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Thesis Abstract or Summary

Place this after the Table of Contents. Do not exceed 300 words. One page max. Aim to make the summar informati!e" not descripti!e. #nclude the ke points of the thesis" the main facts.

The summar is a brief outline of the thesis from beginning to end. #t focuses on the main argument. $a % &hat ou did '&hat the thesis is about(. )ow ou did it '*ethodolog ( &hat ou found out '+esults( Don,t mention ourself. -o .#/ in the summar . Do not include in the summar an thing that is -OT in the thesis. This is not the place to apologise for what ou left out0 -o mention of defects or omissions. &rite the summar last.

The best wa to do it is to read through the final draft of the thesis" and underline main points. 1ook at these ke points. +ank them in order. Place a thesis statement first" to answer the 2uestion% &hat is this thesis about3 Tr to write in the acti!e" not the passi!e. Do not sa " for example% .The importance of international cooperation is emphasised in this stud ./ $a % .#nternational cooperation has an important impact on the li!es of indigenous peoples in *alawi. This thesis explores that impact in the small !illage of 4 located 'where3(./