email.

Goodies in the game [gdy]
You can find goodies in the Eastern Empire forest.

TRAVELLING RUNES (Highly Recommended)

This allows you to travel from one place to another by using a travelling rune
item in your inventory. For example, if you are in Veldarah and you want to be in
Sedona, just use the ―Travelling Rune (Sedona)‖ item in your inventory and you‘ll be
transported to Sedona instantly. This saves a lot of time but you miss the chance to
level up more because you won‘t have to fight the monsters on the way.

When the runes have been activated, you can buy them at any map shops or
item shops. However, you can‘t buy runes that lead to places you haven‘t been
before. And buy at least 5 or 6 runes per place so that you can make return trips.

Warning: Don‘t leave your boat in an island and go to somewhere else if you
don‘t have a return rune to the previous island. That will leave you totally stranded on
the other island. In that case, you are DOOMED!

How to get there

I‘ll start my directions from the signpost in the Eastern Empire Wildwoods.
Follow the dirt path (heading to Veldarah) until it ends and there is a ladder going
down. Go down that ladder.

Follow the dirt path again. From the ladder, the path will first head west, then
north and then west again. Yes, when the path headed west for the second time,
you‘ll see another path (without the dirt path) heading west. Follow that path. The
path will first head west, then south. When you reach the southernmost point, you‘ll

see a short ladder going up. Ascend that ladder. Head west and go round the area.
You‘ll finally reach the place which matches the screenshot above. Dig as it is
marked. You don‘t need to have a shovel – just dig with your bare hands.


The cow gives you 10000 gold every time you interact with it.

How to get there

I‘ll start my directions from the signpost in the Eastern Empire Wildwoods.
Follow the dirt path (heading to Veldarah) until it ends and there is a ladder going
down. Go down that ladder.

Follow the dirt path again. From the ladder, the path will first head west, then
north and then west again. You‘ll see a path heading west without any dirt path. That
path leads to the Travelling Runes Goody (see above goody). Instead, to get to the
cash cow, continue the dirt path until you see a tree blocking the dirt path in the
middle. Just a bit west from the tree is another path (without the dirt path also)
heading west. Follow that west path to the end. Dig there. You‘ve got the cash cow!

Any more goodies?

Yes there are but you can‘t find them in the game. You have to download
them from the Aveyond website and replace some game files. The goodies include
God goodie (best armour, weapon, money, etc) and many others. Head there and
grab them if you want.

End of Aveyond Goodies

Problems in the Game [prb]
This is a list of problems I’ve noticed while playing Aveyond 2.0.

1) Problem: When I used the travelling runes from a place to Sedona, no

monsters were seen outside the city. Similar bugs were observed for the
rune to Aveyond (no annoying bees for a while!).

Solution: I haven’t come across a solution yet but as for me, I find it
quite good because I want to avoid these monsters who do not give
many experience points.

2) Problem: The little boat in the Mt. Orion altar sometimes works even if
you haven’t put the pomegranate on the altar. However, if the boat
works without the pomegranate, don’t try to put the pomegranate
again. I tried that and the boat goes way inland (although it should come
to your shore) and transfers the hero party to a place in water!

Solution: Download the patch from, and the

problem would be fixed. A squirrel will appear on your way to the altar
and talk with it to fix the problem.

3) Problem: The skudder runs away from you when you approach it at the
Northern Dock near Sedona. Similar things were experienced with the
dragon as well.

Solution: Download the skudder patch from, and the

problem will be fixed by talking to a squirrel blocking the way to the
Northern Dock. I haven’t come across a patch for the dragon yet (correct
to 20-2-2007).

4) Problem: In Dirkon, the Healer will tell you to help the sick people by
going to Sedona and curing them with Elixirs bought from there. If you
already have elixirs in your inventory and cure the people, they will not

recover. However, when you go outside the house and enter it again,
and use elixirs on the people, they will recover.

