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(a) automatic system configuration

(b) less interference
(c) multiple device handling (the system
allows expansion boards to take
complete of the bus for certain
(d) greater data
transfer rates (e) all

of the above.

1586 All the instructions and procedures




(e) none of the

1587.In serial, asynchronous transmissions, the

.......... bit is used to signal the end of the

character within the data frame (a) start (b)


(c) parity (d) data

(e) none of the

1588. The term MIPS refers to ..........

(a) millions of instructions per second (b)

multiple instructions per second (c)

megabytes of instructions per seconds

(d) millions of input processor set (e) multi1589.

Which selection below best describes the term
data processing?

(a) The collection of information or data

(b) The distribution of information or data
(c) The manipulation of information
(d) The storage of information or data (e)
None of the above.
1590. The original ASCII code used ..........
bits of each byte, reserving that last bit for
error checking

ed to start up a c omputer, to the (a)

tit can load a n op erating system, (b
ored in ROM chi s. In IBM com(
le PCs this is
ed the ..........

GATE-Computer Science & Engineering

1591. Which company is the biggest player in the

microprocessor industry?

(a) Motorola (b) IBM (c)

Intel (d) AMD (e) Cyrix.
1592. Communication ports are found on the back of
micro computers. They are used to connect the
computer to ..........

printers modems

other hardware all of

the above none of

the above.

1593. What is a portion of memory that serves as a

temporary repository for data as it waits for
a given action? (a) Memory pool (b) Cache

(c) Processor (d) Processor pool

(e) Bank.
1594. What process prepares the magnetic surface of a
disk by creating concentric circles, called tracks,
around the disk? (Each track is further divided
into pic-shaped sections called sectors) (a)
tracking (b) formatting

(c) copying (d) sectioning (e) none of the

1595. Which of the following are different types of
ROM chips? (Choose three) (a) PPROM (prompt
programmable ROM)

(b) PROM (programmable ROM) (c)

EPROM (erasable PROM)
EEPROM (electronically erasable
(e) None of the above.
1596. Click on the graphic and determine what
type of bus connector is identified?

(a) 8-bit ISA (b) 16-bit ISA (c) MCA

(d) EISA
(e) None of the above.
(a5 (b)
(c 7 (d)
(e) 4.

Number Representation and Computer Organization

1597. A .......... is simply an arrangement

where multiple disk drives appear as
a single disk drive to the user

(a) disk
(b) disk
(c) bunch of disks
(d) disk pack
(e) spanned
1598. The storage subsystem in a micro computer
consists mainly of .......... or ..........
media, with varying capacities (a)
memory (b) magnetic

(c) optical (d) video (e) none of

the above.

1599. Which of the following bus types are used

by the Apple Macintosh computer?

(a) ISA (b) NuBus (c) EISA

(d) MCA (e) PCI Bus.
1600. Today's SIMMs boast access speeds of

(a) 60 nano
seconds (b) 70nano seconds
(c) 80 nano
seconds (d) 90nano seconds
(e) none of the
1601. Which of the following statement is false?

(a) Generally,
computers don't make
(b) Computers eliminate jobs (c)
Computers-can think

(d) Maths is
necessary to understand
compute. s
(e) None of the above.
1602. Computers are incapable of emotional
feelings. However, some people attribute
human like emotions to inanimate objects
including computers. What is it called?

(a) Anthropogenesis (b)



(d) Cybernetics
(e) None of the
1603. When did the EISA consortium
'Gang of Nine' come into being in USA?

(a) 1988 (b) 1989 (c) 1974

(d) 1992 (e) None of the

1604. Who is considered the 'father' of the

mini computer and one of the
founder fathers of the modern
computer industry world-wide?

(a) George
(b) Kenneth H. Olsen
(c) Seymour Cray (d)
Basic Pascal

(e) None of the above.

1605. When did IBM close the
last of its punched cardmanufacturing plant? (a)

(b) December, 1984 (c)

March, 1982 (d)
November, 1979 (e)
None of the above
(ahuge deposits of silicon are found


many silicon chip

manufacturing firms are located

(cSanta visit it every

) Claus


it is full of large grain sand

none of the above.


1607. Who observed, "future wars will

start in the circuits of computers
rather than in the minds of men"?

(a) Joseph Weizenbaum (b)

General Alexander Haig (c)

Arthur C. Clarke

Duncan Campbell (e)
None of the above.

1608. The retrieval of information from the

computer is defined as

(a) collection of data

(b) data retrieval operations (c)
(d) data output collection (e)
none of the above.
1609. A CPU's processing power is measured in

(a) IPS (b) CIPS

MIPS (d) nanod (e) none of the above.

E 1610. The central processor of a modem digital

computer consists of

(a) control
(b) primary memory
(c) control unit and primary memory (d) all of
the above
(e) none of the above.
1611. A visual display unit or terminal (a) is, a
dumb terminal

(b) can possess either graphic or alphanumeric

capabilities, but not both
(c) must be located at the site of the CPU
(d) is the most popular
inputdevice used today in direct-
access processing
(e) none of the above.
1612. Most of the errors blamed on
computers are
actually due to

(a) programming errors (b)

hardware fatigue
(c) defects in floppy disks (d)
data entry errors
(e) none of the above.
GATE-Computer Science & Engineering

1614. The status of all data handled by a DP

center is determined by a

(a) data number (b) control

number (c) reference
number (d) item number
(e) none of the above.
1615. Which was the first super computer purchased by
India for medium range weather forecasting?
(b) Cray XMP-14 (c)
(d) CDC Cyber 930-11
(e) None of the above.
1616. When did Hewlett-Packard Inc. introduce
its first HP- 110 laptop computer? (a)
1984 (b) 1986

(c) 1990 (d) 1995 (e) None of the

1617. What is the title of the first book written by a
computer and published by Warner Books in

(a) The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (b)

The Multiple Man
(c) The Nine Billion Names of God (d) The
Policeman's Beard is Half Constructed
(e) None of the above.
1618. Who introduced the world's first file server LAN
called Netware and when? (a) Lotus
Development Corpn., 1983 (b) Novel Inc., 1983

(c) HCL Computers Ltd., 1984

(d) Wang labs. Inc., 1982
(e) None of the above.
1613. A programme written in machine 1619. When did IBM announce its IBM XT
language is called micro computer?
(a) assembler (b) object (a) 1986 (b) 1983
(c) computer (d) machine (c) 1989 (d) 1970
(e) none of the above. (e) None of the above.
Number Representation and Computer Organization

1620. Which company announced the first IBM

PC clone, the MPC?

(a) Columbia Data Products

(b) Compaq Computer Inc.
(c) Carona Systems
(d) Honeywell Bull Inc.
(e) None of the above.
1621. The first IBM PC was released in the market in
1981. Which microchip did it use?

(a) Intel 8088 (b) Intel 4004

(c) Z 8086 (d) Motorola 6502 (e)
None of the above.
1622. Who developed the first personal computer
spreadsheet package called Visicalc?

(a) Niklaus Wirth (b)

Dan Bricklin (c) Bob
Frankston (d) Both
(b) and (c) (e) None of
the above.
1623. Can you name the first guided weapon in
the world which used as a programmable
digital computer?

(a) Sting Ray Torpedo

(b) Mk 46 Torpedo
(c) Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM)
(d) Tomahawk Missile
(e) None of the above.
Who marketed the world's first pocket
calculator called `Executive' which made
world h..adlines in 1972?

(a) Charles Tandy (b)

Sir Clive Sinclair (c)
Steve Wozniak (d)
(e) None of the above.
1625. Which bank was the first to introduce
ATMs to the world and when?

(a) Standard Chartered Bank,

1978 (b) Bank of America, 1968

(c) Citibank,
(d) Hongkong Bank,
1972 (e) None of the
1626. The first mini computers were developed
and built in 1965 by

(c) Digital equipment corporation (DEC)
(d) Hewlett Packard (e)
none of the above.
1627. Name the two persons who were the first
to develop a model of the microprocessor

(a) Marcian Ted Hoff

(b) Victor Poor
(c) Harry Pyle
(d) both (b) and (c)
(e) none of the
1628. Which was the first computer to use
transistors instead of vacuum tubes? (a)

(b) Burroughs B101

(c) Datamatic1000
(d) IBM-1401
(e) None of the above.
1629. A microprocessor integrates the arithmetic logic
and control circuitry of a computer into one
chip. The first microprocessor was built by a
group of engineers at the Intel Corpn. Can
you tell who headed this group?

