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GLS1O Grade 9 Learning Strategies (Numeracy), Open Teacher: Lange Assistant Curriculum Leader: A. Chor Prerequisite: None COURSE DESCR PT O! This course ocuses on !earning strategies to he!p students become better" more independent !earners. Students #i!! be gi$en $arious opportunities to de$e!op and app!% !iterac% and numerac% s&i!!s" persona! management s&i!!s" and interpersona! and team#or& s&i!!s to impro$e their !earning and achie$ement in schoo!" the #or&p!ace" and the communit%. The course emphasi'es the de$e!opment o basic numerac% s&i!!s or the grade ( mathematics (app!ied) program" and he!ps students bui!d con idence and moti$ation to pursue opportunities or success in secondar% schoo! and be%ond. TE"T#OO$: )ap C!osing* +ntermediate,Senior. -. Sma!!. .dugains" 2011. RE%U RED &ATER ALS

Revision Date: September 2013 Credit Value: One (1) Credit

3/7ing 8inder

Scienti ic Ca!cu!ator

9riting :tensi!s

)ap C!osing 9or&boo&

CO&&U! CAT O! O' STUDE!T AC( EVE&E!T Student progress and achie$ement are communicated to the students on an on/going basis through* interim progress reports" student/teacher con erences" $erba!,#ritten eedbac&s" dai!% practices" ormati$e assessments" and summati$e e$a!uations. See student agenda or detai!ed in ormation on mid/term and ina! reporting o student achie$ement o curricu!um e0pectations and !earning s&i!!s. Learning is the responsibi!it% o the students. + students e0perience an% &ind o di icu!t% #ith their studies" access to remedia! he!p is a$ai!ab!e rom the teacher b% arrangement. The teacher ma% contact parents,guardians regarding an% concerns about student progress and achie$ement. A parent,guardian ma% contact the teacher regarding an% concern or issue about student progress and achie$ement in person (pre erab!% b% appointment)" or b% phone (112) 3(1/3130.

ACCO&&ODAT O!S 'OR E"CEPT O!AL A!D ESL)ELD STUDE!TS Appropriate accommodations or e0ceptiona! and .SL,.L4 students are pro$ided b% the teacher o!!o#ing recommendations as out!ined in each identi ied student5s +ndi$idua! .ducation 6!an (+.6) and,or Annua! .ducation 6!an (A.6). See student agenda or more in ormation. ASSESS&E!T)EVALUAT O! The assessment,e$a!uation in this course ma% consist o a combination o the o!!o#ing* -ini/Test,Tests Noteboo& 6ro;ects,6resentations Assignments Cu!minating Acti$it% 9ritten .0am


GLS1O1 Course Outline

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See student agenda or detai!ed in ormation on schoo! po!icies regarding attendance" absences" !ate" home#or&" !ate assignments" missed #or&,e$a!uations" and academic integrit%. SU&&AT VE EVALUAT O! Summati$e e$a!uation is represented b% a percentage grade #hich is a #eighted a$erage o the our achie$ement categories as out!ined in the Ontario curricu!um documents* Achievement Cate3ories Percenta3e Aei3htin3s Ano#!edge 30> Thin&ing 1@> Communication App!ication 20> 2@> Learning S&i!!s 10>

Term Evaluation ,-./0:

Unit 1 8

To5ic &easurement 7 8D9 com5osite sha5es !um:er Sense 7 'ractions9 Decimals9 nte3ers9 Po;ers < Roots9 5ercenta3es,use o= calculators0 Pro5ortional Reasonin3 Al3e:raic E25ressions < Solvin3 Equations9 su:stitutions *ra5hin3 ,5lottin3 5oints and introduce linear relations0 *eometr4 ,an3les9 8D sha5es0

A55ro26 Time 20 ?ours 2@ ?ours

Evaluations -ini/Tests (On/going)/#t. 10 :nit Test (.nd o unit)/#t. 20 -ini/Tests (On/going)/#t. 10 :nit Test (.nd o unit)/#t. 20

1 > ? @

20 ?ours 1@ ?ours 1@ ?ours 1@ ?ours

-ini/Tests (On/going)/#t. 10 :nit Test (.nd o unit)/#t. 20 -ini/Tests (On/going)/#t. 10 :nit Test (.nd o unit)/#t. 20 -ini/Tests (On/going)/#t. 10 :nit Test (.nd o unit)/#t. 20 -ini/Tests (On/going)/#t. 10 :nit Test (.nd o unit)/#t. 20

'inal Evaluation ,1./0: =ina! e$a!uations co$er a!! strands and o$era!! curricu!um e0pectations o the course" across a!! our achie$ement categories. 'inal E2am Culminatin3 Activit4 20> 10> .nd o course .nd o course

+ ha$e read the abo$e in ormation and + understand the e0pectations o this course. Student Signature* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 6arent,)uardian Signature* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<