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Little lamb Christian Preschool Back to school Night Teacher: Ingrid Bustamante Teachers assistance: Maria Espinoza

Minds of God
3 year olds classroom
Policy before school starts.
Daily schedule. Classroom rules.

Curricular plans.
Children progress and grading. Field trips and events. Parent communication and participation.

Parents Communication and Participation

The succes of your child depends on your

participation. Volunteers are always welcome. Parents can communicate via internet at Weekley newswill be send home. Personal notes and calls are welcome. Bulletin board is there for you. Agendas for each child will be send weekley with very easey homework.

Policies Before School Starts

All forms need to be read and sign. Medical History and vaccination records. Childs nutritional allergies.Special dietary needs. Meds and drs Rx are required. Meds will be adminiter by a certify personell only. Safety forms including authorization for emergencies.Please writte clearly. Field trip forms at the time of the event will be required. Arrival form is require so parents hand the child to the teacher or teacher assistant.

Emergency numbers are needed and other numbers for

emergencies only. Up- out classes forms if choose,need to be sign. Home item will be alowd during specific events like pijama day,cultural day and emotional comfort. Please understand that without these forms we cannot provide services for your children. Sudden sickeness of a child will required no later than 2 hr sign-out. This center is peanut free center. Menus are made fresh every day.We use my plate for nutritional values for the children. Food safe for cavity prevention. Allegy to foods are taken into consideration when food is prepare.Our cook in certify by DSS courses requirement and oversee by a Register nutritionist. Red tags and trays are use for food allergies.

Daily Schedules
Arrival starts at 6 am. Sign-in in the computer and

proceed to your childs classroom. * Teacher will sign- in the child in the classrom computer , and enter also in the classroom attendance. * Sign-out will be done the same way. No later than 6:30pm. * Late sign-out; will be allowed with a small charge.

Daily Routines: * Arrival 6-8am. * Bathroom breaks will be done before and after meals, and after playgroung activities. * Dental care will be done after each meal, and snack. * Free play, five different centers. * Breakfast; menus for the week can be checked in our website. * Menus; Red tags and trays are use for food allergies. * Review daily schedule , with picture of schedule. * Music and dance. * Group time, Language/ arts; Letter A Sound, and letter . Words that start with letter A.

* Group time. Language/ Art; Discover letter A in words. * Snack time. * Small groups Math; Sorting by color and shape.Graphing. * Playground recess; all gross motor skills activities are carry on in the form of games. They are plan according to the season of the year and according to the daily weather. * Lunch time. * Story time; Little Bear. * Nap time. * Story time; My Dog is Lost. * Science/discovery; Puppies. * Playground activities 3Teams; Who can pass the ball the fastest. * Free play in center; Materials for self start learning. * Snack time. * Sign-outs.

Classroom Rules
We have 3-4 rules; Big/little rules are tide.
Be kind (quite voice is used to be kind to others). Be safe(do not push others make them hurt,we need

to be safe). Take care of things; in the classroom. Loving and logic approach; Children to learn from mistakes, realistic consequences, responsibility and prepareness for life. Positive reinforcement.

Curricular Plan
Our curricullum will be entirely bilingual Curriculum is based on childrens habilities,interests, skills and planning. Each part of the curricullum has portfolios and teacher observations of children interests,activities and plan. Assessments are done on each child before and after each lesson.

Language Arts

Involves listening, speaking, reading, writing and viewing. Phonological awareness; Rhyming, phonic games, critical listening. Letter knowledge; Alphabet letters, sound in letters, beginning letter. Interactive writing; Print concept and understanding of this concepts, and developing vocabulary. Print awareness and use of reading skills; Aware language is composed of words, awareness of syllables, sounds or phonems. Literacy environment; Bilingual Spanish Language, Arts will follow the same pattern. Read aloud; Story time twice/day.

Preoperational level. One to one Correspondence Number sense and Counting. Measuring volume. Logic and Classifying, Object Sorting. Compering Informal Measurement. Comparing; Number. Shape; Matching.

Space; Position.

Parts and Wholes; Missing Parts.

Ordering; size. Rote Counting; above material and bellow material 3-6

years old. Rational Counting. Time Identity Clock or watch. Recognition of Symbols.

Science and Discovery

Life Science, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, mammals;

growing seeds, insects and more. Physical Science; Sounds Air, magnets, buildings, water and more. Earth and Space Science; Earth, planets, dinosaurs, volcanoes, the moon and more. Environmental Awareness; Nature, conservation, ecology. Health and Nutrition; health habits, inside of me, senses and more. Science in Cooking; Cooking with children. Science at Home; Science all around you.

Music and Movement

Our music and movement program involves multicultural music and

dances. The children will learn, about cultures as we dance to the rhythm of the music. Plan experiences. Special movements for special music. Sensory awareness, social development, body awareness, concentration, personal development and gross motor skills. Rhythm and instruments; Can wait for a turn.Play music over and over. Create song with instruments. Sounds and music; Experiments with sound comparisons. Songs; Suggest words,recognize melodies,choices of songs and new ideas. Free movement and music interpretation. Rule songs and games. Music and art; Drawing, [painting and modeling]. Music and poetry. Classical music, composers and creative activities.

Children Progress and Grading

Assessment will be done at the beginning of the year. Daily,

weekly ,monthly, and quarterly assessment, will be also completed. Portfolios will show parents, the progress as we document it. Grading will be from 0-5. base on educational standarts. Progress reports will be giving every trimester. Sign and return grades card. Conference with the parents; We will like to meet with parents every trimester. September, December, March and, June. Parent participation is very much encourage and appreciated.

Field Trips and Events

Activities will be posted monthly. Parent participation will be needed.

Septiembre1st Labor day. 7th. Grandparents day. 11th Patriots day. 16th step family day. 17th citicenship day. 26th native american day. October 13th Columbus day. 16th boss day. November 11th veterans day. 27th thanksgiving. December 25th chritmas. 31st New Years day. January20th Martin Luther King. 24th Belly laugh day . February 2nd groundhogday. 12th lincolns BD. 14th Saint valentine. 17th Presidence day and washingtons BD.

March 9tg Daylight saving start 17th snt Patrickd day. April 1st. April Fools day. 18th good Friday. 20th eastern. 22 nd earth day. May 5th Cinco de Mayo. 11th Mothers day. 17th arm force day. 26th Memorail day June 8th Pentecost. 14th Flag day. 15th Fathers day. July 4th independence day. 27th Parents day.