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lndian Concertino GeorgePerlman Violin& PianoAccompaniment

fsBN90-431-2161-4 NUR472

CD number:DHR 13.958-3 CD recorded by: De HaskeSound Sqvices BV ExecutiveProducer. Gunter VanRompy Violin:Jo Vercruysse

@ Copyright 2005 by De Haske Fublications BV AS Heerenveen, Holland Postbus 74,NL-840 BetgiumBVBA, 8-1860 Meise VoorBetgi/ Pourta Belgique: De Haske (Deutschland) GmbH,Postfach51, D-79427Eschbach De Haske Fr Deutschland: F-68180 Horbourg-Wihr B.P 69, : De Haske France, Pourla France (Ml) Palazzo E/3, l-20090Assago Milanofiori, Centro Direonale ltalias.r.l., PerI'ltatia:De Haske A-6884 Damls Haske GmbH, Musikverlag De Fiir sterreich: (lntemational) AG, Postfach60, CH-6332Hagendom Fiir die SchweizI Pourla Sulsse; De Haske NNl7 4SN,England Corby,Nofthants Music(UK)Ltd, FlemingRoad,Earlstrees, For the IJK:De Haske Hottand BU Postbus744,NL-8440AS Heerenveen, De HaskePubtications Altother countries;
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Fo r e w or d
S t u d y & P l a yi s i d ea lfo r d e ve l o p i n g yo u r playingin an enjoyable and musically soundway . Eac h ed it io nw i t h i n t h i s co n ce p fe t a tu re s a (D to add som ething extr ato your studyr outine. When you play lndian Concertino the (D allowsyou to practise at a slowerstudytempo,as well as t he n o r m a lt e m p o ,so th a t yo u ca n w o rk o n your violin playingin a mor e concentr ated w ay w hi l s t y o u r i n si g h ti n to th e mu si c. i m p ro v i n g Y o u can continue to study in this goal- or ientated way unti l yo u hav ea c h i e v e d th e d e si re d re su l t.R e a d the infor m ation about the ( D car efully in or de rto ful l y unitise t h i sc o n c e p t . Th e t it le o f t h i s p i e cesu g g e sts playing a co n ce rtsituation, a solo par t with accom panim ent. T her e s f s u chw o rksfo r th e vi o l i n but m anyof thesecannotbe tackled ar e t hou s a n d o until you hav ebeen pla y ingf o r a c o n si d e ra b lti eme . T h i s ca r efully you to gain n ec es s ar y chosenconcer tino enables experie n cfe o r t h i st yp e o f p l a yi n ga , llowing you to havesufficient musical andtechnical con tr olov er yo ur inst r u m e nw t hi l st h a vi n gth e su p p o rtof an accom panist dur ingper for m ance. lt will als oenr i c h your repertoire.

About the cD The CD i s a n e x c e ll e n me t a n sto h e l p yo u achieve per for m ance. a polished Fir styou will hear the tu nin g n o t e s f , o l l o we db y th e d e motra cksothat you get an ideaof how the piece should so und.T he pla y -a l o n g p a r t ( f i r st i n th e n o rma lte mp o,then in studytempo) has beensubdivided into v ar i ous tracl<s which havebeenindicated in the score. They startjust beforea characteristic or new passage - this way you don't haveto search everytime you want to study a certainsection. The (D hasbeen se t u p a s f o l l o w s :

. tuning notes t, r a c k1 s - + ( O = A ,O = D , O = G , O = E )
@, etc.) - studytempo,tracl<s . pfay-along ( @ ,@ , etc.) 11-15; >S-zg . d emov e r s i o nt,r a ckS ,i 6 , r9 ( @ e tc.) - normaltempo,tracks6-to,'r7-'r8; . play-along zo->+(O,

