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MROL - maintenance and repair at operational level 6 MEOL-marine engineering at opretional level 4B EECEOL-electrical electronic and control engineering

at operational level 5 COSCPOOL -controlling the operation of ship and care for person onboard at operational level 3
Sohail Quddus 9/5 fn3 chidambaram(round 1) free surface effect, eplain it in terms of GM fresh water allowance, what happens to draught of the ship how the davits of lifeboat secured in place ORB entries enclosed space entry.. told to wait outside sekhar (round2) he got turned off seeing my written result foam extinguisher completely.... lot of cross questions... was not satisfied boiler blow down procedure al d best guys Sivanesh Rathinasamy 14.5.2013 MMD Chennai Internal Mr. Arbind chowdry F3 Free board Why tanker having less freeboard Difference between tanker and bulk Additional safety in bulk career deck Fcastle safety How pump out engine room bilge water Discharge criteria for ows Orb entries DCP compositions Cackling How to extinguish fire with dcp F4b Turbocharger for me and ae Can we use constant pressure in ae?

Fresh water generator Bumping clearance methods Purifier rpm low why Manual desludge method Roto cap How u know its rotate r not Difference between 2s and 4s F5 Single phasing Msb safety Preferential trip Airgap Synchronize and parallel Why at 12o clock position F6 Cold starting of boiler How to take Bottom end bearing clearance How to take Web deflection While Deballasting no water coming reason and action

Mgm Mariner 10\05\13 fun-4B,6 surveyor-choudry why rotocap s provided in ex. valve what happen if ex.valve not rotate how gravity disc s selected how reversing done on me explain about cpp fun-6 purifier overflow reason half part of cyli. head stud s broken inside how ll u remove it. t\c surging reasons me specification full detail that's all. just half anhour got fun6....
Dinesh Pugazhenthy 13/05/2013 fn 4b surveyor.. mr.gopi reasons,causes,actions for al the qns.. *scavenge fire *crankshaft deflection *cavitation *cloverleaf *oil mist detector *compressor safeties *lubrication of M/E and A/E result: cleared...

Karthikeyan Selvaraj 08/05/13......external: Krishna n internal :gopi.. first attempt Fn 3 what is bulbous bow ...n what r its advantages n disadvantages ,,,,in which ships its advantageous n in

whict its not ...?...i said few things he wasnt satisfied ..n started giving lecture state archemides principle .... state the laws of flotation ..... wat r type of bulkhead annex 6 in its regulation for nox n sox pollutions asked me the regulation for tankers i said him a few ..then he started asking abt the discharge criteria .....n i said him abt it tooo ..then he asked weather there is any instantaneous discharge rate for engine room bilge .....(i said no ) wat r all things do u enter in orb regarding bilge discharge how many orb r there who all signs orb .... Fn 4b tappet clearance how to take n hy its taken boiler water gauge glass showing diffrent level in both the gauge glass what u'll do ....he said not to trust any electronic equipment i said i'll blow through n he was ok with it ......... crankcase inspection all the points frm safty perspective n started giving lecture again as i was not not answering properly ........ Fn 5 whats the principle of working oftransformer ....from basic ..wasnt satisfied with just mutual had to explain it to him principle of generator working ,,,n explain it to him various trips in it ... what are the various volatages onboard n its application working of synchronoscope n dark lamp method explain n what u'll chk for all the desired parameters reverse power trip nwhat would happen if this trip doesnt work equation of voltage produced across generator fn 6 principle of centrifugal pump working scavenge fire has taken place...what parametrs will notify u abt it thats all i remember ...most of the time he was scolding me insulting ....but gave function 5 Astro Jaya Roger 06/05/2013 Gopi & - Choudray Appeared for Fn 3, 4B & 6 Very First Question What Proof Do u carry and Do u have PASSPORT or CDC With You? And the he started askiong me whats ur surname , name of college , which course i did etc ..he was cross checking with form 15 & Extn 45 Fn 3 #Started with Annex V what are the new regulations ?? #ISPS Security Levels .. and lot of cross qstns in that almost covered the whole code. #Water Ingress System Regulations #Bulbous Bow.. What is its functions #Freeboard why it is Less For tankers (He was expecting for the permeability ) nd Cross Questions in that #Components of DCP Extinguisher .. And he asked me the weight of the co2 catridge and when do u replace it ?? Fn4 #Crankcase Inspection What all will u do ??

