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Copy/Paste the No1 folder inside Program directory, normally located at:

x64bit operating systems: ================= C:Program Files (x86) x86(x32bit) operating systems: ==================== C:Program Files

2. Now Copy/Paste the No2 folder into your ProgramData directory, located at: C:ProgramData N.B. The ProgramData directory is normally a hidden directory. To make it "visab le". Go to: Start/Computer/Documents/Organize/Folder and search options Now click the "View" TAB and click on "Show hidden files, folders and drives". T hen click on "Apply" and then click on "OK". 3. Now open the No3 folder. Right click on it's contents and select "Run As Admi nistrator". When install has completed, your licensed for 365 days and fully up-dateable