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Investigating the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide in exhaled air Problem statement: Does exhale air contain

more carbon dioxide than oxygen? Hypothesis: Exhaled air contains more carbon dioxide than oxygen. Variables: Manipulated variable: Oxygen and carbon dioxide esponding variable: Percentage o! oxygen and carbon dioxide "onstant variable: #ype o! air Materials and apparatus: Potassium hydroxide solution$ al%aline potassium pyrogallate solution$ &'tube$ boiling tube$ rubber tubing$ ruler and (ater basin Procedures: ). &'tube is unscre(ed cloc%(ise to the end. *P)+ ,. #he open end o! &'tube is lo(ered into a basin o! (ater. *P)+ -. . cm o! (ater is dra(n into the &'tube by turning anticloc%(ise. #he scre( is turned cloc%(ise again to expel some (ater. #he &'tube is placed into the basin. *P)$ P,+ /. 0 sample o! exhaled air is collected through rubber tubing (hich is inserted into a boiling tube !illed (ith (ater. *P)+ .. #hen the open end o! &'tube is placed into the boiling tube containing exhaled air. *P)+ 1. #he scre( is turned anticloc%(ise to dra( some exhaled air into the capillary tube. *P)+ 2. #hen the open end o! &'tube is dip into potassium hydroxide solution. *P)+ 3. #he scre( is turned cloc%(ise and anticloc%(ise to allo( carbon dioxide being absorb by potassium hydroxide solution. *P)+ 4. ecord the length o! air column in &'tube. 0void touching the &'tube. *P-$ P.+ )5.#he scre( is turned cloc%(ise to expel some o! the potassium hydroxide solution$ ,'- mm o! potassium hydroxide solution is le!t at the end o! the tube. *P)+ )).6y repeating the method in step 2 and 3$ the potassium hydroxide is replaced (ith the al%aline potassium pyrogallate solution. ),.#he !inal length o! the air column is recorded and avoid touching the &'tube (hen the air column is being measured. *P-$ P.+ )-.0ll results are recorded in a #able.

esults: 7nitial length o! air column *x cm+ 8ength o! air column upon adding potassium hydroxide solution *y cm+ 8ength o! air column upon adding al%aline potassium pyrogallate solution *9 cm+ "hange in length o! air column due to removal o! carbon dioxide *x : y+ cm "hange in length o! air column due to removal o! oxygen *y ' 9+ cm *x ' y+ cm ; )55 Percentage o! carbon dioxide < x *y ' 9+ cm ; )55 Percentage o! oxygen < x