#Excessive Consumption of Lube Oil in A/E what are the reasons?? #How Does the Power is transmitted in a Purifier ?? When a Purifier Starts it takes High current and Drops down whats the reason ?? and if it continues to indicate high current what all are the possible causes #Central Cooling System ?? Advantages and cross Questions in that Fn6 #Expansion Tank bubbling Reasons ?? What will happen when the engine stops?? #Tappet Clearance How do you measure .. lots of cross questions and asked me to draw a diagram of the entire arrangement #FWG Working.. and all of a sudden vaccum drops and what will be ur action #Boiler Blowdown Procedure?? Why Do u open the sea side valve first #Oil Is found in the hotwell how Do you isolate the Leak and what actions are to be taken.. oil Carried over to boiler what will happen ?? Thats All i remember Guys I will Post the rest as soon as i recollect ... Very Good Surveyors .. the questions were not that tough RESULT : Fn 3 & 6

Sidhikh Basha 06/05/2013 orals all functions fn3 type of ship? wat s bilge keel? wr it s located?, length of bilge keel? types of keel? purpose of collision bulk head?, windlass working, arrangement, safeties in windlass? describe annex 1 , certificates, validity of certificates? dcp extinguisher contents, how cake formation of dcp avoided, safeties in dcp, extinguisher n whr it is used? fun 4b difference btn 2stroke n 4 stroke engine wat s rotocap, how ll u find exh v/v rotates while running? purpose of gravity disc? how interface maintained in purifier without gravity disc? how to choose gravity disc? wat is bumping clearence n how to measure it? fun5 wat is single phasing? why clearence given in alternator, wat happens if clearence increase n decrease? paralleling of gen, synchroscope working, msb safeties, megger test? if motor was immersed in sw after recovery from sw wat r all things to check b4 starting. fun 6 fuel v/v overhaul, centrifugal pump overhaul, in ur watch fuel injector line bursted wat is ur action, refrigeration comp belt broken how ll u choose a belt from store, if thr s no manual for compressor. thats all fun 3 cleared

Rafi Jackson 01.05.13.. external : unnikrishnan

explain motor checks, diff fuses and CB, megger test.. and explain msb safties transmission from Msb to G/E governer how ? brushless alternator.. with AVR explain revers power trip.. earth fault checking procedure.. hw its working.. results : cleared Internal : sekarrr last 10 min.. called in his room only one question asked - how u reset air compressor breaker.. explained but he did want more.. Results : not cleared.. ((no value of external..))) .. so fnd there is no use of wasting ur energy with externals, where decision maker is internal in the end.. Aravin Takshan 6/5/13 Wat is main diff between OIL TANKER nd BULK CARRIER diff between normal & collution bulkhead what is MARPOL annex-6 ? What certificate will u carry onboard relates to this what is ISPS? Explain fully CO2 room check's? Airbottle safeties? Specification of ur alternator MSB safeties? E/R flooded ur bildge p/p not taking suction - reason / alternative way ur r starting generator & generator is not starting, wat ll u check purifier overflow? What will u check?reasons wat is rotor cap? Have u ever overhauled? Boiler gauge glass blowthrough? Result: happy wit FUNCTION 6 Senthilvel Tamilarasan 03.05.2012 FUN 3 What is Ann 5 ? wt r al new ? What I ann 6 ? wt is NOX technical file ? wt r the equipment of main engine under NOX technical file ? How to reduce the NOX of a engine for the requirement ? Wt is International shore coupling ?

