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Mike Robison, Principal Loganville High School _ Principals Title & Name 9-12_Schools lowest and highest grades Public_ Type of School 1500_ Number of Students in your School School Ethnicity: 79% white, 12% black, 5% Hispanic, 2% multi-cultural, 1% Asian Percentage of Subsidized Lunches: 32% Walton_ County : 2969/3miles_Store Locator Number/Distance to closest Lowe's Store: _Schools Website PTSO _Parent Group Acronym (i.e. PTO, PTA, HSA or other) Less than $5000_Net amount of money your group raised last year or in a typical year: EIN#: 581542195 Project Details Loganville High School Media Center Makeover _Project Name Loganville High School Media Center_ School Display Name Contact Information 1. Contact Name- Susanne Crowe 2. Contacts Phone Number - 678-684-2880 3. Contacts Email Address Project Short Description The Loganville high school media center is seeking funds for a media center makeover. The space and layout are no longer adequate for students needs due to our new one to one iPad initiative. We are seeking a grant to upgrade the facility to include a comfortable reading nook, an updated student collaboration area and a docking station for iPads. Project Budget $7,749_Grant Amount - Amount of grant your group is applying for and will it cover all the costs for the project Raised Budget: $500 Detailed Budget Figures
Item Offi Side Table/ Ottoman/Stool Lounge Chair Coffee station Vendor Demco Demco Item # WF12238760 WF14981640 Quantity 8 8 Price $89.99 $699.00 Total Price $719.92 $5,592.00

BUNN .58-Gallon Coffee Maker Carafe Monarch Specialties Cappuccino Utility Office Cart Joy Carpets Jazzy Area Rugs Docikng Station Materials South Shore Furniture Morgan Cherry 71.25in 5-Shelf Bookcase Mono-Systems, Inc. 6-Outlet Metal Power Strip Power Strip Total

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$69.99 $114.00 $704.99

$139.98 $114.00 $704.99

Lowe's Lowes

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$92.42 $29.36

$184.84 $293.60 $7,749.33

1. How will the group plan on obtaining the remaining funds if the grant will not fund the entire Project? Other funds will come from PTSO fundraisers 2. Please list other fundraisers and/or grantors for this project. Loganville High School PTSO Project Schedule The project is expected to last for 2 months from the funding date. The first phase of the project will be ordering furniture. Phase 2 will include the planning and designing of the custom docking station as well as meetings with the Lowes employee, and volunteer team. Phase 3 will include building the docking station, and placing furniture and accessories for the reading/collaboration area. The time frame of each phase is dependent on phase 1 and the amount of time required for the order to ship. Project Description The mission of the Loganville High School Media Center make over is to enhance the media center facility, in order to make it a more student friendly commons for student collaboration on research, technology, reading and information literacy. The LHS media center is currently a very active location in our school. Classes rotate regularly through the media center for the use of the computer lab. Teachers also use the facility as an extended classroom, bringing students in to work collaboratively on projects. The media center is also used for professional development training of the faculty and staff. Our facility was decorated in 1998 and has not been updated since that time. The room provides wooden tables and chairs throughout. We would like to add a comfortable reading/collaboration area for students, as well as a docking station for students to charge their iPads. This school year, each student was provided an Apple iPad as part of the countys new one to one technology initiative. Because of this initiative, we have experienced a decline in student visits for book checkouts, and more foot traffic is being logged for iPad help desk assistance. It is our goal to create an area where students will utilize the facility to check out and read traditional, as well as eBooks that are available in our catalog. We would also like to provide a place for students to gather and discuss class work or literature. Successful completion of this project would allow us to keep our media center a viable and frequently visited location in our school. We service approximately 1500 students in our media center, and would like to increase the percentage of students visiting the media center for educational purposes. We feel that a connection between our student body and media center staff is critical in providing 21st century literacy skills training to our students. Creating an inviting and relevant place for them to develop these skills would allow us to continue to provide the

level of educational excellence that we seek. Loganville High School provides early education classes for students who are interested in education as a career. Our facility houses a collection of E (Easy) books for the young students who are being taught and mentored by our older students. Our plans include allowing our high school students to host book-read aloud sessions in the media center for the early education students. The Lowes Toolbox for Education grant would also be used to provide a comfortable rug and small sized seating for those students to enjoy as well. Other goals include reaching out into the community and homes of our students. We would like to provide a facility that can be utilized by parents and other members of the community for technology 101 classes and classes that teach parents how to manage the devices that their students possess. Enhancing the comfort and seating in the media center with the Lowes Toolbox for Education grant would allow us to offer these kinds of services to our students, and the community at large. Project Grant Reason Our project is especially deserving of a Lowes Toolbox for Education grant, because we believe that our students are the most important factor in education, and we strive to provide the best tools for their success. Loganville High School is a school located in rural Loganville, GA. We are not classified as a tier 1 school, which means that we do not receive as many state funds as the other two high schools in our county that are classified as tier 1 schools. In addition to not being classified as tier 1, our media centers funds were cut significantly this school year. We are seeking funds to attempt to recover from the loss that we experienced from the countywide budget cuts. Project Volunteer Plan Our plan includes using approximately 12 to 15 volunteers. We plan to utilize our media center student aides and the student technical support team as well as students from SkillsUSA. There are 12 students currently holding the media aid and technical support positions. We will utilize students from SkillsUSA to assist in the construction of the docking station. Yes _ Does your school host a chapter of SkillsUSA? Yes _ Is there an opportunity for Lowes employees to help you with your Project? Lowes Help Description As part of the Loganville High School Media Center makeover, it is our desire to provide a docking station. We would like this docking station to provide a location where our student body, faculty and staff can charge the over 1500 iPads that were distributed to them by the county, this school year. Because of the iPad initiative, we have observed an increase in the amount of students coming to the media center during lunchtime or between classes asking for a place to charge their devices. Students are often seen huddling around outlets in the cafeteria and other common areas in the school building. Providing a docking station would help to alleviate that problem. It will also guide student traffic into the media center, and could result in a higher book circulation and use of the other services provided by the media center. Partnering with a Lowes employee through a collaboration effort, would be a key factor in the successful execution of this this project. The project would involve building a docking station

that resembles a bookshelf with narrow slots and electrical outlets for charging. The Lowes employee will assist in designing and building the docking station. They will provide us with expert advice on selecting the proper materials. They will also offer assistance on the use of the materials purchased. We feel that a Lowes employee is needed for a successful result on this project. No _Are there any plans to close schools in your district or have any schools been closed within the last few years? Yes _Will Publicize Yes _Will Report Yes _Has School Approval