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(Compilation by: Rajendra Nimje)

I consider 10th house as main house and it should basically operate 10 and 5 as in order to sale the land, there should be a buyer and he will get the land hence 4th from 7th and his desire fulfillment means his 11th i.e.our 5th. I request members to have a look at Guruji's 6th reader i.e. on Horary Astrology P.177-180 which deals with sale of land/house. The rule is : 10th sub must not be in retro const. and should connect to 10, 3 and 5 (3 as we will be loosing the land). Handing over will take place in the dasa/bhukti of significators of 3rd and 12th. Is the price we get is good? The dasa lord speaks on it. If it connects to 8th and 12th then the price will not be good. It is also made clear by Guruji in this article that the 10th sub in retro starlord will ensure that the land will not be sold(P.178, para 2) and he has further added how to say no when we need to tackle our clients( P.180, last para)

Rajendra Nimje