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As of Yes Lie 7 toate included in this file conforms ¥ith DA policies currently THIS MUST REMAIN TOP DOCUMENT orn Vtommaie fi 0 79° ouoor TRANSMITTAL OF MATERIAL TO IRR* This form 1s not required when material is forwarded to IRR with DA Form 076 ut may be used as a Supplement to DA Form 2764-R to provide additional 2. FROM: 3, DATE ZT Nov. 64 Records Processing Division Commander, Special Records Diviston Spec Ops Det, USAINSCOM Fe, Meade, “D. 20755 erial to existing dossier) . 10 PERSONAL/IMPERSONAL SUBJECT (Establish dossier or add matt SUBJECT: FT CORDON CA - ESPIONAGE ZF 00 12 34 e. Alias /Nee Nane/Impersonal Title Alias/Nee Savannah, GA, SAEDA; 11 Nov. SUS S522 fb) (6) BUSC size BT fo) Attached material meets retention criteria of AR 381-10 () Material contains financial data under] eriteria of AR 190-6 dossier material ‘only: enter date required by para 3-4, AR 381-45) 4 aR 190-6 (4 mario (1 me 301-45 Dossier No: ZF 90/234 Aging Criteria: Aleut AGH (Replaces IA(HQ) Form 2201, 1 May 78, which is obsolete SA(HQ) Form 2201-R, 1 Nov 84 AnAne — : ) oo ——_ . eT a3szon | 32172287 : PAGE 0! Pad Roure® a CHECKER. wo oe ne y SYSSSSS5_SSSSSSSS 00009000 FFFFFFFF §@555565 AER ane nr 3 53 oo eg fF . Wenn ARR a Sdocecss SeSsssts 00 00 KX FFFFFF 6 tran an am SEESSESEE GEESE 02 Ok Min Ferrer Gp cece mm mAN An . ss ee fe “ccc mm ham SSSSSSSS SSSSSSSS €0000000 €F i an C » + SWCTATYUN VERHAT 9200 3202250-ANSH-—VEKHOVS 1, - 1 lewy RAmsH 4 aT wo". Texe'eo 308 OF af > 4? o So. Kel Mt ® Bre eS sponm cic : 3s Fonscon : 7EM % is 3 SS HANDLING InSTRUCTIONSS FM SRO 9070 AI GPF/I AGP 1—a-HS//TO SSO BEANE s pass ro ches ofa eee nic INFO VO $ie 2070 81 cbosnietebctvaangfec at atte Caste? Se CTT EAC EaACI/ 1 GP a-4-0P/ ISSO. HO DA Pacs EWFO TO SOM LNWO//DaRT-CIC//SS0 FORSCOF PASS INFO TO CORe ATLENTA . mies eosh mI GP FY GIULERe GAs/IASPAra 81/7 : 5 UNCLASSIFIED tei i Rfid] 8 = “ARsRi-a2~ OVO 1 JUL Mie SAEDR pyebnt yoo 184 le 22 NOVEPBER 1988 eer : 2-(W ANNAN GAe Aah Pata 1-805 902 5200.18 O Siitee rensore, sugaeycn : (Uy BT /E-Se ] ARKINSASe FST RATTALS 1a ten aa Pant aye nuwtee TeUDe SAVaNNanle Che a Aare Tame SECTION LEAE#s 33 JAK B6e #/be SECRETS WOME » JUNE. B = wont P ext ist eer 2. AST BATTALION (RANGERD © TH INFARIRT® HUM 3 tee tony oa TY pel SEANIFER (LNUDe 59Z* TO 5S8a%e F2OLBS TO LINLBSe 28 TO 37 ~ Cesee OCe TNMs SpaniSHe REDIUA SUTLDe SHOULDER FLADE LewcTH BLAck QD Ware CARieo Tw THE MIOOLE UITH BANGS COMBED TO JOTH SIOES* OARK EVES COLOK UNKMOUNs DISTINCTIVE SPANISH ACCENTs DAESSFC EM BET! SKIRT WITH RED GOUSC AND HIGH HEELS. DROVE WHET APPEARED 10 BE E IGE OR WHITE 2980 SUBURU LICENSE PLATE & COMPOSITE OF SBS~ PECT WAS MADE USING THE DENTE KIT Mm THE FOLLOWING RESULTS seen: ee EC aay DD Ove LE Obs MW 32+ AA OSs WH My AL OS. A Fiore Cory OF ME COMPOSITE WAS MADE AMO MILL BE FORWARDED UROER SEPE- TE Covet = GBM So MADE A SKETCH OF SUSPECT WHICH ME FEELS TS # WETTER LIKENESS OF SUSPECT THAW THE CORPOSITE. A COPY OF THE SKETCH PROMIDED OV QGSMMEEES S FING FORWARDED UNDER SEPERATE COVER. ~ ed on 13 mOVERBCR 2988 S REFERRED TO THIS OFFICE BY ’ () ress osns eo Oe SF THE S79 U/7STH RANGERS AFTER REPORTED THF FOLLOWING INCIDENT yO THE S-2~ AT