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Proposal form

Model United Nations Year 11

Campus Des Nations, International School of Geneva

As students at Campus Des Nations who represent not only the school but the foundation in a positive light we believe that by challenging our academic capabilities we touch upon approaches to learning, a much valued asset belonging to the areas of interaction in the IB program, which influence how we learn, and how we use foreign experiences outside the school environment to expand upon our academic potential. MUN conferences will also provide us with the opportunity to get in touch with other students from schools across the world, to communicate and share our experiences and ideas with them as well. We believe that communicating with different people from diverse cultures will help us broaden and provide us with a valuable insight with peoples thoughts and ideas, and will also help us enhance our communication skills as individuals especially in an international scale.

Proposal Form MUN Year 11 2013 -2014

Project name and description: As a group in year 11 who are passionate and show interest in International Relations, debate and forensics we would like to propose an individual Change maker project that we as an individual and student lead group called Year 11 MUN. Model United Nations is an event known to all schools internationally around the world. Many countries host Model United Nations that organize and invite delegations and individuals to participate and engage in discussions proposed by different students that represent assigned countries. The International School of Geneva attends a major event every year called the Students League of Nations, allowing young minds to participate and add their own perspective on the resolution of global issues that is similar to our proposed MUN. MUN is an intellectually stimulating debate activity, that allows students to improve their public speaking skills, as well as giving them the opportunity to further enrich their knowledge of worldwide issues.


We aim to put together a young group of student delegates (specifically year 11s) to attend conferences around the world that we will be invited to as a group. We wish to represent the International School of Geneva in countries that will host these interactive events and give in our perspective as delegate representatives. We would like to keep this group at a minimum amount of participants unless we are asked to have more representing delegates as this ensures maximum commitment, attention, efficiency and aid to all of the major four group members who include: Mateo Austin, Declan Lawlor, Isabel Hahn and Grace Trivedi. Our objective is to be a group of students who are passionate about international relations at a young age, who are eager to participate in debates despite their year group and to engage in what they are passionate about. Our objective is to be involved with schools and people all around the world to enhance our debating and communicating skills. Students who are actively involved in debate and forensics especially in diverse and new environments in different countries and MUN conferences always improve their skills in research, public speaking, critical thinking, time management and organizational skills. We have already been invited to several international and reputable conferences around the world. Some of these include Dubai, Singapore and Thailand. We have applied and been invited to many conferences in Europe as well. All of these conferences are hosted during the time of the schools breaks for example the February break coincides with the EMIMUN

Dubai. We have not made any confirmations due to the fact that the school must still approve of our club and our activity goals. We will represent the school with appropriate behavior and have designated a commitment form to ensure so. As students of the International School of Geneva, we are well aware that we are reaching across to many individuals around the world and must represent the school in a positive manner to create a admirable impression. We are also aware that these conferences should not take up excessive amounts of time lost that involves school work as we are very committed to our studies. We are fully aware of the commitment and balance of work needed in order to make our activity and idea successful. We are ready to take action upon our ideas as soon as the school approves our existence as an official MUN group. We have some dates in mind but are waiting to confirm them with the school. Please however do keep in mind that we would like to keep this group at a minimum of four major delegates or in other words, initiators unless certain conferences require a more number of delegates which we will then interview students for, providing them with a major CAS opportunity. We would like to propose our idea to all students and teachers and inform them about the activity we plan to do. We would however like to keep this activitys members at a minimum as the four major group members mentioned before to ensure efficiency and to sort out the details avoiding too much confusion. We would also like to set up fundraisers to have funds for the trips organized for all students who will get involved later on, providing the whole student body to help us and obtain CAS credit as well. We would like this activity to provide widespread initiative and chances across the school allowing students with various opportunities to help out others, which is one of the aspects of the IB values most. One of the aspects the IB values most is the approach to learning a student makes. How a student creates opportunities for him/her self, taking initiative and exploring new approaches of learning and communicating to achieve their own maximum potential. As students who have always had an interest in debate and forensics we have taken it upon ourselves to take a lead in our own learning, how can we use experiences that we do ourselves to become better students? How we as students in an international school are independent and use foreign opportunities and implement it into developing our own skills and learning in different forms. As written in the areas of interaction page of the IB website, approaches to learning is a significant aspect where; Through approaches to learning, students are provided with the tools to enable them to take responsibility for their own learning. Central to this is "learning how to learn" and developing in individuals an awareness of how they learn best, of thought processes and of learning strategies.

Possible problems and solutions:

Budget: We have found and contacted many companies that will be more than willing to sponsor us and will be planning fundraisers for all our trips. The students who will help raise funds will automatically obtain CAS credit as mentioned before. Dates and deadlines: We will be designing a set of dates and deadlines as soon as the school has approved of our activity, we already have a few deadlines sorted out concerning international travel such as visas and planning out when we should apply and also estimating how long it would take for our visas to be issued for non EU countries or for certain participants with special document requirements. We have worked with Mr. Benjamin Bottorff to look over our MUN development as he is the MUN coordinator for the school, he will guide us with details about the MUN conferences and complete all formalities with the MUN conferences we participate in. We thank you for your kind attention so far, if possible we would like to set up a meeting to answer all questions you would have, to discuss all concerns fairly and to make sure that what we are planning to do as a year 11 MUN group is clear to the school board and or whomever this may concern, We would like to prepare a presentation for you as well.

Sincerely, Grace TRIVEDI Isabel HAHN Mateo AUSTIN Declan LAWLOR