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Company Profile

Abul Khair Steel

Abul Khair Steel (AKS) Industries Limited was incorporated on 21st October,

1998 as a private company limited by the shares in Bangladesh under the companies act

of 1994. It is a sister company of Abul Khair group of Companies.

Nature of business: the principal activities of the company throughout the year

were manufacturing and marketing of CR coils, GP coils Corrugated Iron (CI) sheets and

Galvanized Plain (GP) sheets.

Board of directors: the company is run by board of directors consisting of eleven

members of whom there is a chairman, managing directors, deputy managing directors

and other directors with specific responsibilities.

AKS maintains an amicable relationship with a number of well established banks

in Bangladesh. Among these banks are EXIM, Standard Chartered, City and Pubali Bank.

AKS has acquired extensive credit lines form the City Bank and the Pubali Bank, giving

them a competitive edge over their competitors.

The company is based in Chittagong and has good hold of the market all over

Bangladesh. They have a large share of market in some of the most important districts
and sub districts such as, Chittagong, Feni, Barishal, Rangpur, and Mymensingh. They

control 60% of the overall market in the GP/CI sheet industry.

Marketing Strategy

Abul Khair Steel Products Limited has been around since 1998 as private

company in Bangladesh. The company has long before achieved the summit of their

success in the domestic market but it has refused to stop there. In this era of globalization

the company realizes that it can no longer be immune to its effect.

AKS primarily manufactures what is known as ‘dheu tin’ in Bangladesh. These

are used mainly for building roofs and sheds for rural huts. They are more popular among

the rural parts of Bangladesh. AKS’s product is more popularly known as ‘Goru Marka

Dheu tin’.

AKS has based its operation in two places namely, Chittagong and Feni; where

they have a good control over the market share. However, they have divided the whole of

Bangladeshi market into 3 broad divisions and 14 territories. They have the divisional

and regional sales officers (also known as RSO) for the respective divisions and regions.

AKS owns 1900 traders all over Bangladesh and depend primarily on their

distribution channels to make their presence felt in the local market. Furthermore, they

have their own formidable transport facilities that allow them to supply their product
efficiently. In fact, AKS boasts that within 24 hours of placing order they are able to

complete the delivery to any parts of Bangladesh.

In addition to such advantages of AKS, it also has close relationship with many

well known banks around Bangladesh. These banks provide it with useful information

and advice and also help the company out with extensive credit lines. AKS’s reputation

has earned them trust from many banks which are ready to do business with the firm.

AKS advertises their product through broadcast and print media. They have

emphasized more on the broadcast media because most of their target audience is from

the rural parts of Bangladesh where literacy rate is low. So, it is more appropriate for

them to advertise their product through visual demonstration instead of written

information. In essence AKS has managed to acquire significant ground for them self in

the local market. They follow a sound strategy of all of their departments. Each SBU’s

coordinated effort has taken this company to the pinnacle of their success.
Company P r ofile
Pr an Col a
PRAN GROUP was born in 1980. Keeping in view the corporate mission of the

group they have over the years diversified their activities. Today they are the largest

processors of fruits & vegetables in Bangladesh. The Group comprises of 10

companies. AMCL (Agricultural Marketing Company Limited) is a sister concern of

PRAN Group. It was established in 1985. And is running successfully and smoothly

ever since. They have emerged in to one of the top competitors in the market today.

The head offices are located at Dhaka with production facilities around the country.

Their management is modern adapted to their environment & culture. Pran Cola is

introduced in the market in 2003. It’s a new product for them in the beverage section

& they have giant competitors like PEPSI & Coca cola. Their largest asset is their

competent team of hands-on-mangers & dedicated employees. They claim to have a

very competent human capital. And they say with pride that their HR department is

efficient and strong. AMCL is the main revenue earning company of PRAN Group.

AMCL export its products to 60 different countries. It has separate branch offices in 3

different countries. AMCL plans to construct a factory on South Africa to produce its

products there locally.

Marketing Strategy

Based on their surveys and research, regarding the number and class of people who buy

and use their consumer products, Pran has set its sales goal. In the long years they have

realized that this goal will require aggressive marketing. Pran Cola has supported their

sales goal by implementing plans accordingly in order to meet their marketing objectives

in the marketing mix. Because their customers are less price sensitive, and more

interested in quality, offering the lowest possible prices is not a concern of Pran. They

strive to maintain a rational profit margin while keeping customer prices reasonable.