Solution: No solutions yet but don’t try to cure the people without
exiting the house and coming in later. It will waste two elixirs you have
(which is a waste of money). I think the screen needs to change (as if
you’ve gone to Sedona and bought the elixirs) for the medicine to take

5) Problem: Somewhere in Aveyond forums, I’ve read that you could finish
the game without actually getting the fairy dust from the squirrels. You
don’t have fairy dust but it is used on Dameon in the final battle with

Solution: No solutions yet (I think you won’t want a solution for this as
you can skip a quest). I haven’t encountered it on my own as I always get
the fairy dust by transporting the fairies in Dark Water Caverns to the
Memory Caverns.

6) Problem: A hero died in the battle (the other 3 survived) but if the dead
hero was the leader in the party, he continued to walk around on the
screen although he is dead. He cannot however cast spells or attack
monsters anymore unless you revive him with a Cassia Leaf.

Solution: None. It’s just a funny bug I’ve seen in the game. When that
hero dies, the party leader should be someone else, shouldn’t it? Not
the old party leader as a zombie.

7) Problem: When you first entered the Ice Caverns using the key from the
Snow Queen, there are no enemies in the area until you entered another

Solution: Haven’t come across one yet. I quite like this bug as I don’t
have to bother with enemies on my way to the boss.

8) Problem: When I last played Aveyond, I used the God goodie from the
website so that I don’t have to spend much time training myself.
Included in the God goodie is a Speed Crystal (actually you can get it
later in the house you bought in Sedona) which speeds up, uh, the
walking speed. It works fine almost always except with the boat service
from the Eastern Isle to Northern Isle. When I paid 20 pennies to the
boat owner, he transports me to the Northern Isle but when Rhen
touched the Northern Isle, the speed has returned to normal. To return
to fast speed, I have to use the speed crystal TWO times. That is a glitch
in the game.

Solution: No solutions yet. It’s just a minor bug in the game.

9) Problem: When the rowboat is taken to the Northern Isle on the right
dock, Rhen can walk on anything, including water! She managed to go to
places where only the dragon and skudder were meant to access (eg.
Mysten Far). There is no problem of getting stuck in water or islands
even though Rhen travels to every possible corner of the world map.

Solution: I’m not sure because I haven’t noticed that glitch when I
played Aveyond. I wasn’t able to test it because when I’ve finished my
game, I can’t find my rowboat anywhere. It’s another glitch I think. The
above glitch was sent to me by “Danny Senda” through email. Anyone
had the same problems? This is quite a big bug and should be reported
to Amaranth if so.

10) Problem: When I finally defeated the boss, I can’t find my rowboat
anywhere. The “Find Rowboat Spell” says it’s on the Northern Isle but I
can’t find it there either. It’s gone somewhere. I am not sure since when
the boat has gone missing.

Solution: I haven’t come across one yet. The row boat’s not that
important but it’s queer thinking that the rowboat’s with me in the
beginning of the game but disappeared when all the quests have been

11) Problem: When I fly the dragon over the skudder, I am blocked. I can’t
fly over the skudder. When the dragon has been able to fly over huge
mountains and high lands, why can’t it fly over a skudder? Maybe it’s
flying low when it’s near the skudder? Just a funny bug. No solutions.

12) Problem: I have my dragon parked near the Lands End Region. I went to
Veldt using the travelling rune and when I finally exited to the cave
where the dragon had first lived (the cave the dragon was captured), I
suddenly saw my dragon outside! When I went near it, it run away from
me. Another similar bug like the skudder running away from you when
parked at the Northern dock near Sedona. Actually, the dragon is NOT
present there. It’s still near the Lands End region when I go there.

Solution: Haven’t come across one yet. There are patches for the
skudder problems at the website.

FAQs [fqs]
1) Question: I cannot find the entrance to the Mt. Orion Cave systems.

Answer: Check the area again. Head east and see if there is a garden
with a woman. If not, you are playing Aveyond Version 1.0, not 2.0. Mt.
Orion is only seen in version 2.0. Refer to Aveyond 1.0 walkthrough
(available from the Aveyond website) on how to save the druid at the
Lands End Temple.

2) Question: Although I’ve purchased the skudder from the Sedona boat
dealer and he says it’s on the Northern Dock, I can’t find it when I get to
the Northern Dock.

