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Classroom Newsletter

Issue 1| September 23, 2013

Classroom Technology: Geometers Sketchpad and Khan Academy
Ms. Megan Shein, Mathematics

2-3 Geometry: Geometers Sketchpad

4-5 Academic Supplement: Khan Academy

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New Technology in the Classroom

This month, we are introducing our math classrooms to new technology to supplement their education. The first is called the Geometers Sketchpad. It is clear by its name that it is a tool for the geometry class in addition to any class that wishes to create diagrammatic representations of equations and concepts. The second is a website called Khans Academy. It is a site meant to explain lessons further in all subjects of math (and science) providing at-home immediate homework/lesson help through the Internet.

Classroom Newsletter

Issue 1| September 23, 2013

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All About Geometers Sketchpad

Geometers Sketchpad is a program designed to give students a visual way to learn mathematics in order to increase their understanding of the concepts while making them Students will be able to create their own picture representations of math formulas and understand the relationship between shapes students. It allows your child to visually see steps and have control over their learning experience. The teachers will also be using the Sketchpad to perfect their diagrams for your childs learning.

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An example of the program is seen to your left. These diagrams represent theorems about triangles and circles. These are vital for understanding geometry, which can later be applied to careers in the sciences such as engineering.

Classroom Newsletter

Issue 1| September 23, 2013

Where will it be used?

In multiple classrooms!
This month we will use Geometers Sketch Pad in our lessons for visualization of concepts. In Algebra, your child will use the school computers to input functions into the Sketchpad and visualize the affect of changes, or transformations, to those functions. It will also be used to see relationships between similar figures, congruent figures, and other properties of various shapes. In trigonometry, it will be used for the unit circle to understand angles. It can also be used to understand integrals, which are vital for higher-level math used in college and by professionals. It will also be used for geometry. Your child will be able to develop a full understanding by doing in class assignments and in class group projects using Geometers Sketchpad.

Classroom Newsletter

Issue 1| September 23, 2013

Explore the site for yourself at:

http://www. khanacademy. org/

All About Khan Academy

Kahn Academy is a website providing thousands of video lessons on all topics of math and science. These videos are through YouTubethat popular video website that your child visits! It is an attractive way for your child to learn these lessons. The site also provides an online form of tutoring through the question forum where a teacher, who will guide your childs math understanding, can respond directly to your childs questions. The Khan Academy website also has practice exercises and ways of tracking your childs progress. The best part is that Khan Academy is free! Just visit the website.

Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences ~ Roger Bacon

Where will it be used?

This site can be used at home! Have your child use it for extra help. We will also be using the software in the classroom. It is an individualized instruction for your child in order to meet his/her specific needs.

Classroom Newsletter How will it benefit my child?

the level at which he/she develops. Using the exercises in the

Issue 1| September 23, 2013

The greatest part of the program is the fact that it is personalized instruction designed for the level at which your child is presently and classroom will enhance their progression in the classroom at the fastest pace possible for your child. It will also be used as a supplementary resource to develop even further understanding. The downside of the program is that there is no face-to-face interaction, so a lesson cannot be bounced off of your childs reaction. It will be more of a supplementary tool which students will have the option of using in order to grow their mathematical literacy.

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