They need to serve a quality product to compete with the other brands. Promotion is the

zone where Pran puts most of its hard work. They utilized almost all the elements from

the promotional mix. Their main promotional scenario indicates activities to increase the

size of each customer group by 10% for consumer products and then sell 5% more on

average to each customer. In terms of promotions, information shows that other than

retaining old customers, they average 5 new customers for every 150 customers that they

try to add to the consumer group.

In public relations, a large number of newspapers and magazines writers and editors have

been in contact with the activities of Pran Cola. Several small articles are written in news

papers and additional columns have been written regarding the consumer products. For

the last 3 years they are trying to be more proactive and take steps for press relations. In

an effort to highlight the company even more and introduce the company to the press to

select their product, they have launched informative booklets from their product lines.
For performing sales promotions, they conduct simple sales promotions to attract

new customers. They offer discounts deals in which any first time buyer gets an extra one

free. The offers are advertised in electronic and print media as well as grocery stores.

Pran tries to use the best combination of medium and message to reach their target

audience. The vehicles they used for their advertisement are usually these:


• Radio

• Billboard

• Newspaper ad

• Magazine ad

• Shop Signboard

• Point of Sale materials (e.g. Shelf Positioning, Sticker, etc.)

Company Profile


RADHUNI is a brand of SQUARE Consumer Products Ltd. And this brand has a wide

variety of products. These are – RADHUNI powdered spice, RADHUNI Kheer Mix,

RADHUNI Halim Mix, RADHUNI Meat Curry Mix, RADHUNI Kabab Masala,

RADHUNI Fish Curry Masala, RADHUNI Chatpati Masala and so on. All these products

have already become very popular in the market. RADHUNI’s mind share, heart share,

and market share are in the highest position in its industry. ”RADHUNI” has successfully

made awareness build up. Almost everyone mentioned the name of “RADHUNI” when

they are asked to name a brand of this kind. “RADHUNI” has just finished its

introduction stage in the product life cycle (PLC) and it is now at the beginning of the

growth stage in PLC. “RADHUNI” is leading the market with a variety of products.

“RADHUNI” has almost every items of cooking starting from turmeric powder to spicy

mixed powder for meat, fish, chotpoty, halim, kheer, and even pachforon.

Though “RADHUNI” has got some competitors in spicy powder like chilly powder but it

has got a relatively competitive advantage in mixed powder with one or two competitors.

These competitors have a little share here and there in the country. And they are not that

much strong either. One of such competitors is ‘Ideal’.

Marketing Strategy
Radhuni is powdered spice which is directly used for cooking purpose and generally the

women of our country are involved in cooking. So it follows the demographic

segmentation for segmenting our market. It emphasized on gender based segmentation

and the psychographic segmentation.

As radhuni followed demographic segmentation and it focused on women consumers in

our country. There are generally two classes in women consumers one is housewife

another one is service holder. SQUARE is the name of quality, where consumers can get

pure and quality products without any hesitation. That is Radhuni position the

“RADHUNI” in the mind and desire of the consumer prospect. Their marketing strategy

is very broad and distinctive. The SQUARE Company’s brand “RADHUNI” is the

potential to cover the market. That’s why the brand made some strategy to position the

market in a way that the difference can not be easily copied by competitors and it

delivered in a distinctive way. That is why to set up a good brand image it is needed to

have a good positioning strategy.

The brand “RADHUNI” is a brand which is used for cooking. So the consumer might

think about the taste and how conveniently it can be used. In the positioning stage we are

thinking about value proposition. Value proposition is the way where we reflect the core

things what we are providing as per as the desire of the target consumer. So the

positioning should be such where the core things will be reflected.

In this brand it is important to promote its marketing strategies to cover the market share

and what basic feature we give to the target consumer. They use the strategy to make their

product available in all the market, in rural and urban areas. They used print media,

television advertisement, radio, billboard in such a way that they have succeeded to

attract their potential customers. Mass media has proved very effective for them because

they used it wisely. For a product like spice is very hard to find the center of the

customers. Bur, Radhuni made it by their effective marketing & positioning strategy.