(a) Victor Poor (b)

Stan Mazor
(c) Marcian E. (Ted) Hoff
(d) Seymour Cray
(e) None of the above.
1630. The first disk drive system which had fifty 24inch
magnetic disks capable of storing about 5
million characters of information was called
328 GA TE-Computer Science & Engineering
(c) ROM (d) ROMA
(e) none of the above.
Howard Aiken
Grace Murray Hopper
1631. The first large commercial magnetic (e) None of the above.
disk storage device was introduced in 1636. Which was the first company in the
1956 by world to build computer for sale?
Victor Poor
Digital Equipment Corporation
International Business Machines
Remington Rand Corporation
English Electric Computers Ltd.
none of the above.
Sperry Univac
None of the above.

1632. In early electronic computers, vacuum tubes were

used as the storage media, later on, they were
replaced by small doughnut-shaped pieces of
magnetic material called magnetic cores. Can
you tell which of the following electronic stored-
program computers was the first to use this core

(a) IBM 701 (b)

(c) Burroughs F-l0l (d)
(e) None of the above.
1633. What was the name of the first stored program
electronic computer which was built in 1949 at
Cambridge University in England?

(a) EDVAC (b) EDSAC (c)

UNIVAC (d) MARK-I (e) None
of the above.
1634. The first electromechanical computer Mark-I was
invented by

(a) John W. Mauchly (b)

Atanasoff-Berry (c)
Howard Aiken (d) Clifford
(e) none of the
1635. Who amongst the following is credited with the
building of the first operational stored program

(a) Maurice V. Wilkes (b)

J.P. Eckert
I~ II ,~I I IL[ it 0 l,~a~l swr r ri $

1637. The first major electronic analog computer

called the differential analyzer was built at
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(MIT) in the late 1920's. Can you tell who
directed the development of this computer?

(a) J.P. Eckert

(b) Thomas J. Watson (c)
A.M. Turing
(d) Vannevar
(e) None of the above.
1638. The first practical commercial typewriter was im
~7nted in 1867 in the United States by

(a) Christopher Latham Sholes (b)

Carlos Glidden
(c) Samuel Soule (d) all of
the above (e) none of the
1639. Mark the wrong statement regarding Atanasoff-
Berry computer. It was first computer to

(a) incorporate electronic logic circuits

(b) perform its operations in binary (c) use
vacuum tubes to store information
(d) work as
a general purposecomputer
(e) none of the above.
1640. Who is credited with the development of the
"blueprints" for the first digital computer?
Number Representation and Computer Organization

(a) Blaise Pascal

(b) William Seward Burroughs
(c) Charles Babbage
(d) Herman Hollerith (e)
None of the above.
1641. Charles Babbage, Professor of Mathematics
at Cambridge University in
England, was an eccentric and quick-
tempered man. He planned and dreamt
of many machines which he could not
complete. One such machine was known
as "Babbage's Folly". Can you tell the
technical name of that machine? (a)
Differential engine

(b) Differential analyzer (c)

Analytical engine (d) Mark-I

(e) None of the

1642. ENIAC (Electronic numerical integrator
and calculator) had huge advantage
over Mark I because it used
electronic valves in place of the
electromagnetic switches. In the
beginning, ENIAC was used for
calculating the path of artillery
shells. For which other weapon
design was it utilized?

(a) Hydrogen bomb (b)

Atom bomb

(d) Fighteraircraft
(e) None of the
1643. What was the total number of UNIVAC-I
sold eventually and by which company?

30, British Tabulating Machine Co.

40, International Business Machines
(c) 48, Remington Rand
(d) 40, International Computer Ltd.
(e) None of the
1644. Very small and cheap computer built in to
many home devices is called .........

computer (a) main frame (b)

mini (c) micro (d) super (e)

none of the above.

1645. Thick-film ICs use ......... technique (a)

screen printing

(b) cathode sputtering (c)


(d) hybrid
(e) none of the
1646. The person contributing the idea of the
stored program was

(a) John von Neumann (b)

Charles Babbage (c)
Howard Aiken
(d) Basic Pascal
(e) none of the above.
1647. Multiprogramming was made possible by

(a) input/output units that operate independently of

the CPU
(b) operating system (c)
both (a) and (b) (d)

neither (a) nor (b) (e)

none of the above.

1648. An advantage of a distributed word

processing network is

(a) increased number of reports handled

(b) less delay in interoffice communications
(c) greater corporate control over outputs
(d) all of the above (e)
none of the above.
1649. A software package generally used within a
distributed word processing system is

(a) ATMS (b) Pascal (c) RPG (d)

DBMS (e) none of the above.
1650. A characteristic normally associated
with a large-scale computer system is
1 115 ":eue1" i' 111"107 i n r 1.11M .1 1. V111 11M nau iui i 11, 1 .1AE


(a) real-time processing

(b) a complex array of 1/0 devices
(c) a CPU of 1000 K
(d) all of the above (e) none
of the above.
1651. Because it can function in more ways than a line

printer, the IBM 6670 is sometimes referred to

as a (n)

(a) plotter

(b) dot matrix printer (c)

intelligent printer (d)
photostatic copier (e)
none of the above.
1652. The EAM device that does not use a control

(a) collator (b) reproducer

interpret (d) sorter
(e) none of the above.

1653. The checking operation performed on input data

is called the

(a) validation of data (b)

verification of data (c)
cross check
(d) control of data
(e) none of the above.
1654. The subdivision of fields is
(a) always done to give the programmer greater
(b) dependent on the programminglanguage used
(c) never accomplished on fields
containing numeric data

(d) all of the above (e)

none of the above.
1655. The card type that requires you to return a
portion of it with payment is the

(a) receipt
card (b)
document card
(c) stub card
(d) acknowledgement card (e) none
of the above.
t I 1

GATE-Computer Science & Engineering

1656. All of the following became popular

during the fourth generation of computers

(a) mini computers (b)

semiconductors (c) CRT
(d) personal computers (e) all
of the above.
1657. dBASE-III was developed by

(a) DEC (b) IBM

(c) Ashton-Tate (d) all of the above
(e) none of the

1658. Program execution time would be minimum if the

programs are written in

(a) machine language (b)

assembly language (c) high
level language (d) all of the
(e) none of the
1659. The 68000 series of microprocessor are from

(a) DEC (b) INTEL

(c) HP (d) all of the above (e) none of the
1o60. Who is believed to have formulated the idea of
stored program which made computers run

(a) John Van Neumann (b)

John W Mauchly (c) Charles
Babbage (d) All of the above
(e) None of the above.
1661. Any file in which insertion of
new records or deletion of old
records occurs at a high rate isreferred to as

(a) a volatile file (b) a

sequential file
(c) a random access file (d)
all of the above
(e) none of the above.
1662. Baud, the unit for measuring data transmission
speed, is equal to
Number Representation and Computer Organization

(a) 1-bit per second (b) I

byte per second (c) 2
bytes per second (d) all of
the above (e) none of the
1663. Which was the most popular first gen

(a) IBM 1650 (b) IBM 360

(c) IBM 1130 (d) IBM 2700
(e) None of the above.

1664. PARAM is a

(a) DBMS package (b)

parallel computer

(c) programming language

(d) parallel random access memory
(e) none of the above.
1665. What is the name of the computer
which was first used for programming
and playing of music?

(a) ILLIAC (b)

(d) All of the above (e)
None of the above.
1666. Frequency range used in satellite communication
is of the order of

(a) kHz (b) MHz (c) GHz (d) NHz

(e) none of the above.
1667. Modern EPABX use

(a) space division multiplexing

(b) time division multiplexing (c)
frequency multiplexing

(d) all of the above (e)

none of the above.
1668. Which of the following type of group
cannot be created with Lotus 1-2-3? (a)

(c) Pie
(d) All of theabove (e) None
of the above.
1669. Network topology, consisting of nodes attached
in a ring, without a host computer, is known as

(a) star (b) ring

(c) bus (d) tree (e)
none of the above.
1670. Which one is associated with networks?

