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HTC Europe Co. Ltd.

New address: Salamanca Wellington Street Slough Berks SL1 1YP

Main Telephone Number ,a- number )*+1.+(

!! "#$ 1%& '(1 )*+# !! "#$ 1%& '(1

Wellington Street1 Slough

Travelling by Rail: Come out of the train station carry on straight, at Tesco turn left on to ellington !treet , cross over at the traffic lights, HTC "uilding is on your right #opposite Tesco$.

/ow to 0ind us

Travelling by car: The entrance to the car par% is allocated at the bac% of the building on &ueensmere Road #please see map$. 'isitors The 'isitors car par% is allocated at the front of the reception area. Entrance (ill also be via &ueensmere road. )n the unli%ely event of the car par% being full, the nearest car par%s are either the &ueensmere Car *ar% or the +bservatory Car *ar%.

-y Computer. public on /Htcu%slfs01/ #1:$. 2acilities. 2acilities. !ara. RECE*T)+3 3E 2+L4ER. HTC 4irections