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Darin L.

!"" $%&'(& )*(+, -(./012, 34 "5!!6 ! 76"+768+596: ! ;<==>&''<1%&?2=<%@+A>=

Un|vers|ty 1each|ng and Adu|t Learn|ng
Idaho State Un|vers|ty rofessor of Lng||sh 8]2012 to resent
!"#$%&#$'#' the tiansition of biick anu moitai couises to online cuiiiculum, making full use of technology.
($%)#' online teaching ceitification foi the English Bepaitment, thiough AP0S, in oiuei to bolstei the online piogiam.
*#+#,-"#' cuiiiculum uesigneu specifically foi auult leaineis, entiepieneuis, anu small business owneis.
8r|gham oung Un|vers|ty-Idaho Lng||sh 1enured rofessor 8]2004 to 8]2012
*#./0)#' bianu new couises foi the 0niveisity incluuing Auvanceu Wiiting anu Ciitical Thinking, Auvanceu Wiiting in
the social Sciences, Auvanceu Wiiting in Aichitectuie, Piepaiation foi Inteinships anu Caieeis in English, anu a hybiiu
Liteiatuie Bumanities couise.
1#$'#' the new inteinship piogiam foi the English uepaitment, cooiuinating effoits between the uepaitment anu the
auministiation anu managing the piogiam thiough the fiist yeais of implementation.
1#$'#' committees foi accieuitation, couise uevelopment, Bepaitment policy making, anu the univeisity wiue
constiuction of a unifieu Theoiy of Leaining anu Teaching.
2-,,$3-%$4#' in wiiting anu euiting B;( C<D >E C%F'>=, a textbook foi an auvanceu wiiting couise.
Soc|a| Med|a Management
5$)$0#' communities on 6--0,#78 :$;#3--<8 =>/44#%8 ?/)<#'@)8 $)' A/)4#%#.4 to elevate website fiom u to 4uK
B;4/+# maiketing in othei social meuia communities such as ScoopIt, Sulia, ChimeIn, Rebelmouse, Quoia, Leainist, Spiing
Pau, Tumbli, Bigg, Belicious, Fiienu Feeu, 0ikut, Stumble0pon.
1echno|ogy Spec|a|t|es
C"#%$4/)0 .D.4#E.: Nac, PC, mobile platfoims
(?#$%)/)0 .-F4>$%#G Aiticulate anu Lectoia
B;$'#E/;G Biainhoney, BlackBoaiu, Nooule, Sakai, Eumouo, RefWoiks, anu Boceai
H,-00/)0 ",$4F-%E.: Tumbli, Behance, Weebly, WoiuPiess, Bloggei, anu Live }ouinal
I-%' "%-;#../)0G Niciosoft Woiu, Coiel Suite, IAWiitei, Bywoiu, anu Sciivenei
*#.<4-" "J3,/.&/)0 $)' "%#.#)4/)0: PoweiPoint, Keynote, Auobe InBesign, Auobe
Photoshop, iBooks Authoi, Piesentations, anu othei giaphic uesign tools.
!(CG uoogle's Panua, Penguin, Authoiship, Analytics, Page Rank, anu Webmastei.
?$)0J$0#.G basic knowleuge ofBTNL, CSS, anu }ava.
Idaho State Un|vers|ty - hD Cand|date 2010 to resent
4.u uPA - Specializeu in the application of $'J,4 ,#$%)/)08 ,/)0J/.4/;.8 #+-,J4/-)$%D8
;-0)/4/+#8 $)' )#J%-.;/#);# ieseaich in the inteipietation of contempoiaiy
Ameiican Liteiatuie.
Idaho State Un|vers|ty - MA |n Lng||sh and Wr|t|ng 1999-2004
4.u uPA - Focuseu on auvanceu anu 4#;&)/;$, >%/4/)0 4&#-%D anu Ameiican
Acquiieu ieseaich methous, pioblem solving, analytical skills, anu auvanceu wiiting.
8r|gham oung Un|vers|ty - 8A |n Lng||sh 2010 to resent
S.97 uPA, uiauuateu !JE$ 2JE ?$J'# with honois on a full iiue acauemic
=&# !;/#);# -F H,-00/)0

Baiin L. Bammonu launcheu, a complete
website with multiple blogs
centeieu on the science of
wiiting anu blogging:
language, linguistics,
cognitive science, social
meuia, leaueiship, anu the
wiiting ciaft.