Wt is SCABA & EEBD Wt is sheer strake, duct keel Raising of bilges in port what to do ? can u pump out bilges in port ? any other entry in ORB except the normal transfer ? Cargo pump room safety ? battery room safety ? . FUN 4 Wt type of engine , meaningf or the type? Difference of connecting rod in 4- stroke and 2-stroke engine ? Difference of H type connecting and round type connecting rod ? Difference of L/O in 4- stroke and 2-stroke engine? What is ignition lag? What is cetane number ? What is screen tubes and generating tubes in boiler ? Why v r using belt drive in REFER or AIR CON ? Type of rudder ? FUN 5 Alternator trip s? Lead acid and alkaline battery voltage ? sp.gravity for both in fully charged and discharged condition ? Battery room maintenance , Emer.generator running hrs , F/O topping up level , flash pint of fuel , If there is a 3 phase motor , one of the winding of the phase disconnect during running wt will happen , Wt is the diff between low and high voltage system , wt is the voltage used to measure low voltage system ? Vessel in dry dock , how will u check the phase sequence of the phase ? Then again PO SEKAR for only FUN 5 How many generator in ur ship ? Can u parallel main gen with emergency gen . Synchronising procedure ( lot of cross question ) in this I can not answer properly so he ask to come again for all fun . Vyas Srinivasan 03/05/13 INTERNAL SEKAR EXT VISWESWARAN all func collision b'head where n wat purpose annex 5 relates to wat, how do you manage garbage onboard, who is in-charge for garbage record book, wat entries are made(wat are all d codes) annex 6 , wat is the related code , what does NOx code relate to, wat all influence NOx, wat components of ME influence NOx emmisions STP regular inspections Risk assessment, giv an example after i said abt enclosed space entry, he said hw much min o2% EEBD & scba diff wat fixed FF system..expansion ratio of Co2 orb entries..who signs it wat is d unit for measuring garbage onboard

intl shore coupling wer its onboard ME details fun of puncture v/v, wen all its operated and hw does it function if fuel rack at '0' den will it affect puncture valve if one unit shows very low exh temp hw will you troubleshoot hw does exh v/v close, hw much spring air press? wat is rotocap... similar system in ME ..hw does it work wat is surging.. from the graph hw to interpret..surging only on comp side or turbine side also? wat all causes for surging why 2 springs in GE exh valve thrust block func and wat is d role of lub in it wat r the vibrations produced in a IC engine, any methods to reduce anti polishing ring honing wer its done and why hw to carrry out liner calibration if blackout hw will t/c bearings be lub turbine side water washing efficiency of plate typ over shell type type of ows hw to find leakage in shell type boiler feed pump aligning, hws it different frm other pumps type of excitation wat is LV system wat is LV for a megger den wat is hv alt trips alkaline battery emf lead acid acid emf surveyor req for alternator insulation check synchroniser.. which is better check/manual pref trip working den was asked to wait for results int called asked which college n asked who was ur external.. he has failed you in fun 5 hw do you start a ballast pump..cross q if pump doesnt start wat ul check..cross q type of steering gear on ur ship..safeties in it i started no overcurrent trip..he stopped n said tell wat is der not wat is absent so as i was saying isolation v/v ..he said its only on ram type ..tell hw its arranged in urs..i said abt low level alarm and den iso v/v activation.. he said hw does it identify which side is damaged..i said a press sensing v/v..wer? i said reservoir inlet.. he said you will have to appear can leave Pradeep Mariner

