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1. Slovenla ls ln a dlfflculL economlc slLuaLlon and needs a broad supporL ln Lhe Slovenlan populaLlon
Lo Lackle Lhe consequences of Lhe flnanclal crlsls and Lo pursue Lhe economlc and oLher necessary
reforms Lo overcame Lhe crlsls and conclude Lhe LranslLlon. ln May 2013, Lhe Luropean Commlsslon
sLressed LhaL Lhe sLaLe of Lhe Slovenlan [udlclal sysLem ls unsaLlsfacLory. lL lmposed a serles of
correcLlve measures Lo Lhe Slovenlan governmenL.

2. Lxpresses lLs concerns regardlng Lhe condemnaLlon of Lhe resldenL of Lhe Slovenlan uemocraLlc
arLy (SuS), !anez !ansa ln flrsL lnsLance. 1akes noLe of !anez !ansa !s appeal Lo second lnsLance whlch
wlll hopefully Lake place wlLhln prescrlbed Lerm of 3 monLhs. 8emlnds LhaL Lhe guaranLee of a falr
Lrlal and presumpLlon of lnnocence as fundamenLal rlghLs. LxpecLs LhaL Lhe on-golng procedure wlll
noL lead Lo Lhe excluslon of !anez !ansa from pollLlcal compeLlLlon.

3. lnvlLes lndependenL organlsaLlons, such as Lhe Councll of Lurope and Lhe CSCL, Lo follow closely
Lhe compaLlblllLy of Lhe on-golng procedure wlLh Lhe rule of law and lnLernaLlonal sLandards.

4. 1he L fully supporLs lLs member parLy, Slovenlan uemocraLlc arLy (SuS), whlch ls a ma[or player
ln Slovenlan pollLlcs, as well as new Slovenla - ChrlsLlan uemocraLs (n.!"# %&' !()*+&"%& ,+)-(+ ./
arLy (SLS).

3. 1he L underllnes Lhe need of an lmparLlal and lndependenL [udlclary ln all Member SLaLes. ln
Lhls conLexL calls for Lhe swlfL adopLlon of rlgld lusLraLlon laws ln all Member SLaLes whlch have noL
yeL done so, as well as Lhelr Lhorough lmplemenLaLlon, and for a LransparenL and publlc scruLlny of
Lhls process.

6. Calls on Lhe Commlsslon Lo ensure LhaL publlc procuremenL procedures ln all Member SLaLes are
followlng Lhe requlremenLs lald down ln Lu law, Lhus ensurlng Lransparency and efflclency.