(a) Download, node (b) Star

topology (c) Point-to-point
(d) Both (a) and (b) (e) None
of the above.
1671. For communications, wide area networks use

(a) special purpose telephone wires (b)

fibre optic cables and microwaves (c)
leased line
(d) both (a) and (b) (e) none of the
above. 1672. WAN hardware

(a) multiplexors and routers

(b) EDI
(c) bridges and modems
(d) all of the above
(e) none of the above.
1673. E-mail

(a) cannot address many recipients who are

part of the e-mail system (b) does not back the

protection given to first class mail (c)

always uses an electronic bridge to send a
message to someone using another e-mail


(d) all of the above (e) none

of the above.
1674. Data transfer rate in modems is measured

(a) bits per minute

(b) bits per second
FH.'i 11jW1 "1R V 0 , 416 1H"W4 ~w~wO11Mw~�ww~n~1 *11/1A~pleu~N . -rya


(d) all of the above (e)

none of the above.
1675. Which of the following terms does not describe a
database structure used by a

DBMS to link data from several (a) files?


(c) Network
(d) All of the above (e)
1676. The larger the RAM of a computer, the
faster its processing speed is, since i
eliminates t

(a) need for external memory (b)

need of ROM
(c) frequent disk I/O's
(d) need for wider
data path (e) none ofthe above.
1677. What is the name of the temporary data storage
area between a peripheral device and the CPU
which compensates for the difference between
their speeds?

GATE-Computer Science &

Engineering (d) indirect access

(e) none of the

1680. What is the responsibility of the logical unit in the
CPU of a computer?

(a) To produce result (b) To

compare numbers
(c) To control flow of information (d) To do
maths work
()N fth b

1681. The temporary or volatile memory of a

computer is erased when the computer is
turned-off. Accordingly, the computer
user before turning-off the machine

must transfer anything in the memory

which is important to

(a) control unit

(b) ALU
(c) CPU
(d) permanent memory (e)
none of the above.
1682. Processing capability of a micro computer can be
enhanced with the help of

(a) Backing storage (a)

Main storage
Temporary storage
(e) None of the above. (e)

1678. The CPU of a computer operates at a much higher

rate than peripherals. How is the operating speed
difference between the two reduced?

By using matching peripherals
With the help of buffer memory
By using interrupt line

By using parallel input/output

None of the above.

1679. When any part of memory can be read equally

quickly, it is called

(a) random access (b)

sequential access (c)
virtual access
addition processor
expansion cards
secondary memory
buffer memory none of
the above.

1683. Before the Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) of a

computer can perform arithmetic and logic
operations; it must first transfer the data from
primary memory to


read only memory


control unit

ALU registers

secondary memory

none of the above.
1684. Often computer users have information in two
different files which they want to combine in one
common file. When the two files are combined
one after the other and end to end it is called (a)
sorting (b) merging
Number Representation and Computer Organization

(c) searching (d) concatenating (e)

none of the above.

1685. What is the common method used by low-

megaflop computers for high speed data


1690. The newly inaugurated computer centre

at Jamia Millia as a part of the lndoUS
research project in particle physics uses
Magnum multi-RISC computer. What is
the range of speed in MIPS at which this
computer operates?

(a) Print spooling (b) Cycle stealing (a) 100 to 250 (b) 250 to 500
(c) Looping (d) Multiplexing (c) 500 to 1000 (d) 25 to 100
(e) None of the above. (e) None of the above.

1686. The hardware components of a modem

digital computer are connected to each
other (logically and physically) by a
number of parallel wires. What are these
wires called?

(a) Cable (b) Bus

(c) Line (d) Conductor (e)
None of the above.
1687. Whenever a peripheral is being controlled by
the CPU, it is said to be online. If additionally,
the computer files are updated as soon as any
change takes place, the system is called

(a) quick processing system (b)

batch processing system (c) real
time system
(d) remote processing
system (e) none of the
In time sharing a computer is used by
many people at the same time. How are
different users linked to the computer?

(a) By satellite
(b) By direct cables (c)
By telephone lines (d)
Either of the above (e)
None of the above.
1689. Which of the following is not an example of
time shared real time processing?

1691. In some computer applications, the data is

processed almost simultaneously as it is
generated. What is this processing called?

(a) Simultaneous processing

(b) Real time processing (c)
Instantaneous processing (d)
Quick processing
(e) None of the above.
1692. A multiprogramming system is one that can
(a) run very fast
(share hardware resources with
b many programs simultaneously

(c) compute many programs simultaneously

(d) use many operating systems

(e) none of the above.
1693. Which tasks is not suited for sequential
processing by a computer?

(a) Preparing of
mailing labels (b)
Processing payroll
Accounting for credit card
(d) Inventory
control (e) None
instruction series of

(a) Train reservation


l's and 0's Boolean

(b) Airline reservation


(c) Seat booking

algebra logic


(d) Batch processing


theorems none of the

(e) None of the above.

HUI f "' 11' AFl111">~, ,~~"1~11/i 1~I +ww11~1, 0 ,I� L L11111.IY


1695. How many types of arithmetic operations does

the ALU of all computer perform?

(a) 4 (b) 2 (c) 5 (d) 8 (e)

I None of the above.
1696. Collection of commands is called (a)
information (b) program

(c) file (d) data processing (e) none of the

1697. ALU of a central processing unit does the
essential maths work for the computer. What
does the control unit do? (a) Communicates
its results

(b) Activates the output device

(c) Monitors the flow of information (d)
Control the printer
(e) None of the above.
1698. The most expensive component in a computer
system is its

(a) hardware (b)

peripherals (c)
(d) external storage (e)
none of the above.
1699. All calculations are performed and all
comparisons are made in

(a) control unit

(b) arithmetic-logic unit (c)
central processing unit (d)
primary storage unit (e) none of
the above.

1700. A certain 'computer hardware component does

not process the data itself but acts as a central
nervous system for other data manipulating
components. What is it called?

(a) ALU (b)

(c) Control
(d) Secondary storage (e)
None of the above.
GATE-Computer Science & Engineering
1701. Floppy disks which are made from flexible
plastic material are also called? (a)
Hard disks

(b) High-density
disks (c) Diskettes
(d) Templates
(e) None of the above.
1702. Which part
of the diskette should never be

(a) Hub (b) Centre (c) Oval slot (d)

Corner (e) None of the above.
1703. Regarding a VDU, which statement is more

(a) It is an output device (b) It is an

input device (c) It is a peripheral
device (d) It is a hardware item (e)
None of the above.
1704. What is the name of computer terminal which
gives paper printout?

(a) Display screen (b) Soft

copy terminal (c) Hard copy
terminal (d) Plotter
(e) None of the above.
1705. A small film-plate which is used for microfilming,
the output from a microcomputer screen is called

(a) microfilm (b) microfiche (c) film

card (d) COM
(e) none of the above.
1706. What does a `dumb' terminal essentially consists

(a) Keyboard and

microprocessor (b)
Keyboard and VDU
(c) Microprocessor and VDU (d) Keyboard
and printer
(e) None of the above.
1707. Dot-matrix is a type of
(a) tape (b) printer
Number Representation and Computer Organization 33

(c) disk (d) bus

(e) none of the above.
COM (b) Plotter
Printer (d) Microfilm
1708. Magnetic tape can serve as (e) None of the above.
(a) secondary-storage media
(b) output media
1715. In a computer system, which device is
functionally opposite of a keyboard?
(c) input media
(d) all of the above
(a) Mouse (b) Trackball
(c) Printer (d) Joystick
(e) none of the above. (e) None of the above. .
1709. Two kinds of main memory are
(a) primary and secondary
1716. Equipment with which the computer
talks to its users is called a
(b) random and sequential
(c) ROM and RAM
(d) all of the above
(e) none of the above.
1710. A kind of serial dot-matrix printer that
(a) word processor
(b) peripheral
(c) software
(d) diskette
(e) none of the above.
forms characters with magnetically-
charged inksprayed dots is called
1717. What is the size of diskettes used by
IBM's newer PS/2 personal computers?
(a) laser printer (b) ink jet printer
(c) drum printer (d) chain printer
(e) none of the above.
(a) 5'/2" (b) 8"
(c) 31/2" (d) 2'h"
(e) All of the above.
1711. Which printer is very commonly used
for desk-top publishing?
(a) Laser printer
1718. What is the name of screen pointing
device that rolls on bearings and has
one or more buttons on its top?
(b) Ink jet printer
(c) Daisy wheel printer
(a) Track ball (b) Mouse
(c) Light pen (d) Joystick
(d) Dot-matrix printer (e) None of the above.
(e) None of the above. 1719. First computer. mouse was built by
1712. Which one is classified as an impact
Jet printer
Daisywheel printer
Thermal printer
Laser printer
Daniel Cougher
Robert Zawacki
none of the above.
(e) None of the above. 1720. Touchpads are particularly popula

1713. What is the name of the hardware/software

boundary that permits communication
between people and computer? (a) Interface (b)

(c) VDT (d) Monitor (e) None of

the above.
1714. What is general name of the device which

with microcomputer users who cannot?

