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R-SIM9 PRO For iphone4S/5/5C/5S iOS7.0-7.X unlock instructions

Unlock method for iPhone 5s/5c is different from iPhone 5, the change of dual model unlock card and the rise of new carriers has made unlock card update new software and make more stable compatibility test. Therefore, R-SIM team has created this advanced unlock card--R-SIm 9, it is the first and only universal unlock card for iphone4S/5/5C/5S, it's used with R-SIM certificated card slot, thus make unlocking so simple and fast. With the new unlock universal software, new simple manual method, new default specialized model edition, new red circuit board and new package, R-SIm is a so beautiful unlock card! RGKNSE-SIM owns name brand, aboudant wisdom, good quality, top-class after-sale service. Till now, R-SIM has created multiple No.1 in the field. E.g.: The first release iPhone 4s unlock card, the first universal unlock card for iPhone 4s/5, the first universal unlock card for iphone4S/5/5C/5S, the first patented unlock card brand with certification, trademark and reference, the top sales for ten consecutive years in the world. R-SIM will keep on providing the unlock card product with more comfortable using experience and easier using method. The newlyreleased product is based on customers's needs, and divided into three editions:

R-SIM9 Pro: Can work for iphone4S/5/5C/5S, it has continued R-SIM's usual style with better compatibitity and intelligent choice for foreign customers. It has added some newly-developing carriers' compatibility test. Such as: Japan new carrier Docomo (IMSI code: 4401020), USA Virgin (IMSI code: 3101200 or 3160101) USA T-Mobile (IMSI code: 3102600 or 3102605) and so on. At the same time, default universal OEM customization has been added too and makes the customized menu and default version for customers. Perfectly support iOS: 5-7. We sincerely thank the customers' company and support for our brand. R-SIM team will keep on moving!

If your iPhone IOS is 6.0-6.1.2, please do according to the following instructions.This instruction link is R-SIM Cydia Patch Have Been Released (iOS:5.01/5.1.1/6.0/6.1.2)Free R-SIM Cydia Patch Have Been Released (iOS:5.01/5.1.1/6.0/6.1.2)Free If your iPhone IOS is 6.1.3/6.1.4/7.X, because of IOS6.1.3 cant do perfect jailbreak, so it need to install the 3G active patch conecting the iPhone with PC. This instruction link is R-SIM9 Cards activation program (4G Patch) iOS:6-7.X

1. Please insert the R-SIM 9PRO and SIM card together in the iPhone, the following menu will be showed. (R-SIM 9PRO red side is back, the blue side is front)

2. Follow this step only if after inserting the RSIM, following pop up appears. Select your iphone type

3 If automatic menu does not appear, go to SETTINGS + PHONE + SIM APPLICATION.

Choose carrier. Accept the settings and restart the phone.After 20-30 seconds of startup, phone will detect the new sim carrier 4. If you phone carrier does not pop-up in the operators list, click the first option "Other carrier" to manual input the carrier code, (common operators see the code behind the code table), manual 7 digital input operator code and click on "send" (if operator code is less than 7 digits add 00.), then click "accept", restart iPhone can restart, about 5~10 seconds, appears magical signal!

5) Follow this step only if iphone shows no service instead of your service carrier. You need to install the ir0se patch using the following steps:
1st step: Connect your iPhone with WIFI(Make sure that network speed is good), and open your iPhone desktop Safari web browser :

step: Please input new patch , after that, please click GO, and then click Free


3rd step:Please click Install, and on the desktop, it will show the iconInstalling....


step:After finishing the above steps, the desktop will show complete iROse TOOL, and please click the icon

iPhone 5/4S special USIM Patch, and finally, please click OK

5th step:Please click Open, and then restart your iPhone. And now, you could use CHIP Together with carrier sim card.

And finally,

1) After patching it.

2) Go to "Setting" --> Cellular ---> Turn off Cellular 3) Put your sim and CHIP in 4) Restart the phone .

After installing patch , if it show no service , just put the sim card in the phone , wait for activation required , pull sim out , put rsim chip with sim card again into phone , reboot it , signal comes out within 20-30 seconds .

Reference only: The Newest Carrier Code Number List

Country (Canada)


Carrier Bell Fido Rogers Telus AT&T2 Sprint Verizon Wireless

Code 1 3026103 3023703 3027204 3022200 3104101 3160100 2040438 2620125 2620208 2342091 2341091 2343301 2343091 2341590 2082031 2080131 2081031 5050234 5050134 5050379 4540492 4402081 4500818 5150201 2140731 2140333 2140130 21404xx 2400232 24007xx

Code 2

(Germany) (Britain)




T-Mobile Vodafone 3 O2 Orange T-Mobile Vodafone Bouygues Orange SFR Optus Telstra Vodafone au SoftBank olleh Globe Movistar Orange Vodafone YOIGO 3 TELE2

iphone5 3101200 cspire 3112300 2620608


iphone5 4405014

(Korea) (Philippines) (Spain)




(Ireland) (Poland) (Hungary) (Austria)



(Finland) (Venezuela) (Bolivia)

Telenor Telia Orange Sunrise O2 Vodafone Orange T-Mobile T-Mobile Vodafone Orange T-Mobile A1 Telekom Nextel Telcel Iusacell Movistar China Unicom China Mobile China telecom DNA Digitel Movistar Telecel Nuevatel ENTEL

2400885 24001xx 22803XX 22802XX 2720231 2720161 26003XX 26002XX 21630XX 21670XX 2320588 2320328 2320111 3340100 3340200 3340500 3340300 4600100 4600000/4600200/4600700 4600300 2441200 7340300/7340200/7340100 7340400 7360300 7360100 7360200