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Study the growth of maize plant.

Problem statement: What is the relationship between the heights of the maize plant with the time of growth? Hypothesis: The longer the time of growth, the higher the height of the maize plant. Variables: Manipulated variable: Time of growth/Duration of planting (number of days) Responding variable: Height of the maize plants Constant variable: Size and variety of maize plant, type of soil Procedures: 1. A box with loam soil is prepared. (P1, P2) 2. 10 maize seedlings of same size are planted in the soil at regular interval of 15 cm. (P1, P2) 3. The planted seedlings are watered daily. (P1, P5) 4. Measure the height of the each maize plant once every 2 days for four weeks and get the average height of the maize plant. (P3, P4, P5) 5. Record the result in a table. (P4) Results: Number of days after planting 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 Average height of the maize plant (cm)