(a) Read (b) Type

(c) See (d) Hear (e) None
of the above.
1721. A trackball is manipulated by

(a) palm (b) foot (c) fingers (d)

sound (e) none of the above.

1722. Voice recognition systems are used by

persons who are .......... handicapped.

(a) Visually (b)

(c) Socially (d) Physically
(e) None of the above.

1723. Function of CPU is

(a) to provide a hard copy

(b) to read, interpret and process the information and
(c) to communicate with the operator (d) to
provide external storage of text (e) none of the
1724. General range of speed in revolutions per minute
(rpm) at which floppy disks rotate is

(a) 2400-4700 (b) 390 (

c) 150-250 (d) 300-600
(e) none of the above.

1725. Whereas a computer mouse moves over the table

surface, the trackball is

(a) stationary
(b) difficult to move (c)
(d) moved in small steps (e)
none of the above.
1726. Which one of the following, input device is user-

(a) Dumb terminal (b)

Smart terminal (c)
(d) Intelligent terminal (e)
None of the above.
1727. What is the name of screen symbol that shows the
l tf th t?

(a) Mouse (b) Cursor

(c) Track ball (d) Graphic tablet
(e) None of the above.

1728. Which one is termed a combination input-

output device?

(a) VDT (b) Keyboard (c) Printer (d)

Laser Jet (e) None of the above.
GATE-Computer Science & Engineering

Point out the odd item amongst the

(a) computer mouse

(b) touchpad
(c) light pen
(d) printer
(e) none of the above.
1730. Barcode which is used on all types of items, is read
by a scanning device directly into the computer.
What is the name of this scanning device?

(a) Laser scanner (b) Wand (c)

OCR (d) MICR (e) None of the
1731. What is the name of reading device which makes
use of photosensors and laser technologies to
interpret printed, typed or even handwritten
data directly from the source documents?

(a) MICR
(b) OCR
(c) Mark-sensing device (d)
(e) None of the above.
1732. Character readers are those devices which read
the characters printed on the source documents
and then convert them directly into computer-
usable input. Which of the following is not a
character reader?

(a) OCR (b) MICR (c) OMR (d)

LCD (e) None of the above.
1733. OCR stand for

(a) outsized character reader (b) optical

character recognition (c) operational
character reader (d) only character reader
(e) none of the above.
1734. A microcomputer has primary memory of 640 K.
What is the exact number of bytes contained in
this memory?

(a) 64 x 1000 (b) 640 x 100

Number Representation and Computer Organization 33

(c) 640 x 1024 (d) either (b) or (c) (a) Gallium arsenide (GaAs)
(e) None of the above.
1735. If in a computer, 16-bits are used to
specify addresses in a RAM, the num-
ber of addresses will be?
(b) Metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS)
(c) Silicon
(d) Germanium
(e) None of the above.
(a) 216 (b) 65,536 1742. Which one is used for serial access
(c) 64 K (d) any of the above stora g
(e) None of the above.
1736. How many bits can be stored in 8 K
(a) RAM (b) Magnetic tape
(c) Magnetic disk (d) Core memory
RAM? '(e) None of the above.
(a) 8000 (b) 8192(c) 4000 (d) 4096
1743. Which one is not an alternative
for primary memory?
(e) None of the above.
1737. A computer has a 1024 k memory.
What does the letter k stand for?
(a) Kilometre (b) Thousand
(c) 1024 (d) MB
(a) Main memory
(b) Primary storage
(c) Internal storage
(d) Mass storage
(e) None of the above.
(e) None of the above.
1738. Storage locations in internal storage of
1744. What do the present-day digital com-
puters use for their interal memory?
a CPU are called
(a) contents (b) addresses
(c) locations (d) mask
(e) None of the above.
1739. Which chips can be reprogrammed
Magnetic cores
Integrated circuits (IC)
Electrical switches
Magnetic disks
None of the above.
with special electric pulses as given be-
1745. Which
computer company invented
(a) EPROM (b) PROM
(c) ROM (d) EEPROM
(e) None of the above.
Motorola (b) Intel
Toshiba (d) IBM
None of the above.
1740. Which type of memory chips are
to be used in the primary storage of the
1746. What are the alternative names
for in-
ternal storage of a computer? R
(a) Silicon chips
(b) Optical chips
(c) Biochips
Primary memory
Main memory
(d) Gallium arsenide (GaAs) chips (d) Both (a) and (b)
(e) None of the above. (e) None of the above.

1747. Bubbles in a bubble memory pack are created

1741. In modern computers, bipolar semi-

with the help of

conductor chips are often used in

arithmetic-logic unit. Can you tell what

material is used for slower and less
expensive primary storage section?

(a) laser beam (b) magnetic field

(c) electric
field (d) X-ray
(e) none of the
1`7fflm"' 1,1111011,1 111,111


1748. Which term is not used to describe memory

component of a computer? (a) ROM (b) PROM

(c) RAM (d) SAM (e) None of the


1749. What is meant by term RAM?

(a) Memory which can only be read (b) Memory

which can be both read and written to

(c) Memory which is used for permanent

(d) Memory which can only be written
to None of the



1750. Which computer memory is used for

storing programs and data currently
being processed by the CPU?

(a) Mass memory (b)

Internal memory
(c) Non-volatile memory (d)
(e) None of the above.
1751. Computer memory holds data and (a) bytes
(b) program (c) registers (d) bits
(e) none of the
1752. Computer giant Intel has announced the
development of world's biggest and fastest
microprocessor called `i860XP' the first to
contain more than 2.5 million transistors. What is
this microprocessor capable of supporting?

(a) Multiprocessing (b)

Parallel processing (c)
(d) All of the above (e) None
of the above.
1753. Computer scientists are exploring the possibility of
culturing bacteria to create living chips which
have digital electronic properties. What are these
chips called?

(a) Bacterial chips

GATE-Computer Science & Engineering

(c) Natural chips (d)
Neural chips
(e) None of the above.
1754. Which 32-bit microprocessor is used in
IBM's PS/2 model-80 computer?

(a) 8088 (b) 80286 (c) 80386 (d)

80486 (e) None of the above.
1755. What is the name of the chip, which has
more than once processor on it? (a)
Parallel chip

(b) Multi-processor chip (c)

(d) Parallel
processor (e)
None of the

1756. Two major types of computer chips are (a)

external memory chip

(b) primary memory chip (c)

microprocessor chip (d) both (b)
and (c)
(e) both (a) and
(a) 5 years (b) 7 years(c 9 years (d 16
(e) none of the above.

1758. In which year did Motorola come out with its

enhanced 68030 processor? (a) 1973 (b) 1964

(c) 1985 (d) 1986 (e) None of

the above.
1759. In which year did Motorola
announce its
newest microprocessor chip 68040? (a)
1990 (b) 1997

(c) 1964 (d) 1987 (e) None

of the above.
1760. Intel come out with its RISC 1860 chip in

(a) 1983 (b) 1984 (c) 1985 (d)

1989 (e) none of the above.
Number Representation and Computer Organization

First microprocessors produced by Intel
Corpn. and Texas Instruments were used
primarily to control small (a) microwave

(b) washing machines

(c) calculators
(d) personal computers
(e) robotics.
1762. ALU and control unit of most of the
microcomputers are combined and
manufactured on a single silicon chip.
What is it called?