The populai website taigets
bloggeis, teacheis, anu
lifelong leaineis, anu has
giown in populaiity fiom u
to 4uk monthly visitois in
only 4 months. The site
contains highly ciafteu
aiticles aimeu at pioviuing
euucation anu tools foi the
public fiee of chaige.
Darin L. Hammond
!"" $%&'(& )*(+, -(./012, 34 "5!!6 ! 76"+768+596: ! ;<==>&''<1%&?2=<%@+A>=

Lntrepreneur|a| Lxper|ence
nammond Lnterpr|ses, Inc. - res|dent 8]199S to 8]2002
=%$)./4/-)#' fiom a paitneiship to a coipoiation, with close to a million uollais in
annual sales.
5$)$0#' multiple constiuction piojects anu ciews simultaneously valueu at up to
$2uu,uuu a piece.
2%#$4#' $)' E$)$0#' all auveitising campaigns, anu wiote all in-house
technicalbusiness uocuments.
*%$F4#' bluepiints, cieateu uocument templates, manageu coipoiate finances, anu
hiieu anu tiaineu all employees.
I-%<#' hanus-on in all aspects of iesiuential anu constiuction.
?#$%)#' to speak anu wiite fluent Spanish while living in the Bominican Republic
foi two yeais uoing volunteei woik.
2-E",#4#' giauuate level couise woik in the language, linguistics, cognitive
science, anu social linguistics.
rofess|ona| and Cn||ne ub||cat|ons
2|pM|n|s, 1he Sc|ence of Wr|t|ng 8]2012 to resent
?$J);&#' anu elevateu ieaueiship to 4uK in S months.
C%0$)/L#' a community of social meuia anu blog followeis.
*#./0)#' the poweiful web layout, employing wiiting, maiketing, anu SE0 skills.
!"#;/$,/L#' in social meuia anu blog netwoiking, focusing on content maiketing.
1echnorat| Med|a 7]2012 to resent
Latest "Top Neuioscience Biscoveiies: Reseaicheis See Specific Woius in The
Piofile at http:technoiati.compeopleuaiinlhammonu
Soc|a| Med|a 1oday 7]2012 to resent
Latest "Facebook's Positive Employee Satisfaction: She Will Rise Fiom the Ashes"
Piofile at http:socialmeuiatouay.compostspublisheuusei147422
8roowaha 8]2012 to resent
Latest "Tiash Nultitasking: Powei Thinking Lies Elsewheie"
Piofile at http:www.bioowaha.comauthoiuaiinlhammonu
Lz|nes 2]2013 to resent
Latest "Ninuing Youi Biain Tiaining: The Cognitive Science of Ninufulness"
Piofile at
8C 8|og 2]2013 to resent
Latest "The Ninu of the Reauei Is the New }ouinalist"
Piofile at http:blogciitics.oigcultuieaiticlethe-minu-of-the-ieauei-is
8|og Cr|t|cs 2]2013 to resent
Latest "The Seciet of Wiiteis Flow: 0n the Flooi of an Ait Stuuio"
Piofile at http:blog.blogcatalog.com2u1Sthe-seciet-of-wiiteis-flow-on-the-flooi-of-an-ait-stuuio
Academ|c ub||cat|ons 2004-2011
Publisheu textbook foi auvanceu wiiting couise in auuition to many papeis anu piesentations locateu at

M-)# -F 4&# F/)#.4 >%/4#%. @ &$+#
#+#% .##) /) ED NO7 D#$%. $. $
J)/+#%./4D >%/4/)0 /).4%J;4-%PM
Scott Samuelson, PhB Piofessoi of
English at BY0-Iuaho
MED &/0&#.4
%#;-EE#)'$4/-) $. $ .;&-,$%
$)' 4#$;&#%PM
}ennifei Attebeiy, PhB Piofessoi
of English at Iuaho State
M$) -J4.4$)'/)0 .;&-,$%8
$) #)0$0/)0 >%/4#%8 $)'
$) -%/0/)$, 4&/)<#%PM
Biian Attebeiy, PhB Euitoi at
}ouinal of the Fantastic in the Aits
MED &/0&#.48 J)QJ$,/F/#'
Kaien C. Bolt, PhB Biigham Young
0niveisity - Iuaho