3rd may surveyor-visweswara (amet) 1.pv breaker,pv vv setting, diffrnce btwn both 2.ispp 3.tappet clearance, inlet vv and outlet vv made of same r diffrt material wts is composite piston and monoblock piston,wts trunk type engine,wt level of alklinity,chloride in blr water etc. he asked me one question wts screening tube,i m not sure tis word is right r wrong..i askd him wr its applid.he said me n boilr..wts puncture vv, spring air,hw air s distributd n engine..wts liner ovality, hw u check Basil Rajeev George 29/04/13 surveyor sekar wat is windlass and workinf of widlass and safties? engine room crane safties? plimsoll line and were it is marked? motor checks insulation resistance why if value iin megger is more than 1ohm the insulation is good? bottom end clearance boiler gauge glass blow down and safties? boiler blow down procedure paralleling of generator wat is phase? cranckase inspection centrifugal pump overhaul fuel valve overhaul synchroscope working got 5 and 6 tanx guys Vigneshwaran Mariner Function 3: Ext: Vishveshwaran sir( Amet) Int: Shekar sir External: Ispp BOD on STP Tests carried out in STP discharge IOPP & Who provides Cargo tank O2 content & Boiler O2 content Diff b/w IGS & IGG IG trips Discharge Regulation for sewage( Thorough) UMS checkings Two main factors which will not let u put UMS incase it fails, Types of rudders, Weight carried by wat? IAPP Sox content in ECA zone Nox technical file & wat it contains? What is bulbous bow

Bow thruster CO2 exp. volume EEBD & usage Cap of SCBA Wat is CLASS A bulkhead Internal Thers is the fire on my table in which i am sittting. How will u fight this fire with foam extinguishers..? i answered... Naresh Kumar Sekar All funcs External- Mr.Ganapathy from HIMT Internal-Mr.Gopi krishna questions all were easy external some how managed to get the answer from me..all practical questions all day to day stuff on board only 1.Draw steam heating coil of cargo tank or bunker tank expected to see drain v/v and asked to explain what you will do before opening steam...water hammer and stuff 2.Draw steam line from boiler to COPT with drain V/V arrangement 3.what you do before starting stripping pump of cargo tanks (again expected draining the line) 4.what all the safeties you keep in mind before staring a job for instance fuel injector overhaul of D/G--I thought too much and started but he simply expected referring manual before starting the job 5.ballast water management system, what are the new amendments--Ballast water filtering arrangement on board do you remove load from a generator when 2 are running and sharing the load 7.what is the voltage of lights used in emergency escape trunk 8.foam ratio of high expansion foam and what is the fire fighting system for deck and cargo holds many transformers are there on board? 10.what is the pressure of exhaust gas in EGE? what is pressure of boiler feed pump? how it is feeding to boiler even if pressure of pump is less than that of boiler pressure many fire extinguishers on board? 12.what type of fire extinguisher near boiler, purifier room, and several other places? 13.what do you check on boiler and M/E on your E/R rounds? 14.where all possibility of lube oil leak in M/E? much waste oil is generated on board per day? and what do you do with it? that's all I remember..questions all were too simple but couldn't answer well due to lack of presence of mind and tension at that bad finally Mr.Gopi called and asked why you didnt prepare well and asked about air gap in D/G..I explained and so he gave func5...preparing last minute and lack of confidence were the reasons I failed!! I am jus sharing my experience guys.. have to prepare well in advance for next attempt..

Mathan Mariner Mr.Sekar and Mr Venugobal ( Chennai) Fun 3 Ism,Doc,Smc,Interim Doc and Smc, After What inspection Doc will be given to Company? Angle of LOLL and how to correct it? Fixed fire fighting system onboard, Maintenance of Co2 system, how many bottles onboard and bottle