(a) Monochip
(c) ALU
(d) Control
(e) None of the above.
1763. A small square or rectangular piece of
silica on which several layers of an in

(a) VLSI (b) micro

(c) wafer (d) chip
(e) none of the

1764. When did Intel announce its 16-bit 80286


(a) 1982 (b) 1984 (c) 1985

(d) 1986 (e) None of the
1765. When did Intel announce its 80386

(a) 1983 (b) 1985

(c) 1989 (d) 1986
(e) None of the
1766. Silicon chips presently used in computers
are made from

(b) gallium-arsenide

1767. Microelectronics is the technology

of (a) microwaves

(c) chips
(d) automatic processing
(e) none of the above.
1768. CPU chip used in a computer is partially
made out of

(a) silica (b) carbon (c) copper

(d) gold (e) silver.
1769. Octal numbers are used (a)
in computer hard disk

(b) when binary numbers are too long (c)

external to the computer
(d) for moving the data from ALU to
control unit
(e) none of the above.
1770. The number 1000 is equivalent to decimal

(a) one thousand (b) eight (c)

one (d) sixteen (e) none of
the above.
1771. Which is not an octal

number? (a) 32 (b) 75

(c) 16 (d) 902 (e) None of the

1772. Hexadecimal numbers are a mixture of (a)
binary and decimal numbers

(b) letters and decimal digits (c)

binary and octal numbers (d)
octal and decimal numbers (e)
none of the above.
1773. Main memory
contains (a) data

(c) both (a) and (b) (d)
either (a) and (b) (e)
none of the above.
1774. Backing storage is so named because it (a)

GATE-Computer Science & Engineering

(b) is slow and backward (d

(c) backs up the computer's main (e)

memory (d) lags behind the main

memory (e) none of the above.

1775. Computer memory consists of ..........


(a) RAM (b) ROM

(c) PROM (d) all of the above (e) none
of the above.
1776. As compared to secondary memory, the primary
memory of a computer is

(a large (b)
fast (d)
l (e) none of the above.

1777. Which of the following is a way to access

secondary memory?

(a) Random access memory

(b) Action method
(c) Transfer method (d)
Density method (e) None of
the above.
1778. A set of programs that handle firm's data bash
responsibilities are called (a) Data base
management system (DBMS)

(b) Data base processing system (DBPS)

(c) Data management system (DMS) (d)
all of the above
(e) none of the above.
1779. Which access
method is used for obtaining a
record from a cassette tape? (a) Direct (b)

(c) Random (d) all of the above (e) None of

the above.
1780. Two new types of semiconductor memories are

both (b) and (c)

both (a) and (b).
1781. A computer will function only if it (a)
has a control unit

(b) is given input data

(c) has a program in its memory (d)
has software package
(e) none of the above. 1782. A
dot-matrix printer (a) is an input device
(b) is an output device (c) cannot print
alphabets (d) has a speed of 1000 cps
(e) none of the above.
1783. Magnetic tape is used for

(a) historical storage

(b) computer input (c)
both (a) and (b) (d)

neither (a) nor (b) (e)

none of the above.

1784. If 80 character records are being written on tape at

800 bpi, what is the blocking factor that will
reduce the proportion of blank tape area'to one-
half? (a) I (b) 4

(c) 8 (d) 10 (e) None of the

1785. The model base would most likely be

(a) sequential (b)

(c) indexed sequential (d)
(e) none of the above.
1786. The modern disk pack, called the data
module, offers increased access speed by
employing a read/write head for each

(a) magnetic disks (a) disk (b) track

(b) charge-coupled devices (c) sector (d) disksurface
(c) magnetic bubble memory (e) none of the above.
Number Representation and Computer

organization 1787. Most common means of


printed computer output is the

(a) plotter
(b) consols: typewriter
(c) IBM printing subsystem
(d) line printer
(e) none of the
1788. The least expensive OCR units can

(a) hand printed numbers (b)

machine printed numbers (c)
(d) handwriting
(e) none of the above.
1789. Data appearing first in the left portion
of punched card is

data (b)
coded data
(c) quantitative data (d)
all of the above (e) none
of the above.
1790. Input bottleneck has been relieved by

(a) key-to-tape machines

combination keypunch and key
verifier machines
(c) MICR
(d) all of the above (e)
none of the above.
1791. A slow input unit such as a card reader
would be attached to the CPU by

means of a

(a) block multiplexer channel

(b) buffer channel
(c) byte multiplexer channel (d)
selector channel

(d) main
(e) none of the above.
1793. Some card readers detect
errors by

accumulating control totals on
certain data
(b) comparing data with acceptable
(c) reading the card
twice (d) all of the above
(e) none of the above.
1794. In mark sensing, data is read
(a) optically (b) electrically (c)
magnetically (d) mechanically (e)
none of the above.
1795. The Company that pioneered the development
of keydriven input devices,
with output on magnetic tape or disk
rather than punched cards, was

(a) Mohawk Data Science

(b) National Cash
Register (c) Burroughs
(d) Sperry Univac
(e) none of the above. 1796. MICR has
made possible a (a) cashless society
(b) checkless society
(c) creditless society
(d) all of the above (e)
none of the above.
1797. Optical character readers can read (a)
machine printed data only

(b) machine printed letters and numbers,

and hand printed numbers only
(c) both machine and hand printed letters, but
not hand writing
(d) machine
(e) none of the above. 1798. The word
`serial' describes
(a) an inexpensive card reader that reads one
column at a time


(b) a character-by-character transfer of

data between an input/output or
auxiliary storag unit and a channel
(c) both (a) and (b) (d)
neither (a) nor (b)I (e)

none of the above.

1799. Central computer in a distributed processing

system is called

(a) mainframe (b) CPU (c)

multiplexer (d) host

(e) none of the above. 1800. Amount of a

cheque is

magnetic ink, using an in

(a) encoder (b) embosser

(c) inscriber (d) imprinter
(e) none of the above.

1801. A NOR gate is ON on1, when all inputs are


(a) on (b) positive

(c) high (d) CUFF
(e) none of the above.

1802. When an input electrical signal A = 10100 is applied

to a NOT gate, its
output signal is (a)



(c) 10101
(e) none of the above. 1803.
An AND gate
(a) implements logic addition
(b) is equivalent to a series

(c) is an any or all gate i
(d) is equivalent to a parallel switching
circuit (e) none of

the above.
is 0

1804. The output of a 2 input OR gate only

when its

(a) both inputs are 0 (b)

either input is I (c) both
inputs are I (d) either input
is 0 (e) none of the above,
GA TE-Computer Science & Engineering

1805. A logic is an electronic circuit which (a) makes

logic decisions

(b) allows electron flow only in one direction

(c) works on binary algebra (d)
works on float numbers (e) none of
the above.
1806. A code used for standardizing the storage
and transfer of information amongst
various computing devices is called

(a) CRT (b) CPU (c) ASCII

(d) Dvorak (e) none of the
1807. How many alphanumeric characters are
there in BLT 1987?

(a) 10 (b) 63 (c) 14 (d) 7 (e)

None of the above.
1808. Bytes can be combined to form `words' of
memory which may contain 16, 24, 32 or 64-bits
that a computer is designed to transfer and
manipulate as a unit. How many different
values can, a 32-bit word encode?

(a) 64,356 (b)

(c) Over 4 billion (d) Either
(b) or (c) (e) None of the
1809. What is the name given to 8-bit unit, used for
coding data?

(a) block of characters (b)

(c) word
(d) K
(e) None of the above.
1810. What is the highest address possible if 16-bits are
used for each address?

(a) 65536 (b) 12868 (c) 16556 (d)

643897 (e) None of the above.
Number Representation and Computer Organization

1811. As compared to a magnetic tape, the

main advantage of magnetic disk is its

(a) rigidity
(b) direct access
(c) low cost
(d) high packing density (e)
none of the above.

1812. A single binary integer consists of `1' or a

`0' and is called a `bit'. How many bits are

taken together to from a byte? (a) 8 (b) 4

(c) 16 (d) 2 (e) None of the

1813. Which optical phenomenon is utilized in the
operation of the latest write-once optical storage
medium called digital paper?



(c) Internal reflection (d)


(e) None of the

1814. What is the name of the storage device
which is used to compensate for the
difference in rates of flow of data from
once device to another?

(a) Cache (b) Concentrator (c) Buffer

(d) I/O device (e) None of the above.
1815. What is the name of the memory card which
is conceptually related to the smart card but
is similar to the video disk?


1817. What is the size of the optical

compact disk which is used for
recording high quality music?

(a) 4.7 inch (b) 3'h inch (c) 5Y2

inch (d) 8.7 inch (e) None of the
1818. Why do magnetic tape drives for mini
computers use vacuum columns?
(a) For quick acceleration and deacceleration
of the tape
(b) For immediate starting and stopping
of the tape
(c) To avoid stress in the tape (d)
To provide extra tape length (e)

None of the above.

