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2013-2014 Classroom Management Plan Nathan Harris, P.E. Teacher Phone: ###-###-#### Email: Website: www.harrispe.weebly.


Philosophy A classroom management plan organizes students space, time, and materials so instruction and student learning takes place more efficiently and effectively. This begins with a positive classroom climate. A gyms climate should be supportive, inviting, and non-threatening. Develop clear, concise rules and consequences. Establish rules early on, and be firm, fair, and consistent with discipline. Hold students accountable for their actions. Develop a discipline plan from the school wide plan, but handle discipline problems in-house when possible. Develop routines and procedures that are implemented at the beginning of the year so students are organized and know what is expected of them.

Class Rules 1. Respect others and yourself 2. Be prepared for class 3. Do not abuse equipment and facilities 4. No horseplay or foul language 5. Listen and follow directions

Attendance Students are expected to immediately go to locker room upon entering the gym and get changed for class. After changing, students must enter the gym quietly and be seated in there roll call lines (alphabetical order, 6-8 students per line). Any student not in their spot, 5 minutes after the tardy bell, will be marked absent.

PE Clothing

Students are required to wear the appropriate clothing for class: t-shirt with sleeves, athletic shorts or athletic pants, running/basketball shoes. No sandals, vans, boat, mocks, boots, or flip-flops will be allowed. Students must change their clothes in the locker room at their assigned locker. Grading Each student receives a numerical grade of 100-90 (A), 89-80 (B), 79-70 (C), 69-60 (D), or 59 and below (F). Each grading period grade is based on two areas: 1. (85%) - preparation, participation, & effort 2. (15%) - written assessments. The final physical education grade is an average of the grades earned in the grading period. A student will not earn credit if the yearly average is below 70. Each student receives 100 points at the beginning of each grading period.

Unprepared For Class Refers to having no gym attire or improper attire (clothing which is unsafe, or otherwise unacceptable or no sneakers. Students will be graded as follows: Unprepared for class (-5) Points Missing part of the required attire (-2) Points Prepared, but not participating or having behavioral issues (-3) Points Late to class without a pass (-1) Point (teacher discretion)

No Participation Refers to a student who dresses for an activity, but refuses to participate. This results in a loss of 3 points each time (it is the teachers discretion if the student will lose all 5 points for the day). It is expected that students participate in a safe manner, which enhances a positive learning environment. *** If a student is acting inappropriately during his/her activity, it is to the discretion of the teacher to have the student removed from that particular activity. ***

Late Passes to Class If a student arrives late to class with a pass they must have their proper gym attire with them. If they are unable to get changed due to the lateness they must show their teacher that they have their clothes. If the student does not have their athletic attire it will be considered unprepared and they will lose 5 points. A student may come late to class 3 times with a pass per grading period without incurring any point deductions. After 3 tardies, the student will be marked unprepared.

*A student will not be excused from physical education class to go to another class, library, computer lab, etc.*

Medical Excuses Students attending school are expected to dress and participate in physical education classes. To be medically excused from class, a student must have a doctors note or for athletes, a trainers note. The note is to be given to the teacher before physical education class. If an extension is ordered by the physician or trainer, the student must give the written extension excuse to the teacher by the day the excuse is over. For medical excuses longer than two weeks the student will be assigned one health or sports related academic learning assignment to be completed for each additional week they will be excused from PE. The assignments must be complete to receive credit. Failure to complete an assignment will result in a 5 point deduction from the students grade. For example: A student needs to be medically excused from PE for three weeks, he/she will be required to complete one assignment. Failure to complete the assignment will result in a loss of 5 points. A four week excuse will require two assignments, 10 points, and so on.

Locker/Locks Each student will be assigned a locker in the locker room. Students will be given a unique combination to their locker that they must memorize. It is not recommended to give your combination to anyone. If a student forgets their combination, they must ask the teacher who will have a master list. PE teachers are not responsible for any lost or stolen items in your lockers. Students will not be allowed back into the locker room until class is over.

Behavior Appropriate behavior is required at all times. Improper behavior and language will not be tolerated. Students must do what they are asked at all times, be respectful, and actively participate with sportsmanship and effort in all activities and assignments. Students demonstrating improper behavior will lose points for the day and be subject to appropriate consequences.

Restrooms Students need to use the restroom before leaving the locker room. Locker rooms will be locked and will not be reopened for students.