calculation? Portable Fire extinguisher( Dcp, all regulations and draw and explain including Sodium Bicarbonate Chemical Formula) Co2 room entry and checks IG System all trips and alarms, how to adjust oxygen percent if goes high Striker Plate and material, Why same material used? What ammendment came on July 2005 to reduce engine room fire hazard? Discharge criteria for bilge water and Cargo oil residues? New ammendments in Annex 5 Func 4b Scavenge Fire indication,Action and Safety devices Boiler Blowdown procedure ME Safeties Air Compressor Safeties and What s unloader? FWG PRinciple and what will happen if vacuum reduces? Stuffing Box Purpose and Explain Piston Ring Purpose, Material and where Axial Thrust is transmitted? What are all the fire fighting medium near boiler? What is TBN and Value for Cylinder oil, Crankcase oil( ME,GE) Mr Tambetkar and Mr Vinoth Kumar( Mumbai ) Fun 5 Megger, Multimeter, Tong tester and Values Single Phasing and What will happen, Safety devices Dol Starter diagram and Explain Avr and Explain What type of Starter mostly used onboard? Type of Fuses and Rating Star delta connection diagram Fun 6 ME Decarb Explanation Boiler Water tests and Values Reason for GE Lo pressure dropping suddenly? If bursting disc busts when Manuevring What will u do? Boiler gauge glass showing low level what will u do? Gopinath Manickavelu suryayer shaker fun 6. bottom end bearing clearence tappet clearence latern ring purpose boiler trips low level stimulation and several cross quetions on each Muthu Mech 01/05/2013 what ill you do if there is no water in boiler gauge glass in what are all the areas fire can occur in engine room

turbocharger lubrication power factor switchboard safeties relay avr about hp pipe tappet clearence how ill u control pressure in the boiler boiler water testing fixed fire fighting system exhaust valve operation gravity disc in purifier manual desluding method(procedure) ism solas regulations thats all i remember dude.. surveyour venugopal got function 6 Sivakumar Raj this quest is attended by my frnd surveyor :vunnikrishnan funct :4,3 engine type lube oil line back wash filter wat is back wash type of scavenge wat type was in ur ship type of t/c wat was in ur ship wat type of t/c for main engine and aux engine types of turbo charging which is best and y? test in chain drive funct 3 how many container in ur ship ur ship had hatch coaming how will u lift it wat is hatch coaming solas ch 10? safety of navigation which chpt? about fire which chapt? told him tat did nt prepare well better luck next time Naveen Kumar Class 4 orals. Functions applied 4 & 5. New surveyor, chidambarum sir & one more surveyor (dono his name). Function 4: *Wat type of engine worked on? *explain full process how exhaust valve works? *how much is the operating hydraulic pressure in exhaust valve?

*how the exhaust valve get closed? *wats the pressure at air spring? *explain cyl lubrication how it works? *wat are swirl type lubrication? *at wat movement of piston cyl oil is injected? *explain the full steps involved in purifier from starting to end (desludge)? *wats is g-hidden system in self ejector purifier? *where is back pressure v/v fitted in refrigeration system? *how back pressure v/v purpose? *how u will find a stuffing box is leaking? *will vaccum be created in incinerator and wats the purpose of blower fitted at top of the incinerator? Function 5: *wats AVR and wat is its function & working? *wats o.c & s.c (open circuit & short circuit)? *wats single phasing? *explain synchronouscope? *msb safeties and their internal safeties provided? *alternator safety trips? *explain reverse power trip ? *explain fuse and its type? *why air gap is maintained in alternator.wat will happen when it increases or decreases? *how to increase cleareance of air gap? *how to carry megger test in alternator? Result: function 5 cleared. Sivakumar Raj 1/5/2013,surveyor :vunnikrishnan ,fun 4,5,6 type of ship reversing of ur engine lub oil line how telescopic using for crosshead lubrication exhaust valve closing mechanism scavenge fire reason wat will be ur action crank case explosion reason how u will come to know working of oil mist detector 4 stroke piston lubrication tappet clearance how will u test leaking compressor valve compressor safeties working of bursting disc wats the pressure will burst inter cooler after cooler function.. main engine safeties... funct5 wats ur generator wat s parralling how u will do he was asking while explaining parreling dg how much kw u will keep i said each dg 240 he said u dnt knw so u r bluffing, i said as my ship dg 33 years old we wont keep more but he did nt agree

and left funct 5 result did nt get any funct..