1819. In a disk pack containing 6 disks there

are 200 tracks on each disk surface, each
track is divided into 50 sectors and each
sector contains 512 characters of one
byte each. What is the total storage
capacity of disk pack in bytes?

(a) 512 x 50 x 200 x 12

(b) 512x50x200x 10
(c) 512x50x200x 16
(d) 512 x 50 x 200/10
(e None of the

1820. The time taken for the read/write head

to move to the correct track on the
magnetic disk is called

(a) epoch delay (b)

latency delay (c) seek
time (d) approach time
(e) none of the above.
1821. One thousand bytes represent a

(a) Laser card (b) Master card (a) megabyte (b) gigabyte
(c) Visa (d) Optical card (c) kilobyte (d) all of the
(e) None of the above. (e) none of the

1816. What is the name of the secondary stor-1822. Benefit of using computers are
that (a)
age device which uses a silvery groove-computers are very fast and can
less surface and is encoded by a laser

store huge amounts of data

beam in the form of microscopic pits?

computers produce accurate output

even when the input is incorrect

(c) computers are designed to the inflexible

(a) Laser disk (b) Compact
(c) Photo disk (d) Video disk
(e) None of the above.
GATE-Computer Science & Engineering

(d) all of the above (e)

none of the above.
1823. Super computers are primarily useful for

(a) input-output intensive processing

(b) data-retrieval operations
(c) mathematical-intensive

(d) all of the above (e) none

of the above.
1824. A transaction file is a type of (a)
master file

(b) data file

(c) access method (d)
all of the above (e)
none of the above.
1825. Which of the following is a computer code?

(a) EPROM (b) FAT

(c) EBCDIC (d) all of the above
(e) None of the above.

1826. First generation computers are characterised by

(a) vacuum tube and magnetic drum

(b) magnetic tape and transistors
(c) micro computers
(d) all of the
above (e) none
of the above.
1827. Octal equivalent of hexadecimal number 3DE is

(a) 1736 (b) 3176

(c) 1037 (d) all of the
b (e) none of the

1828. Binary equivalent of the octal number 13.54 is

(a) 1011.1011 (b) 1101.1110

(c) 1001.1110 (d) all of the above (e) none of the
1829. A Winchester disk is a

(a) disk Stack (b) removable disk (c) flexible

disk (d) all of the above (e) none of the above.
1830. An application program that helps the user
to change any number and immediately see
the result of that change is (a) desktop
publishing program
(b) database (c) spreadsheet
(d) all of the above (e) none
of the above.
1831. Today's computer giant IBM was earlier known by
a different name which was changed in 1924.
What was that name?

(a) Tabulator Machine Co.

(b) Computer Tabulating Recording
Co. The Tabulator Ltd.

( International Computer Ltd. None

c of the above.

1832. What is the name of a modern film in which a

computer manages to capture and impregnate a
human woman?

(a) The Day the Earth Stood Still (b)

Forbidden Planet
(c) Demon Seed
(d) The Invisible Boy (e)
None of the above.
1833. In computer jargon, wetware means (a)
human intelligence

(b) any organic intelligence (c)

artificial intelligence (d) high
(e) none of the above.
1834. "Three most important inventions of this century
are nuclear bomb, high yield hybrid speed, and
computer". Can you name the person who made
this statement?

(a) Harry F. Jordan (b)

Buckminster Fuller (c) Jack
(d) Jan Timmer
(e) None of the above.
'1'""""~""n'f ' ~ ~ ,~ ~.,"..a~T'"'~'
Number Representation and Computer Organization

1835. A new technology which provides

the ability to create an artificial
world and have people interact with
it is called (a) televirtuality

(b) virtual reality (c)

alternative reality (d) 3-D


(e) none of the

First electronic general purpose digital
computer built by Mauchly and Eckert
called ENIAC did not work on the stored
program principle. How many numbers
could it store in its internal memory?

(a) 100 (b) 20 (c) 40 (d)

80 (e) None of the above.

1841. In which year were chips used inside

the computer for the first time?

(a) 1964 (b) 1975 (c) 1977

(d) 1981 (e) None of the

1842. First microprocessor built by Intel

Corpn. was called

(a) 8008 (b) 8080

(c) 4004 (d) 8800
(e) none of the

1843. What was the name of first commercially

available microprocessor chip?

(a) Intel 8008 (b) Intel 8080

(c) Intel 4004 (d) Motorola 6809 (e) None
of the above.

1837. Digital computer was developed

rily in
(a) USSR (b) Japan
1965 (b) 19621971 (d) 1966None of the above.
1845. First digital computer built with IC
. chips was known as
1838. What is a Jacquard loom? (a) IBM 7090
(a) A bird found in Bangalore
(b) A weaving machine which.used
punched cards
IBM system/360
(c) The first computer controlled loom ( -
(d) A machine for writing match (e) none of the above.
(e) None of the above. 1846. When was first solid-state computer
bernetics deals with produced and by which country?
y (a) 1964, Japan (b) 1960, USA
(a) genetics (c) 1965, UK (d) 1960, Germany
(b) control and communications (e) None of the above.

molecular I847. Third generation computers are
those which are built with integrated
biology (d)

circuits. What was the name of first

biochemistry third-generation computer and when
was it introduced?

(e) none of the

(a) IBM-1620, 1964 (b)

IBM-360, 1965 (c)

1840. Physical equipment made of various

CDC-6600, 1962 (d)

metals, silicon and plastic

components that make up the parts PDP-1401
of a computer is called

(e) None of the above.

(a) micro (b) peripheral (c)

1848. Which one is the first second-generation


(a) IBM 7090 (b) IBM 801 (c)

IBM 7070 (d) IBM 650 (e) None of
the above.
1849. Which is the first compiler-level language
developed by a team of IBM programmers led by
John Backus and unveiled in 1957?

(a) BASIC (b) PL/I (c) FORTRAN

(d) APL (e) None of the above.
1850. Which computer was first to use the magnetic
drum for memory?

(a) IBM-650 (b) IBM-7090 (c) IBM-701

(d) PDP-1 (e) None of the above.
1851. Commodore VIC 20 home computer runs on
6502 chip and has 5 KB of RAM, BASIC in its
ROM and a color display facility. In which
year was it introduced?

(a) 1980 (b) 1985 (c)

1986 (d) 1990 (e) None
of the above.
1852. In which year did the Japan's Nippon Electric
Company (NEC) announce its ultralight
laptop computer?

(a) 1974 (b) 1988 (c)

1988 (d) 1990 (e) None
of the above.
1853. While inserting a diskette into the diskette
drive of a PC, the diskette's label side
should face

(a) cast (b) north (c)

south (d) up (e) none of
the above.
1854. In which year was the PC voted, 'The Machine
of the Year's by the American Time

(a) 1970 (b) 1975 (c)

1983 (d) 1987 (e) None
of the above.
GATE-Computer Science & Engineering

1855. In which year was UK's premier computing

event called "The Which Computer"
(a) 1980 (b) 1985 (c)
1986 (d) 1987 (e) None
of the above.
1856. In this world of fast changing computer
technology, one of the most important
factor to be considered while purchasing
a PC is, it should have a provision

(a) high level integration (b) self

(c) intelligent sensors (d)
faster data access (e) none of
the above.
1857. If a certain super computer takes one minute to
complete a particular scientific calculation, how
long will a PC take for the same purpose?

(a) 96 hours (b) 20 hours (c) 3 hours (d) 10

minutes (e) None of the above.
1858. Which out of the following is the least expensive

(a) Home computer

(b) Laptop microcomputer (c) Personal
(d) Desktop computer (e)
None of the above.
1859. Latest PC keyboards use a circuit that senses the
movement by the change in its capacitance.
What are these keyboards called?

(a) Capacitance keyboards (b)

Mechanical keyboards (c) Qwerty
(d) Dvorak
keyboards (e) None
of the above.
1860. Instead of buying a more powerful new computer,
the productivity of the old one can be
economically enhanced with the help of

1100"? 1 , 1.110,' om Rif, qp-,~' 't ~~A~~PqWIllW

Number Representation and Computer Organization

(a) speed up
card (b)
board (c)
board (d) add
on board
(e) none of the above.
1861. The process of starting or restarting a computer
system by loading instructions from a secondary
storage device into the computer memory is
called (a) duping (b) booting

(c) padding (d) all of the above (e) none of

the above.
1862. Which chips are erasable by ultraviolet rays after
removing them from the main circuit?

