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Do It Yourself Home Mosquito Trap

Safety From Disease Begins At Home 9-8-12

My 'apologies' to all branded insecticides in the marketplace but FIGH I!G "#!G$# M$% % &' & H(M#) It's *ust a mi+ o, -ater. bro-n sugar and yeast) 1) /ut a plastic bottle in hal,. keep both parts) /an be so,t drink bottle) 2) "issol0e bro-n sugar in hot -ater and let it cool do-n to around 12/ - room temperature 3check using a thermometer4) 5our into the lo-er portion o, the bottle) 6) &dd yeast to the sugar7-ater mi+ture 3/arbon "io+ide -ill be ,ormed and -ill attract

the mos8uitoes4) 1) /o0er the bottle -ith a dark -rap and insert the top portion upside do-n 3like a ,unnel4) 5lace it in a dark corner in your house) 9) In 2 -eeks you -ill be surprised by the number o, mos8uitoes killed) '#5:&/# H# %$G&' ;& #' < =#&% %(:$ I(! #>#'= 2 ;##?% @