Hemanath Kumar 30.04.2013 Mr. Ramanujam(HIMT) and surveyor 1. all about ur ship details 2. LOA, free board , and many question from my ship 3. Fuel oil tank survey in ur ship.. chief engineer informs u wat wil u do? 4. draw d fuel oil tank diagram(i said, i m not sure of it) 5.can u mix two grades of fuel in cargo tank ?(Many cross question regarding tat nearly 10 quest) Function 5: (all like case study) 1. u whr given 2 hour notice b4 1 hour u get a earth fault alarm.. wat will u do? 2. electrical officer asks u t take insulation test on fuel oil transfer pump , u are on sailing.. wat wil u do? 3. chief engineer calls u nd tels to make arrangement for survey on MSB.. wat al wil u check? 4. 2nd engineer asks u to take generator onload ?(starting from first lik blow thru incoming gene nd so) 5. how did u off load running generator on ur ship? 6. how many generators u had onboard nd full info regarding it 7. safties on MSB 8. Reverse current trip 9. explain ACB nd maintanance part on ACB 10. Trips on IG 11. trips on Alternator 12. preferential trips (NOTE; guys i do remember only this much wil update u soon .. all case study lik starting frm safety u have to proceed... rest all other questions had atlest 3 minimum cross questions lik how this happens nd for wat reason) cleared function 5.. thank u ppl :)

Vijay Kumar 30.4.13 surveyor gopi krishnna and ramanujam appeared for funcion 3,4b,6 1. type of ship 2. engine specificaition 3. how many cargo holds in ur ship,each hold having how much capaciy many ballast tank n ur ship...for each cargo hold how many ballast tank and capacity of each tank 5.capacity of al fuel oil tank 6.were is fire emergency pump located 7. how many succpers are provided in main me in three important place were the scccpers are provided in main deck which place u sailed and whts d sea emperaure..... 9. the ship ice ship means some symbols are provided whs tht symbol , in ship which place they will provided th symbol 10. how many deck isolation valve will provided n deck,,, normally it will in open or closed conditions 11. hogging and sagging and draw and show me 12. draw tank, exact position of sounding pipe. sriking plate.filling line,vent, gauge glass

in 4b only asked abt pumps in tht many cross questions in 6 how to overhaul the spare exhaust valve procedure as per manual heater is provided before or after purifier thats al i remembered one thing if funcion 3 is there means they are starting from tat only so study the basic things in safeyand naval defenitions

Puhal Sailor 29-04-2013 K.R.Chidambaram function 3; ig system(full), pv valve, pv breaker, mast riser wt is fire plan. isolating valve purpose. fire station. wt are possible causes for fire in manifold. pump room entry procedure. pump room safeties. type of fixed fire fighting system in your ship. free surface effect. free board- why tanker have less freeboard. function 4b; boiler gauge glass safety. boiler blowdown procedure. hunting gear and floating leaver. starting of main air compressor. alcap purifier- transducer boiler safety v/v- (full). m/e interlocks, alrams in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Antony Manesh surveyor gopikrishnan,chidambaram fun 3,4b,5 type of ship u worked what is a torsion box , purpose and location(to give torsinal strength in containerships near hatches) free surface effect(expects the word virtual reduction in metacentric height) new regulatons to marpol that com into force after jan1 2013 turbocharger surging how water formed in the aircooler seperator removed boiler guage glass safeties testing of all fire detectors

garbage regulations diffrences between inlet valve and exhaust valve .how will u find which one is which when mixed up connecting rod bolts renewal period 20000hrs arrangement in connecting rod of 4s engine to reduce fatige.(serrations to increse area) tube light workin(purpose of ballast,starter) how tube light functins even after removing starter and its working circuit(refer mcgeorge and t hall) zener diode,explain its working(expects to say abt reverse breakdown) avr principle,and types and working life boat launchin, how its supported and learn what ever there is to know abt lie boat,failed bcoz of it) diffrence between life boat and rescue boat..