(a) EPROM chips (b)

EEPROM chips (c)
PROM chips (d) all of the
above (e) None of the
1863. SPSS stands

(a) statistical package for systems science

(b) systems package for social science
(c) statistical package for social science
(d) all of
(e) none of the above.
The Binary equivalent of the Hexadecimal
number 7BD is

(a) 11110111101
(c) 101110111101
(d) all of the
1865. The octal equivalent of the number
11010.1011 is
(a) 32.15 (b) 63.51
(c) 32.27 (d) all of these
(e) none of the above.

1866. Maximum integer representable in a 16-bit word

of a computer using sign magnitude scheme is


(a) � 32768 (b) � 32777

(c) � 32767 (d) all of the above (e)
none of the above.
1867. Programs which protect a disk from

catching an infection are called

(a) virus (b)

(c) antidotes (d) all of the above (e)
none of the above.
1868. The organized set of instructions to direct the
computer in solving a problem is called

(a) program (b) flowchart

(c) algorithm (d) all of the above (e)
none of the above.
1869. A high speed device used in CPU for
temporary storage during processing is

(a) a register (b)

a bus
(c) a databus (d) all of the above (e) none of the

1870. Who invented the microprocessor? (a)

Marcian E Huff

(b) Herman H Goldstein (c) Joseph


(d) All of the above (e)

None of the above.
1871. Who developed a mechanical device in 17th
century that could add, subtract, multiply,
divide and find square roots? (a) Napier (b)

(c) Pascal (d) Leibnitz (e) None of

the above.

1872. IBM 7000 digital computer

(a) belongs to second generation (b)

uses VLSI

(c) employs semi conductor memory (d)

has modular construction
(e) none of the above.
1873. Proper definition of a modern digital computer is

(a) an electronic automated

machine that can
solve problems involving words and
(b) a more sophisticated and modified
electronic pocket calculator
(c) any machine that can perform
mathematical operations
(d) a machine that works on binary code
(e) none of the

1874. Operation of a digital computer

based on principle
(a) counting (b) measuring (c
) (c) electronic (d) logical (
d (e) none of the above. (e)

1875. A modern electronic computer is a machine that

is meant for

(a) doing quick mathematical calculations

input, storage, manipulation and
outputting of data
(c) electronic data processing
(d) performing repetitive tasks accurately
(e) none of the above.
1876. An integrated circuit is
a complicated circuit
an integrating device
much costlier than a
(d) transistor
fabricated on a tiny silicon chip
(e) none of the above.

1877. Most important advantage of an IC is

(aeasy replacement in case of circuit failure


(b) extremely high reliability (c)

reduced cost
(d) low power consumption
(e) none of the above.
1878. First integrated circuit chip was developed

(a) C.V. Raman (b) W.H. Britain

(c) J.S. Kilby (d) Robert Noyce
(e) none of the

1879. An IC contain 50 gates each of which consists of

6 components. It is an example of

GATE-Computer Science & Engineering

(a) VLSI (b) LSI (c) MSI

(d) SSI (e) none of the
1880. Availability of low-price mini-computers
is largely responsible for the current
interest in

realtime processing

batch processing
distributed processing
transaction processing
none of the above.

1881. Which professions has not been affected by

personal computers?

(a) Medical (b) Clerical (c) Accounting

(d) Law (e) None of the above.
1882. While buying a PC system, you should first

(a) shop for application programs

(b) identify your hardware components
(c) define your computing needs (d) call
for tenders
(e) none of the above.
1883. Primary memory of a personal computer consists

(a) ROM only

(b) RAM only
(c) both ROM and RAM (d)
memory module
(e) none of the above.
Which of the following is true concerning
personal computers?

(a) They decrease the demand for mainframe

(b) They have been most successful in the home
(c) Electronic spreadsheethas been a primary
reason for their popularity
Number Representation and Computer Organization

(d) Their future

is not so bright
owning to the improved cost-
performance ratio of minis and
(e) None of the
1885. Arranging of data in a logical
sequence Js called

(a) sorting (b) classifying

(c) reproducing (d)
(e) none of the above.

1886. When was the IBM XT microcomputer

released in the market?

(a) 1970 (b) 1971 (c)

1987 (d) 1986 (e) None of
the above.
1887. When was Apple Macintosh II microcomputer
introduced in the market? (a)
1964 (b) 1970

(c) 1983 (d) 1986 (e) None

of the above.
1888. What is the name of new color laptop
computer which is powered by a 386
processor at 33 MHz and is built by

(a) AX3/33
(b) NEC-20
(c) Magnum 2000
(d) HCL-3000
(e) None of the above.
1889. What does the disk drive of a computer

(a) Rotate the disk

(b) Read the disk
(c) Load a program from the disk into
the memory
(d) Both (b) and (c) (e)
None of the above.
1890. What is most important characteristic
of a laptop computer?

(a) Better display screen

(b) Compatibility with desk top micros
(c) Compactness
(d) Big screen
(e) None of the

1891. Daisywheel printer is a type of (a)

matrix printer

(b) impact printer (c)

laser printer (d)
manual printer
(e) none of the above. 1892.
Disketts and hard disks are

(a) direct access devices

(b) sequential access devices
(c) slower than magnetic
(d) used only in mainframe
computers (e) none of the above.
1893. The number of bits that are typically
stored on each track of a magnetic
disk is usually

( the same

program tobe

(c) depend cn
none of the


1894. The number of records contained

within a block of data on magnetic
tape is defined by

(a) block definition

(b) record contain clause (c)
blocking factor
(d) record perblock factor (e)
none of the above.
1895. Magnetic disks and drums are like
recirculating shift registers because

(a) they
have about the
same storage capacity
(b) their storage is non-volatile
(c) their access times are about the
(d) stored data is available for reading
over and over again in the same

(e) none of the

1896. Serial access memories are useful in
applications where

(a) data consists of

(b) short access time is required

each stored word is
processed differently
(d) data naturally needs to flow in and out
in serial form
(e) none of the above.
1897. Which of the following storage is volatile?

(a) Floppy disk

(b) Bubble memory
(c) Semiconductor memory (d)
Core memory
(e) None of the above.
1898. How many input lines are needed to construct
1024-bit coincident core plane?

(a) 8 (b) 16 (c) 32 (d) 64

(e) None of the above.
1899. How many types of storage loops exist in magnetic
bubble memory?

(a) 8 (b) 4 (c) 16 (d) 2 (e)

None of the above.

1900. Disadvantage of dynamic RAM over static RAM


(a) higher power consumption (b)

variable speed

(c) need to refresh the capacitor

charge every once in two
(d) higher bit density (e)
none of the above.

1901. Which terms is the most closely related to

main memory?

(a) Non-volatile (b) Permanent

(c) Control unit (d) Temporary
(e) None of the above.

1902. Why is the width of data bus so important to

processing speed of a computer? (a) Narrower it
is, the greater the
computer's processing speed

(b) Wider it is, the more data that can fit into
main memory
if T1 MY mffil~" 01111

GA TE-Computer Science & Engineering

(c) Wider it is, the greater
the computer's
processing speed
(d) Wider it is,
the slower the computer's
processing speed
(e) Data bus isn't important to the processing
speed of a computer. 1903. Which of the following is
used to check for errors in RAM chips?

(a) ROM chip

(b) Microprocessor
chip (c) Parity chip
(d) EPROM chip
(e) None of the above.
1904. Which of the following are used to quickly
accept, store, and transfer data and instructions
that are being used immediately by the CPU?

(b) Registers
(c) ROM chips
(d) Data
(e) None of the above.
1905. Which of the following affects processing power?

(a) Clock
(b) Addressing scheme (c)
Data bus capacity (d) Register
(e) All of the above.
1906. Which of the following is used for manufacturing

(a) Control bus (b) Control unit (c) Parity unit

(d) Semiconductor (e) None of the above.
1907. Which are the two main components of the

(a) Control unit and registers (b)

Registers and main memory (c) Control
unit and ALU
(d) ALU and bus
(e) None of the above.
Number Representation and Computer Organization

1908. Which of the following holds data and

processing instructions temporarily until
the CPU needs it?

(a) ROM
(b) Control unit ('c)
Main memory

(d) Coprocessor
chips (e) None of

the above.

