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For a small child their early years are an exciting time as they begin to explore the world around

them and interact with others. At Kells and Connor Primary School we provide a safe and secure environment where we help our children learn in a structured and stimulating way. Our highly ualified staff and outstanding resources allow them to learn! play! tal"! experiment and draw on real life experiences to reach their true potential. #ost importantly we encourage each child to adopt a $can do$ attitude which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

%e "now that every child is a natural learner who can be resilient! capable! confident and self assured. Children develop in individual ways at varying rates and their attitude to learning is influenced by feedbac" from others. %e use praise and encouragement as well as celebrations and rewards to encourage children to develop a positive attitude to learning. %e cherish the diversity of individuals within school and all are cherished and treated fairly. give each child every opportunity to achieve their best by planning for their individual needs.

%e want all our children to be strong and independent and develop good social s"ills. %e encourage respectful relationships between pupils! parents and teachers . %e provide fre uent! formal and informal communication to parents to establish strong wor"ing lin"s between school and home.

&arly years are organised to allow children to explore and learn securely and safety. 'earning outside offers opportunities for doing things in a different way and different scale. (t allows children to use their senses and be physically active! develop balance and coordination which supports their classroom learning.

%e aim to create an environment in which people are comfortable to say )well done* or )( need help*! where pupils see politeness as the norm. (n Kells and Connor we want pupils to experience success and to feel good about themselves as a member of the school and wider community.

%e aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is carefully structured to build on success. +eligious &ducation is provided in accordance with the agreed syllabus and is an integral part of a child*s moral education. %ithin the overall curriculum we aim to provide a balanced programme of numeracy! literacy! creative studies world around us and physical education. ,he school has been recognised for its achievements. School graded as -.ery /ood - school in last 0&1( (nspection. 'ast year in Science teaching winning the 2K +olls +oyce Science Award. 31ational 2K %inner4 Chosen 5678 1( Partnership School with Studio On to develop creative ipad activities. As a school we are committed to using technology to enhance their learning. Currently we are adopting the ipad technology throughout the school with children in all classes using the devices. ,he school is well resourced to meet the challenges of modern learning strategies. A lively! welcoming and well resourced school
library gives pupils positive experiences of boo"s! computers and other media.

%e are situated in a well resourced safe modern building 9ust outside the villages with use of the local all weather sports facilities. %atch what is going on through our website www."" or contact school 65:5;:<75=; to arrange a visit to see around school. Principal #r + #cClelland >sc 3?ons4P/C&!P@?