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BHARATH INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY QUESTION BANK BCS-102 Computer Graphics-I B.Tech I Year UNIT - I Part A 1. Define Computer graphics? 2. What are line segments? 3. What are perpendicular lines? 4. Define pixel? 5. Define frame buffer? 6. What is GKS and PHIGS? 7. What is Bresanham's algorithm? 8. Define vector. 9. What is digital differential analyzer? 10. What is antialiasing? Part B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Explain in detail about Bresenhams Algorithm Write about perpendicular lines and line segments? Explain how to display the frame buffer with the algorithm? Discuss the distance between a point and a line in a plane and define vector? Explain in detail about the vector generation?

UNIT - II Part A 1. What are Normalized Device Coordinates? 2. Expand the following: CRT, LED, LCD, DVST 3. List down the associated attributes of : (i) Line (ii) Move 4. Define Random scan and Raster scan displays. 5. List out the merits and demerits of Plasma panel display? 6. What is the opcode for the line styles primitives and characters? 7. What is bitmap? 8. What is resolution? 9. What is aspect ratio? 10. What is display file interpreter?

Part B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Write a routine to place instructions for printing a string into the Display File TEXT(STRING). Explain in detail about display devices with diagrams? Explain line style primitives with algorithms. Explain in detail about the basic graphics primitives? Explain the DISPLAY file structure algorithm UNIT- III Part A 1. Define Polygon 2. Define sides, edges and vertices of a polygon? 3. What is even-odd Method? 4. What are convex and concave polygons? 5. What is winding-number method 6. What is Flood fill algorithm? 7. What is scan line method? 8. What are trapezoids and how does it forms? 9. How to indicate the polygon whether it should be filled or in outline? 10. What is the opcode for selecting the desired interior style of the polygon?

Part B 1. Explain in detail about filling polygons with the routines: i) To fill in the scan line ii) To include any edges newly intersected by the scan line Write algorithms for entering polygon into the Display File. Write about Polygon Interfacing algorithms. Write short notes on filling polygons. Discuss the entering polygons with the algorithms. UNIT- IV Part A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. What are Homogeneous Coordinates? Give the types of Transformations What is Transformation? What is translation? What is rotation? What is scaling? What is shearing? What is reflection?

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9. What is coordinate transformation? 10. What is inverse Transformation? Part B 1. Explain in detail about Transformations 2. Explain Rotation about an arbitrary point and other transformations 3. Develop an algorithm to create the Identity Matrix, post Multiply-In-Scale & post Multiply-InRotation 4. Develop an algorithm to set the translation parameters, scaling parameters, rotation angle. 5. Write algorithm for MAKE-PICTURE CURRENT, GET-TRANSFORMEDPOINT(NTH,OP,X,Y)

UNIT- V Part A 1. What is double buffering? 2. What is BITBLT? 3. What is segment table? 4. What are the attributes of segment table? 5. What is unnamed segment? 6. What is visibility attribute? 7. What are the subsequent commands in the segment? 8. How to create the instructions into the segment? 9. What is the variable, which indicates the name of the currently open segment? 10. What are segments? Part B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What are segments and write about the segment table? Explain how to close a segment with the algorithm? Explain how to delete all the segments with the algorithm? What is visibility and write algorithm to set the visibility attribute? Explain image transformation with the algorithm?