1909. Which of the following is true? (a)

Fields are composed of bytes (b)
Files are composed of records

(c) Fields are composed of characters

(d) Records are composed of fields (e)
All of the above.

1910. Which of the following typically uses a

keyboard for input?

(a) Desktop terminal

(b) Point-of-sale terminal
(c) Financial transaction terminal
(d) Executive workstation
(e) All of the above. 1911. Heart
of any computer is

(a) CPU (b) memory (c) I/O

Unit (d) disks (e) none of the
1912. Which is not an advantage of stored
programs as given below?

(a) Reliability
(b) Reduction in operational costs
(c) Ability of the computer to operate at
electronic speeds
Computers' becoming general-
(e) All of the above are advantages.
1913. Which is not true of immediate pro


It is often used in realtime
(b) It can occur with either sequential
of direct-access files
(c) It can be used in an

(d) Transactions are processed

shortly after a real-worldevent occurs

(e) All of the above are true. 1914...........

is the product of data processing

(a) data (b) information (c) software

(d) a computer (e) none of the above.
1915. Software instructions intended to satisfy a
user's specific processing needs are called

(a) systems software (b)

a microcomputer (c)


(d) applications software (e)

all of the above.

1916. People typically interface with a computer-based

system when

(a) information must be output

(b) data must be input
(c) information must be reviewed
(d) the
computer needs a direction (or
instruction) in order to process data
(e) all of the
1917. Which of the following statements best
describes the batch method of input?

(a) Data is processed as soon as it is

input Data is input at the time it is collected


(c) Data is collected in the form of source

documents, placed into groups, and
then input to the computer
(d) Source documents aren't used (e)
None of the above.

1918. Which terms applies to communication

between separate computer systems? (a)
Computer literacy

(b) Power supply

Number Representation and Computer Organization 359
1552. (d) 1553. (d) 1554. (a) 1661. (a) 1662. (a) 1663. (a)
1555. (b) 1556. (e) 1557. (b) 1664. (b) 1665. (a) 1666. (c)
1558. (a) 1559. (a) 1560. (a) 1667. (b) 1668. (b) 1669. (b)
1561. (a) 1562.
(b), (c) 1670. (d) 1671. (d) 1672. (a)
(b), (c), (d) 1564. (d) 1673. (e) 1674. (b) 1675. (b)
(b), (c), (d) 1566. (c) 1676. (c) 1677. (b) 1678. (b)
1567. (c) 1568. (a) 1569. (b) 1679. (a) 1680. (b) 1681. (d)
(b), (c), (d) 1571. (d) 1682. (b) 1683. (b) 1684. (d)
1572. (a) 1573.
(c), (d) 1685. (b) 1686. (b) 1687. (c)
1574. (a), (c), (d), (e) 1575. (b) 1688. (d) 1689. (d) 1690. (d)
1576. (d) 1577. (b) 1578. (c) 1691. (b) 1692. (b) 1693. (d)
1579. (d) 1580. (a) 1581. (d) 1694. (b) 1695. (c) 1696. (b)
1582. (a), (b) 1583. (b) 1584. (b), (d) 1697. (c) 1698. (e) 1699. (a)
1585. (e) 1586. (b) 1587. (b) 1700. (c) 1701. (c) 1702. (c)
1588. (a) 1589. (c) 1590. (c) 1703. (c) 1704. (c) 1705. (b)
1591. (c) 1592. (d) 1593. (b) 1706. (b) 1707. (b) 1708. (d)
1594. (b) 1595. (b), (c), (d) 1709. (c) 1710. (b) 1711. (a)
1596. (a) 1597. (b) 1598. (b), (c) 1712. (b) 1713. (a) 1714. (b)
1599. (b) 1600.
(b), (c) 1715. (c) 1716. (b) 1717. (c)
1601. (c) 1602. (b) 1603. (a) 1718. (b) 1719. (b) 1720. (b)
1604. (b) 1605. (b) 1606. (b) 1721. (a) 1722. (b) 1723. (b)
1607. (c) 1608. (c) 1609. (c) 1724. (c) 1725. (a) 1726. (d)
1610. (c) 1611. (d) 1612. (d) 1727. (b) 1728. (a) 1729. (d)
1613. (b) 1614. (b) 1615. (b) 1730. (a) 1731. (b) 1732. (d)
1616. (a) 1617. (d) 1618. (b) 1733. (b) 1734. (c) 1735. (d)
1619. (b) 1620. (a) 1621. (a) 1736. (b) 1737. (c) 1738. (b)
1622. (d) 1623. (a) 1624. (b) 1739. (d) 1740. (c) 1741. (b)
1625. (c) 1626. (c) 1627. (d) 1742. (b) 1743. (d) 1744. (b)
1628. (d) 1629. (c) 1630. (a) 1745. (b) 1746. (d) 1747. (b)
1631. (b) 1632. (b) 1633. (b) 1748. (d) 1749. (b) 1750. (b)
1E34. (c) 1635. (a) 1636. (b) 1751. (b) 1752. (d) 1753. (b)
1637. (d) 1638. (d) 1639. (d) 1754. (c) 1755. (c) 1756. (d)
1640. (c) 1641. (c' 1642. (a) 1757. (b) 1758. (d) 1759. (a)
1643. (c) 1644.
1645. (a) 1760. (d) 1761. (c) 1762. (b)
1646. (a) 1647. (c) 1648. (b) 1763. (d) 1764. (a) 1765. (b)
1649. (a) 1650. (d) 1651. (c) 1766. (d) 1767. (c) 1768. (a)
1652. (d) 1653. (a) 1654. (b) 1769. (c) 1770. (b) 1771. (d)
1655. (c) 1656. (a) 1657. (c) 1772. (b) 1773. (c) 1774. (c)
1658. (a) 1659. (e) 1660. (b) 1775. (d) 1776. (c) 1777. (a)
360 GATE-Computer Science & Engineering
1778. (d) 1779. (b) 1780. (d) 1850. (a) 1851. (a) 1852. (b)
1781. (c) 1782. (b) 1783. (c) 1853. (d) 1854. (c) 1855. (a)
1784. (d) 1785. (b) 1786. (b) 1856. (b) 1857. (a) 1858. (a)
1787. (d) 1788. (c) 1789. (b) 1859. (a) 1860. (d) 1861. (c)
1790. (c) 1791. (c) 1792. (c) 1862. (a) 1863. (c) 1864. (a)
1793. (c) 1794. (b) 1795. (a) 1865. (a) 1866. (b) 1867. (b)
1796. (a) 1797. (d) 1798. (c) 1868. (a) 1869. (a) 1870. (a)
1799. (d) 1800. (a) 1801. (d) 1871. (d) 1872. (d) 1873. (a)
1802. (a) 1803. (b) 1804. (a) 1874. (a) 1875. (b) 1876. (d)
1805. (a) 1806. (c) 1807. (d) 1877. (b) 1878. (c) 1879. (c)
1808. (c) 1809. (b) 1810. (a) 1880. (c) 1881. (e) 1882. (c)
1811. (b) 1812. (a) 1813. (b) 1883. (c) 1884. (c) 1885. (a)
1814. (c) 1815. (a) 1816. (d) 1886. (c) 1887. (c) 1888. (a)
1817. (a) 1818. (c) 1819. (c) 1889. (d) 1890. (c) 1891. (b)
1820. (c) 1821. (c) 1822. (a) 1892. (a) 1893. (a) 1894. (c)
1823. (c) 1824. (b) 1825. (c) 1895. (d) 1896. (d) 1897. (c)
1826. (a) 1827. (a) 1828. (a) 1898. (d) 1899. (d) 1900. (c)
1829. (a) 1830. (c) 1831. (b) 1901. (d) 1902. (c) 1903. (c)
1832. (c) 1833. (b) 1834. (b) 1904. (b) 1905. (e) 1906. (d)
1835. (b) 1836. (b) 1837. (c) 1907. (c) 1908. (c) 1909. (e)
1838. (b) 1839. (b) 1840. (c) 1910. (e) 1911. (a) 1912. (b)
1841. (b) 1842. (c) 1843. (c) 1913. (b) 1914. (b) 1915. (d)
1844. (a) 1845. (c) 1846. (b) 1916. (e) 1917. (c) 1918. (d)
1847. (b) 1848. (a) 1849. (c) 1919. (b) 1920. (a)