G e o r g eP e r l m a n


Pe r l m a n Ceor g e ta u g h tth e vi o l i nfo r a substantial par t of the zoth centur y. Hisexactyearof bi r th i s u n k n o w n- h e w asq u i te se cre ti ve a b o u tit - but he was pr obably bor nar oundr 898 in l( iev ,U k r ai ne. As a y o u n g c h i l d h e mo ve dto C h i ca g o wher e his pr incipal violin teacher s included LeonSam ati ni , Adol p hW e i d i ga n d L e o p o l d A u e r,w i th whom he studied for a year . In addition to dozens of arrangements, editions and collections George Perlman wrote several original pieces for violin,manyof whichareof a pedagogical nature. The /sraeli (gll), whichis perhaps Concertino r mp o si ti o n hism o s tp o p u l aco i s,a symb oof l hispr ide in hisJewish andinter est faithandheri tage. The lndian Concertino of lg1+ is an excellentstudy worl<for young violinists. lt was obviously ins p i r e d b y t h e r h yth msa n d h a rmo n i e of s nativeAm er ican m usicbut the wor l<' s inspir ati on, oddl y e n o u g h(,a m et o t h e c o m p o s ew r h i l eh e w a ss i t t i n gi n s y n a g o g u e . George Pe r l m a n di e di n 2 o o o .

G e o r g eP e r l m a n


Ce o r g ePe r l m a n u n te rri ch te te d e n g r BtenTeil des zo. Jahr hunder ts lang Violine.Sei n genaues -t e r w a r se h r - aberver mutlich 6ebu r t s j a h ir s t u n b e ka n n ver schwiegen diesbezglich wur deer um r BgB g e b o re n . l s kl e i n es in l(ie wi n d e r U k ra i n e A l( indzoger nachChicago, wo er haupts<hlic h Lehr er n von wie L e o nS a m a n ti nA i ,d o l p hWe i d i gu n deinJahrauchvon Leopold AuerViolinunter r icht erhi el t. Ne b e n dutzenden vo n B e a rb e i tu n g eA n usgaben , und 5amm lungen, schr ieb Geor ge Per lm an m ehr er e o rigin a l eKo m p o si ti o n e fi n j r d i e V i o l i ne,von denen viele pdagogischer Natur sind. D as l s r ael i Co n c e r t i nv oo n ' t9 7 3 i st vi e l l e i chse t ine b ekannteste Komposition; es manifestier t Stol zund das den j i j d i sch e n I nt er e s sa en s e i ne m Clauben u nd Er be. Da s l n d i a n C o n ce rti n ovo n ryS + i st ein ausgezeichnetes Ubungswer l< fr junge V i ol i ni s ten. i n s p i r i e r tv o n d e n R h y t h m e nu n d H a r m o n i e nd e r M u s i k d e r a m e r i k a n i s c h e n Offensichtlich Ure in w o h n e r k,a m d e m K o mp o n i sted ne r lmpuls zu diesem W er kjedoch seltsamer weis e, al ser i n der 5y na g o g e saB. Perlman George sta rbi m Ja h r2 o o o .

l n d i a nC o n c e r t i n o
An Indian Story
Allegro moderato

6 e o r g eP e r l m a n

Allegro moderato

Indian drums

CopYr ght g 1931 by Cart Frsctrer,lnc. Copynght renewed, All rights assignd to Carl Frsclpr. LIC This arrarerrut copyrti* e 2+ by Crt FEcher. LLC. Published ny arr-arqenrent with Cal Fiscfrer" U-C. ts|!rred coFyrtrt sred- Al rigfrs rer.ved"


A bit slower

'35,r-2 . Indran cc(ertino

Gradually faster

Temoo I
4 '

"f Tempo I



Chant o the Moon






t+ e
| t\,

i) | \, 1 ) ' t

+ t

I f- ti \

r |


-l rr I





. li.:,.




T ' T T
4 |


11\ 1 .

_a_ 1



Indian War Dance

Indian drums










faster andfaster






Ilar whoops =;-----a -r---\



.ffi Wr whogps

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rit. >






=-:-.-a >

:053792 . Indian Cc(ertino