Answer: You’re playing the game with the goodie for Aveyond 1.0.
Goodies for Aveyond version 1.0 seem to work fine with Aveyond 2.0 for
some time, but there could be problems later in the game. Someone in
the Aveyond forums said that if you have the travelling runes activated,
you can head back to Eastern Isle and get the Skudder from the boat
dealer there, as it is the location for the skudder in Aveyond 1.0. If you
don’t have any location runes, you are DOOMED! You can’t continue the
game without the skudder so the only possible way is to send your save
game to Amanda, the game developer, and let her fix it for you. I have
once faced this problem too, so I know how furious you’ll get not being
able to do anything else.

3) Question: How do I activate travelling runes in Aveyond 2.0?

Answer: See my “Goodies in the Game” section.

A Few Words … [fws]
The sign is taken from the Index Score Windows Vista gave to my machine.
Yes, it‘s only 2.0 due to the lack of good Graphics accelerator. I thought it was quite cool to
use as a comparison between Aveyond Build A and Build B.

I‘ve really put my efforts on bringing out this guide and hope that it is helpful to you. If
you have any suggestions on this walkthrough or any questions, please feel free to contact
me at, and I‘ll reply to you as soon as possible. Please allow me
about 1-2 weeks to reply your letter because I‘m going to study abroad in a few months time
and will be very busy then.

Note that English is NOT my native language – Myanmar or Burmese is. So, there
would be some cases where I wrongly used words or expressions. Do forgive me for that. If
the error is serious, please contact me.

I currently live in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma) but in April 2007, I‘ll be
studying in Singapore to further my education.

Be sure to visit my homepage and my downloads

page and please leave your name and address in the
Guestbook section. All downloads hosted at the downloads website are absolutely FREE.

Finally, thanks for downloading this walkthrough and I hope you really benefit from
using this walkthrough.

Aung Myo Min

(aged 18)

Credits [crd]

Amanda, the game developer for creating such a beautiful game

Aveyond 1.0 Walkthrough by Tan She Hui and Anastasia Levinson (without
their walkthrough, I would never have completed the game and never written
this walkthrough)

Amanda for capturing the Aveyond maps and tiniponi for putting landmarks on
them. I would definitely face trouble writing this walkthrough without these

Aveyond 2.0 Walkthrough by tiniponi on Aveyond forums

All people who have helped me in the Aveyond forums

Mike (; author of Ahriman‘s Prophecy) for

contributing invaluable ideas for improving this walkthrough

Danny Senda for contributing me a glitch in the game

Abby Mason who gave me suggestions via email

ladydeb from the Aveyond forums

If anyone worth adding in this list has not been mentioned, please contact me at
once and I would like to apologise in advance if such mistakes occurred.

Anyone who sent me valuable suggestions for improving this walkthrough will be
added to this section.

Version History (vhis)
This is just to keep track of what I‘ve done to my walkthrough. Skip it if you
don‘t like boring facts. The time format is (DD/M/YYYY).

Version 1.0 (10-2-2007)

Started writing walkthrough.

Version 1.1 (12-2-2007)

Finished writing walkthrough.

Version 1.2 (14-2-2007)

Added more details and step-by-step maps.

Version 1.3 (16-2-2007)

Started the Side quests guide.

Version 1.4 (19-2-2007)

Finished the side quests guide.

Version 1.5 (21-2-2007)

Updated with the suggestions from Mike.
Added spoiler alerts. Front page added. Revised some sections to read better.
Added tags in the Contents section instead of page numbers. Added comparisons
between Aveyond build A and B. Some minor improvements to the walkthrough. An
all new picture of the three caves in Memory Caverns added instead of the blurry
one in the previous versions. Added one side quest I‘ve missed. Game menu
explanations added. Eastern Isle Map removed as it is too blurry. Screen shots
added instead and more detailed guide on getting to Veldarah replaced the older,
shorter guide.

Version 1.6 (2-3-2007)

All pictures reduced quality to decrease the size of the walkthrough. More details
were added to some quests. 3 different versions of the walkthrough are now
produced. The whole walkthrough thoroughly revised. Many corrections and tweaks
to the walkthrough are made.

Final released on 11th March 2007.